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FF:Adha Ishq ch 22 updated on pg 39 (Page 35)

Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 3:34pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by peehu24

wow...guess wat...i luved ur FF...its raichand family main poori football team hai..LOL...update soon...m waiting
thanks i glad u like this y i love writing ff cuz fans like u n joy it Embarrassed

Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 3:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Nidhsara

Another entertaining one!!!!!!!!
Like everyone said Raichand family has a whole football teamLOL
Nice way to twist the track...Arnav is gayab...Fiza is married to Jay.
Kudos dearClap

EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedthanks sweets luv ya Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart
Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 3:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Deepi20

Nice update! 8 year leap! Wow! Abhiya now have like 5 kids! Eagerly looking forward to the next update! Continue soon Smile
 thanks dear will update soonTongueTongueTongue
Unconventional IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 July 2011 at 2:07am | IP Logged
M late sorry...
must your ff's freaking awesome yaar...ROFLROFL
ROFLso many kids...omg...
awww...poor arnav...
bt hm do hmare do formula ki to band baj gai...LOL
continue soon dear...i'll b waiting...

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Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 July 2011 at 2:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mrsimisam

M late sorry...
must your ff's freaking awesome yaar...ROFLROFL
ROFLso many kids...omg...
awww...poor arnav...
bt hm do hmare do formula ki to band baj gai...LOL
continue soon dear...i'll b waiting...
hm do hmare do formula ki to band baj gai...
and just thing what there monthly ration for the house would be like lolLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
Cute_Gal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 July 2011 at 5:35am | IP Logged
awesome update yaar.. whoa..8yrs leap..gr8.. it was nyc.. carry on.. thanx for d

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RB81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 July 2011 at 11:37pm | IP Logged
hei fiza,
wat is this?each having 2 r 4 the way in ur FF there is no complication for a vampy n human to have child it seems..
wat happens with fiza n jay..
do continue soon..
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2011 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
Chapter 19
Pia- "Muskaan darling please come down here and bring the others too"
She was arranging the lunch for the picnic in a bag.
Panchi(shouting)- "Yuvraj and Jeet….come down here at once"
Panchi was fuming with anger.
Sid(chuckling)- "Boys you both are gone cases"
Panchi(smacking him)- "Inhe nahin tumhe maarna chahiye mujhe….. tumhi bigadthe hon inko"
Abhay- "Bhabhi relax….he is just a kid"
Panchi- "A kid with super powers….we have strictly warned them not put that is display….but they are hell bent on not following the rules….you two(to her son's who had come down) you are grounded for a month, no computer and no outing. This will be the last for a month"
Yuvi(groaning)- "Mom we did that to save Rosh….she was being bullied"
Roshni(defending her brothers)- "Mom they are telling the truth"
Panchi(severely)- "You three were born together doesn't mean you will support each other in every crime….Rosh you are free to share their punishment if you want"
Misha(rolling eyes)- "Birdie relax they are just kids"
Nidha came in with Fiza and her four kids at the time.
Nidha- "Misha these kids have to be extra careful….we don't want the society raising unwanted questions right….but Panchi don't go so hard on them"
Shaurya- "Fiza how is Jay?"
Fiza- "He is fine…..busy with work"
The vampires exchanged glances. They hadn't forgiven Jay for what he did to Fiza. They were cordial to him only for the sake of the kids.
Panchi- "Nidha how was the talk with the lawyer"
Nidha(smiling gratefully)- "Thanks Panchi….all is settled….we have dealt with the orphanage issues as well….major share of mine and Prithvi's properties have been transferred to Ryan and Kiara's name….Ryan will have access to his property now since he is eighteen….Kiara will have it once she is eighteen….I have shown the papers to Ryan….I don't want my kids to feel they are second best just because I didn't give birth to them…..the only problem is people find it difficult to accept I am Ryan's mother"
Misha(laughing)- "How the hell are they supposed to? Maa 27 years ki aur beta 18 years ka……how come?" shakes her head chuckling.
Nidha- "Ryan was adopted when he was ten"
Panchi- "Chalo guys lets go…..Rosh darling please where your sneakers"
Misha- "Where's Ridz and Mona?"
Sid- "They will come to the park….bacha party enjoy yourself and give maximum troubles to your mothers"
Panchi smacks him lightly smiling and gives him a kiss before heading out
The kids hollered and all headed happily outside bouncing up and down.
They headed for the park in four cars.
They reached the park in an hour and kids immediately rushed in.
Panchi(trying to control them): "Sonam. Yuvi, Akash, Giya…..oh gosh….the lot of you stay together….don't go bersek"
Pia(placing a hand on her sister's shoulder)- "Birdie dear relax…..they are all supernatural kids….they can find their way back to us"
Panchi- "Yeah I know….but still hard not to worry about them"
Misha- "You worry too much Birdie"

