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FF:Adha Ishq ch 22 updated on pg 39 (Page 37)

UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 July 2011 at 1:54am | IP Logged
Wow now I get a darling bahu...
Seriously Fiza like sur said its getting hard to keep these kids in countLOL Well lagtha hain hum dosth kabhi ek dhoosre ka saath nain chodenge...
Humaare bache bhi ek saath jo hainLOL
Interesting chapter dear...
Will try to continue soon

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--peehu-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 July 2011 at 3:53am | IP Logged
wow...finally was ausum...loved it...
Cuty16 Goldie

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Posted: 27 July 2011 at 4:05am | IP Logged
Nice part dear.i think 1st ff to have leap sequence intresting.
Unconventional IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 July 2011 at 4:29am | IP Logged
Gr88888...nice update...
d leap's interesting nd so are d kids...Thumbs Up

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Cute_Gal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 July 2011 at 8:17am | IP Logged
Gosh dis is amazing yaar.. so love is in d continue soon.. thanx for d
karantakiar Goldie

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Posted: 27 July 2011 at 10:33am | IP Logged
amazing dear...
just luvd itt.
luv u
fri42911 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 July 2011 at 11:46am | IP Logged
nice update!!!
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 July 2011 at 1:31pm | IP Logged
Chapter 21
Pia was pacing in her room at midnight. Being a vampire she didn't need sleep but she was sure that if she was human she would be sleepless tonight. Because the worst nightmare of her life had com back again- Danish.
To add fuel to fire he had contacted with Muskaan. Muskaan had been told about Danish few years back. Her daughter was sad for a few days but she had accepted the truth finally. Besides she had always been Abhay's pet. She knew her Dadda loved her more than life.
For the past few days her daughter was very silent and brooding. She rarely got angry but yesterday she had lashed out at Prena for no reason at all. 
Today Pia had come to know the reason- Danish. He had talked to Muskaan and looked like he had brain washed her. Pia was worried sick that her daughter would go away from her. 
Abhay came into the room. He looked at Pia and smiled. His wife was a real worry wart at times.
Abhay goes near her and encircles her by the waist. He kisses her neck 
Abhay- "What is it my beautiful wifey? Why are you straining your legs?"
Pia(snappishly)- "My legs won't strain"
Abhay understood that something really big was up. Pia only behaved like this when something big was eating her mind.
Abhay(slightly alarmed)- "What is it Pia"
Pia knew there was no use pretending.
Pia- "Danish"
Abhay- "Danish?"
Pia- "Yes he is back in town and he has contacted Muskaan'.lagtha hain usne Muskaan se kuch ultha seedha ken diyan hain'..meri bachi jo kal thak bahuth shaanth thi aaj who kal pehli baar badak  uthi'..who bhi bina kisis wajah ke'.I am sure Abhay Danish ne humaari bachi ke dimaage mein kuch bar diyaan hain"
Abhay didn't know what to say or do. He had always feared something like this would happen. He was never going to let go off his daughter willingly. But what if she chose to go out.
Abhay- "Tum usse mili kya?"
Pia nodded.
Pia- "Zyaada kuch badla nahin hain who'..usne bataya  ki who Muskaan se mila tha'..he was telling very confidently that his daughter would accept him soon"
Abhay- "Pia Muskaan is a sensible girl'..she knows what to do'..she will choose well"
Pia- "I think she has invited Danish to the engagement party tomorrow'..lets hope nothing goes wrong'..should we inform Prithvi and Nidha?"
Abhay- "Its late now'.besides Ryan must have spoken to them"
Pia nodded. Abhay hugged her resting his chin on her head. Pia rested her head against his chest.
Next Day''
Nidha- "Ryan, Kiara come down here'..that's enough of getting ready"
Prithvi- "Nidha give the poor souls some time'.its Ryan's day after all"
Nidha- "If we leave them to their means'.they will never come out"
Prithvi(chuckling)- "Are you jealous your daughter will look better than you"
Nidha smacks him
Nidha- "I have no such thoughts Mr. Saxena"
Pulling her closer.
Prithvi(whispering)- "You shouldn't because you are beautiful"
Ryan and Kiara had come down.
Kiara wolf whistled at her parents.
Ryan- "Hayye kya romance hain"
Prithvi- "Chup besharam"
Kiara- "Ahaha'.Papa aap besharam hark the kar rahe hain aur humein besharam bhula rahe hain"
Nidha- "Enough of that'.come here both of you"
She looks at her children smiling. 
Nidha- "You look dashing Ryan"
Ryan- "Aakhir beta kiska hain"
Kiara(pouting)- "Mom me"
Nidha(pulls her cheek)- "You are always my princess"
Kiara- "Mom stop doing that I am sixteen now'.not six"
