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FF:Adha Ishq ch 22 updated on pg 39 (Page 14)

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lovely part

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Hello dear readers of Aadha Ishq...this next chapter has been written by me(Nidha) on request by your dearest writer and my buddy Fiza(lalmirch28)...i have given my best to it...sorry if i disappoint you...Fiza honey sorry to you too...forgive me
Chapter 6
Mehendi Day:
Panchi: "Pheww shanthi finally'.ladkon ka bachelor party gate crash bhi kiya'..aur aaj unko jhelna bhi nahi padega"
She was getting dressed after helping Piya dress up.
Piya was looking gorgeous in a green lehenga with shawl around her neck. But for some reason she was looking pale. She was sitting on the bed in her room watching others dress up.
Panchi(noticing Pia's look): "Pia baby are you feeling okay'you look so peeky" touching her face.
Pia(holding Panchi's hand): I am okay Panchi Di'.just a little tired after yesterdays entertainment'..this saree suites you well'.my selection is not that bad I guess"
Pia smiled.
Panchi beamed back.
Sanjana: "Ab yeh Misha kaha gayab ho gayi'.usse tayyar nahin honi hain kya"
Nidha and Panchi slapped their hads simultaneously.
Ramani: "Kya hua"
Panchi: "That Jungle Queen doesn't like to dress in this Indian attires'.so she has hidden somewhere I guess"
Nidha: "Misha Dobrial ko aaj nahin chodoongi'.ek tho sab kuch waqt par karne ke liye Aunty tensed ho rahin hain'.oopar se yeh"
Sonia: "Nidhs don't worry aane do saali ko"
Ayesha:"Aaj tho who gayi kaam se"
Panchi: "Chalo Nidha usse doondthe hain'tum tayyar ho na"
Nidha: "Haan dhi bus yeh ear studs lagaani hain"
Sanjana: "Jaldi vaapis aana tum usse lekar"
Panchi and Nidha nodded.
Pia: "Panchi dhi usse zyaada force math karo'.let her come in whatever she likes"
Panchi smiled at her baby sister.
They searched for Misha throughout the house. Finally they reached the kitchen.
Nidha(tired after all the running): "Yaha par bhi nahin hain'.oh God'.Misha aaj agar thu mili na"
Panchi: "Chalo Nidha usski mein baadh mein khabar leti hun"
At the moment from store room  a mobile rang. Panchi and Nidha looked at each other.
Both: "Misha Dobriyal"
Misha: "F***'..ab kya kare"
Before she could think of escape her sister and friend came in and dragged her out by hands.
Misha: "Oye Miss.Gabbar and Miss.Hitler'chodo mera haath'.mujhe nahin pehnni yeh lehenga shehenga"
Panchi: "You aren't wearing lehehnga'.yours is a beautiful beige suite matching accessories all slected by Pia' if you don't want to dissappoint her'..come and get dressed"
They reached the room.
Vritika: "Lo aa gayi madam''girls attack"
Misha(screaming): Mumma mujhe bachao"
They force Mish to sit down and work on hair and face. When the job is finished.
Mona: "By god Misha'.aaj agar tujhe kisi ne dekha tho fida ho jayenge tujh par"
Sonia: "Absolutely right Mona bhabhi'..waise no wonder  your husbands dote on you, Geet and Riddhima bhabhi'..I mean look at you guys'.stunning"
Geet(Touching Sonia's face) : "Tum kaun se kam lag rahin hon'..ladkon ka bad luck hain who aaj nahin aaenge'.unhe aaj kitni khubsoorat nazaare miss honge'.right Ridzi"
Riddhima: "Bilkul sahi Geet"
Girls all laughed. They were all looking stunning.
Pia: "Don't be so sure Geet bhabhi'.if we can gate crash their party'.then they can come here too na"
Misha(grinning from ear to ear): "That's right baby sis'..but you forget that you have got Misha Dobrial with you..why in the world did you think we shifted the mehendi to our farm house'.I have blackmailed Ramu Kaka'.he will bring Mumma and the few Aunties who are attending the function here without the boys knowing'..Mumma is with us'.she will go to Shanthi Aunty's house giving the excuse to Papa that she has some shopping left'.all Aunties have been requested to come there"
Ramani: "Misha plan tho achi haan'.but I wouldn't put it past the boys to find our location"
Misha: "I know that what with Samrat and Shaan and all'.they may find it too'..but then too they will have to cross all the booby traps that I have set on the way to the hall' took half a days work you know"
There was a one day gap between bachelors party and mehendi during which Panchi and Misha had executed the plans. Boys weren't there in the house as they were all camping together at Abhay's house and girls at Pia's
The girls grinned to each other unaware of the fact that the boys had already found their location. Unknown to them Shaurya had come in the Dobrial house yesterday to talk to Arnab about something. He had heard Misha persuading Ramu Kaka and knew the whole plan. He had also reached the farm house following Misha and undone all her traps.
 The elder ladies along with Madhu reached there.
The girls headed down the stairs with Pia at the lead with Panchi and Misha on each side.
Madhu(with teary eyes): "I am blessed with three angelic daughters'..Pia beta you look stunning"
Pia smiled with a pang in her heart. She was making her parents and family happy,but what about herself?
Ayesha and Sonia were curiously staring at an Aunty in burkha. Ayesha nudged Mona
Ayesha: "Bhabhi who burkha waali aunty thodi fishy nahi lag rahi hain"
Mona(her forhead creased): "By god khuddiyon unme kyan fishy hain"
Geet who heard them glanced at them. She looked at the lady's feet and her eyes widened.
Geet(rushing towards Misha): "Misha gayi bhains pani mein'.who dekho" pointing towards the lady.