Ridz & Mona meet them in the park.
Mona has two children Aryan and Anjali while Ridz is blessed with a girl Priyanka.
Mona- "By god bache ek saath kitne khush hain na"
Ridz(smiling around at the kids)- "That they are….they get to meet like this only once in a while right"
The kids played around while the ladies chatted away walking through the park.
Fiza(suddenly)- "Nidha where did you say Ryan was?"
Nidha- "At his friends….something regarding computer….he just called me and told"
Fiza(chuckling)- "Then who is that?"
The ladies all look in the direction Fiza was pointing.
Ryan was cozily sitting on a park bench with a young girl. No one had any doubt regarding what he was up to.
Nidha(smiling slyly)- "Wait a minute girls"
She picked up her phone and dialed Ryan's number.
Ryan picked up the call.
Ryan(slightly resentful)- "Hey mom….how are you?"
Nidha- "I am fine Ryan….where are you son"
Ryan(exasperated)- "Mom quit worrying about me…..I am at Anshuman's"
Nidha- "Yeh tho badi achi baath hain….mujhe Sarita se baath karni hain….Aunty ko phone dho"
Ryan(hastily)- "Mom aap land unke  phone pe call kar lo na"
Nidha- "Thu kyun phone nahi de saktha"
Ryan- "Mom yaha important kaam mein hun….yaha se hil bhi nahi saktha….please Mumma"
Nidha had walked towards Ryan while talking and the rest had followed. Seeing a shadow on him Ryan looked up and so his mom grinning at him. The girl beside him had turned faint shade of pink.
Nidha(meaningfully)- "Hello Ryan"
Ryan(a little extra heartily)- "Hello Mom hey Aunts"
Nidha- "Where are your manners son? Won't you introduce the young lady to us" 
Ryan- "Ladies this is Sameera"
Nidha- "Sameera….that's a sweet name….you are from his college I guess"
Sameera- "Call me Sam aunty….I am from Ryan's class"
Nidha(smiling)- "Not taking much of your time dears….enjoy…"
Misha(ruffling Ryan's hair and winking)- "All the best champ'
Ryan(winking back)- "Thanks Mish"
Sameera- "You people must have come for a get together right"
Pia- "We came here with our kids dear…..Ryan's sister's and brother's"
Sameera- "Oh wow! where are they"
Mona- "By god we have no idea….they just go by themselves and will find their way back to us"
Panchi- "There they are" points to the left.
Sam(excitedly)- "Ryan I love kids…lets spent time with them"
Ryan(looking amused and disappointed at once)- "Okay Sam….Mom see you later"
Nidha chuckled and bid them good bye.
Half an hour later Panchi receives a phone call.
Panchi(shocked and surprised)- "What?…oh okay…..but why? Yeah we will be back"
She cuts the call.
Panchi- "Girls we have to go back…..some one is back in town and wants to see us all"
Ridz- "Who?"
Panchi- "Arnav Raizada"
Fiza looked disturbed by this news. The ladies collect the kids and head home.
Raichand Mansion…..
Abhay was watching Arnav closely as he sat clamly on the office couch. He was calm on the exterior but his posture exuded a purpose. He was here with a purpose. But for some reason Abhay couldn't read his mind.
Sid hands Arnav a drink.
Sid- "So Mr.Raizada what wind blows you in after 8 years"
Arnav(his eyes glinting)- "Some storms come un announced Sid"
Shaurya glanced at Abhay and Armaan. From the other end of the room Chaand was scrutinizing Arnav carefully. Prithvi and Anukalp were looking at him warily.
The ladies come in after settling the kids in the upper hall.
Nidha(smiling)- "Arnav"
She gives him a friendly hug  and looks at him with a smile.
Arnav(fondly)- "Good to see you after long….how are your kids"
Nidha- "They are fine…what brings you here by the way"
Prithvi- "We were asking him the same"
Nidha glances at Prithvi who gives her looks-like-trouble-is coming look.