The other three laugh.
Nidha- "I called you both to select some jewelry for the Muskaan'.these are some of our ancestral sets'..Ryan you and Kiara together select one"
Ryan- "I will go by my shaithan's choice today" places an hand on his sisters shoulder.
Kiara pouted but proceeded to select a set for her bhabhi.
Ryan- "Good choice Kia" he complimented after she chose a pure gold one.
Nidha- "Great'.now Ryan is this the set you ordered" shows him an emerald and gold set.
Ryan- "Yep Mom'.how is it"
Prithvi- "Brilliant selection champ"
Nidha- "These are the two sets we bought for Prena and Roshni" she showed them.
Kiara- "Wow Mom they are so gorgeous"
Ryan- "And this is for you" he gives Kiara a box. Inside was a platinum with diamond ear studs and necklace.
Kiara- "Thanks bhai'.I will wear them for marriage"
Ryan- "Wear it now'..Muskaan selected this for you'.she would like to see it on you"
Kiara- "So bhabhi has already seen her gift'.the surprise is spoiled na bhai"
Ryan- "Dumbo! Do you think I will do that'.she has only chosen this'the other one is a surprise"
Kiara smiles and proceeds to wear it.
Ryan(appreciatively)- "Must say you look beautiful"
Nidha- "Chalo lets go or else we will be late"
Khuranna Mansion'..
Fiza(exasperated)- "Stop fighting the pair of you"
Giya and Simran stop their fights and glare at each other.
Fiza- "Dho jewelry set select karne ko kaha tha and you both start fighting like cats'.I will ask your brothers to do it"
Jay(chuckling)- "My gorgeous ladies'..I always tell you na men are better at selection'
Fiza(rolling eyes)- "Yeah right'.Jay don't even get me started''it took you two you can't even properly select a shirt"
Jay- "I can''I selected this one" points to the one he is wearing.
Giya- "Dad'..Mom selected that"
Fiza(triumphantly)- "See"
Jay- "Hey listen you two'..I can select okay'.I have selected many dresses for your mom"
Fiza- "When was that'.pichle janam mein"
Jay- "Now listen Fiza'I am not that"
Ranbir- "Dad, Mom'.time out guys'.aap in logon ke ladayi katam karke khud ladna shuru kar diyan kya"
Fiza- "Acha hua tum aa gaye beta'.yeh zewar dekh rahe ho na'.in mein se dho sets select karo'..Prena aur Roshni ke liye"
He selects a gold with sapphire set for Roshni and  a ruby with gold one for Prena. Arjun liked it as well.
Fiza(to the girls)- "Dekha kaise chutki mein kaam kar diyan"
Jay- "Bete kiske hain"
Fiza shakes head.
Jay- "Fiza where is the set we bought for Muskaan?"
Fiza- "Gosh it's in our room'..I will get it now"
She runs in and comes back with three sets.
Two of them she hands to her daughter. 
They contained gold jewelry sets.
Fiza- "Now wear those both of you and lets go"       
Raichand Mansion''..
Sid- "Panchi where the hell is my watch?"
Panchi(giggling)- "Relax jaan'.its on the table right in fromt of you''your daughter is in safe hands'.we have known Arjun for years now"
Sid- "But still all this shaadhi wagera thoda jaldhi nahin hain kya"
Panchi- "Its her decision Siddarth'.anyway she isn't going to age more than this'..Roshni knows what to do"
Sid hugs his wife- "I know'..its just can't think of letting her go''Abhay will be in a worse state than me''two of his daughters are going'..its hard to let them go to''I mean Muskaan is our princess na and Prena she is still a baby"
Panchi- "Relax Mr.Casanova"
Sid- "Hmm'.you look ravishing by the way"
Panchi- "You never change" shakes her head.
They both head down.
Abhay- "All three of you stand together'.yeah like that"
He clicks a picture of Muskaan, Prena and Roshni.
Pia- "My three angels"
Panchi- "Any doubt why the boys fell for you"
Sid- "Takes after their fathers"
At the mention of father Muskaan face fell slightly. 
Everything will be al right she consoled herself.
Haseena and Chand came in with a servant. 
He was carrying a tray of boxes with him.
Haseena hands the girls three boxes.
Haseena- "For my three lovely grand daughters"
Muskaan- "Thanks Daadi"
Rosh- "Daada they are so beautiful"
Chand- "Ancestral jewelry dear"
Prena- "Wow"
Misha- "And these are gifts from us" she hands them several gift wrapped boxes.
Sonam comes rushing in.
Sonam- "They are here"
Abhay, Sid and Shaurya head down to meet them.
Pia, Panchi, Misha bring the girls down.
Fiza- "You girls look like angels"
Nidha- "Absolutely"
Ridz and Armaan come in with Priyanka. Mona and Anu arrive with their kids
Priyanka- "Tho tum logo ne barbaadi ka decision le hi liya'.all the best" sighs.
Ridz- "Priya is this how you talk about marriage'..your pakka your Papa's daughter"
Armaan- "Kyun aaj thak tumhe shak tha kya"
Ridz hits him.
Mona- "By god ithne jaldhi sab kuch ho raha hain'.aaj bhi mujhe yaad hain Abhay veerji ka vyah"
Pia gets tensed suddenly. On the mention of marriage Danish comes to her mind. Abhay squeezes her hand in reassurance.
At the instant Danish enters the hall.
All eyes turn to him. He smiles and proceeds towards Muskaan. Ryan moves closer to her. 
