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Kal ho na ho..! Mayank & Nupur

myownarea IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 11:39am | IP Logged
Last year this day...Nobody really made a post...because of one reason --no one was in a state to write anything after watching the most realistic, gut-wrenching, heart-breaking scene of Mayank and Nupur...

This scene signified the essence of Mayank and Nupur but in such an emotional manner that everyone was in tears watching the two amazing actors touching heights of perfection !!

It was impossible not to love these wonderful characters Mayank and Nupur after watching this scene. They loved each other deeply yet they were giving up their love for each other for the love and respect they have for their elders! Touching!!

It starts beautifully with Mayank leaving to find Nupur, to tell her honestly how he would not play out a lie and the minute he sees her, he knows she wants the same....
The first time she tries to say something, he stops her.. and she says a heart breaking..tum humesha meri baat kat-the ho.. and he says haan...aur tumhare paas bhi humesha kehne keliye kuch na kuch tho hotha hi hai..
That was like the typical nhok jhok that was synonymous with MayankNupur took a different meaning in this scene.. They were saying the same lines but the emotions that were involved were too deep to be brushed aside...
The moment she says   hume alag hona hoga.. you can see their hearts breaking ..and each feeling was so beautifully conveyed through those eyes.. 
She knows he understands, she trusts him and he understands her every thought at that moment...the 2 people who fought and misunderstood each other as much as they loved each other were so perfect in their understanding of each other at such a time !! 

As Nupur narrates her childhood dream of marrying only as per her bauji's wishes and as he comforts her dont have to convince me mein tumhare faisle ke saat hoon..

And then he says those classic lines...Tum bohot yaad aogi Nupur...
(and a million hearts break into pieces... )

they hug..trying to seek comfort in each other.. (hum apne badon ka barosa nahi thod sakthe Nupur - says Mayank Sharma the best guy a girl can ever find..and tum teek keh rahe ho ..hum unke khilaaf nahi jaayenge says Nupur Bhushan - a girl like no other..any man on earth would be the luckiest to find a nupur )

And Kal ho na ho plays out....

Tum Ho Gham Ko Chupaye
Main Hoon Sar Ko Jhukaye
Tum Bhi Chup Ho
Main Bho Chup Hoon
Kaun Kise Samjhaye
Ab Dooriyan Itni Hain To 
Milna Yahan Kal Ho Naa Ho
Ab Dooriyan Itni Hain To 
Milna Yahan Kal Ho Naa Ho

They hug each other and recollect all the wonderful memories of the times spent together..not knowing if they would ever be together...

Sach Hai Ke Dil To Dukha Hai
Hamne Magar Socha Hai
Dil Ko Hai Gham Kyon
Aankh Hai Nam Kyon 
Hona Hi Tha Jo Hua Hai
Us Baat Ko Jaane Bhi Do 
Jiska Nishaan Kal Ho Naa Ho
Har Pal Yahan Je Bhar Jiyo
Jo Hai Sama Kal Ho Naa Ho

and they hold hands and he kisses her hand while she breaks down.. the way they look at each other is enough to melt the hearts of the most hard hearted of souls...the desperation and loss in their eyes, the love and the longing ...the way they dont want to let go of each other hands..its heart breaking to would mayank and nupur live without each other...ever? They are just meant to be he leaves her hand slowly and loses contact with her ..he holds his chest as if he is unable to breathe..he cant imagine a life without Nupur..the girl who he loved so much that  he is giving her up for the repect their love deserved. She is too shattered to even think of a possibility of a life without Mayank..

There is something noble about giving up the love you hold for each other for always bond the 2 people who have made the sacrifice for life. The bond of Mayank and Nupur only became stronger after this supreme sacrifice, they could surmount all the hurddles and problems that came their way because this sacrifice of love had created a shield that protected their love forever.

Arjun and Rati were so brilliant in this scene that it was realistic and hard-hitting. You cried with them as the scene unravelled. You felt for the characters, you felt for the predicament they were in , you believed in Mayank and Nupur..thats the victory of the actors!!

Do relive those wonderful memories here!! 



Make sure u have the tissues handy while u watch this...sigh!!!

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annie07 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 21 May 2006
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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 11:40am | IP Logged
I saw that episode again and it left me as speechless as it did last year. I cried that time and i cried again, such was the intensity of that one scene.

It all started with the dilemma of Mayank and Nupur, each in their own thoughts, trying to decide whats best for them and their relationship. While Nupur is deliberating between life without Mayank and her father's happiness, Mayank is stuck onto his values. He decides not to disrespect his love and his mother's teachings.

He is ready to give away the only girl he ever loved and would have ever loved............... but then thats what Mayank Sharma was all about...........

He walks off to meet Nupur, but before that requests Gunjan to take care of his love........"meri"......."meri Nupur ka khyal rakhna"........these words reflected the pain of a broken heart......these words chocked me up.

And then as he reaches her room and see her, he knows whats her decision going to was amazing that two ppl who fought over smallest misunderstandings, needed no words to understand each other at such a crunch situation........i guess thats what love is be there, when needed.......and thats how was the love of Mayank and Nupur.

She told him that they will have to separate, to which he agreed without hesitation only to apologise for breaking her trust and then......."tumne nahin Mayank, zindagi ne bharosa toda hai", this was same Nupur Bhushan, who was always full of life, but today she was dying every moment. She dreamt of her Raj all her life, and when her dreams came true, she never knew they would be so cruelly broken.

They knew it was time to separate forever........and just to savour the memory he says........"pata hai jab mein yahan aa raha tha, saath bitaya ek ek pal, bahut yaad aa raha tha"........"kya keh rahe the wo pal"................."Tum bahut yaad aaogi, Nupur"...........These 5 words, and Nupur who was controlling herself broke down and so did we...........

