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FF:Adha Ishq ch 22 updated on pg 39 (Page 31)

SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 July 2011 at 7:46am | IP Logged
wow yaar awesome update but yaar Y u r not updating ur another FF.Usse kya dushmani haiLOL

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 July 2011 at 9:25am | IP Logged
This is wondeful Abhay and Pia proud parents of a beautiful bouncing baby girl

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PristineSoul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 July 2011 at 10:24am | IP Logged

Hailaa.. Arnav & Nidha..

Baby is so cute..
Wonderful update

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MRS.SSO IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 July 2011 at 11:05am | IP Logged
awesum part!!!!!!!!!!!!
name da baby sooon

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fri42911 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 July 2011 at 12:27pm | IP Logged
nice update!!!

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Deepi20 Goldie

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Posted: 13 July 2011 at 12:34pm | IP Logged
Awesome update! Awww...Piya finally had her baby! I can just imagine the shock when she finds out Abhay is a vampire! Eagerly looking forward to the next update! Continue soon Smile

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 July 2011 at 12:54pm | IP Logged
Chapter 17
Pia was pacing in her room at Dobriyal House. For past three days this is what she had been mostly doing. She glanced at her daughter who was peacefully sleeping in her caught. Being premature she was tiny. Pia moved towards her and sat beside her. She rubbed her daughter's cheek gently.
Piya(thoughtfully) : "What should I do Princess?"
Piya looks thoughtful...
Should I go back to him after knowing the truth? He might hurt us right?"
He had plenty of chance to hurt you till now her conscience spoke up in her mind.
He has seen your blood Piya and he has smelt it before.
If he didn't harm you in this eight months of your marriage why will he do that now?
But what about the rest of them?
Piya remembered back to the day in hospital. She was shell shocked when Abhay told her the truth about his family. She had backed off from his touch and shouted that she never wanted to see him. Ridhimma had calmed her down and told her to think it over.
Riddhima came in at the moment with a basket of sweets for Piya and some new dresses for her daughter.
Ridz: "Hey Piya…kaisi hon"
Piya: "Theek hun……..Ridz its been just three weeks that I am here and almost all the days you guys have visited me and every time you bring these gifts"
Ridz(smiling): "We do not have any choice"
Pia(frowning) : "What?…..Oh you mean he"
Ridz: "Pia he has a name….one I know you love to say….then why do you hesitate"
Pia: "Its not easy Ridz…..I thought I loved a human…..but he is"
Ridz(facing the window): "A vampire…..or better yet blood sucking leech right?……Pia ask your heart if it has ever seen a more humane person than Abhay…..Danish was a human being….but what did he do?"
She moves towards the baby and takes her.
Ridz: "Its been only three weeks since she came…..already all of us love her so much…Abhay loves her like anything……its only you who is stopping him from coming here directly"
Pia(confused) : "Directly?"
Ridz(smirking) : "He has been coming here every night since you came here….watches you both from the balcony until dawn"
Pia : "But how….oh I forgot…he has extra powers na"
Ridz: "Yes……Pia my point is do you honestly think princess can get a better family…..forget family better Father than Abhay…..I seriously doubt it…..anyways its going to be your choice…..Abhay will never force you to come back…..even if he dies of sorrow'
Pia(looks thoughtfully at Ridz): "You and Mona accepted them right…….Geet bhabhi knew Maan bhai's secret before marriage…..Sid, Shaurya are in a relation with my sisters and they have never hurt us either……they are more human than many others out there"
Ridz: "Arnav and Nidha didn't exactly have a choice….everyone regrets their change….Arnav was turned while trying to save someone an year back…..Nidha well you know the story" sighs sadly
Pia: "Ridz I still need time to think it out… will get your answer soon"
Ridz(sighing) : "As if you wish dear"
Ridz places the baby back and hugs Pia. Before she goes.
Pia: "Ridz vampires live forever….but we die…..won't it be sad to watch them remain the same while we age"
Ridz: "We have a choice Pia….we can turn into one of them to remain with them…..even if you don't want to what is more better than dying in the arms of one you love more than your life" she smiles and goes out.
Ridz parting words echo's in Pia's heart.
Next Day….
Raichand Mansion……
Abhay walks in from office looking dejected. This was the look he wore for past three weeks. He hated coming home ever since Pia had panicked on hearing his families truth and went to her house with their daughter. Abhay wanted nothing more than to hold both of them in his arms.
Haseena: "Abhay you are late…..we have a party to host son"
