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FF:Adha Ishq ch 22 updated on pg 39 (Page 24)

Cute_Gal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 3:59am | IP Logged
Woww Nidha.. Gr8 update.. Loved

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SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 7:36am | IP Logged
nice update.God job boys always deserve sandals.I adore AbhiyaSmile
fri42911 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 11:39am | IP Logged
awesome update.
thanks for the pm.
Deepi20 Goldie

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 8:51pm | IP Logged
Nice update! I love how Abhay is so sweet and ate that sandwich to show his love for Piya! That was so cute! Tongue Looking forward to the next update! Continue soon Smile
Maaneet-Arsh Newbie

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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 9:21pm | IP Logged

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 July 2011 at 6:05am | IP Logged
Chapter 13
3 months after the marriage…..
Abhay was enjoying every moment he was spending with Pia. He was growing fond of the baby too. He was giving Pia the best attention she could medically and also at home. He had hired a home nurse to be with her 24/7 even though Mona promised to do the job.
The whole Raichand clan was being very specific in hiding their secret from Pia.
Riddhima and Mona being human somewhat diluted the danger Pia had from the other vampires.
Abhay came in from office to find Pia peacefully asleep on her bed holding her stomach. He smiled at the site and bent down & kissed her forehead and eyes.
Pia stirred and opened her eyes which locked onto Abhay's light green ones.
Pia saw the vast amount of love that Abhay held for her in them. Abhay hadn't once masked his feelings from her. He pampered her to the greatest extent. If it wasn't for her insistence he would have spent every waking moment of his day and night with her.
Pia was finding it hard to resist reciprocating this feelings. She had planned to leave his life soon. She had started making arrangements to shift to London without her parents knowing. Ridz's strong stance that she wouldn't allow her to go until her delivery was the  thing stopping Pia from going. 
But now she was finding it hard to ignore the love that her husband had for her. Even if Ridz wasn't stopping her she would most probably stay back.
Abhay: "Sorry Pia I didn't intend to wake you up"
Pia: "Its completely okay Abhay….saare din tho mein sothi hi rahthi hun"
Abhay(chuckling) : "That's normal in your condition"
Pia(pouting) : "Yeah right I am only four months pregnant….if I go on being pampered like this I am sure I will 300 pounds by the time my delivery is over"
Abhay laughs out seeing her cute face.
Pia(angrily): "Tumhe hassi aa rahi…idiot kahike" throws a pillow on him.
Abhay(rolling eyes): "Pia you and your mood swings"
Pia(scoffs): "If you can't bear it then get out" stands up and throws another pillow on him.
Abhay(catching it) : "Now that's enough Mrs.Raichand"
Pia(with a mischievous grin) : "Is that so Mr. Raichand" throws another one at himand chuckles.
Abhay drops the pillows on the bed and moves towards her. Pia sees his intense look and starts moving backwards.
Pia(stuttering) : "Abhay I am sorry I was only joking" moves further back as distance between them decreases steadily. Finally her back hit's the wall and Abhay locks her in between his arm.
Abhay(seductively) : "So are we in a playful mood" gazes into her almond eyes which where now filled with strange emotions.
He runs one finger on her rosebud lips sending tingling sensation down her spine.
Pia closes her eyes savoring the feeling.
Abhay kisses her forehead and eyes then moves towards her neck while pulling her closer by her waist. He places a trail of kisses from her neck down to her shoulder.
Pia shivers slightly against him and her hands go around his neck on their own accord.
Abhay takes his hand off her waist and cups her face. Pia's eyes flutter open. They are filled with undeniable passion.
He bends down and kisses her lips. They part open on the pressure and Abhay deepens the kiss. His hands move all over her body while hers ruffle through his hair.