Misha looked at the lady confused and then looked at her feet then understood. Misha huffing in anger and balling her fists went towards the lady. She prised off the ladies face cover to reveal Anukalp.
Mona(gaping open mouthed): "By God'.Anukalp aap"
Anukalp(grinning widely): "Oye mundeyyon chupne ki koi zero-rate nahin bahar aa jao"
Maan,Sid,Samrat,Abhay come down the stairs while Prithvi,Armaan,Aditya,Prem,Shaurya,Shaan came out of one of the rooms in ground floor.
Samrat: "Kya Anu bhai'.thodi dher ke liye sambhaal nahi sakthe the kya'.style se entry maarthe"
Sanjana: "Style se mein tumhare khaan ke neeche bhajathi hoon'.what part of boys are not allowed don't you guys understand"
Aditya: "Acha chokri'.tum logon ko kaun si permission milkar humaari bachelors party mein crash land kiya tha"
Riddhima(looking furiously at Armaan): "Who tho humne acha hi kiyan'.warna humare pathi parmeshwaron ko range haath kaise pakdthe'.aadhi nangi ladkiyon ke saath jhoomna,sharaab waraab'.hey bhagwaan"
Geet: "Teek kaha tumne Ridzi'.inn logon ko bas mauka chahiye"
Maan(in a fed up manner): "Abahy bhai dekha'shaadi ke baath yahin hain hum mardon ka halath"
Armaan: "Kisi ladki ko galthi se dekh bhi liya tho ubar padegi yeh jwala mukhiyaan"
Mona: "By God Armaan veerji'..shaadhi ke baat humari halath kaun si achin hain'.aapko sambhalo,ghar sambhalo aapki gusse ko jhelo'.By god"
Panchi and Nidha take Pia towards the small floor cushion setup for mehendhi. The girls start applying mehendhi.
Misha went and started the music system
Zor ka jhatka starts playing
Maan and Geet going in rounds
Maan to the boys
Zor Ka Jhatka hayye zoro se laga
Shaadhi ban gayi umar khaid ki saza(2)
Geet to the girls
Yeh hain udassi jaan ke pyaasi
Shaadhi se acha tum le lo phaasi
Zor ka-Saza again
Anukalp placing his hand on Abhays shoulder
Jiski shaadhi par jaana usko itna samjhana
Na kar shaadhi yeh barbaadhi phir na pachthana
Mona to Pia
Jiski shaadhi par jaana usko itna samjhaana
Na kar shaadhi yeh barbaadhi phir na pachthaana
Mauka hain pagle shaadi se bachle
Samjhale dil ko yeh shaadi ko machle
Shaadhi ke mandap se tu khud ko bhagaa
Han bhagaa
Zor ka jhatka hayye zoro se laga
All three married couple
All you can be saying that a man is inconsiderate
Whos gonna pay the bills if I here walk in very late.
Hey I am saying you can come in home late at night but I'll be mad as hell coz all you wanna do is fight
Fight about what
You know a man no like no stress
Marriage is made by women coz women like the mess
Mess,what you talk me about,you thinking
Mr.know it all men made marriage and that's my last word
You got be joking about duh
You are stupid and dumb
Don't make me get you my gal
And You are just no fun
You got me pissed
You are just a mess
So what the hell
I'm reckless
I'm out of here
Get out the door
Coz you make me sick/silly
Wives push the husbands towards the door. Armaan moves in dancing
Sabse pehle shaadhi thi yaaro jahaan mein jisne ki
Usko doondho pakdon peeton galthi usne ki
Riddhima dancing'
Sabse pehle shaadhi thi yaaro jahaan mein jisne ki
Uskon doondho pakdo peetho galthi usne ki
Who tha saudayi banke kasayi 
Usne tho sabki lutiyan dhubayi
Armaan comes near Riddhima and together
Paani mile na maaro aisi jagah
All married couples together
Zor ka jhatka haiye zoro se laga
Shaadi ban gayi umar kayd ki sazaa(3)
Husbands trying to pacify the wives.
Vritika: "Mehendhi ho gayi"
The guys and girls come over.
Samrat: "Wow yaar Sanjana'.you did a great job"
Sanjana blushes lightly while other girls giggle.
Nidha: "Vritika Sanju'.dhono ne kamala ka kaam kiya hain'.par ek kami hain"
All: "What"
In answer Nidha drags Abhay to sit beside Pia
And gives him a a mehendhi cone.
Nidha: "Jiju'.Pia ke haath par apna naam likho'.tab jhake yeh mehendhi poori hogi" 
Abhay(smiling at Nidha): "Sure saali sahiba"
He writes his name on both Pia's hand while Pia watches with a smile.
All of them clap.
Music starts'
Ye kuddiyaan nashe diyan pudiyaan(2)
Yeh munde gali de gunde (2)
Nashe diyan pudiyaan
Gali de gunde
Sid roaming around Panchi
Mehendhi laga ke rakhna
Doli saja ke rakhna
Lene tujhe o gauri 
Aayenge tere sajna(points towards Abhiya)
All boys together sing this again
Panchi walking towards Sid
Sehra sajaake rakhna
Chehra chupake rakhna
Yeh dil ki baath apne
Dil mein dabaakhe rakhna
All girls together sings this again
Mehendhi lagaa ke rakhna dholi sajaa ke rakhna
Shaurya moving behind the guys watching Misha
Ud udke teri zulfein karthi hain kya ishaare
Dil dhaamke kade hain aashiq sabhi kawaare
Misha moves towards Shaurya raises her shawl and hides her face
Chup jaaye saari kudiyaan gar mein sharam ke maare
Gao mein aa gaye hain pagal sheher ke saare
Aditya pulling Sonia towards him
Nazrein jhukake rakhna dhaman bachake rakhna
Twirls her around
Lene tujhe o gauri ayenge tere sajna
Mehendhi laaga -Chehra chupake rakhna
Prem going near Ayesha
Mein ek jawaan ladka thu ek haseen ladki
Yeh dil machal gaya tho mera kusoor kya hain
Ayesha back at him
Rakhna tha dil pe khabu yeh husn tho hain jaadoo
Jadoo yeh chal gaya tho mera kusoor kya hain
Samrat pulling Sanjana by her waist
Rastha humaara takhna drama khulla rakhna
Lene tujhe o gori aayenge tere sajna
Sanjana looking into his eyes
Kuch aur ab na kahna
Kuch aur ab na karna(2)
Yeh dil ki baath apne dil mein dhaba ke rakhna
Pushes him off.
Mehendi lagaa ke rakhna dholi sajaake rakhna

