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FF:Adha Ishq ch 22 updated on pg 39 (Page 15)

UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 June 2011 at 7:54am | IP Logged
Chapter 8
Abhay was in a complete dilemma. He was damn sure that he loved Piya with all his heart and soul even though she didn't. But this child.
Even though the child was not at fault he hated it. Hated for simply existing. For simply not being his child. Pia had downright refused to abort the child claiming that she can't kill an innocent life. Their marriage was now postponed until further notice.
Abhay(full of anger):"Why did you come into this world why?" Abhay shouted angrily. He vented his anger out on the antic mirror he had recently purchased. He had bought it especially for Pia. But now it was shattered into a million tiny pieces.
Sid came into his brothers room. He could sense his brothers pain. Abhays hand was bleeding from the impact but he was making no effort to heal it.
Sid(going over to Abhay and taking his hand) : "This is why dad says emotions are not for vampires (heals Abhays hand) see what it is doing to you"
Abhay (in a lost voice): "Bhai I still love her'.but that child'.its not mine'how can I accept it" 
Sid( soothingly) : "Abhay are we perfect?.ask yourself that first' know what we are'.whatever other minuses Pia might have from these many days with her one thing I am sure of'.she has a pure soul'.its not her fault that she was raped'I am not asking you to be Mahan and accept her and the child'.but what about the love you feel for her Abhay'.isn't it strong enough to accept the child too'.think over little brother"(leaves the room)
Sid meets Shaurya on the way
Shaurya: "Sid bhai how is he?"
Sid: "In complete turmoil'"
Sids phone rings. Panchi's number flashes on it.
Sid inorder not to worry her switches to his flirty manner.
Sid: "Hey gorgeous what's up?"
Panchi(seriously) : "Siddharth Raichand don't play your games with me (little apprehensively) how is Abhay?"
Sid(seriously) : "He is fine Panchi'.just a little disturbed"
Panchi(on the verge of tears): "Sid its been five days now'.is he going to desert my baby sister after coming so far"
Sid( unsurely) : "Panchi please calm down'.nothing can be said now'..but for both our siblings sake lets hope everything turns fine"
Panchi(smiling with tears): "Thanx Sid"
Sid(flirting) : "Anytime babes"
Panchi sighs and cuts the call. She looks over at Pia sleeping  in her bed. The pregnancy was taking it toll on her baby sister and family. Her completely cool Dad had lost his
smile somewhere. Their Mom was now constantly in tears and Misha seems to have lost all the fun elements in her. Pia was having a hard time both mentally and physically. She was constantly wretching and always lost in thought. 
Her sleeps were mostly restless with Abhay's name coming from her lips now and then.
Panchi patted her sisters head and headed to her room.
Panchi's thoughts
What if Abhay refuses to marry?
No he isn't that kind.
Par kya koi itna bada tyaag kar saktha hain.
Agar Abhay ne Pia ko chod diya tho meri behen.
 Panchi tujhe kuch karna hoga. 
Danish lekin usne tho Pia ka izzat loota hain 
Par yeh baccha bhi tho ussi ka hain. 
Zaroor who Pia ko sweekar karne se inkaar karega.
Par usse ek baar tho baath karni hogi.
Next Day'.
Abhay has decided to speak to Danish. He wanted to see if the devil would take responsibility for the child. He loathed the idea of giving Pia to him. What if he hurts her after marriage? But he has to be sure. After all now the future of an unborn child was also involved though he hated it.Sid had told Abhay that he would be accompanying him. He didn't trust Abhay alone. His brother had a really short fuse wire at times
Danish's Pent house'.
Danish is busy in his bedroom with some girl when he hears the intercom ringing.
Danish(lazily): "Whats it Ram?"
Ram: "Sir a Miss.Panchi Dobriyal is here to meet you"
Danish(with lust filled eyes): "Wow the well comes to the thirsty'.take her to the living room"
Panchi is seated in a plush sofa. Danish comes down freshened up.
Danish(pulling her up by arm): "Hey sexy'.so what wind blew you in"
Panchi understood at the moment that Danish could never be right for Pia. Heck this man was lust on two legs.
Panchi(screaming) : "Let go off me you lothario'.I was wrong in coming here'thought of knocking some" before she could complete Danish shut her mouth with his hand.
Danish(roughly): "Your sister escaped my grips'but you won't"
Ram came in at the moment and warned him of two men who had come to meet him, Siddarth and Abhay Raichand.
Danish(swearing) : "Shit Ram they can't see this birdie hide her somewhere'today she will fulfill my needs"
Danish pushed Panchi towards Ram who muffled her mouth and dragged her away. Danish straightened his shirt and went to meet the Raichands.
Abhay: "Bhai you didn't have to come"
Sid: "And risk you sucking that beast inside dry'.no way brother'though he very much deserves it'.we can't risk being exposed"
Danish comes out with a devilish grin. Sid felt an odd sense of de ja vu.
Something is amiss Sid thought.
Danish: "The most esteemed Raichand brothers'what brings you here"
Abhay(in a matter-of-fact tone): "We are here to talk."
Danish: "Lets do it over some wine then"
All the three moved in.
Danish hands over two glasses of wine to Abhay and Siddarth
Abhay(in no mood to remain there): "Danish Pia is pregnant with your child"
Danish(amused): "Is that so'.that's good news then' get a child free"(points the wine glass towards him)
Abhay(gritting his teeth): "Danish man up and take the childs responsibility' should marry Pia"
Danish: "Whoa'.hold on a second Raichand'.what makes you think that I will marry her'.I had my share of fun with that virgin' that she is pregnant'I have lost all interest'.she should have taken precaution you know'..a word of warning she can be fiesty in bed"
Abhay could take it no more. He had decided to go on truce talk with a complete soulless devil. Abhay and Sid might be monsters. But the man in front of them all aced the category.
Abhay(grabbing Danish by his neck): "Don't you ever dare to talk crap about my Pia again'..for what you did to her(tightens his grip on Danish's neck) you are going to pay"
Abhay threw Danish across the room. Sid had left the living room in search of Panchi. He had detected her scent in the room. Sid found the servant and reading his thoughts gave him Panchi's location.