Abhay's phone rings and both of them jerk away.
Abhay(stunned): "Pia I am so sorry"
Pia(calmly) : "Abhay take your phone"
Abhay still reeling with shock takes the call. It was from Sid saying something about a project. Abhay wasn't really taking anything. Sid understood it was the wrong time and cut the call.
Sid(shaking his head): "I hope everything is okay lil brother"
Abhay does not dare to turn back and face Pia. He had been on the brink of crossing all limits with her. 
What would she think of me Abhay groaned mentally.
Pia(softly): "Abhay"
Abhay turns slowly and faces her his face filled with regret and anger at himself
Pia comes closer and touches his face.
Pia(a little frightened) : "Are you mad at me?"
Abhay's head shoots up in shock. Of all the things she could ask.
Abhay(incredulously) : "Pia koi pagal hi hoga jo tumse naraaz hoga… was my mistake….I should know better than to" Pia shushes him by placing a finger on his lips.
Pia: "Don't be such a mahaan Abhay…..I am not mentally challenged to not know when I am being seduced….I submitted myself to you"
Abhay: "But still Pia……you had specifically stated in the contract that"
Pia(irritated): "Listen Abhay the contract applies to both of us…..I don't regret what I did just now…..I know in the long run we won't be together…..but this little moment I enjoyed… if you are done with your penance shall we sleep"
Abhay(smiling sadly) : "Why can't we be together in the long run Pia….you can't deny the obvious"
Pia stopped in her tracks towards the bed.
Pia( closing her eyes as memory of the moment flash through her) : "Because I don't deserve you Abhay… sacrificed a lot already for me…..I can't take anymore debt from you"
She heads to the bed and lies down without glancing at him.
Abhay stands still as he felt something cut through his dead heart. 
A week later one midnight……
Abhay was standing in his bedroom's balcony looking at the moon.
He senses movement from his room and peers in.
Pia was sitting up in the bed rubbing her stomach  a cute pout on her face. Abhay smiles at the site.
Abhay: "Pia what's it why are you up"
Pia: "I could ask the same"
Abhay(smiling slyly): "Neendh nahi aa rahi thi…..but you I guess were sound asleep na"
Pia(smugly): "Ain't I a brilliant actress"
Abhay(shaking his head): "Yeah right… go back to sleep or Ridz will be after my blood if she comes to know you aren't sleeping well"
Pia(pouting) : "Abhay mujhe ice cream khana hain…..chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or pista"
Abhay(staring at her) : "Ek tho aadhi raath ko tum ice cream mang rahi hon….who bhi chaar alag alag flavors"
Pia(stubbornly) : "I need it now…(Abhay makes to go out to get them)….wait wait mein bhi aathi hoon"
Abhay: "Kaha I will get it for you"
Pia: "Mujhe yaha bet ke nahin khaana….bahar ghoomke khanaa hain"
Abhay(rolls eyes) : "What all does pregnancy do to a woman"
Pia chuckles and walks with him.
The kitchen was always stocked with Pia's favourite things. Abhay found chocolate and pista flavours in them. The other two were not there.
He heads to Pia sitting at the kitchen table looking around.
Pia: "Thank god everyone is asleep"
Abhay chuckles mentally. He had mentally messaged every vampire at the house to clear out.
Abhay: "That's because they are normal people who sleep at night….now only these two are here….I will order for the other two tomorrow"
Pia(eyes twinkling) : "Why tomorrow we can buy it now….there will be all night shops right"
Abhay: "That's there Pia but in this condition"
Pia(drags him up) : "Come on lets go….I want to go and we are going period"
Abhay: "Okay okay….let me at least wear a shirt"
Pia looks at him top to bottom and chuckles.
Pia: "I think this suits you better… look sexy in this vest and night pants"
Abhay(winks) : "Abhay Raichand is always sexy"
Pia puts out her tongue. Abhay heads to the bedroom and comes down in five minutes. He looks around for Pia and finds her in the porch near his car munching on the chocolate ice cream.
Pia(turns on sensing him) : "Lets go"
Abhay comes closer to her and looks into her eyes. Suddenly memory of the other night flashes through her.
Abhay wipes a drop of ice cream from her lips.
