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FF:Adha Ishq ch 22 updated on pg 39 (Page 39)

UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 22

Piya(sighing contently)- "Finally sab kuch acha hi hua"

She was lying on Abhay's chest with her eyes closed. Abhay was holding her by her waist. He kissed her softly on the head. He rolled her over and looked seductively into her eyes.

Abhay- "And we get some real time for romance"

Piya (shyly)- "Besharam'..we are parents of 5 kids now"

Abhay- "Which law book states that parents of five kids can't romance'.plus we don't really look or feel that way'.at least I am still hot and am sure ladies will still fall for me"

Piya (scowling) - "So you think I am not happening Raichand'.we will see about that"

She rolls him over and places a hard kiss on his lips. Abhay deepens the kiss by crushing her onto him. Piya slowly unbuttons Abhay's shirt as he undresses her. He places a trail of kisses on her shoulder up to her neck. Piya gently nibbles his ear.

Piya (seductively)- "As a vampire I find you even more irresistible"

Abhay- "You were always my undoing Piya"

Abhay claims her lips in a kiss once again which soon turns into full blown passionate night


Khuranna Mansion'.

Fiza is held in a back hug by Jeh.

Jeh- "Time flies by right'.what we were twelve years before and what we are now"

Fiza (sighing) - "I am happy that we turned out good Jeh''I am happy that I have a complete family now'.only I wish Arnav has the same"

Jay (a little resentfully) - "Do you still have feelings for him?"

Fiza- "He is my first love Jeh'.it was hard to get over him'..but now I am truly over him'.you and the kids are my life now'..but Arnav is still my friend'.so I wish to know where he is"

Jay- "I am sure he will be fine darling'..after all he is a leech"

Fiza- "Don't say that'..we are going to bring in two daughter in laws who are half vampires"

Jay (apologizing)- "Sorry Fiz'..but cant digest Raizada"

Fiza(smiling) - "That's okay jaan"


Raizada House''

Arnav- "It's good to be back in Dehradhoon"

A petite figure comes in with a few files muttering all possible expletives under her breath.

Arnav smirked hearing those words meant for him. He like it when she did that.

Arnav- "Khushi Kumari Gupta'..are you by any chance berating me?"

Khushi's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates.

Khushi- "Nahin sir mein kyun aapko kuch  kahoongi"

Arnav smirked at her making Khushi breath stop.

Damn! He is so handsome Khushi thought.

Arnav (with a wink)- "That I am"

Khushi gaped again.

Khushi- "Sir'.here are the mobile numbers you asked for'.a big marriage event is going to be hosted by Raichands of their daughters'.this Sunday"

Arnav- "Well then I will give them a surprise visit on that day"

Khushi- "But you need an invite"

Arnav- "All in good time''use the office fund and get a lehenga or saree"

Khushi- "What for?"

Arnav- "To attend the wedding off course'.you are coming with me"

He got up and stood in front of her.

Khushi's heart fluttered.

Arnav- "See you then"

Khushi (blinking)- "Huh"

Arnav gently closed her open mouth with his thumb.


Arnav's room'..

He was going through old photographs. He stopped at a photo of Fiza

Arnav- "12 long years and yet I can't forget the feelings fully'.but I am happy that you got a good life"

He closed his eyes. Old memories of his and Fiza's flashed in his mind. But he wasn't sad. He had learned to live without her. He knew his kids were safe and sound.

Also now he was feeling something for Khushi.







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--peehu-- IF-Sizzlerz

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after such a long time...i loved it..that was such a cute update..thanks for pm

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SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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wow nidz awesome & romantix update plzz yaar fiza ki kheeche teri aur bhi update kardoEmbarrassed.Abhiya romance was too gudTongue