Sid throws away the servant with supernatural force when Ram tries to stop Sid.
Panchi is found lying unconscious in a room. Sid carries her to the living room.
Abhay is continuing his manhandling of Danish.
Danish is nearly pulverized.
Sid keeps Panchi down and pulls Abhay off Danish.
Sid: "That's enough Abhay'.he got what he deserved'you(to Ram who was standing in a corner shivering) get this beast to a hospital and not one word about this should come out or else"
Ram understood the threat very well.
Panchi gains her senses by then. 
Panchi: "Sid, Abhay'.(looking at the completely ravaged room arround her" what the heck happened here'.and Danish(looking at the blood soaked form)
Panchi starts sobbing and shivering thinking of what could have happened to her.
Sid(bending on his knees): "Shhh Panch its okay (takes her hand) you are okay.
Panchi hugs Sid as a reflex. He rubs down her back to calm her.
Abhay: "Bhai lets get her home and the marriage happens tomorrow"
Sid(looking into Abhays eyes): "Are you sure'what about the child"
Abhay: "It doesn't matter'.you are right'the child is not at fault here'.If Pia loves it so shall I'.it will get my name"
Panchi breaks herself free from Sid and walks towards Abhay
Panchi(taking his hand): "Thank you Abhay'this means a lot to us especially to Pia"
Abhay(giving a small smile) : "Panchi I love Pia'.its true that for a second pride blinded me'.but I can't imagine a life without her"
Panchi gives Abhay a sisterly hug which makes Sid a little jealous.
Sid: "Lets leave this hell hole now"
Dobriyal House'
Panchi enters followed by Sid and Abhay. Panchi looked a little shaken but otherwise fine.
The girls were all seated in the sitting room.
Vritika nudged others to alert them on Panchi's arrival. They were a bit surprised to see Abhay and Sid.
Pia was really glad to see Abhay. She wouldn't admit but she had sorely missed Abhay these many days.
Misha(heading in full anger): "Birdie what kind of a stunt is this'.bin bathaaye kaha chali gayi thi tum'.Mom is worried sick about you and here are flirting with these guys"
Pia(soothing Misha): "Misha chill'.Panchi Di kisi zaroori kaam se bahar gayi hogi (noticing Panchi's flustered look) Di are you alright"
Madhu and Arnab come in by then
Madhu(rushing to Panchi concerned): "Panchi beta kaha thi tum'.are you okay'chehra itna utra hua kyun hain"
Abhay(cutting in): "Panchi you go and take rest'.we will handle it'.girls please take some refreshments to her room"
Sanju and Ramani nods and heads to the kitchen.
Abhay: "Aunty Uncle,Pia please sit.'..I have to say something important'.you guys can stay here to(he nodded towards Geet, Mona, Riddhima, Nidha, Misha, Sonia, Vritika, Ayesha,Fiza)
Sid places his hand on Abhays shoulder indicating that he would be there for him.
Abhay(facing Pia): "Pia we that's me and Sid had gone to meet Danish(raising his hand when Pia made to interrupt) let me finish Pia'..Panchi had also gone there and I am guessing for the same reason that I went there'to ask Danish to take responsibility of the child" 
Pia and all others in the room where shocked. Misha looked ready to kill Abhay.
Pia(in a shocked whisper) : "How could you even think of this Abhay'..if you don't want me I would have understood but offering me to that devil"(tears started flowing from her eyes)
Mona: "By god'Abhay veerji'.yeh apne kya kiya"
The girls and guys had all been briefed about the situation which lead to Abhiya marriage. They all were admiring Abhay for his love for Pia. But this, they were all dumbstruck.
Vritika: "Jiju we thought you loved her"
Sid: "Girls please let him complete"
Abhay(looking at Vritika): "You are right Vritika'.that's were I went wrong'for sometime my pride blinded my love(bending down on the floor beside Pia and taking her hand)'.I love this angel very much that whatever be the reason I can't let her go'.and she wants the baby so be it'.it will get my name'.for a moment I thought the baby deserves to have its real father'.but its better off without that monster of a human being" Abhay clenched his other hand thinking of Danish's words.
Pia had seen the love for her in Abhays eyes.
Her heart clenched when she thought about the contract they made. But she couldn't love him, could she?
Now that he was accepting her she couldn't deny him either. She had wanted Abhay to deny her even though she had missed him. She didn't want him to carry the burden of the baby too. She couldn't tell her family about the contract it will only hurt them further.
Pia(giving a pained smile): "Abhay you don't have to sacrifice for me'.I will leave for some place so that my family's name isn't tainted"
Arnab(firmly): "Pia you have no need to go anywhere when we are alive.
Abhay felt a stab in his heart that Pia didn't still see his love.
Abhay(firmly): "Pia am not sacrificing'.I am accepting wholeheartedly"
Arnab: "Pia beta he loves you a lot it is evident"
Madhu: "Beta we would be very much at peace if you accepted him"
Pia looked around at her family and friends who were all nodding in approval.
Pia(lookin back at Abhay) : "Okay"
Misha rushed in and hugged Abhay
Misha: "Jiju you are the best"
The other girls were cheering for him.
Riddhima : "Abhay you are the most wonderful soul I have met"
Sid(joking): "Don't let Armaan hear you Ridzi'.by the way girls the marriage is tomorrow'.highly private function only you guys,the boys and both parents"
Madhu: "Par beta"
Sid places an arm around her shoulder.
Sid: "Aunty aap relax kijiye'these girls will manage all"
Nidha: "Haan Aunty'.aap araam se betkar orders dijiye sab kuch ho jayega"
Sonia and Ayesha(together) : "Absolutely".
Misha(groaning) : "More work"
Panchi who had come down unable to rest.
Panchi: "Misha you lazy monkey'don't you think of lazing around"
She turns to Sid and Abhay
Panchi: "Thanks guys you reached there in the nick of time'.(Turning to Pia) Pia this one soul you don't wanna loose'He and Sid saved me from Danish today'.else(shudders visibly)"
Sid(flirtily): "How could I let him get my girl"
Panchi(irritated): "You won't stop flirting even on deathbed I guess"
Everyone laughed and the mood in the room lightened further.
Madhu: "Girls time to prepare'.so the marriage will be here 10o'clock tomorrow"
Sid and Abhay leave to alert the boys and do their part of the preparation.
Abhay while heading to the car turns back sensing Pia looking at him from her room.
Both stare at each other for a long time.