Prithvi starts dancing to Laung da lash Kara
Laung da lash kara oh baby tere jaan se pyaara
( Pulling Nidha close)
O baby yeh chamka dil sada
Oh baby dikh gaya pyaar yeh pathiyalvi
Jab se dil haara
O badla mein sara ka sara
O baby jiwe gabru dildara
O baby tera yaar yeh pathiyalvi
Patiyala peg laga ke nachunka nachunka
Patiala dhol bhjaake kehdoonga kehdoonga
Here meri zulfi teri mere haathon ki yeh lakhira bunthi hain
Laung da-yaar ye pathiyalvi again
Oye hoye Patiala peg laga ke kehnda hain kehnda hain
Kalle milo tho chup yeh rehndha hain rehndha hain
Channa mere chaddo pade mishri si meethi gud si baatein rehne de
Baaton se teri baatein bani hain
Aa phir se chupke meri khano mein kehde
Baatein tho meri chup ho gayi hain
Aa jo bhi sunna hain who aankhon se sun le
Tu jo kahe uske ab charche hum kartein hain
Tujo kahe ab se hum sunthe hain karte hain
Aisa kabhi socha na tha
Pulls Ramani by her hand making her land on his chest
Dil yuhin kho kar hi taqdeere milthi hain
Laung da lashkaara-yaar ye pathiyalvi
Nobody except Pia noticed Abhay moving away
Ishq hain'.
Abahy appears in spot light'.points to Pia
Tere aankhon ke matvaale kajal ko mere salaam
Zulfo ke kale kale badal ko mera salaam
Ghayal karade mujhe yaar teri payal ki jhankar
HeySoni soni teri soni har adha ko salaam
Boys join him
Salaame ishq ishq ishq salaame ishq
Salaame ishq ishhq ishq salaame ishq
Ho salaame ishq salaame
Salaame ishq slaame(2)
Pia in spot light
Teri mastaani anjaani baathon ko mere salaam
Rangon mein dhoobhi dhoobhi raaton ko mera salaam
Khwaabon mein kho gayi mein deewaani ho gayi mein
Sony sony aisse sony har adha ko salaam
Girls join her
Salaame ishq ishq ishq salaame ishq
Salaame ishq ishq ishq salaame ishq
Ho salaame ishq  salaame
Salaam ishq salaame
Madhu coming forwards
Tera hatha wich mehndhi ka rang khila hain
Tujhe sapno ka changa mehboob mila hain
Panchi ,Misha,and Madhu holds Pia 
Mere banno pyaari pyaari sari duniya se vyaari
Pushes her towards Abhay
Isse dholi mein thu leja dholiyaan