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Awesome update! Abhiya romance was too good! Embarrassed Super glad to know that even after 5 kids, the romance and love for each other is still going strong! Embarrassed  Looking forward to the next update! Continue soon Smile
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loved all ur chracters
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soo saal badd update karo gi kya
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"Giya! Simran! Get down here both of you" Fiza shouted at the top of  her lungs.
"Mar gaye yaar…chal Giya warna mom humein zindha bury kar degi….chalo bhi" (she drags her sister off the bed)
The girls put on their most heart winning smiles on as they step down to meet their mothers wrath.
Fiza with hands on her hips glares at them
"Yeh kya hain?" she asks pointing at the mess in the living room - littered with soft drink bottles and chips packets.
"Mom who kal raath hum sab" Giya began explaining in an innocent voice
"I know what you kids were doing….and I had warned you  before you sibling party that this should be cleaned up in the morning first thing" Fiza said sternly before sighing with exasperation " Shaadhi ka ghar hain…aur tum dhono tho bachiya bhi nahin hon…..meri ek nahin sunthe tum log" 
" Ab tho iss ghar ka haal aur bhi bhura hone wala hain…..Neil jo padhar raha hain" Simran said with a grin clapping her sisters hand.
"Hayyo rabba! Mera ghar ka tho ab khair nahin" Fiza said with a lost sigh.
"Miss me ladies" a cheerful voice greeted them from the doorway.
Next second a 16 year old boy came bouncing in with a mischievous smile on his handsome face
"Neil!" both the girls screamed and hugged him.
"Wohoo! My pretty behnas….gosh! I can see how much you have missed me" Neil replied returning back the hug.
Fiza smiled at her kids. Who would say seeing this that they belonged to two different species -two hybrids and a werewolf. Neil was conceived three years after Arnav had left Dehradhoon. Jeh's and hers biological child. Jeh was most happy about it. Not that he didn't love his other kids, but he was proud to be father again. Unlike usual werewolf's Neil had a faster growth rate. So technically even though he was only ten years he looked sixteen now. He was raised by Jeh's werewolf clan so that they could train him from an early age. This had been hard for Fiza and Jeh to accept but they had to agree. Finally after a wait of seven years Neil was going to be with them full time.

"Momsy!" Neil gave his mother a bone crushing hug
"Careful son….my bones aren't that strong" Fiza said
"Ermmm..that last time I met you I remember you were a werewolf" Neil said scratching his head making the ladies laugh.

"Were is the male populace of this house? Have you females purged this house of them" He asked looking around for his brothers and father.

"We haven't done anything kiddo….they are busy with their respective works which is work for Dad, basket ball for Arjun bhai and Prerna bhabhi for Ranbir bhai" Giya ticked off on her finger making Neil smirk.
"Ah how sad! My bhai has already become a joru ka ghulam" Neil made a face "Waise when do I get to meet the new addition to the family"
"Tomorrow is the sangeet  Neil….you can meet them then….today you should rest" Fiza said fondly ruffling her son's hair.

"Kal sangeet matlab aaj mehendi na….so why can't I see them today?" Neil quizzed.
"Nope…mehendi has been made an exclusively ladies only event….no boys or men allowed" Simran stated giving her mother a look
"Hey not fair… get to have all the fun while we sit here bored" Neil protested.
"I second that" Ranbir concurred with his brother while coming in.
" Hey bro" Neil gave him a side hug "The ladies are conspiring against us" he pointed at the girls.
"Since our mothers (Giya stressed the word) want everything in the traditional way they have made the mehendhi a girls only affair" she gave Fiza a really! Look.
"And it is going to stay that way young lady…no boys and men allowed" Fiza stated firmly.
"Mom please humein aane dhona….mujhe apne sweetu ke saath thoda waqt spend karne tho dho" Ranbir made a puppy face.
"Bhai ithna bhi joru ka gulam math bano….bakhi ki zindagi bhabhi ke saath hi tho rehna hain… iska ultha hi kahoge aap"
Simran warned with a smirk making her sister and Neil snigger
Ranbir rolled his eyes at her and threw a vase at her which she caught with one fluent move.
This soon turned into a sibling fight which Fiza had to stop before the shredded the living room.
"ENOUGH!" she screamed "Giya, Simran go to your room and start your dressing…tabi tho dher ganthe baath hum jaa paying…..Neil, Ranbir sorry boys but no entry at the Raichand mansion today" she finished with finality.

Giya texted Ranbir on the way to her room
"Bhai chill….baby doll and Riya has everything planned….you will be in Raichand Mansion tonight"
"Baby doll who is that?" Neil asked upon reading the message.
"The youngest of the girls…her name is Kiara….we call her baby doll" Ranbir explained "She is one devious imp…combine her with Riya, Misha aunty's daughter…you get one dangerous combo" 

Raichand Mansion……
Piya sighed content. The mansion was looking it's very best , as usual displaying that the Raichand's were a class apart. She wanted her daughters wedding to be the most memorable moment of their life. Hers was a mixed memory - painful and sweet at the same time. Painful for the shame her family had to hide and sweet because Abhay had become hers.
"And I will always remain yours Mrs. Raichand" Abhay whispered taking Piya in a warm hug and nibbling her ears softly. Piya moaned lightly, even now their romance was jus as raw and passionate as their first night.

