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Jenny's Gallery#12: Reqs: pg 145 (Page 117)

relentless. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 12 August 2009
Posts: 44084

Posted: 10 March 2011 at 1:05pm | IP Logged
JENS!! omg omg amazing update girl!!
Im not a Sanaya or ArNaya fan but i LOVE the way you've blended those pics together...Embarrassed ur work on them is beautiful...Gurmeet Debina siggy is so cute..they look really nice together...AHH ViSu ones are soo cutee...Day Dreaming will deffo use something from that...but your Rati Siggys are the BEST...they look like heaven...you've coloured them so well!!! gosh
Can you pleaseee make something like that even on Arjun's latest pics? where he's in sunglasses..pleasee Embarrassed

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notfadedaway IF-Addictz

Joined: 11 May 2006
Posts: 57129

Posted: 10 March 2011 at 3:01pm | IP Logged
I love this one soo soo muchhh jenny;
^love the pics you chose :D
JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90840

Posted: 10 March 2011 at 8:16pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Fatima-

soooooooooooooooooooo beautiful update love KW,SA & damon onez the most
b/w jenny can u make some AG stuff from her new picz?
Thank you so much Fatima! Yes, I will be making stuff of hers on the next update. Thanks for Pming the pics!

Originally posted by -Priyalicious-

aweosme work adore delena and TAT sigs

Thanks so much dear!

Originally posted by sidma_love


Awesome update !!!

Loved each & every sig HeartHeart

But my favs has to b d KW , SA & ShiRan Siggies EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Thank u soooo much 4 d KW sig HugHug

Its Hot & Sexy BlushingBlushing

Shona's sigs r gorgeous EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

& ShiRan sig is Mesmerizing Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

Shona & KW my angel's Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

Missing dem alottttttt Cry 

Hope dey come back soon.... 


I was so lost in my ShiRan land dat I forgot to comment on a cricket sigs LOL
They r toooooooooo good 
Love dem to d core <333
Specially d 2nd one Usain Bolt action is soo cute 
I am so gonna use it Tongue 

Luv ya
Harshita Heart

Thanks so much Harshita for liking the entire update and for using the sigs! Means a lot.

Originally posted by nikita_88

OMG Jenny This update is fabulous!! 

Damon Swooning here! OMG they are just too hot!! 

The SA and KW siggies are fab and all the PKYEK! 

Thank you so much hun! I am gonna go to Ladoo forum and make some Dia-Sharuya stuff soon, so watxh out for it!

Originally posted by -Sofia-

FABBBBB UPDATE JENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much Sofia!

Originally posted by AbhayVakil_1992

beautiful work hun:) LOVE the delena sigs:)

Thanks so much Sneha! Means a lot to me!

Originally posted by indiandoll89

Awesome sigs Jenz! Big smile I loved the Damon/Delena ones Tongue

The PKYEK ones were really nice too! Big smile

Thanks so much Meera! Means a lot to be!
JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90840

Posted: 10 March 2011 at 8:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by SPINKaShFanatic

Jennyyyyyyy! :D
i dunno to much abt cricket :P but love how the cricket sigs turned out :D
OMG Lord...the Ian ones r so freaking hot :D
and OMG OMG OMG Daren-Shai :O :O :O OMG Tell me do they get togther :O WOWWWWWW The sigs on them r utterly awesome...n they look freaking niceeee together :D
AWWWWWW Shilpa ones r sooooooo DAMN GORGEOUS :O I Loveeee her 2nd sig a lot! :D
love all ur stuffs here :D ur colouring is killing dude <3

Thanks so much Vrins!  I am so glad you liked them. This was from Promo Shoot of the new season. There is another pic of them as well, which I will use soon in the next update! and will def make some KaSh stuff so watch out for that!!

Originally posted by cutelove1111

awesome update,
i don't have a word to describe it.
just love IndCricket siggy.
i hope we win the WC.
also love other siggys too.

Thanks so much  hun! means a lot to me!

Originally posted by aisha_1992

OMG beautiful sigs.. like coloringalot alot
btw im waiting for MohitRati sigConfused.. 


Thanks so much Senorita! I will def include Mohit-Rati in the next update as I keep forgettening about them!

Originally posted by -Arjunlicious-

Goshhh In lovve with Damon siggys<333 he is sooo HOWWTTTT

Thanks so much Sam. Means a lot to me!

@ Vrins: They are in Season 3, and then Season 4 in the summer..

