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FF:Adha Ishq ch 22 updated on pg 39 (Page 18)

RB81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 7:14am | IP Logged
hei nidha,
well written..
the moment of pride taking over love n abhay being in dilemma..
love winning over everything..
hope pia starts to understand his love n they love each other..
but if the kid was not there it wud be more nice..
fiza made it this way..
ok lets c..wat happens further..

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shivanirajput Goldie

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 9
Marriage preparation where in full swing in both Dobrial and Raichand residency.
Raichand Mansion….
Chand was pleased with Abhays decision though he didn't like being associated with human emotions.
Chand was lost in thought sipping a tall glass of blood in his private office.
Haseena sensed the tension brewing in her husband's mind from her room.
She zoomed into the room being careful not to come in sight of the boys. Only her son's and Shaurya were aware of them being vampires.
Haseena touched her husbands shoulder.
Haseena:"Chand…you do not regret Abhays decision do you?" 
Chand:"Not at all my love…..I am satisfied with his decision….he is accepting his love so you can say that I am happy for him….I was thinking of the muddle we will land in when Pia comes to know the truth….will she stay….and there are the superiors we are answerable too…..that can be dealt with though…..its Pia I am afraid for….we are bringing her in a delicate state…the truth is going to be one heck of a jolt for her" 
Haseena(reassuringly):"Do not worry Chand…we cannot predict the future…but I promise you we will make all efforts to protect Pia from the truth…..she will have to know the truth one day…..we will make sure that it is after the baby is born"  
Siddarth, Abhay and Shaurya had been listening into the conversation from outside.
They moved in
Siddharth(calmingly): Dad Mom we are all in this together….I assure you Pia will be protected"
Abhay: "I love her with all my heart Dad….she won't come in harms way"
Chand: "Its not so easy my son….we will have to watch our habbits…the usual hunts we go on have to be done without her knowledge…..and most importantly she shouldn't be anywhere near us during full moon"
Shaurya: "It may not be easy….but it isn't impossible and this routine for life time as Aunt Haseena said….Bhabhi can know the truth once she delivers the baby"
Chand: "Hmmm….I have confidence in my son's….well its nearing the wedding time….go get ready three of you"
They headed for their respective rooms.
Maan, Shaurya and Samrat where helping Abhay dress. He was wearing a light golden colored sherwani with matching turban.
Maan: "Abhay you look dashing but not as much as I looked on my wedding" he winked.
Shaurya: "Off course you had too else how would an angel like Geet bhabhi accept you"he hi fived Samrat. Abhay and them laughs lightly.
Maan lightly punches Shaurya on his arm and joins in the laughter.
Abhay: "Guys you go get ready…..I can manage now" 
Samrat: "Don't worry Abhay…we have a lots of time to get ready….Girls would have barely started with their dressing….cherry on top its marriage….wonder how Sanjana will look today" his gives a small smile.
Shaurya: "Oye Sanju ke deewane….lets go get ready…we shouldn't be late from our side" Drags Samrat.
The boys were all in dashing shervani's. Each could give the other a run for their money.
Prithvi was grooming himself in front of the mirror.
Aditya: "Prithvi bas bhi kariyo….thare who chokri waise bhi thaare se nazar nahi hatathi" he winks at the rest
Prithvi(slightly blushing): "Or teri Sonia kaun si kam  hain….sach bol yeh shervani ki colour uski dress se match karthi hain na"
They were all seated in the hall. 
Siddarth, Anukalp and Prem where busy checking the gifts they had to take with them.
Arnav and Samrat had gone to check Abhays newly brought Porsche Carrera.
They had decided to go in cars to avoid inviting much attention. 
Armaan was busy chatting to Ridhimma on the phone.
Maan: "Uss janab ko dekho sach mein joru ke gulam" 
At the instant Maan's phone rang.
Maan: "Arey baap re Geet"
All laughed out seeing Maan's worried expression.
Haseena and Chand came down dressed immaculately in black saree and sherwani.
Armaan: "You look gorgeous Aunty" he places a kiss on the back of her palm.
Haseena(smiling gracefully) : "Your wife is no less Armaan"
Chand: " Siddarth I hope everything is in place"