As kal ho na ho played in the background...........we cried silent tears...........pained by the pain of Mayank and Nupur......

Tum bhi chup ho
main bhi chup hun
kaun kise samjhaye...................

And as they let go of each others was as if they had given up on life.............for their parents..........for people who made them what they are..........

That they i fell in love with this couple all over again..........i was proud of my choice that i chose to admire them...... Mayank and Nupur became my heroes........and this was possible only coz of the level of perfection in acting of Arjun and Rati.
They were always wonderful actors, but they just raised they bar much so that Mayank and Nupur's pain became ours.........

Hats off to u.........for that.........Arjun and Rati..........u were, u are and u wll alwz remain my fav couple...........i will wait for that magic to be created again.............else i have MN to cherish for life......but i knw.............KAL ZARUR HOGA........


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Fantasia. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 11:41am | IP Logged
what a beautiful post divya di!..*sighs*..this day, this scene made me PROUD of the characters i adored..

starting from nupur's dialogues were she confesses that she cannot deceive her dad.."main us insaan ko kasiey chor don jis ne mujhe sapne dekhna sikhaya" true..a daughter can never betray her they say..a father is always a daughter's first love..

and then even mayank came there to support her decision..

their relation was off some extraordinary importance for them..nupur had her dream fulfilled, and mayank, he had a partner which he had wished secretly..

but then morals come first, leaving their dreams, they bow down to the destiny, sharing a hug, the last touch!..

but their emotions were pure, that is why they ended up being married!... great lesson..keep the right path..God is always there!..HE WILL COMPENSATE!...HE WILL REWARD!

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myownarea IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 11:42am | IP Logged

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Fantasia. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 26 June 2010
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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 11:59am | IP Logged
beautiful siggies, especially the second one..forehead joining..sighss..

ARTI were at their BEST!..LEVEL BEST!..

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DoNotMind IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 21 August 2010
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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
Thank you so much divz di for this Wonderful Post.....Heart
 this scene still brings tears in my Eyes..............Cry
i love it from starting to end..........i loved every bit of this scene..........the emotion Arjun and Rati portraied i bet no one can do............we all could actually feel the pain they were going through.........pain of lossing each other after planning and dreaming life with  each other only........sighhhhhh............
and I loved their Understanding.............they both decided to keep bauji happy and killing thier own dreams.............just coz of sake of bauji...........i hated bauji for this.........bauji was really bad........lolz......

She was waiting for him in her room to meet him last time...............and he came...........he asked her(holding her hands"kya Dhoondh rahee hain tumhaari ankhein"...........
then she said humein ek dusre se alag hona padhega................that moment was so heart wrenching.................Cry
then she described abt gudhiya and her dream of becoming dulhan...........and  she said"jis insaan ne mujhe sapne dekhna sikhaya unhe main kaise todh sakti hoon" someone need a perfect's Daughter definition?.........Its Nupur Bhushan Sharma................Approve
and my most fav moment...............
mayu-abhi aate waqt mujhe tumhaare saath bitaaya ek ek pal yaad aa raha tha........
nup-kya keh rahe the woh pal.........
mayu-ki tum bahut yaad aaogi nupur.....................CryCry
then KHNH song sequence..............

AWW i Love my Mayur...................Heart
and ArTi.....The Best Actors EVER.........Clap
sorry for the long post and mistakes.............!!!!

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Shivani1arti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 12:20pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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AmyArTiMayUr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 12:23pm | IP Logged
ResBig smile

Diva DiHug first of all, i miss you and miss chatting to expect a pm from me soonLOL

Secondly, this the way you described it only brought tears to my eyes...such that i did not even watch the scene.....btw i cant watch it on YT....thank God it is saved in my PC so can watch it anytime i wish to...though whenever i watch it, it never fails to bring me to tears....i know that this is a scene that would make me cry even if i watched it a million and one times...because it portrayed the true love of two individuals for each other....their love for their families.....their respect for each other and their elders, such that they were willing to let go of their love for each other just to keep the family happy....

However much they loved each other, they were ready to give it all up because Bauji wanted it that way...a girl who was ready to give up her true love for her father's happiness and a guy who stood by his love when she made that decision....they were dying inside from the pain and they knew it but still they were firm on their mutual decision....they did not know how they would live without each other but they knew they had to go through with their decision if they wanted to see the family happy.....

A girl and a guy, ready to sacrifice the most beautiful feeling they had ever felt in their lives......just for the sake of the family.....

Only Mayank and Nupur could do such a thing....SmileSmile

The way they hugged each other....the way they held on to each other, knowing it would be the last time they would hold each other close.....they way they were so reluctant to part their hands, knowing that they will never be able to hold each other's hands again......the feeling of "just one moment more and then il let go" at the same time wishing the moment never ended.....

Their hearts were breaking and shattering into millions of shards which were then in turn piercing them......but still they stood strong and made the decision to part just for the family's happiness.....

Only Mayank and Nupur had the courage, the respect for the elders, and the intense love for each other, to manage to do that....SmileSmile

As for Arjun and Rati.....whatever i would say would always be less....this was one of their BEST performances....a performance that brought out to us  how talented this duo actually is....They carried off this sequence PERFECTLY and FLAWLESSLY....and it is one of the reasons i still cry every single time i watch this KUDOS to the VERY TALENTED duo, ArTi....for touching the hearts of people by their MORE THAN BRILLIANT and TOTALLY SPLENDID actingSmileSmile


Thanks for this beautiful post Diva Di.....this sequence truly deserved a remembrance because it is a sequence that will always stay in the hearts of all the true MayUrians and ArTiansBig smile

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