Danish- "How are you beta"
Many eyes among them are astonished.
Armaan- "Achanak apni beti ki yaad kaise aa gayi"
Abhay- "Muskaan'.did you invite him"
Muskaan(nervously)- "Yes Dadda'.he is my Papa right"
Abhay- "I am not angry darling' always take the right decision"
Haseena- "Lets the start the function"
They proceeded towards the main hall.
The ring exchange ceremony was conducted.
Nidha- "My darling bahu'.this is for you" hands her the jewelry.
Ryan- "Your nanad's selection Muskaan"
Kiara- "Hope you like it bhabhi"
Muskaan- "Its beautiful Kia' wore the set I chose'.you look beautiful"
Ryan- "Good job darling'aise hi maska lagana usse'.she will be in your pocket"
Everybody laughs.
Ryan hands his gift to Muskaan. Nidha gives away Prena's and Roshni's gift.
Fiza- "For both my bahu's'..and this one for you Muskaan" gives their gifts.
Ranbir gives his gift to Roshni and Arjun to Prena.
The party starts.
Muskaan was occasionally glancing at Danish. He looked restless.
She saw him going to a corner to call. She excused herself from Ryan and followed him.
Danish- "I will get it soon"
He sees Muskaan and cuts the call.
Danish- "Enjoying beta"
Muskaan- "Yes papa'..whose call was that?"
Danish(airily)- "Nothing important'..just a client'..'.beta have you thought about what I said the other day"
Muskaan(dismissively)- "Papa I told you that day'.I don't need a share from Dadda's wealth''I am getting married to an equally rich family'.so why would I need it"
Danish(slightly angry)- "Muskaan its for your good''so that the family you are going into treats you with respect"
Anjali- "Muskaan di"
Muskaan- "Coming Anjali'.papa I have to go but this discussion is over"
Danish runs a hand through his hair frustrated.
The party ends by midnight and the guests start going out. Muskaan searches for Danish.
She finds him near his car. As she draws near his conversation becomes clear.
Danish- "I told you'.you will get the money''I will somehow fool Muskaan into taking her share from the Raichand's'..I am damn sure Abhay must have already written a share in her name' of the Raichand companies is in her name'..I will get the required papers from her and you will have your money'.that foolish girl will come around soon"
Muskaan stood frozen. So all that her so called father said to her was a lie. All the words of fatherly love and terrible sorrow he told her was nothing but part of a plan made to get money from her.
Muskaan- "You lied to me"
Danish jerks on hearing her voice. Her face told that she knew the truth. He immediately changed his demeanor.
Danish- "Off course I did'..what makes you think I came back for you''you do not matter to me'.never did'..I wanted money and you are my jackpot' dear don't give me those eyes they don't scare me''be a nice girl and give me the papers or your dirty secret will be out'..the whole  Dehradun will know by tomorrow that you are not a Raichand" smirks evilly.
Muskaan- "You don't scare me either Danish Rathod''you only disgust me"
She turns to go but Danish grabs her hand forcefully.
Danish- "Now listen here you little imp" 
Next thing he knew Danish was lying on his back a few feet away.
Abhay was glaring furiously at him. Pia was holding a teary Muskaan and consoling her. Ryan was standing beside them giving dirty looks to Danish.
Abhay- "How dare you touch my daughter'.you scoundrel''you were threatening a daughter of Raichands"
Danish(getting up)- "Oh please'.don't give me that'.we all know your dirty secret Abhay Raichand'.that this daughter of yours was born out of wedlock'.Pia Raichand ki na jayiz aulaadh"
He was laughing mirthlessly.
Shaurya caught him by his collar and gave him a sharp blow in his stomach. Sid joined in giving him blows.
Muskaan- "Stop'..Stop it chachu!"
Sid- "Muski this prat"
Muskaan- "I know chachu but if you continue he will die'..he doesn't deserve that'..he has to pay for his crimes in this lifetime"
She goes towards Danish.
Muskaan- "Now do you see that I am a Raichand'.do you see how much they all love me''for a while I thought that you truly loved me like a daughter and wanted me back in your life''that's why I invited you tonight'.so I could prove to my family that you have changed and repented'.but you are the same man you were years ago'..even now you want to harm my family''I can give you what you asked for'..but unfortunately you will never have the place Dadda has in  heart'..he is and always will be my father" 
Danish just glared at her.
Abhay- "Now should I throw you out or will you go'.as for spreading the secret lets see who believes you"
Danish walked out knowing that he couldn't do anything.
Abhay- "Muskaan are you okay darling"
Muskaan- "Yes Dadda'..and you"
Abhay- "I am always fine when I have my family with me" he hugs her and Pia.
The rest of their children join in.

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