Siddarth: "Yes Dad….alls fine"
Arnav and Samrat came in.
Arnav: "Alls well outside too"
Prem: "Shall we move then"
Chand : "Call Abhay then"
Prem dials Abhays number.
Abhay was standing in his room by the window. He looked at his king size bed which from today will be shared by another soul. A soul he loved more than himself. 
Why don't you feel it Pia Abhay asked.
Maybe it's a punishment for being the animal that I am he clenched his fist.
He wished with all his heart that he was a human being. 
Abhays phone rang breaking his reverie.
Prem's number flashed on it. He knew it was his call to go down.
He sighed and headed out.
Abhay descended the stairs.
Maan: "Arey dulhe raja ko aise paidhal nahin jaana chahiye kyun guys" he winked at rest.
Anukalp: "Absolutely Maan Bhai"
Prithvi: "Whats the wait then"
The guys together lifted Abhay up and carried him out.
Dobriyal House………
The girls with Madhu were admiring the stunning beauty who stood in front of them.
Piya was dressed in blood red lehenga sprinkled with golden work. 
Madhu had tears in her eyes.
Madhu(chokingly) : "It feels like only yesterday you were the baby in my lap"
Misha(exasperated): "Mumma aur aansoo bahaogi tho Ekta Kapoor ki heroine ke liye qualify ho jaogi"
The girls laughed out. 
Panchi came rushing in
Panchi(hurriedly) : "Mumma where" she stopped short when she saw so Pia
Panchi wolf whistled.
Panchi: "Girls any doubt now why that handsome hunk fell flat in love with my baby sister"
Girls(together) : "None at all"
Pia smiled lightly. She was hiding her emotional turmoil from her friends and family. She felt she was falling hard and fast for Abhay. But how could she. She was cheated once in what she thought was true love. Could true love grace her life twice?
Madhu: "Girls get ready….it will take each of you half an hour…let me also go…by the way Panchi beta what did you come for"
Panchi went out with Madhu to finish the decoration of the mandap.
She came half an hour later.
Misha was groaning and fidgeting for being forced to wear a saree. Panchi picked up her saree and went in to get dressed.
The girls were all looking pretty as angels when they finished.
Ramani: "Aaj tho ladke aankh fadthe reh jaayenge humein dekh kar"
Ayesha: "Especially Shantanu….right Ramani"
Ramani blushed as the rest of the girls giggled.
Sonia: "Waise Ayesha Prem ke nazre humesha aapke aas paas rehthe hain"
Geet: "Aur Aditya ke kya Madhu aunty par he"
Nidha: "Sab se khush tho aaj Abhay jiju honge….humaari pari jo unhe mil rahi hain" Nidha touched Pia's face.
Pia(smiles): "All of you are special and look gorgeous….and will get your special ones too"
Cars sound are heard.
Mona: "By god Piya baraat aa gayi"
Vritika: "Chalo kuddiyo…unhe rokhthe hain"
Vritika, Misha, Sanjana, Sonia, Nidha, Geet head down  to block the guys.
Abhay descends from his car and moves towards the house door. At the door Sonia comes rushing out.
Sonia: "Rukho rukho….kaha uchal kar jaa rahe hon jijaji….pehle entry fees dho" keeps hands on her hips.
Samrat: "Haan hum tho bhool gaye yeh tho zoo hain na yaha andhar aane ke liya fees tho bantha hain" hi fives with Prem.
Sanjana: "Ha ha very funny Mr. Shergill…..entry fees dhiye bina aap mein se ek bhi andhar nahi jayenge…agar aapko apni dulhan ko dekhni hain tho entry fees dhijiye"
Abhay smiles shaking his head.
Abhay: " Kithne hain"
Aditya: "Yeh thaare ko kya ho gaya Abhay….yeh chokriyon ki pagal panthin ka saath  dhe rahe hon"
Prithvi: "Aditya is right Abhay…lets call Aunty or Uncle"
Nidha: "Koi aunty uncle nahi ayene tumhare rescue ke liya….paise dho warns yahi khade raho" Nidha raises her eybrow at him.
Abhay: "Bus bus….so girls what would be our entry fee"
Misha(counting the guys): "There are ten of you….at 5000 per head….50,000 in total….Uncle Aunty to exclude kiya….let them go in"
Chand smiles at their antics. He and Haseena are assured in by Madhu who gives the girls a stern look which is promptly ignored.
Geet: "Chalo bhai Dulhe raaja….pause nikalo" gestures with hand.
Maan(coaxingly) : "Mishti darling….yeh thoda zyaada nahi hua….rate thoda kam karo na"
Geet: "No use of mishtiying me Maan….either give the money and get in…or stay here all day"
Vritika: "So gentlemen are you going to give the money or shall we increase the per head rate"
Abhay: "Okay okay….I will give it" he directs Shaurya to bring his checkbook.
Abhay(handing the check to Misha): " Here you go girls"
Misha: "Now that's like my Jiju….keep this at hand always….I am not planning to stop….come in Dulhe raaja"
