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FF:Adha Ishq ch 22 updated on pg 39 (Page 27)

_Klaroline_ IF-Dazzler

Joined: 10 November 2010
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Posted: 11 July 2011 at 4:59am | IP Logged
lovely update
this is the best part
nidha and piya came to know about the truth
but for piya
abhay erased her memory
and for nidha
she became a vampire stupid arnav
poor nidha how will she digest the truth now
thnx for the pm
continue soon...
i wiil be waiting...
love u

aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 October 2009
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Posted: 11 July 2011 at 5:28am | IP Logged
great part...will nidha turn to a vampire as she is bitten on a full moon day...
SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 March 2011
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Posted: 11 July 2011 at 7:39am | IP Logged
hahah I love whn sid said dekho chand nikal aaya haha.So funny.Oh Abhay cares 4 Pia so much.Hey plz yaar update ur another FF 2 I loved this updateSmile
Cute_Gal IF-Dazzler

Joined: 28 December 2010
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Posted: 11 July 2011 at 8:13am | IP Logged
awesome update yaar.. dis is getting more n more interesting.. continue soon..thanx for d
ilove99 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 05 November 2010
Posts: 12994

Posted: 11 July 2011 at 8:49am | IP Logged
dekho chand aya chand nazar aayaROFLit was hilarious...poor nidz she became vampire but wbu prithvi then????cahlo one thing is good that atleast now there is a female vampire tooLOLoh thank god abhay erased pia's memory love it!!and waiting for more of abhiya and baby mommentsTongue
Deepi20 Goldie

Joined: 21 May 2011
Posts: 1227

Posted: 11 July 2011 at 11:10am | IP Logged
Awesome update! So Nidha is a vampire now! That was sweet of Piya and Abhay to fast for each other! Eagerly looking forward to the next update! Continue soon Smile
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

Joined: 17 February 2011
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Posted: 11 July 2011 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
Chapter 15
Pia was sitting in the roof garden munching on chips and lost in thought. The previous two weeks had been anything but peaceful.
Firstly, there was her horrifying dreams to deal with. Dreams which always showed a vampire sucking blood. Mere thought of the dream made her shudder.
Then five days ago another problem had cropped up. A problem which can shatter even the strongest- heart break.
Fiza was a complete emotional wreck ever since the Karva Chauth. Every one had thought that Arnav was lying about having another affair. But he proved true to his words two days ago. Cherry on top the other woman in his life was Nidha. Arnav and Nidha seemed to have no problem admitting it. Rather they seemed smug about it.
Two Days Ago…….
Raizada Head Office……..
Nidha: "Arnav we have been through this….this is our best option in case you don't want to take the other option which is totell Fiza the truth and she will react initially like any human being will but I know her very well she will accept you"
Arnav balled his fists, gritting his teeth
Arnav(bitterly): "You are saying this after what I have done to you….I didn't exactly give you a gift of a life Nidha"
Nidha(low voice): "Which is why this is the best option we have…..I can't rsk Prithvi either…he deserves to live…he will find a better girl"
She knew that if  she was a human she would have cried now. But vampires do not enjoy the liberty of tears.
Arnav(arguing):   "We could find another way you know…..I can find another girl….you don't have to" 
 Nidha(with finality): "Arnav when our aims are same why find another….well we can put the plan in action now itself…..Prithvi is coming here….he is pissed off that I have been avoiding him……call Fiza to your cabin now"
She got up and straightened her skirt.                                                                                                                     
Prithvi came into the cabin all riled up.
Prithvi(angrily glaring at Nidha): "Sorry Arnav….but I have some questions for Miss. Wadhwa…where the heck have you been?"
Nidha(coolly): "None of your business Mr. Saxena……you are just my bodyguard….not my husband" . 
She felt her dead heart break at the thought of what she was about to do. But she had no other choice.
Prithvi(sarcastically): "Yeah right and that ring which you are proudly wearing was gifted by someone else I guess" 
Nidha(smugly): "Well I guess its time to end the game isn't it" 

