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FF:Adha Ishq ch 22 updated on pg 39 (Page 22)

Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 June 2011 at 3:15pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Cuty16

Ch-9&10 both were nice.
Enjoyed the marraige and the funny convos between girls n boys.

Great work Nidha & fiza.
thank you Embarrassed

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Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 June 2011 at 3:16pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by fri42911

nice update.
thanks for the pm.
your welcome dearWink
Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 June 2011 at 3:16pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by cuteshrishti

wow cute update.So lovely.I loved itSmile
thanks sweets Big smile
Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 June 2011 at 3:18pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by renuka1997

Lovely Update

I Loved Abhiya :)
Continue Soon
Thanx For The PM
Love U
thanks renu and your welcomeEmbarrassed
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 12:19pm | IP Logged
Chapter 12
Two days later at Dobrial house….
Nidha(unsurely):"Dad are you sure you wanna do this"  
Dad:"Yes beta…..some one needs to look after our Indian branch of business 24/7.…plus I trust you on the job" 
Nidha:"Okay dad if you are sure then I am ready but Dad I don't need any bodyguards after me here"  
Dad:"Nidha iss baath mein tumhari ek nahi sunoongi….you will have a bodyguard…infact I have already appointed a security company for guarding our house and a personal bodyguard for you" 
Nidha(almost shouting):"Dad no way I am going to live in a big mansion with only servants….no bloody way"  
Dad: "Then where the heck will you stay" his anger was rising at his daughters stubbornness.
The rest of the girls were watching Nidha pacing the sitting room like an angry bull from the upstairs seating area. Fiza mouthed to Nidha that she can stay at her house.
Nidha: "Okay I am staying at Fiza's house… know her Mehra Uncle's daughter…my best friend from childhood…..Dad their house is safe I don't need a full battalion guarding me" 
Dad:"Okay then…..but I am not withdrawing your personal bodyguard he stays"  ended with finality.
Nidha knew  there was no use arguing.
Dad:"Love you beta and Mom sends her love" Chuckles at the thought of his daughters face. She looked really cute when angry.
Nidha(glum but smiling):"Love you two"  cuts the phone.
Nidha went upstairs and sank down on the coach besides Ramani.
Sonia(chuckling):"I dearly hope my Boss doesn't have your temper Nidha"  
Sonia(excited):"Yep kal mein aur Ramani Wadhwa Industries join karne wale hain"  
Misha(grining): "And who do you think is your boss?" 
Comprehension dawned on Ramani and Sonia
Both:"Oh shit Nidha you are our boss" looking at Nidha in disbelief.
Nidha smiled at them
Nidha:"Don't worry I won't eat you…after all I am not Arnav Singh Raizada right Fiz"  winks at Fiza.
Fiza:"Yeah girls….agar tum Arnav ke saath hothe tho tab seek the ki gussa kya hota hain…..teda hain lekin mera hain" 
Ayesha(joking): "Office mein who koi kaam kartha hain bhi…yah sirf tumhe goorthe rahtha hain" 
Fiza threw a pillow at her blushing beetroot red.
Nidha:"Whatever guys you are better off than me….I have to bear a bloody body guard….aaarrrgh"  punches a pillow in frustration.
Panchi:"Nidha babes chillax…..your Dad is doing it for your safety"  
Madhu came with cool drinks for the girls.
Vritika:"Yeah Nidha you are alone here…..your brother and father are both not here….so its safe to keep a bodyguard"  
Nidha(grumbling): "Oh c'mon guys…even if my father and brother were here I would have gone to office alone mostly….whats the big point in keeping a darn bodyguard….like a constant tail" 
Misha: "Chillax babes….lets see how this bodyguard of yours looks like…..he may the tall dark handsome type…..tho tum uss par line bhi maar sakthi ho na" winked at Nidha.
Sanju: "Misha Dobriyal  line maarne ki baath kar rahi hain…..koi dil mein bas gaya hain kya" 
Misha blushed astonishing the girls further.
"Oooh blushing" they said together and laughed.
Madhu was watching the girls enjoying with a smile. These many days they had lived like a family supporting each other. She was sure she will miss them.
Ayesha, Sonia, Ramani got up
Ayesha:"Guys humein chalna hain…..kal inn dhono ko office bhi join karna hain aur mujhe Arnav sir ki daanth khaane ki koi shauk nahi hain"   winked again at Fiza who smiled.
"Waise Mona, Geet aur Ridz kaha hain" Soni asked.
Panchi:"Mona and Ridz have shifted to Raichand Mansion….Anu and Armaan jij are staying back here na…..Armaan jij is going to be the MD of the Raichands new clinic….Anu jij is joining the Raichand empire" 