Arnav- "I sorry we have an announcement to make…..don't we Fiza"
Fiza was looking extremely nervous.
Anukalp(narrowing his eyes)- "What announcement?"
Fiza- "Arnav I don't think now"
Arnav-"Fiza its been eight long years….why should you torture yourself any more"
Panchi- "Guys just spit it out will you"
Arnav- "Well I have come to claim back my family"
Sid- "Your family?"
Arnav- "Fiza and my kids Giya, Simran, Ranbir and Arjun"
The whole room was immersed in shocked silence at hearing this. No one had noticed a shattered soul standing at the door.
Jay had just got the shock of his life.
Chand recovered first.
Chand- "Arnav don't be ridiculous… are a vampire and she a werewolf….how can you both"
Arnav- "My kids are true miracles….cross between vampires and lycans"
Jay- "Shut up you leech"
All turned to him in shock. Fiza looked at him first in shock then her face hardened.
Fiza- "Don't you dare call him that"
Jay looked at her in surprise. He advances towards her. Arnav moves to stand beside Fiza but Abhay stops him.
Jay( taking Fiza's hand)- "He is lying right? They are our kids right'
Fiza jerks his hand away.
Fiza- "No he is telling the truth….I have never loved you and never ever will….the only person I ever will is Arnav…….I have given myself to him body and soul……all those nights you think we spend together actually never happened…..a witch helped me to fool you…….anyway you were never much there with us right…..away on those business trips…..I hated you before eight years and I hate you now"
Jay looked aghast.
Jay- "I have always loved you Fiza and will always love you……and I am never going to forgive you Raizada"
Jay looks hurt beyond measure.
Jay gives Arnav a loathing look who fervently returns it.
A few nights later at the Raichand Mansion….
Pia was sitting on the couch her head resting on Abhay's shoulder.
She had been turned into a vampire two nights ago.
Pia(sighing)- "Abhay when will these storm recede"
Abhay- "No idea Pia……this is a whole new fiasco…..the Superiors have come to know about the crossbreeds…..they have a hard time digesting the news of human vampire cross breeds….Dad has warned that they might come soon"
Pia jerks up her head in shock.
Pia- "They won't harm Fiza's kids right…..I mean how can they"
Abhay keeps a soothing hand on her shoulder.
Abhay- "Can't say anything honey….(darkly) they have their own way"
Abahy gets a mental distress call from Sid and Pia's phone rings at the instant.
Nidha's number flashes up.
Pia picks up.
Nidha(shouting in hurry)- "No time to explain…….western zone of forest now"
Deep Forests of Dehradoon……
Jay was pacing the forest his eyes bloodshot. His pack was standing behind watching him pace. Giya, Simran, Ranbir and Arjun were sitting on the forest floor looking frightened.
Arnav and Fiza comes there in whoosh.
Fiza- "Jay let my kids go"
Jay- "Your kids huh? I have been raising them for eight years now….any way they are cross breeds right between wolves and vampire……you are a wolf Fiza and its your duty to stay with us…..we know you won't come willingly…..we can't let you and them go…..but you are more important than them….you know many of our secrets……so can't let you go baby….it's a simple exchange… come to us willingly and we let your kids go safely to their father or else"
Arnav(dangerously)- "Else what?"
Jay- "Do I need to say it"
Arnav snarled and jumped forward at the same moment as Jay morphing into his wolf form.
Fiza tried to get towards her kids but was blocked by a wolf.
Abhay, Pia, Armaan, Anukalp,Shaurya,Sid and Nidha joined them.
The forest air was sizzling in the heat of the fight that ensued.

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