Originally posted by rima791

loving the second sig of the cricket team!!
the pose is aweomse and diff!! 
damon oens are HOT!! loving them so so much!! can't pick a fav at alL!! geez...
i love both of the delena ones...esp the second one...truly wowww!!!
KW sig is adoarble!!
maaneet ones are gorgeosu...love them both!! i would say b&w def rocks more!!
pkyek family sigsare wonderful...so adoarble!!

Thanks so much Rima! I am so glad you like them!!

Originally posted by sweet.melody

goshhhhh the cricket sigs blow me away each time Jen!!!! How do you make them look so amazing? Like I support India and want them to win and all, but your sigs just make that feeling grow! :D

Amazing text as well, I'm def. gonna use them!

Everything else looks awesome as usual <3

Thanks so much Shilpa! I am so glad you like them.:) I hope we win this weekend's match too and I'll def make some more out of the pics you PMed me..

U think u can PM me some Mayank-Drashti pics?

Originally posted by Julybaby22

wow amaazing coloringgg on the sigss <3 
esp the first cricket one!  ..// awhh the KW sig is soo cuteEmbarrassed.. can you plz PM me those pics?? Smile
rest of the update is rocking as usual  ..Damon sigs are HOT!! Cool
& Shilpa.. PKYEK gang & all too .. Thumbs Up

Hi. Thank you so much for liking the stuff! Yes, I will def PM you those pics. It's from his showtime magazine!

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JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90840

Posted: 10 March 2011 at 8:26pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Cess-

Uff! I missed the last update again??? Seriously! Okay, so I do have a very valid reason - it being I didn't log in last night, and since you update almost every day, I missed it! Ughhh! I am glad it wasn't a huge one... Approve Haha, yeah I have been updtaing almost everyday. what can I do? I open PSP up and end up making in a bulk.

Okay, now done with my ranting! ROFL

Eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkks!!!! OMG!! Jenny I just love you! OMG!! LOL! I looove the Usain Bolt pose... It's just sooo cute... I like burst out laughing when I saw it, then hoped soemone will use it to make a sig. I cant believe you did it without me even having a break a sweat!!! ROFL I just adore it... I am soooo using.. maybe till the end of the WC!! LOL... It's just stunning.. and the other one too! Ahhh! Our team is soo cute aren't they? Oh have a sugg; if you have time. I am like a huge huge fan of Zak... if you're bored, and have nothing better to do, and ya know? feel like making sigs... *I am good at pursuading people* (no need to burst my bubble if it was a fail... just pretend you never read it! ROFL) Okay, so in short, I was hoping to have Zak's sig, along with Yuvi.... they're like awesome and all! LOL Can you PM me the pics? I am confused over Zak? Zaheeer? PM me the pics and I'll def make some. I am so glad you liked the sig!

Okay done with the cric! LOL Damon... hotter than the sun, or hotter than the hottest thing in this planet, universe and beyond! Day Dreaming... he's just a ladykiller! Blushing omg, Ian, if only you were mine... Blushing okay over! ROFL DE are magic. Everything about them is amazing, everything is just more perfect than just plain perfect. They NEED to be together. I hate how we have to wait for it though!! Broken Heart DAMON is just out of this world. NO ONE can compare to him but then again damon would not been this hot if Ian was not playing the role. Ian makes Damon hot! If that makes sense.. Yes, DE need together already.. How much longer did April 7th?

Wahi is sooo amazing... I love that guy! And your sig made him look even hotter! Seriously, amazing colouring, and plain old stunning... SA - she is someone any girl would be jealous of. Just the way she smiles, her grace and style... I love her just for who she is; its a completely different thing that she is an amzing actress as well!
 I love him too. He's adorable and a sweetheart. I been his fan since Remix. My first crushhhh! Yes, SA is just like outstanding and when you merge two amazing people together, you get ShiRan!Love these two. Someone should already sign them on!

When together these 2 are magic! I missed your work on them... glad to see that sig... There is a spark to it, a really amazing feel to it... dunno how to describe, but seriously... I love it! You know, my friend told me they would look odd together for some reason, and even if I knew that is the most insane thing ever (exagerated! ROFL) I tend to think about it.. then I see your work on them along with others, and it completes my theory. How can they look odd, when they are just perfect together?? Seriously these 2 are magic... I cant get over them... and that's no a very good thing!! Geek They define perfection, that's all I can say. I mean, I feel more chemistry and more passionate in the sigs I make then, and with anyone else. They would be LETHAL baby. They would set the world on fire!