All laughed and Abhay entered the house followed by the guys.
Misha rushed up to bring down Piya.
Abhay's breath caught in his throat as he saw Pia descending down. Their eyes met and they smiled at each other.
Pia was flanked on each side by Misha and Panchi. Mona,Ramani,Ayesha and Fiza followed behind.
Arnav was smiling at Fiza.
Sid nudges Shaan watching Ramani as she headed with Piya to the mandap.
Sid: "Look at the karela smiling at Fiza….pehle tho ise ladkiyon se allergy tha"
Shaan(lot in Ramani): "Allergy kaise Chatham nahi hoga bhai jab ladki hi itni patako ho tho"
Sid(looking at Panchi) : "So tho hain"
He heads towards Panchi.
Sid: "Hey gorgeous…..white suits you well"
Panchi(blushing lightly): "Thank you….you look dashing in dark blue"
Sid: "I am always….why do you think girls drool on me"
Panchi(rolling eyes) : "There we go"
Pandit came and the ceremony started.
Abhay and Piya had a hard time taking their eyes off each other. It was not just due to the physical appearance.
Pia was somewhere in her heart delighted to be Abhays. Abhay was happy that he was making his love his own forever.
Both knew that this wasn't for long. But Abhay had taken a firm resolve to make Piya see the light soon.
Abhay applied sindoor on Piya's forhead and Piya closed her eyes relishing the sensation.
He placed the mangalsuthra arround her neck. 
They stood up for the saath phere Abhay taking Pia's hand firmly yet gently in his.
At first Abhay was in front and then it was Pia.
Shaurya(to Misha): "They are just perfect na" throws petals on AbhIya
Misha: "They are what we call match made in heaven"
Shaurya: "We too can be"
Misha(amused): "What"
Shaurya(hiding a smile): "Nothing"
Misha looked away but smiled. She was slowly beginning to like him.
All the couples were standing near each other. 
Aditya was throwing flowers at Soniya occasionally making her blush.
Arnav and Fiza were holding hands.
Ramani was giving sly looks to Shaan who caught her each time.
Ayesha was having her pallu pulled by Prem.
Prithvi and Nidha were lost in each others eyes.
The married couples were reminded of their own marriage.
The ceremony ended with all present clapping. Abhay and Piya took blessings from elders.
The boys hugged Abhay while girls hugged Pia.
Siddharth distributed the gifts they had brought.
Shaurya: "Shaadi mein ek song tho bantha hain kyun Misha"
Misha: "Definitely" 
She switched on the music system.
Ainvayi Ainvayi starts playing.
Shaurya pulls Misha by her waist
OHHH Akka de khatora suruma batore
Suruma batore
Pointing to the boys
Lagdhe chichore bade hi fi
Misha pushes him off and walks away
Dil pe darathi sade chal jathi
Mare dil gulati pooche why why 
Sid roaming around Panchi
Ouhh akka de khatore surma batore
Lagdhe chichore bade hi fi
Dil pe darathi sade chale jathi
Maare dil gulati pooche why why.
Chai mein dooba biscuit ho gaya
All boys except Abhay
Mein tho ainvayi ainvayi ainvayi lut gaya.
 Ho Mein tho ainvayi ainvayi ainvayi lut gaya.(2)
Panchi pushing Sid lightly
Hat re nigode neem ke pakode
Picha kyun na chode ghoome day bay
Misha pulling Shaurya by his shawl
Tujhko Sudharoo juthi mein utharoo
Romeo bina permit ho gaya
All girls except Piya
Tu tho ainvayi ainvayi ainvayi lut gaya
Oh tu tho ainvayi ainvayi ainvayi lut gaya(2)
Boys chase the girls during the tune.
Baalon ko mein set kitta gel mal ke
Chaathi chaudi dolle sholle dand pel ke
Khudiye haraya tune chal chal ke
Baaton wali basket ball khelke
Gel vel dekh chori patthi nahi
Dollo se umar sari katthi nahi
Khoob pachinko tere dil mein hain kya
Fitrat choro ki palatthi nahi
All four together
Gud dekha makhi jaisa fit ho gaya
Tutho ainvayi ainvayi ainvayi lut gaya(2)
Ho tutho ainvayi ainvayi ainvayi lut gaya
Tu tho ainvayi ainvayi ainvayi lut gaya
Abhay Pia are lost in each other
Oh mein tho ainvayi ainvayi ainvayi ainvayi ainvayi ainvayi ainvayi
Mein tho ainvayi ainvayi ainvayi ainvayi
Ainvayi ainvayi ainvayi(2)
Vritika join the girls.
Kyun mein gali mein aake wait karda
Harkathe down market karda
Dekhun jo hatake khidki ka pardha
Sitti vitti maar irritate karda hoy
Chad attitude kabhi maan kudiye
Blank cheque de doon ya te jaan kudiye
Entey ke yeh dil kar naram zara
Dekh le yeh gabru jawaan kudiye
All four bends on their knees.
Che foot se dedh foot ho gaya.
They pull Abhay and Piya to dance. 
Mein tho ainvayi ainvayi ainvayi lut gaya
Ho mein tho ainvayi ainvayi ainvayi lut gaya
Tu tho ainvayi ainvayi ainvayi lut gaya
Ho tu tho ainvayi ainvayi ainvayi lut gaya(2)

