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FF:Adha Ishq ch 22 updated on pg 39 (Page 3)

aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 1:55am | IP Logged
the precap is interesting

-GothicBeauty- IF-Dazzler

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awesome partThumbs Up
plz can u pm me next timeEmbarrassed
Mavi18 Senior Member

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Do cont n pm me plz
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hey everyone sorry for the delay but here it is  hope you enjoy it and font forget to comment and press the like button i worked really hard and long on this ch so hope you like it Wink
New Characters

Sidharth Raichand: Abhay's big bro looks hot as fire but attiude cool as ice, flirt , Casanova but with a heart of gold very lad back,fun-loving tenseion free lifestyle .

Shaurya Raichand: Abhay's cousin form his dad side cool easy going  likes girls who are different  not the typical snob smart , fitness freak, loves to flirt

Ruhi mehra: Misha, Panchi's and Piya's best friend since childhood boy crazy walking talking encyclopedia of all the boys in the town girlie girl sweet & caring  AKA tracker

Maya suri: Piya's best friend who is loving caring sweet funloving happy go lucky girl who likes kabir

Angad rao: best friend with kabir, misha , piya, upset at him for not supporting piya loves tracker

Tanushree Amborkar: AKA: T  she is supposedly the college fashion police she is a perfect example of rich father's spoiled daughter basically defines  hi fi snob, thinks every hot guy in college wants her when is actually hated by all   


Ch2: Contract Shaadi ka ya Pyaar ka?

Panchi and misha run towards piya

Panchi: omg piya (shaking her)

Abhay Picks up piya in his arms and carries her to the car(they take her home)

Panchi: misha call the doctor quickly jaldi karo

Misha: yeah hello doctor please come quickly piya has fainted will tell the details when you come

Panchi (crying) :our poor piya Mish I swear I wont spare that !@#$%&* Daanish he will regret what he did to our baby piya

Misha: I Will beat the f*&^% c#$%&out of  him

Abhay: haan tum dono calm down I will make sure that @$$ Danish will pay for his sins by the way Panchi when our your parents coming back from the states? Call them and tell them to come ASAP

Piya wakes up screaming Panchi, Misha, Abhay run into the room

Panchi sits near piya's bed Misha hugging piya

Misha wiping her tears

Panchi: Piya  doctor bole ki tum  ko yeh nightmares  hoga after what you've been through  don't worry sab theek hoga

Piya: (yelling) theek kya theek my life is ruined that devil Daanish finshed everything

Misha: No piya come on you have to be strong get hold of your self Panchi piya ko kya kar na hain tum ngo mein kam kar thi ho tell us

Panchi: 1st of all police report then some consulting

Misha: mom and dad our coming back tommrow morning we told them everything

Abhay: Panchi misha I will stay the night with you guys  I wont leave u guys alone

Misha and Panchi: thanks  lot abhay this means a lot

Piya's cell rings it's daanish on the speaker

Daanish: hello sexy dehko  I know ki tum upset ho laken galati tuhare hai agar tum kabir ko dump kar ke mere hoti tho yeh sab nahi hota

Panchi : how dare you call and taunt  and insult her like that she bangs the phone on him

Abhay: (Picks up the phone) hello ACP saab  its urgent I need to arrest  Daanish sighn right away


Next morning madhu and arnav arrive home   and to run


Madhu: mere bache  hugs her and kiss her fore head

Piya Quite like a stone  Madhu starts crying seeing in such a state

Arnav: piya beti don't worry sab theek hoga Daanish lock up mein hain aur ab very thing will be alright  hum sab hain

Piya (very upset yelling ): just stop it everyone  kal se sab Panchi di, misha, and now tum dono  telling me sab theek hoga everything will be allright bullsh*t kuch theek nahin hoga  my life will never be the same why me what have I done to anyone to deserves this now my life has changed it will never be the same mein sab ki shaadi's kart hi hoon laken  ab kaun mujh se shaadi kar re ga  who will marry me(Piya breaks in to tears)

Abhay: Mein I will marry you

Piya: (slaps abhay) I don't need your sympathy do you understand is about to( leave when abhay stops her by grabing her hand)

Abhay: sympathy come on piya understand we are friends I care for you I can't see you like this please i'm not doing this for you but for me say yes.

Panchi: Piya  Abhay really cares for you this will be good for you

Misha :yeah babes he's such a sweet heart be brave and start a new beginning with him listen to me babes some times bads things happen so good things can come and Abhay is really good for you seriously

Madhu: haan Piya beti misha is right maybe this all happened for a reason

Arnav: piya Abhay is a keeper a great guy someone I can trust  think about

Piya: I want to talk alone with Abhay right now (she pulls him away to her room)

Abhay: Piya what ever I'm doing I'm doing it for you

Piya: I'm  ready to get married

Abhay:  kya piya I promise I will make sure that all your pain and wounds will go away

Piya: Abhay please stop listen I'm ready to get married but this is  only for my family mama, papa, Panchi di, and misha

Abhay: wait  what are you trying to say 

Piya: I'm saying Contract marriage  we will be a married couple for our family and the world only their will be no Physical relationship between us what so ever except for hugging  and holding hands in front of people but that's it nothing more  and haan I need you to talk to your lawyer because if I talk to our family lawyer he will tell everyone