Abhay holds Pia
Teri meri nazar jo mili pehli baar ho gaya ho gaya tujhse pyaar
Dil hain kya dil hainkya jaan bhi tujhpe nisaar
Mein ne tujhpe kiya aitbaar
Pia looking into his eyes'.
Ho main bhi tho tujhpe mar gayi
Deewana pan kya kar gayi
Mere har dhadkan bethaab ahin
Palko vich ter khwaab hain
Abhay lifts her up
Ho jaan se bhi pyaari pyaari jhaniyaan ko salaam
All surround them
Salaame ishq ishq ishq salaame ishq 
Salaame ishq ishq ishq salaame ishq
Ho salaame ishq salaame 
Salaame ishq salaame
Abhiya moments hugs and eyelocks
Girls splitting to sides
Mein tere ishq mein dho jahaan war doon
Mere waadhe pe kar le yakeen
Keh rahi hain zameen kah raha asmaan tere jaise dhooja nahin
Ho aise jaadhoo na dal we
Na awoo mein tere naal we
Jhoothi tareefe chodthe ab dil mere dil se jhod dhe
Ho jo abhi hain dil se nikle
Us dua ko salaam
Salaame ishq ishq ishq salaame ishq
Salaame ishq ishq ishq salaame ishq
Ho salaame ishq salaame 
Ho salaame ishq salaame
 Salaame ishq
All couples in eyelock with Abhiya at the centre.
Abhay's thought
Kash tum jaan pathi Pia ki mein tumse kitna pyaar kartha hun
Pia's thought
Abhay mujhe aisa kyon lag rahan hain ki mein tumse pyaar karne lagi hun'.

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 firstly nidha welcome to the adha ishq ff ...omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Shocked nidha babe loved the update Big smile awesome job Thumbs Up Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Upsuperb ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
the couples rocked loved all the lovey dovey scenes abhiya were hot!Embarrassed
i couldnt have done a better job  next chapter i will introduce fiza and arnav sighn raizada  will update soon and u update as well ... over alll you rocked Smile by the way u asked who is vritika paired with no one she wanted to dance with up abhay thats all
Heart u

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Pia's thought

Snap out of it pia get hold of your self dont forget this is a contract marriage (still in abhays arms)


Abhays thought

Tho kya hua piya  agar yeh cantarct marraige hai baad mein iss shaadi ko pyaar hoga na?