Abhay: "Mom couldn't it be arranged somewhere else why here"
Haseena: "Your fathers decision….now go change"
Abhay went reluctantly to his room. He smelled a familiar scent on his way. He rushed towards his room.
Pia was standing near the mirror getting ready for the naming ceremony of their baby.
Abhay couldn't take his eyes off her. It was as if she had grown more beautiful.
Pia glances once at him and goes towards her daughter who was happily gurgling on the bed.
Pia(glancing at Abhay who seemed rooted to spot with shock): "Well my idiot of a husband didn't have the guts to bring me back….but that doesn't mean I can't come home"
Abhay's face broke into a happy smile. He rushed forwards and picked Pia off the bed.
He rotated her around both of them laughing aloud.
Pia(laughing) : "Abhay put me down I am feeling giddy"
Abhay places her down and immediately claims her lips in a passionate kiss. Pia responded with equal passion.
Abhay breaks away.
Abhay: "Sorry couldn't resist….what did the magic"
Pia: "Your love…..Ridz gave me a pep talk off course….but your no our love was the thing that pulled me back into the safest place on earth….your arms" she rested her head on his chest.
A small cry came from the bed making them jerk.
Abhay: "Sorry my princess (sits beside his daughter)….your mom is so hot that its hard for Papa to resist" winks it her.
Pia smacks his arm.
Pia: "That's enough of leg pulling Mr.Raichand… get up and get ready…..the naming ceremony starts in an hour"
Abhay(surprised) : "Its our daughter's naming ceremony and you are telling me now….that's not fair….I mean the house isn't arranged…I haven't brought any dresses for us neither mom or dad"
Pia places a delicate finger on his lips.
Pia: "Shut up and get ready…..I will get your dress out….the whole house is being decorated as we speak….only our family and friends will be attending….I don't want a pompous event and I know you prefer privacy as well….plus we are going to deal with some issues…..a bunch of broken hearts to mend"
Abhay(smiles gratefully): "Pia I can't thank you enough…..I thought I had lost you for good…..I know that I should have told you the truth in the beginning but your condition was so delicate……we wanted you and princess safe and sound…..and then the freak accident with Nidha took place….I couldn't risk your health at the time so"
Pia: "Shhh Abhay….all that water is under now… did all that to keep me safe….just like what Arnav and Nidha are doing now….but they don't deserve all the hatred…..none of you exactly asked for this life right"
Abhay: "Pia we can't let all of them know the secret…..we have our set of rules to follow….the superiors permit us to marry humans if they wish…..but we can't air our secret in open…..I know that those four don't deserve what they are going through….but we can't let all our friends know the secret"
Pia(frowning) : "What about Panchi di and Misha…..I think they deserve to know the truth"
Abhay: "They both already know it……Panchi…sorry bhabhi has accepted the fact……Misha needs some more time to come around"
Pia: "I am sure she will… get ready or we will be late" pushes him to the bathroom.
Pia goes to the cupboard and takes out Abhay's sharvani.
She begins dressing her daughter up.
Abhay comes out of the bath and smiles at them. He looks at the dress Pia has taken out for princess
Abhay: "Pia wait a minute (takes out another one)…..dress her in this"
Pia: "Thanks for selecting Abhay…..I was honestly confused what to select….she has a whole cupboard of new dresses"
Abhay: "My girls will get all the best things"
Abahy finished dressing up and gently picked up his daughter.
Abhay: "Lets go princess…we will think for names for you on the way"
A knock came on the door. 
Pia: "Come in'
Panchi: "Hey guys….all set…..the hall is arranged and the guests will be arriving shortly…..Pia Nidha sent this for you guys(hands a gift)…..I had gone to apologize along with Mishu…..she won't be coming today…..she is leaving India….she didn't say where"
Pia: "What the heck…..I thought I will speak to her….no way she is going anywhere…..we have one hour to go right before the function….Abhay lets go see her"
Abhay nods and hands princess to Panchi to take care.
Panchi : 'All the best guys….I hope she stays"
Nidha's house…..
She was packing a small bag with her clothes. She wouldn't be needing much as she was going on exile into a forest far away. Somewhere she would pose no danger to her dear ones.
She had purposefully cut off all contacts with people for past few days. Panchi and Misha were the last people who would see her.  She was glad they forgave her. She wished them all the best for their lives.
She had locked the front door and bolted it after they went away. She was going to leave through the window.
Abhay and Pia reached the house. The rang the bell but no one responded.
Pia: "Abhay I think we are late" tears sprang up in her eyes. She hadn't even properly apologized to her.
Abhay(smirking) : "No Pia….she hasn't….madam has forgotten the fact that she isn't the only vampire here"