Vritika:"Maan jiju and Geet are also shifting base to here….they have bought a house near to here…they have shifted to the new house"  She and Sanju were going to stay back with the Dobriyals. Panchi and Vritika together ran an orphanage and charity trust. Vritika's parents had gone back to their home town so she decided to be with the Dobrials
 Misha and Sanju were starting an event management organization and Sanju's parents being abroad she was gonna be at the Dobriyals too.
Fiza: "Nidha I guess we should also move out….lemme give mom a caution notice….else she will eat me alive for not warning about a guest….she will want to stuff you up" 
Nidha(groaning): "Fiza I don't need anymore fattening up"
Fiza chuckled as she took out her phone.
The girls packed their things to go home.
Madhu was sadly bidding them farewell.
Misha(rolling eyes): "Mumma itni sad tho in logon ke Mom's bhi nahi honge inke bidhai par"
Madhu smacked her lightly on her arms.
Ayesha(hugging Madhu): "Aunty we will be visting you guys and Pia often….we are going to Raichand mansion now in fact"
Madhu: "That's good girls Pia needs all of you now….she is in such a fragile state"
Madhu teared up.
Sonia(holding her hand): "Don't worry aunty we will be here always"
Raichand Mansion….
Aditya, Prithvi, Prem,Samrat,Shantanu were gearing up to go to their respective homes.
Abhay: "Guys do keep visiting okay"
Pia: "Yeah all of you are like family now….plus you can see your girls too" smiles mischievously at all of them.
Samrat(jokingly): "Bhabhi that aafat Sanju is staying at your house na…..take a good look at your house now….soon you won't recognize it"
Aditya: "Who thaari zindagi ki bhi tho aafat hain na"
They all laugh out.
The girls enter at the time.
Sanju(cheerfully): "Kis aafath ki baath kar rahe hon"
Samrat: "Speak of the devil and devil arrives"
Winks at her while swinging his bag on his shoulder.
Sanju(angrily) : "if I am devil then you…you"
Samrat(coming close to her): "….tell darling"
Sanju pushes him back blushing deeply. The other snigger at this sight.
Abhay(mock scolding): "Sammy humare saali sahiba ko devil math bhulao…..they are all angels na"
Prithvi: "Who can easily bankrupt even Bill Gates"
All laugh out at this.
Sid(to Nidha) : "So madam Wadhwa when are you heading back to London…..sorry jaan I won't be able to accompany you as I promised….I am staying back"
Nidha(a little glumly): "No worries Sid bhai…I am not going back…I am going to take up the Wadhwa Industries over here….new boss in town" shrugs her shoulder.
Shaurya: "That's great news maybe we can do some joint projects….what say boss" winks at her.
Misha(chuckling): "She will be a great boss for sure…..par kal kisi ka bhura waqt shuru ho raha hain"
Prithvi(curiously): "Why?"
Panchi(rolling eyes) : "Mishu stop being over dramatic…..Nidha's Dad has employed a body guard for her  and she hates the guy already"
Nidha: "Guys leave it na….usski khabar tho mein kal loongi….aane do mein bhi dekhthi hoon who kaise tiktha hain" folds her arm.
Prithvi had a smug look on his face.
Madam Wadhwa lets see what you do with me he thought.
Fiza: "Guys where is Arnav….call bhi nahin attend kar raha hain who"
Abhay and Shaurya exchange knowing glances.
Shaurya: "Fiza he is gone for some meeting..told he will call you in the evening"
Fiza sighed in relief. Arnav had lately developed a habit of disappearing without notice. This had her very much worried.
Panchi noticed Abhay holding Piya by the waist.
She smiled in relief. Her baby sister's life seemed settled. She frowned
Great ab tho mom meri peeche pad jayegi shaadi ke liye Panchi groaned mentally
Misha was looking slyly at Shaurya and blushing which was noticed by Pia.
Pia caught her eye and gave her what-is-cooking look. Misha rolled her eyes but blushed.
Mona: "By god hum sab ne ek saath milkar bahut masthi kiya na"
Sonia: "Haan Mona….we will have more too"
Mona: "Tum sab gap shap karo mein cool drinks laathi hun"
Vritika: "Mona Anu jeej kaha hain"
Ramani: "Armaan & Ridz bhi nahi dikh rahe"
Mona: "Anu tho office gaya hain chacha ke saath…he is new to the empire na….so he started early…..Armaan and Ridz hospital par hain"
Mona brings out cool drinks for them with Haseena. After about a chat the Shaan, Sam, Aditya , Prem, Prithvi leave for their homes.
The girls head to their respective homes


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SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 12:33pm | IP Logged
wow nidha awesome post.Hope 2 c more of Abhiya nowSmile

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Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 2:40pm | IP Logged

nidha jaan Heart it  ... u staying at my place will have loads of fun Smile... aur so woh prithvi  he is the body guard huh good good nice way to fall in  Heart na  jk  any ways whats with my arnva koi import kam hai ya larki?  agar hai tho  uski tho Angry haha  it will be great fun to see all the  Heart storys unfold  like sidchi and miya  aswell as the others  overall great work Tongue khudos  Clap Heart ya

shivanirajput Goldie

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 3:09pm | IP Logged
hey very nice update  loved girls boys convo but missed abhay piya moments 
hope i will get them in next update 
thanks for pm and update soon

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