"Shall we reminiscence that night tonight darling" Abhay asked reading his wife's mind.
"And who is supposed to attend our daughters mehendhi" Piya asked.
" Shoot" Abhay cursed "Whenever our romance starts kuch na kuch tho beech mein aa hi jaathe hain"
"Aur kaal raath ko hum kya kar rahein the janaab" Piya asked with hands on her hips. She noticed the naughty twinkle in Abhay's eyes as he came closer . He bent down a bit to kiss the crook of her neck and place a small love bite there.
"Haan lekin who kaafi nahin tha jaanemann" Abhay pouted making Piya hit him on the chest.
"Waise I am still angry that it's a girls only mehendi" Abhay said.
"No help there Abhay….this is going to be a fully traditional marriage…no boys and men on the mehendhi day" Piya said 
"And do you think the boys are going to sit back and watch…we have a few aces up our sleeve Mrs. Raichand" Abhay said raising an eyebrow.
"Do you think us girls are foolish enough not to know you….we will deal with your aces Mr. Raichand" Piya shot back.
"Well then let's see who wins" Abhay said "I would have loved to see my daughters hands being painted" he said with a sigh.
"You can see it tomorrow" Piya consoled him with a kiss.
Abhay held her closer
"And I would love to paint you red" he whispered making Piya go weak in the knees.

Mehendhi Night…….

"And we are done" Panchi stood up and looked admiringly at her three Angels. She was adding the final touches to their make-up.
Misha wolf whistled while Piya cracked her knuckles to ward of all bad eyes.
Muskaan was dressed in a light peach coloured lehenga with flowing skirt and off shoulder bodice with the shawl hanging from her neck.
Roshni was dressed in a royal blue lehenga (her father's favourite colour) with a long top and shawl covering her bosom.

Prerna was wearing a beige coloured lehenga with a sleevless bodice and shawl hanging from one shoulder.

"Woho! Massi you are the best" Sonam and Riya quipped together 

"Thank you my dears….how about a little make up on you" anchi asked picking up the brush.

"No ways…..Riya Raichand and make up…na" Riya shook her head vigorously.

"Spoken like Misha's daughter" Piya rolled her eyes. She forced Riya onto a chair and started working on her 

"All you ladies need to look pretty…..after all it's a Raichand event" Panchi said while working on Giya.

"Which means splendour, glamour and grandeur" Nidha ticked off on her finger as she walked in with Kiara, Fiza, Giya and Simran all of them dressed up for the event.

"Muski bhabhi you look hot….poor bhai….he is gonna miss so much" Kiara said gleefully " Serves him right for rubbing it on my face about that bloody bachelors party of theirs" Muskaan laughed at her sister in laws expressions. She was putting up an act for her mothers benefit. Ryan had already messaged her about being there that night.
She gently pulled Kiara's cheek.

"You truly are a cutie like your brother says" she complimented.

"Off ho tum sab ab bhi tayyar nahin hue kya….rasam shuru karni hain" Madhu came bustling in followed by a calm Haseena.

"Madhu relax…bachein hain time tho lagenge" Haseena placed a hand on Madhu' s shoulder.
"Pata hain Haseena ji…if we leave them to their means they will come out probably in next century" Madhu replied gazing around at her kids and grandkids.

One Hour Later…..

Guests milled around in the RM admiring it's classy interior which looked even more beautiful with the decorations on it. The ladies where tending to the guests.

"Ladies and well ladies" Riya voice rang out grabbing all attention "We have gathered here for the boring, utterly useless and" she began but was stopped by
"RIYA" her aunts and mother shouted out as one.
"Okay okay chill oldies am kidding….we are gathered here for the Mehendhi ceremony….and since this is a Raichand event and a girls only one lets just rock….oh and please welcome the stars of tonight" she pointed towards the podium where Muskaan, Prerna and Roshni where seated.

The artists started drawing beautiful designs on the three brides palms while the younger ones started the music.

"Baby doll sab kuch tayyar hain na" Anjali asked Kiara

"Yep all in place….the boys will be here in one, two, three….and here we go" Kiara said just as the lights dimmed.

Sar goome chakkar khaye…
Dil dil se takkar khaye aare mein khoya ki thu kho gaya….
Aye re haan….

Arjun appeared in spotlight dancing to the tune.

Sar goome chakkar khaye dil dil se takkar khaye
Are mein khoya ki thu kho gaya….

He pats Ranbir

Jo na he dikhtha jaaye jo hain who dikh na paaye…
Arey aankhon ko yeh kya ho gaya…

Ryan sings….
Bin chabhi khul jaaye masthi ka thala 
Chori lage joru (points at Muskaan)
Chora laga saala (hi5's Preet)

The guys sing together and the younger girls join them…
Pankat pe naache naache re naache Madhubala…
Pankat pe naache naache re naache Madhubala….

Abhay, Sid, Shaurya and the rest of the guys also walk in now.
"How the heck did you all get in?" Piya almost screamed at them.

"Our daughters are fortunately on our side" Sid said with his usual smirk.