Fiza came into the cabin, her face a stubborn mask.
Prithvi(narrowing his eyes):"Game what game?" 
Nidha(removing the ring and placing it on his palm):"Well my darling I am through with you….you can move on now"
Prithvi gaped at her. Fiza was also looking stunned.
Fiza(bewildered): "Nidha have you lost your senses….why are you ditching him" 
Arnav(crossing her legs sitting on Arnav's table):"Fiza darling when I get someone who is far more richer and interesting than Mr. Saxena here…why would I stick to him…..he is way too clingy for me" 
Arnav came towards her and encircled her waist. At the moment comprehension dawned on both Prithvi and Fiza. They were shocked.
Fiza(face still with shock): "You are the other woman in his life" 
Fiza whispered. 
Arnav(with a shrug):"Fiza please don't over react I mean she is better suited to my status than you are" 
Prithvi(shocked tone): "So all those words of love those moments…they were all a game for you… were playing with me" 
Nidha(casually): "Oh come on Prithvi….don't tell me you haven't played with girls…..I was never serious in the relation…..I thought you knew that…..I mean you told me you could judge a person by a single meeting……its not my mistake if you couldn't understand me" 
Prithvi:"You are right Nidha it isn't your fault it is mine……you both truly deserve each other….Arnav I thought you were a better man than this…….you are just as shallow as her" Prithvi said disgustedly "Here keep this ring for yourself Miss.Wadhwa" 
He slammed the ring back in her hand.
At the door he turned back and looked at her with wet eyes.
"You have broken me completely Nidha… I will never again trust anyone with my heart" 
Fiza:"Nidha   Arnav cheating me I could bare…but you…..these many years of friendship…..I hate you both" 
She ran out of the room
Arnav took his hand back murmuring an apology
Nidha(feeling empty):"Don't be….mission successful" 