Eevryone is sitting down when nidha ask

Nidha: yaar  misha  fiza nahin ayee kahaan hai


Misha: woh late lateef   style mein entry kar re gi


 Sid:Yaar abhay arnav kahaan hai


Panch: how can you call my papa by his name you idiot tameez nahin kya


Sid:  you fool dont even let me finish arnav sighn raizada  our friend


Fiza comes in the house looking  beautiful  (wearing the green pink  lehnga khushi wore in iss pyaar ko kya naam )all the guys eyes on her arnav comes right behind her (putting his arm on her waist


Sid: yeh kya is karva karela ki saath yeh miss india  kaise


Girls run to fiza


Aysha:  wow yeh hottie kaun hai tumhare saath fiza


Fiza: hey girls  yeh  aap ke  honne wale jiju hai arnav


Prem: spits his coke out kya


Arnav: haan sid, abhay pyaar changes you  it's the best  feeling


Fiza hugs pia:congrats pia i'm so happy for you tum aur jiju are perfect couple hai 

Chalo kuch halla gulla ho jao


Antakshri ho jai  larke vas larkiyaan

Arnav raizada: chalo dule miaya  

Abhay  stars  singing looking at piya 



Kaise Bataaye Kyun Tujhako Chaahe, Yaara Bata Na Paaye

Baatein Dilon Ki Dekho Jo Baaki Aankhein Tujhe Samjhaaye

Tu Jaane Na, Tu Jaane Na, Tu Jaane Na, Tu Jaane Na

Milake Bhi Hum Na Mile Tumase Na Jaane Kyun Milon Ke Hai Faasale

Tumase Na Jaane Kyun Anjaane Hai Silsile

Tumase Na Jaane Kyun Sapane Hai Palakon Tale

Tumase Na Jaane Kyun

Kaise Bataaye Kyun Tujhako Chaahe, Yaara Bata Na Paaye

Baatein Dilon Ki Dekho Jo Baaki Aankhein Tujhe Samjhaaye

Tu Jaane Na, Tu Jaane Na, Tu Jaane Na, Tu Jaane Na

Nigaahon Mein Dekho Meri Jo Hai Bas Gaya

Woh Hai Milata Tumase Hubahu

Ooo Jaane Teri Aankhein Thi Ya Baatein Thi Wajah

Huye Tum Jo Dil Ki Aaraju

Tum Paas Hoke Bhi Tum Aas Hoke Bhi

Ehsaas Hoke Bhi Apane Nahi Aise Hai

Hamako Gile Tumase Na Jaane Milon Ke Hai Faasale

Tumase Na Jaane Kyun

Tu Jaane Na, Tu Jaane Na, Tu Jaane N


Pia sings(looking at abhay ):


Na Kuch Poocha, Na Kuch Manga

Tune Dil Se Diya Jo Diya

Na Kuch Bola,  Na Kuch Tola

Muskura Ke Diya Jo Diya

Tu Hi Dhoop, Tu Hi Chau

Tu Hi Apna Paraya

Aur Kuch Na Janu, Bas Itna Hi Janu

(Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai, Yaara Mein Kya Karun) - 2

Sajde Sar Jhukta Hai, Yaara Mein Kya Karun

Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai, Yaara Mein Kya Karun

Rab Ne.. Bana Di Jodii

Prthivi looking at nidha smiling :

Is Pal Main Hoon Ya Tum Bhi Ho, Ya Dono Hoke Bhi Na Hain

Kyun Ho, Kya Ho, Ho Bhi Ki Na Ho, Ya Kehna Sunana Mana Hain

Is Pal Main Hoon Ya Tum Bhi Ho, Ya Dono Hoke Bhi Na Hain


Tumhein Dekhke Yaad Aayi, Wohi Bisari Kahaani

Deewane Ka Kissa, Ya Phir Ek Deewaani

Dono Sang Sang Rehte Har Dum, Aisa Yeh Mene Suna Hai

Is Pal Main Hoon Ya Tum Bhi Ho, Ya Dono Hoke Bhi Na Hain

Kyun Ho, Kya Ho, Ho Bhi Ki Na Ho, Ya Kehna S

Sajde kiye hai lakho
Lakho duayien mangi
Paya hai maine phir tujhe
Chahat ki teri maine
HAq mein hawaien mangi
Paya hai maine phir tujhe

Tujhse hi dil yeh behla
Tu jaise Kalma phela
Chaahoon na phir kyun main tujhe

Jis pal na chaha tujhko
Us pal sajayein mangi
Paya hai maine phir tujhe

Sajde kiye hai lakho
Lakho duyaien mangi
Paya hai maine phir tujhe

Jane tu sara woh
Dil mein jo mere ho


samrat; Paaya maine, paaya tumhe, rab ne milaya tumhe, honthon pe sajaya tumhe, nag mein sagaya tumhe
Paaya maine, paaya tumhe, sab se chupaya tumhe, sapna banaya tumhe, neendhon mein bulaya tumhe