Abhay picks up Pia and heads towards house's left side. He noticed light in one of the open windows. Abhay lunged towards it. Pia screamed as she wasn't warned.
They landed squarely in Nidha's room making her jump.
Nidha: "Abhay, Pia….why are you guys here?….I mean how did you know I was in here"
Pia(her hand on chest): "Abhay next time please warn…..Miss. Wadhwa were the heck are you running off too" looks at her with hands on hip.
Abhay: "Same question from me….I knew you were here because I am a vampire"
Nidha: "Look guys I can't risk being around any more….it takes me a hell lot of effort to refrain from biting people…..I honestly think Arnav should have killed me that night…..I hate this existence…I am a danger to one and all" she bangs her hand on the mirror breaking it. Her hand starts bleeding.
Abhay moves towards her and takes her hand. He heals it with his touch.
Abhay: "See…..ours isn't a pleasant existence…..but that doesn't mean we can't live…..look at me, Armaan, Anu, Maan….we all are living right…..Pia has accepted me……Panchi has accepted Sid… why don't you and Arnav try the same…..explain to Prithvi and Fiza….let them know the truth" 
Nidha(smiling sadly): "I have already suggested that to Arnav…..but he won't listen to me…..I can't force him because I myself don't want Prithvi to know the truth….in time they both will move on…..Fiza is already…..Jay is good guy….he will keep her happy"
Pia sighs in exasperation. She moves towards Nidha and shakes her by her shoulder
Pia: "Listen miss tragedy queen…..I don't know what you are going to do with your heart…..but you won't go away without attending my daughters naming ceremony…..either you come there or I will make Abhay carry you there……though I don't prefer him carrying anyone else other than me" 
Pia looks at her threateningly. Nidha smiles.
Nidha: "I am vampire Pia I can fight"
Abhay: "I know ways to make you unconscious"
Nidha looked back and forth between the pair. They looked dead set.
Nidha(giving in) : "Okay…..give me some time to get ready"
Pia(grinning) : "Sure thing….wear a saree or suit"
AbhIya move out of the room. Half an hour later they reach Raichand Mansion where the girls and guys have arrived.
Nidha glances once at the hostile faces of her friends who were unaware of the truth and moves to stand beside Panchi.
Panchi(squeezing her hand) : "Thanks for coming"
Nidha(looking around) : "Where's Arnav"
Panchi: "Don't worry he will come…..but guys can't you just stop the drama"
Sid: "Yes darling…..I mean honestly why take all the hate"
Nidha looked thoughtful. They were right. She should at least give it a try. She had to somehow persuade Arnav to do the same.
She dialed Arnav's number. 
Arnav: "Nidha…..I am on an important job….I will call you later"
Nidha: "Arnav.." but he had cut the call. His tone of speaking had alerted her. He was surely up to something. She needed to know if he was well. John his faithful servant would know where he has gone.
At the moment Abhay and Pia came down with their daughter.
They sat down on the centre sofa.
Sid: 'Okay guys we have selected some names……Angel, Aarushi, Aparna, Ananya"
Abahy: "Whoa bhai slow down……let others have a say as well"
Shaurya: "Yep Sid bhai….give them a chance"
Sanjana: "How about Arpita"
Samrat: "Na…it a old fashioned….Kiara would be cool….just like my name"
Ramani: " We need a beautiful name yaar… Sayantani"
Shaan: "That's too long Ramani"
Sonia: "Priya"
Aditya: "Anushka"
Prem: "Tanya"
Arnab Dobriyal: "Avantika"
Ayesha: "Ankita"
Madhu: "Riya"
Fiza: "Roshni"
Pia: "Guys relax…..this little angel has put something on all our faces….why not give her that name"
Others looked puzzled
Abhay(smiling): "Muskaan"
Pia(looka at him lovingly): "Yep…..Muskaan"
Haseena: "That is a lovely name Abhay"
Muskaan was finalized. The ceremony was concluded in half an hour and the after ceremony party started.
Fiza  was frantically dialing Jay's number.
Fiza(muttering): "Yeh Jay kaha reh gaya"
She heard a raised voice from outside. She moved closer to listen
Nidha: "Arnav why the heck are you going to Jay's house… using of being angry on John… didn't warn him….Arnav, Arnav….damn"
Fiza saw Nidha rushing towards her car.
Fiza: "I sense something wrong…..but I won't go alone….Prithvi"
She runs to where Prithvi was and briefs him about the situation. They both head towards Jay's house.
Fiza: "I hope Arnav doesn't do anything stupid…..or else I will kill him"
Prithvi: "Relax Fiz…we are reaching there"
They reach the Khuranna Mansion. Arnav's and Nidha's car was parked there.
The house seemed deserted but light was coming from an upstairs window. They rang the bell and a servant opened.
Prithvi: "Is Jay here"
Servant: "Yes saab….but he" before the servant could complete they both rushed in.
They went upstairs and looked around for a while. Then they heard voices from a room.
They stopped a little away.
Jay and Nidha had sensed them coming in. Arnav was too riled up to notice anything.
Arnav: "I am warning you dog keep your hands off Fiza"
Jay: "Or else what? You will kill me or make this fake leech girlfriend of yours kill me…bohoo I am scared"