Okay, finally donee!! YAY!! made up for the last miss.... You're awesome Jen - but you already know that! LOL

Thank you so much Cess! As I already said, your comments truly mean a lot to and I read this at least twice.Embarrassed

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JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90840

Posted: 10 March 2011 at 8:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by aahana86

OMGGGG Jenny this UD is fantastic Day Dreaming its so so incredible

Indian cricket - i love love love the boys in blue siggs esp the first one that simply is gorgeous gal Thank you so much Aahana!

TVD - Ian... shirtless Day DreamingSillyBlushing  darn that guy is so delicious its should be held against LOLLOL i swear few people have the kind of ability to make me think that and he def is among them and i loved the siggs the effects are so awesome Cool  i swear when it comes to Ian i think if we simply write something on a cap of his too it would work ... who cares whats done with the sigg when that guy is there LOLLOLu just look at  HIM !! LOLLOL Yes, yes. I was just telling cess there, that Damon is Damon only due to Ian. Oh, it was so hard not to faint and drool while making those sigs!

Shai & daren those are sweet - hmm havent watched the show but i loved the siggs Smile Oh ,y ou should watch it. It's like teenager type where the lead pair are parents but they still haven't gotten to be one yet. It's pretty cool show.

KW SA & Maaneet - like can anyone ever match upto you when it comes to siggs of these ? i think not simply the best maker when these ppl are concerned i swear i havent seen anyone make more pretty siggs of em like u  Thank you so much Aahana. This comment of yours has really made me happy. it means a lot:)

& lastly PKYEK - cool stuff Jen am so awaiting the next UD already and yes that pm with the  ShiRan & KaSh pics link Embarrassed  am planning another UD this week would be glad if u could help me with those pics pls Smile


JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90840

Posted: 10 March 2011 at 8:32pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by indian_beauty

Jenny what a gorgeous update!!!

Love all the siggs especially my KW sigg...its HOT n SEXY BlushingBlushingBlushing
 of course the ShiRan n Shona siggs are beautifulEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

and the cricket siggs are AMAZING!!!!

as usual fab job Clap

Thank you so much hun for liking the sigs! There will be def more kW stuff, as I have only made one sig, on him with those pics nad those pics are HOT!

Originally posted by jasangel

ShiRan r just amazinggggggggg
thnks jennyDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Thank you so much!

Originally posted by monty22

jenny Hug
Shocked ohlalala it's an fantastic update.........Day Dreaming
i love all siggies......Tongue Oh god again u made me confuse which one should i use..... Silly

i like siggies on indian cricket team.......

now come to Damon's siggies...........Blushing Day Dreaming what should i say ? thank you so much for this all Damon siggies......it's too hot Blushing....my PC's screen will catch fire.........Silly 

damon elena siggies r wonderful. Clap 

Shona, KW is is outstanding. they both r amazing.Embarrassed

ppl believe or not to believe...this combo looks amzing.......ShiRan pair has chemistry.....Approve  can't denied it......

sid panchi .is my new love....i like their pair. vivian vahhbihz, & sid this trio is rocking now a days.....Tongue

love you dear keep it up. Thumbs Up

Thank you thank you so much Monty! I am so glad you like them!!

Originally posted by sidsk

Jenny I am spellbound by your update............those sigs are so gorgeous, so beautiful!

Love the textures you have used and the effects are simply ethereal.......makes me want to stare at them the whole day.LOL

ShiRan, KW, SA and TVD ones - Brilliant work!

Keep it up!

Thank you so much Sidra. I should say I am more spellbounded by Beautiful sin. It's so amazing and everytime I read it, I am so tempted to make sigs on it, because I could feel the entire scene coming right in front of me.

U write the story and I'll produce it and then we get ShiRan in it. It be a dream come true!

Thanks so much for your words! means a lot to me!

Originally posted by kritishah3

Oooh laa laa Blushing Blushing Blushing Wowwwwwwwwww Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

Jennnyyyyyyyyy Hug A Super Stunning Update  Party

The Cricket sigs are Smashing Cool I loved the text on it Of course we Make the Impossible Possible Approve I m sure We Shall Get WC back Home Party We Rock <33333333 

The KW n Shona Sigs are just Magnificent Loved them....Simply Outstanding Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day DreamingSuperb Coloring and Again Awesome Text Heart and The ShiRan Sig is Marvelous...I miss them Unhappy they need to come back real soon Heart

And the Damon Sigs are Hot <33333

And My Most favorite ones the Sid Pancchi Sigs man i just love their Pair Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing They make a terrific duo Day Dreaming The Sid Pancchi stuff is Sensational Man Heart 

And the Vahbizz sigs are Beautiful I really really Adore her She looks Gorgeous Day Dreaming

And the PKYEK team Sigs are Incredible....Super Fab ones...