Finally it was time for Pia's bidaai. Girls had decided to go to the Raichand Mansion later to conduct the rest of the ceremonies. They all wanted to get out of their heavy dresses especially Misha.
Madhu and Arnab where in tears when they hugged Piya. Piya was sobbing slightly. Panchi was trying to fight back tears in vain.
Misha's eyes were also glistened with tears.
Arnab: "Abhay I am giving you a piece of my heart….do keep my baby safe'
Madhu(to Haseena): " Please forgive my childs mistakes….I am sure you will guide her"
Haseena places a soothing hand on Madhu's shoulder.
Haseena(smiling): "Do not worry Madhuji….she is my daughter now"
Abhay placed an arm on Pia's shoulder comforting her. She looked at him and so the soothing in his eyes.
She smiled through tears.


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SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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wow nidha awesome part.Hope pia soon understand tht Abhay is her true soulmateSmile

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by cuteshrishti

wow nidha awesome part.Hope pia soon understand tht Abhay is her true soulmateSmile
Thank you Shrishti...Piya will come around but how soon can't say

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SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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Fiza whenevr u'll c my rply thn plz update kheeche mujhe teri ore FF soon or ask nidha 2 do 4 uLOL 
shivanirajput Goldie

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hey again very nice update i just hope soon piya will realise te true love of abhay for her and will accept him the way he is
and from next time whenever u update any of ur ff dont forget to pm me 
pleaaaseBig smile

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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome update...hope piya realises that abhay truly loves her

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