Nidha: "Jay I am warning you just lay off…..I didn't know that you are a class A playboy….if you break my friends heart"
Jay: "I am better than your fake boyfriend here….you both are a blood sucking beasts…. vampires…..a cold blooded animal… least I am hot….I can give her all the satisfaction if she sleeps with me….."
Nidha was praying that those two outside wouldn't believe Jay but all was spoiled when Arnav threw Jay with supernatural force onto the door which gave away throwing Jay at Fiza's feet. Arnav's fangs were out and eyes were ablaze with fury.
Fiza screamed at the site of him.
Arnav lunged at Jay who moved away.
Nidha: "Arnav no…..leave him…you are scaring them"
She threw Arnav onto the wall while Prithvi was shielding Fiza and looking at them horrified.
Jay came with a wooden stake and jumped to plunge it into Arnav's chest. Nidha caught him in time and threw him off. She fanged out.
Abhay and  Sid arrived they had been tipped off by Nidha. Jay knew that he was out numbered. He lunged out of the window into the darkness.
Abhay: "Arnav what was all this about"
Arnav: "That bloody dog…..he is a werewolf Abhay….he is onto Fiza so he could infiltrate us….he was intending to use her to kill us off….I would have finished him off" he shot Nidha an angry glare.
Sid(scoffing): "And get killed in the process…she did the right thing…we aren't in a position to start off a war with werewolves….Dad needs to know about this"
Prithvi(horrified): "Can anyone tell us what the heck is happening?"
Abhay looks at Arnav and Nidha.
Sid: "Guys they saw it…we can erase their memory….but why don't you guys take a chance…we will be waiting outside….the servants memory needs to be erased"
Nidha: "Prithvi Fiza… have seen us…..this what we are like Jay said blood sucking leeches….we are a danger to you guys an oddity of nature….Abhay, Sid are cool about it because they are vampires like us… is Anukalp, Shaurya and Maan"
She looked at Arnav and raised her eyebrows.
Arnav: "Fiza I love you and always will….and its for that love that I am saying I am not good for you…..I have no relation with Nidha….we are just friends…I don't deserve that either as I am responsible for making her like me… have seen for yourself what I am"
Fiza gave Arnav a long look. She was surely frightened to death seeing him with fangs. But she had also seen the sincerity in his eyes when he said he loved her. She took a broken piece of glass and cut her palm. She moved towards Arnav and Nidha.
Nidha(horrified) : "Are you mad" she moved backwards ready to jump down.
Arnav moved towards the window.
Fiza: "See guys….you both won't hurt me even if I myself permit it…..then how could you think of going away from me huh"
She goes towards Arnav and shoves her 
Palm towards him. He turns away.
Fiza(whispering) : "You can never hurt me my love…..I know you will always protect me….else you wouldn't have done that to Jay"
Arnav looks at her lovingly.
Arnav: "I am a danger to you"
Fiza(smiling with tears): "You are because the moment you go away my heart stops beating"
Prithvi moves towards Nidha and turns her around to face him.
Prithvi: "I don't care whether you are cold blooded or not…I don't care that you are a vampire……I can still see the girl who happily jumped up and down on my proposal in those eyes….would you still accept me….you know I am less stronger than you"
Nidha(smiles): "You will always be my khadoos bodyguard"
The four head down the couples hand in hand.
Sid: "Pheww finally……but guys how will you explain to others?"
Nidha: "I never thought of that"
Arnav: "For now I guess we will have to continue our drama"
Abhay: "Yep we can't let others know….I mean why give them nightmares"
Arnav: "But that doesn't mean you are going near Jay….I swear I will kill him next time"
He warned Fiza who smiled and nodded.
They headed back home and joined in the party.
Night in AbhIya's room……
Pia(happily) : "So all is fine then"
Abhay (holding her in a back hug): "Hmmm….but they will continue the drama….you know why"
He slowly kisses her from neck to shoulder making Pia shiver.
Abhay: "Missed this very much"
Pia: "Shameless"
Abhay: "Why so…I am romancing my beautiful wife"
Pia(scoffing): "I am not beautiful….I look like a football now with all the baby fat"
Abhay(rolling eyes): "What's with girls and weight? Listen my angel I don't care whether you are fat or thin….you are the most beautiful girl to me"
Pia(blusing) : "You know very well what you are to me"
Abhay: "What?"
Pia turns and links her hand around his neck. She looks deeply into his eyes before standing on tip toes to kiss him. As the kiss deepens Abhay lifts her into his arms.
They break off to breath.
Pia: "You are my heart….I heart you my love"


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RB81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 July 2011 at 1:44pm | IP Logged
wow nidha,
a very lengthy update...
clarified all the misunderstandings..
i'm so happy especially for nidha,fiza,arnav n prithvi..
misha n panchi too accepted sid n shaurya knowing abt them very well..
so u guys planned to finish it off kya??

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