Thank you thank you so much dear! I am so glad you like them! and yes, ShiRan need to be on the screen. Someone mail Beautiful sin to some production house. Man, it would sell like CRAZY!

Originally posted by zeenia

The Damon ones are fantastic!! He truly is the ultimate vampire!!LOLLOL
And as usual your KW and Shilpa ones are lovely Jenny!!Smile

Thanks so much Zeenia! Ur comments mean a lot to me!

Originally posted by x.Anku.x

Woah Jenz. That's like a set of PERFECT work. I love your design with the first sig of Sid and Panchi. That design is just something different altogether and SOO spectacular<3 LOVE it.

Using the Shona oneee =D Its marvellous :D

Thank you so much Anku! I am so glad you like them and def more SA sigs in the next update!!

Originally posted by ssdtvgojan

Yet again a fabulous update..............Loved alllllllllllllll
Loved more the Indian Cricket siggies and the use of words.
SA and KW as usual amazing work.
keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much dear! I am so glad you liked them!

Edited by jenny1000 - 10 March 2011 at 8:33pm
JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90840

Posted: 10 March 2011 at 8:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by QueenHinna12

i love the karan wahi sig:D and the rest of the update too

Thank you so much Hina!

Originally posted by amna malik

aaaaaaaaahh HOT HOT HOT HOT

Love the shiran and especially shona sigs

Thanks so much Amna! I am so glad you liked them!

Originally posted by Dangelz

Gorgeouss update Jenny!
OMG the Damon ones are hot hot HOTT! Especially the ones where he's in the shower...Blushing The Delena sigs look awesome too, especially the second one! Love the style and the layout of pics =)
The SA and KW sigs look amazinggg, especially the Shona ones! Ahhh miss her so much!
The PKYEK team stuff rocksss! They are definitely one fantastic cast =) The Vahbbiz sigs are beautifulll and the ViSu sig is too cute!
PS. - Can you please make more of Sid-Abhay? I'm lovinggg them so much =) They are like the life of the show currently!

Thanks so much Dangelz! I am so glad you liked them! and Yes, I will def make more Sid-Abhay stuff as well:) I am not really watching the show but will def make some sigs soon!

Originally posted by mrs.luvjaysean

Gorgeous, splendid speechless update JenzThumbs Up!
That was so beautiful <3 One of the bests!Embarrassed  Damon ones were so cutee!Blushing And the cricket ones were just fabbb!Clap Love that <3 MaanEet ones were soo hott! I loved the picx!Embarrassed The PKYEK were just shoooo cuteee!! Day Dreaming I loved the ViSu and team ones! OMG OMG! Siddd! <33 
Great workkkk <3333 Awesomeness = Your updates!! Wink Keep rockking gal! <33 

PS - Do you make Shaurya- Misha?Embarrassed

Hi Shilpa. Thank you soo muchh! I am so glad you like them and thanks for using them as well.

I did make some, but I'll try to scoop up more pics and make something. I prefer them rather than Shankar dude.

Originally posted by anwaya

OMG jenny one of ur best update!

loved team india ones! n tht damon's black n white version is a pure beauty yaar!

i love ht eway u used coloring for 1st team ind siggy just loved it!


Thanks so much Anwaya! I am so glad you liked them and thank you for using the cricket sig!

Originally posted by -Aliya-

this caught my eye instantly! This picture is enlightening as it is because its such a pretty close up of her and so i love how ya made it brighter and stand out more by putting all those bubbles should i call them? or spotlight things around the sig? Don't know what they are called but ya know what i'm rattling on about ;)

Thanks so much Aliya! I am so glad you like that sig!

Originally posted by sweet_ak92

aweeesommmeee jenny:)
adore the damon ones and the daren n shai ones!!!

if u dont mind me asking,,,where did u get the daren and shai pic from the 1st sig?Embarrassed

Thanks so much Afeera! I am so glad you like them! The first sig is from their new photoshoot for the new season:)

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