Raichand Mansion…
"Why would they do that dear" Pia asked rubbing her tummy gently. She had lately taken to a habit of talking to her child when in distress.
Nidha was now hated and avoided like rash by one and all of the girls. Prithvi continued his job as her bodyguard but was a completely lost soul. He behaved ruthlessly with anyone who angered him.
Fiza had stopped going to office unable to face the truth.
Sid:"Come on Panchi we can't mix personal feelings with business…this merger is of great importance to our empire" 
He and Panchi were heading to the roof.
Panchi: "Importance jaye baad mein….you know what those two jerks have done to Fiza…..forget Fiza what about Prithvi he is your friend na…..why do you want to make a deal with them" 
Sid(more to himself):"Panchi often things aren't what they appear to be" 
Panchi(scoffing): "Yeah right…..they openly declared their affair to us…ruthlessly broke two hearts….and you want to make business deals with them…..doesn't business have any ethics" 
Sid: ""Look darling….this isn't my deal or Abhay's… is proceeding in fact proceeded with it….so nothing can stop this project now" 
Pia(looking back and forth between them):
"What's the matter Sid bhai…what deal are you talking of" 
Panchi(glaring at Sid):"Pia they have agreed to a merger project with Raizada and Wadhwa industries….I can't bare the thought of seeing those two jerks face again….and they are talking about deals" 
Abhay(coming up):"Panchi di you guys won't have to face them…..its us and we can manage" 
Pia(lost in thought): "I still can't belive Nidha or Arnav would do that….I mean why would they" 
Abhay sensed that Pia has started having doubts.
Haseena comes to the roof smiling
Haseena: "Pia your father is here"
Pia(exclaiming happily): "Papa" 
She rushes down
Abhay(trying to slow her):"Pia dheere" 
Arnab: "Dheere chalo princess….oh I missed you so much"
Hugs Pia
Pia(pouting): "I missed you too…why can't you and Mama come once in a while" 
Arnab: "She is at the office with Misha….helping her and Sanju….speaking of Misha….my jungli daughter is becoming quiet a lady now a days"
He raises his eyebrows questioningly.
Pia and Panchi exchanged glances giggling.
Panchi(dramatically): "Misha Dobriyal is finally interested in a guy" 
Arnab(surprised) : "Guy"
Pia: "None other than my devar Shaurya…..they are out on a date"
Panchi: "Pia you weren't supposed to say that.
Arnab: "That's good news…..Panchi isn't it high time you found some one"
Panchi(groaning) : "Papa please…yeh shaadi ki dhol peetna bandh karo"
Arnab(laughing): "Okay okay…..any ways Abhay this is the file I told you want to discuss about….shall we do it here"
Abhay: "Lets move to the office Papa"
Abhay lead the way.
Arnab: "Pia beta….I will be back after the discussion….Siddarth please join us"
Sid: "Sure uncle"
Abhay, Sid and Arnab went to the office.
The girls moved to the kitchen where Mona and Geet were cooking.
Panchi: "Wow achi khusboo aa rahi hain….kya pak raha hain Geet di"
Geet: "Palak paneer…..Pia ko bahuth pasand hain na"
Pia hugs Geet.
Pia: "Thank you Geet bhabhi"
Mona: "By god Pia….main har din khana banathi hun tumahre liye….mujhe jhappi nahin milenge"
Pia(hugs her): "Ye lo….happy"
The girls laugh out.
Panchi(sighing): "Khash sab kuch teek ho jata….I went to meet Fiza yesterday….she is in the worst state possible….poor thing…..un namoono ko tho aisa peetna chahiye ki usse apni nani yaad aye"
Geet and Mona exchange glances.
They both knew about the real situation from their respective husbands.
Mona: "By god Panchi…..sab kuch teek ho jayege agar rab kare tho"
Pia had seen the expression's on Geet's and Mona's faces.
Pia's thoughts..
Yaha zaroor kuch pak raha hain.
Zaroor koi aisi baath hain jo hum mein se kuch log nahi jaanthe
Mujhe apni aankhe khuli rakhni hogi.
"Pia, Pia" Arnab's voice sounded from the hall. He sounded angry and hurt.
The girls move to the hall.
Arnab(flashing a file in Pia's face) : "What is this?"
Abhay: "Papa let me"
Arnab cuts him
Arnab: "No Abhay….I want an answer from my daughter…..Pia what is this"
Pia understood that her father knew about the contract. She had thought of secretly ending the contract. She had discussed this with Abhay.
Panchi takes the file from Arnab and reads it along with Mona and Geet. All three are shocked.
Panchi: "Pia you committed yourself to a contract marriage…but why?"
Sid: "Panchi, uncle please calm down….let them explain"
Pia(tearfully) : "Papa at the time of marriage I was emotionally and physically shattered…..I never thought I could love anyone…..I thought I didn't deserve love….but I couldn't let my family's name be spoiled right……I couldn't let Abhay suffer for life either….I mean why should he carry my burden for life….but all that has changed Papa…..Abhay has always loved me…..his love has strengthened mine Papa…..this contract doesn't apply anymore…..we are married for life….for better or for worse"
Arnab could see truth in his daughters eyes.
Arnab: "Pia I am glad you have seen the light finally…..but you should have trusted your family a little more….no daughter will ever be a burden to her family"
Pia hugs him and Panchi too.
Panchi: "Papa is right Pia… should have trusted us a little more"
Pia(holding ears) : "Sorry"
Sid: "What an emotional family"
Panchi smacks him.
Abhay: "Papa I am sorry too…..I should have told this before"
Arnab: "I am angry with you Abhay…..but I have always known that you loved my daughter sincerely, so all water is under now"
Chand comes in after finalizing the merger deal.
Chand: "Mr.Dobriyal….pleasant surprise"
Arnab: "Hello Mr.Raichand….I was just going back….looks like you have a busy time now….talks about a merger deal are out"
Chand: "An nothing stays secret for long here…..yes we are doing a joint project with the Wadhwa's and Raizada……deal is finalized…..we will have a launch party soon"
Arnab: "Both Arnav and Nidha has easy gelled into the business world here…..the kids are good"
Panchi(mumbles): "Yeah right"
Sid cautions her not to say anything. The elders didn't know anything about the fiasco. Nidha moving out of Fiza's house had created a small problem but news didn't go out.
Abhay and Sid in the office after a few hours.
Abhay: "Pia has already started having doubts about the issue bhai"
Sid: "I sensed that…..I think its time we talked to those fools"
Abhay: "We can't deem them fools bhai….they both are newborn right….Nidha hasn't been out of her house much and Arnav is almost always in the jungle"
Sid: "That's true….but they didn't have to take such a drastic step….I mean people practically hate them now"
Abhay(thinking): "Hmmm…..lets see what we can do….we will talk to them in the launch party"

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_Klaroline_ IF-Dazzler

Joined: 10 November 2010
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Posted: 11 July 2011 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
wow lovely update
piya doubts
nidha n arnav hated by every 1
the contract problem part
everything was exciting
continue sooon...
i will be waiting...
love u

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