Abhay:  do you want anything else on the contract 

Piya: whatever  the lawyer thinks is right and this is just between us  ok now please act happy in front of everyone and Abhay thank you

Abhay: thank you for what

Piya: for understanding and not questioning

They go back to the hall 

Piya: I'm ready to get married to abhay

Panchi and Misha are thrilled

Madhu arnav are very happy

Madhu so the engagement   will be in 3 days  and shaadi in a week

Panchi: that's great mama kyun ki I have to go to London tonight  for my ngo work but I will be back before the engagement  I promise piya

Arnav: Abhay kya hum aap ki family se shaadi ki baat kar na ya you will take care of it

Abhay: I will handel it uncle don't worry

Madhu: arnav everything happened so fast that we will have call and invite everyone lots of things to do Misha Piya you both go shopping and pick out the dress for the engagement. I have a ton of things to get done

Abhay(picks up his cell and calls his brothers)

Hello sid

Sid: hello little brother kya kaam hai you called so early in the morning London time this better be important

Abhay: sid   I'm getting engaged in 3days and next week mere shaadi hai tho please come if you can 

Sid(jumps out of bed in his boxers shirtless) what  engagement and all  ohhhhhh who's the lucky girl  haan you swore you would never get married well because of our family secret by the way have you told her about it? And why the hurry?

Abhay; listen it's a long story he tell him everything

Sid: don't worry everything will be fine I will come in 2 days

Abhay calls shaurya:  hello  bro  I'm getting engaged in 3days and next week mere shaadi hai tho please come if you can 

Shaurya: hey cousin wait what um  sure but I need details

Abhay; listen it's a long story he tell him everything

Next 2 days

At the Heathrow Airport London

Sid at the airline counter trying to get a  last minute ticket for  india

Clerk: Sorry sir but the flight is full no cancelations are available the woman in the blue shirt (points to panchi)just got the last ticket  only if she cancels it you can get on the flight

Sid walks  toward Panchi sitting down (shes talking on the phone)

Sid: excuse me um can I have your seat

Panchi: (hangs up the phone looks around see's so many empty seats in the lobby around her gets up and )here have you go and walks away annoyed

Sid  Indian right runs after : no no I mean on the flight listen please give up your seat it's very import for me to get to india

Panchi: what  are  kidding  really what is so important that you want me to give up my seat huh?

Sid looking around see's a old lady

Sid: my my Dadi she is really sick and she needs me to come please understand

Panchi: ok so sick meaning what happened exactly do explain

Sid not knowing what to say looks at her hand and see's a heart ring and then says:heart heat related problemmy dadi has a hole in her heart and suffered a heartattack very complicated please

Panchi: omg it's ok I didn't know I thought you were lying I'm sorry no problem  just a minute(she goes to the counter)excuse me  um I want to cancel  my flight andplease confirm his flight and by the way whwn is the next flight  to india  later tonight  you will reach tommrow  late afternoon ok um please put me on that flight right away  thank you

Sid thrilled that his acting worked  calls his bro: don't worry little bro I'm coming pick me up at 8:15 am

Panchi: don't worry your dadi will get well soon

Sid: dadi? Oh yeah dadi I have to go and leaves


At Night  india same day but time difference

Misha on her bike when some loser in a black Bens  splashes mud on her

Misha: throws her shoe at the car

Shaurya gets out:  picks up the shoe this belongs to you I think

Misha: ( grabs her shoe)you idiot loser what the hell do you think of yourself  you splashed mud all over me you donkey butt and rides off

Day of engagement the boys side has arrived yet panchi has just came in running to get ready for the engagement

Misha: what birdi so late it's piya engagement get ready fast

Panchi: sorry but you something so strange happened  this one guyed asked me to cancel the flight so he could get on it because his dadi was really sick so I let go and I took the next flight sorry piya

Little while later

Panchi see's  sid

Abhay: panchi misha I'd like you to meet my big bro Siddhart  and cousin shaurya

Panchi: tum  you said that your dadi had heart problems and  that you need to get on my flight so I canceled for you ,you liar   I could have missed my lil sister big day just move you idiot

Misha: and you pointing to  shaurya  abhay your  cousin  splashed me with mud  when driving and didn't have the decency  to say sorry move it you loser

Sid: little brother I must say your sallies are hot winked and high fived shaurya

That's it do comment and press the like button Precap: wedding preparations and more Abhiya,Miya, and sidchi scenes along with Kabir finding out about Abhiya's engagement  

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Cute_Gal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 March 2011 at 12:08am | IP Logged
Great Part.. Abhiya getting married dat's awesome bt contract marriage.. Not fair.. Wanna C Abhiya Love Story Starting soon..forgetting d whole contract thing... Waiting eagerly for d next part.. n ha wat abt ur Other FF on Abhiya.. When r u gonna continue it... Update soon... Thanx for d

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RB81 IF-Rockerz

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tat was u gav everyone their partner at the start itself..interesting meetings of continue sonn..eager to read..r the brothers super natural?is tat d secret they r hiding r something else..send me a pm when u update n may i know ur name?
MeetPremeer IF-Rockerz

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loved it dear
thanks for the pm
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 March 2011 at 12:29am | IP Logged cntnu soonSmile

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