Abhay(smirking) : "Lets go"
Pia blinked understanding that he had purposefully pulled the stunt to see the effect he had on her. Pia sat in the car in a huff.
Abhay(chuckling) : "What's with you Pia"
Pia: "As if you don't know…..I am not going to talk to you"
Abhay: "Fine then I won't drive….am not interested in a sullen drive"
Pia(wide eyed): "Then my ice cream"
Abhay(sits back and shrugs) : "Khud jaake kharidho"
Pia(making baby face) : "Please Abhay…..I won't be sullen….can we go please please"
Abhay laughs at her look and ruffles her hair.
Abhay: "Okay my angel"
They reach an all night store in an hour. Abhay buys the ice creams and comes back.
Abhay: "Here you go happy"
Pia(smiling widely) : "Yayyy… come on lets go on a walk"
Abhay(groaning) : "Come on Pia….lets eat it in here"
Pia(opens the door) : "You can do as you wish but I am going on a walk"
Abhay(gets out) : "Okay madam your wish my command"
They walk for a while Pia munching on the ice cream all the while.
It starts showering suddenly.
Abhay(catching Pia's hand) : "That's enough Pia…lets get back"
Pia( pulls away): "Wow Abhay I love rain….I am not coming anywhere"
Abhay(exasperated) : "Pia that's enough enjoyment for a night… can't afford to fall sick"
Pia(puts out her tongue) : "I am not coming back" she starts running.
Abhay(alarmed) : "Pia don't run". Runs after her.
Pia turns to make fun and sees that a car is about to hit Abhay.
Pia(screams) : "ABHAYYY"
Abhay had sensed the car and moved away quickly. He leaps forward and pulls Pia to safety as well as the car had headed towards her as well.
Abhay( shaking Pia) : "Pia baby are you okay….say something"
Pia stares at his chiseled features now showing love and concern for her for a long moment and then hugs him bursting into tears as well.
Pia(more to herself): "Abhay you are alive na"
Abhay(hugging her) : "Pia I am fine…its you I am bothered  about"
He rubs down her back to soothe her.
Pia didn't know what had gone through her at that moment. The sense of loosing Abhay had paralyzed her completely. She knew she would be dead if he hadn't saved her. 
Suddenly she realized why she felt so shaken. The thought of being without him even for a second could affect her so much only if
Pia(raises up her head and touches Abhay's face) : "I love you Abhay"
Abhay frowns thinking that the shock must have gone to her head. Then he reads her crystal clear thoughts and feels the love in her eyes.
Abhay: "I" Pia shushes him with a soft kiss.
Pia: "You don't need to say it… have always shown it Abhay"
Abhay(smiling brightly) : "I know but I also feel it is never enough…I don't love you enough….Pia I love you to the greatest extent possible that words can't do justice to my feelings"
Pia(slightly tilting her head) : "How can you love an imperfect thing like me so much"
In answer to that Abhay kissed her with as much passion as he could inject into it.
Abhay pulling back so she could breath.
Abhay(eyes shining) : "Now you know how"
Pia blushes a rosy red and looks down.
Abhay gently nudges up her head.
Abhay: "Mrs. Raichand you needn't be shy in front of your husband"
Pia: "Well my husband is so seductive that I can't help it"
Both of them laugh.
Abhay looks at a completely drenched Pia with concern and groans
Abhay: "You will find me six feet under tomorrow Pia…..Ridz won't spare me"
Pia(chuckles) : "Who will dare to touch my hubby when I am alive….don't worry I will explain"
Abhay(sighs) : "Well it is well worth….I got my wife right"
Pia(looking into his eyes lovingly) : "I was, is and will be always yours"
Abhay felt a sudden twinge in his dead heart remembering the deadly secret that was still unknown to Pia.

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..Bournville.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 July 2011 at 6:17am | IP Logged
wow finally piya realised her feelings. gr8 update.

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RB81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 July 2011 at 6:30am | IP Logged
hei nidha,
that was so sweet..
both declaerd the love for other..
i literally jump with joy..
do continue soon..

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