Piya glared at Muskaan and the rest. Muskaan looked apologetic.

"Mom please aaj humaara dhin hain na…we wanted the whole family together" she said making a cute face which immediately melted Piya.

"I would really like to know how you guys managed it this time" Misha asked with an amused smile.

"The basement chamber mumma" Riya said with gloating smile "Baby doll discovered it"

"You Kiara?" Nidha asked with a surprised look "I though you didn't want your brother anywhere near this area"

"Mom our shaithaan is the best actress ever" Ryan said giving his sister a hug.

"Piya aunty aapne poora ghar secure kiya….par basement chamber nahin….I smuggled the guys into it" Kiara explained "They came in with the catering company you see"

"But how did they get into the house…..the chamber is not connected to the house" Piya still looked confused.

"It is mom….but the door was hidden by us" Sonam said.

"Jeez! You kids are just unpredictable" Ridzi shook her head.

"Genetic fault mom" Priyanka replied making all laugh.

"In short girls are always the best….hain na" Anjali asked all.
"Yeah!" all the girls replied as one

"Hey chill! This is just one time we needed your help" Neil said.

"Oh yeah! As if you are going to admit about all the other times you have actually taken it" Kiara shot back.

"Listen baby doll……boys tend to need your help much lesser than you need ours" Aryan said.

"Bhai you keep asking me for a thousand silly things in a day….so please huh" Anjali countered her brother.

"Hey guys…look" Riya pointed towards the brides. They were busy with their respective grooms to be.

Music starts playing…..
Haryaale banne baba ke dhore math jayyo..
Haryaale banne baba ke dhore math jayyo..
Mera bana dhadhi ka laadla..
Mera bana dhadhi ka laadla…

The girls are seen dancing
Here we go now, here we go now
Something fresh…

Sonam and Priyanka pulls away the guys from the bride…

Kachi kaliyan math thodo malan dhegi gaaliya..
Kachi kaliyan math thodo malan dhegi gaaliya..

Aryan and Yuvraj pulls them 
Kachi kaliyan hum na thode..
Le jaayein poora bhageecha..
Kachi kaliyan hum na thode..
Le jaayein poora bhageecha..

Preet pulls points at Anjali and Giya….
Malan teri bhagiya hari hain…
Har gyaari  mein khaliyan khili hain…
Bawrein hum prem ke pyaase…
Sunenge teri gaaliyan….

The girls as one…
Kachi kaliyan math thodo malan dhegi gaaliya..
Kachi kaliyan math thodo malan dhegi gaaliya..
Kachi kaliyan math thodo malan dhegi gaaliya..
Kachi kaliyan math thodo malan dhegi gaaliya..

Akash to Simran….
Khaliyon ke gaalon mein til hain..
Aur khaanon mein waaliyan…

Neil to Kiara…
Khaliyon ke aankhien nasheele par par par
Khaliyon ke aankhien nasheele par  hothon pe gaaliyan…

Kiara to girls….while hitting Neil…
Baawrein hain ya bainse hain yeh
Kaanthe sun lo kaise hain…
Apne tabelan khoothi se inko hain bhaagna…

The girls…
Kachi kaliyan math thodo malan dhegi gaaliya..
Kachi kaliyan math thodo malan dhegi gaaliya

The girls and boys challenge each other as the song plays.

Piya steps in and points at Abhay…
Bawrein tho hein math waalein ..
Par man ke kaalein hain..
Piya, Misha, Panchi and the rest…
Banthe hain kithne saayane par akal pe thaale hain..

Abhay says…
Kahliyon sun lo baath khari yeh…
Bawron se yeh Bhatia hari hain..
Hum jo na aayein yaha par…
Tho muh phir thakna…

All girls together..
Kachi kaliyan math thodo malan dhegi gaaliya

All the guys…
Kachi kaliyan hum na thode..
Le jaayein poora bhageecha..
Kachi kaliyan hum na thode..
Le jaayein poora bhageecha
Malan teri bhagiya hari hain…
Har gyaari  mein khaliyan khili hain…
Bawrein hum prem ke pyaase…
Sunenge teri gaaliyan….

Kachi kaliyan math thodo malan dhegi gaaliya..
Kachi kaliyan math thodo malan dhegi gaaliya

Ranbir to Prerna…
She's very pretty, she's very pretty, she's very very very very pretty..
Pretty pretty aah..

Kiara and Riya patting themselves…
I am very pretty, I am very pretty, I am very very very very pretty…
Pretty pretty yaah..

Neil and  Aryan to them…
She's very pretty, she's very pretty, she's very very very very pretty..
Pretty pretty aah..

The girls and guys are dancing….
I am very pretty, I am very pretty, I am very very very very pretty…
Pretty pretty yaah..

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