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Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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nidha jaan superb Heart it so much pain and emotion with abhiya and abhays love for  pia made me Cry it was romantic... u described  that Evil Smiledaanish very well what sick Censored is he talking like that about pia and trying to do same thing to panchi hate him som muchAngry
cant wait to update the chapter it will be fun the wedding!

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-Sonia- IF-Dazzler

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Lovely update!
Danish is such a character less looser. . Hate him!
Abhay is so sweet. . He really loves pia. .
Sid , a flirty. . Only he can flirt even in such crises. .
Waiting for the wedding & abhiya to confess their love! Continue soon. .

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SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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wow awesome update nidha.Aww Abhay love Pia so muchSmile

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ilove99 IF-Sizzlerz

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lovely!aww,abhay is too sweet hope abhiya confesses soon

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mangona Senior Member

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Posted: 23 June 2011 at 12:24pm | IP Logged

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Cuty16 Goldie

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Posted: 23 June 2011 at 12:58pm | IP Logged
Hye nidha,
nice ff dear wanna kill this danish,
abhay was realy sweet.
Awesome part.
Will read all the parts soon,just readed dis part right now.
Thanks fiza for the pm.

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Deepi20 Goldie

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Posted: 23 June 2011 at 3:11pm | IP Logged
Awesome update! Abhay is so sweet! Can't wait till Abhiya get married! Eagerly looking forward to the next udpate! Continue soon Smile

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