Tum jo aaye zindagi mein baat ban gayi
Ishq mazhab, ishq meri zaat ban gayi

Paaya maine, paaya tumhe, rab ne milaya tumhe, honthon pe sajaya tumhe, nag mein sagaya tumhe
Paaya maine, paaya tumhe, sab se chupaya tumhe, sapna banaya tumhe, neendhon mein bulaya tumhe

Ho tum jo aaye zindagi mein baat ban gayi
Sapne teri chahaton ke, sapne teri chahaton ke
Dekhti hoon ab kayee
Din hai sona aur chaandi raat ban gayi
Hoo tum jo aaye zindagi mein baat ban gayi

Paaya maine, paaya tumhe, rab ne milaya tumhe, honthon pe sajaya tumhe, nag mein sagaya tumhe
Paaya maine, paaya tumhe, sab se chupaya tumhe, sapna banaya tumhe, neendhon mein bulaya tumhe

Chahaton ka mazaa, faasalon mein nahin
Aa chupa loon tumhe hauslon mein kahin
Sab se upar likha, hai tere naam ko
Khwaishon se jude silsilon mein kahin


just then kabir walks with maya    he starts singing


juda hoke bhi tu mujhmein kahi baaki hai

palkon mein banke aansu tu chali aati hai

juda hoke bhi


waise zinda hu zindagi bin tere main

dard hi dard baaki raha hai seene mein

saans lena bhar hi yaha jeena nahi hain

ab toh aadat si hai mujhko aaise jeene mein

juda hoke bhi tu mujhmein kahi baaki hai

palkon mein banke aansu tu chali aati hai



Pia: kabir band karo yeh drama kyun aaye yahaan?just leave


Abhay: ab kya Karen na hai kabir you broke her heart, shred her rep ab kya?


Everyone is watching them


Kabir: pia please mere baat suno muhje sach pata hogi hai maya told me everything


Maya: haan pia jo daanish tumare saath kara I belive you kyun daanish mere saath bhi woh hi kara last year but he treathended that he would harm my family ao I had to stay quite veer daanish ka beta hai yeh lo dna reports and hospital reports


Armaan: let me see main doctor hoon


Kabir:please pia forgive me


Pia:  yelling no kabir not at all ab tum ko yakeen aaya  I cried , yelled beg you you thought I cheated on you lied to you .not even once did u think why would agirl say such a lie  ruin her reputation . hen you left me when I needed yyou the most abhay was the one who caught my hand and stood near me supported me (holding abhay's hand) there is no room for you in my life kabir that's it .

Kabir par pia


Suddenly pia gets dizzy and faints in abhays arms .


Abhay: pia wake pia it's me abhay everything will be fine pia

Misha: pia babes kya hua  wake up pia

Panchi: armaan ridz aao yahaan dehko pia ko

Armaan: abhay lets take her in the room  ridz get me my bag it's in the car

Abhay picks up pia and takes her in the room



Outside the room,


Mona , vritika, nidha,geet,sanjana,ramani,smarat, sid, shaurya,prthivi,shaan ,adi,prem,arnav, fiza, and maya and kabir


Misha: kabir this all because of you why did you have to come here look what you did


Kabir: misha I just wanted to

Panchi: tum dono stop fighting plz


Vrithika: waise bhi pia looked a little pale in the morning na


Nidha: haan and she was  feeling very hot


Armaan: abhay come with me

Outside infront of everyone

Abhay: kya hua armaan pia theek hai na?


Armaan: abhay yaar um pia is um


Abhay: armaan what just tell me


Misha: ya kya hua say it


Armaan: pia is pregnant


Abhay:  goes in the room ses pia sleeping ridz near her that daanish I will kill him he leaves


Guys try and stop him  the

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n12345678 Senior Member

Joined: 24 February 2011
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Posted: 20 June 2011 at 11:38pm | IP Logged
-Sonia- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 01 December 2010
Posts: 3021

Posted: 21 June 2011 at 1:08am | IP Logged

Hey nidha & fiza. .
Both the updates were awesome. .
Abhay loves pia & pia is also falling for him. . Yuppee!
Danish. . Is so evil. . He needs sum treatment from abhay. . Go abhay go! Break his bones!
Thanks for the update!
Continue soon. . Tc

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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 1:17am | IP Logged
nice parts...
Maaneet-Arsh Newbie

Joined: 28 May 2011
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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 1:49am | IP Logged
nice luvly...

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