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NivRen: Pyaar Ki Ek Twisted Kahani (Page 26)

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 4:55pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by xaviara

Originally posted by Cutie-NivRen

Navz and Millie I love your theories and optimism but Viren is taking revenge from Sid of something past as his self talk can't be lie as he himself said Sidharth sood tumhari barbadi ab se shuru hoti hai. Itni nafrat hai Sid ke liye Viren ke ander ke voh kuch bhi kho sakta hai aur koi bhi dard seh sakta hai. So it can't be on stalker hunt. He loves Nivi no doubt but he is only doing all this from start. He do care for Nivi but doesn't love her it was not visible when he went to bathroom to change his clothes he was laughing and happy that he got what he wanted there was no concern for Nivi. He only show his concern in front of her

Rachu, even I believe that he is doing this for revenge but he loves Nivi, i'm sure of it now ! because he celebrated his victory after he saw she was okay and not hurt badly !! had he not cared about her, he would have left her alone, went to his room, got his wound clean, did his self talk and then came back to the room to take care of Nivi !! Because in head injuries, it takes a lot of time to regain consciousness, he would have easily gone back to his room, cleaned his wound and gotten back before Nivi woke up !!! But he didn't ! he was bleeding, he was hurt yet he stayed for the entire time !!! not caring about himself !!
I have to agree with Navhing that i jusst noticed another thing that when he was talking to himself today he particularly said the woh Nivedita tum say nafrat karegi I mean he was very particular that Nivedita hates him. He did not take anyother name

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FaizuuNivRen Goldie

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 4:57pm | IP Logged
Rightiooo, Seen The Episode. AND, I .. Am REALLY Looking Forward To This Track.
One Thing, PAY GREAT ATTENTION TO THE BEACKGROUND MUSIC, It's A MASSIVE Hint Of Help And Indication, Since Today, The BG Music REALLY Helped Me Understand This Whole Thing.
Viren's Motto Of This Game Is : Aik Teer, Do Shikaar.
One Being Sid (Revenge) And One Being Nivi (Love), And A Third Maybe, Even His Family.
For Those That Are Saying That Viren's Somewhat Playing A Game With Nivi, He Is. I Admit It, He Is. But Its Not The Game That You Guys Are Thinking. It's A Game, Where Viren, Is Only, I Wouldn't Say Using, Because, He Isn't, Since He Loves Her. He Is Merely Wanting Nivi's Support In This.
The Victim Of Viren's Plan Is SID. NOT Nivi. Thats One Thing We Need To Write In Our Minds With Peremanant Ink. Sid, Not Nivi. At NO Cost, Does Viren Want Nivi To Be In The Wrong, And At NO Cost Does Viren Want To Loose Nivi And Her Love For Him.
Guys, I Think 2 Tracks Are Going On:
Viren's Track Of Revenge On Sid
Nivi's Track With MP.
These 2 DO NOT Connect With Each Other, In Terms Of NivRen, But They Do, With Sid.
So Guys, REMAIN POSITIVE, And Remember, What Ever The Case, VIREN LOVES NIVI!
Well, Here We Go:
NivRen, In Nivi's Bedroom -
Nivi's Sleeping, Safe, But Not Sound. And Sound, But Not Safe. She Is Safe, And She Is Sound, But They Both Aren't With Her As One, Since The Aftermath Is Only Ringing In Her Mind Again And Again, Causing Major Discomfort And Hallucinations. Here, Viren, Is TRULY Worried And In Discomfort To, Seeing Nivi In Discomfort, But Then Also Realising That He Had To Make Nivi Unconscious, Even If His Heart Said No Too, Because He Knew That He Was Hurting His Love, Who He Had Just Spent So Beautiful Moments With, But He HAD To Do This. Its As If, His Eyes Are Asking For Forgiveness From Nivi. Viren RESPECTS Nivi, And, Even Though You Guys May Kill Me Because He Just Made Her Unconcious, Nevertheless, He Has Great Respect For Her. HE LOVES Her, Never Forget That. So He Waits For Nivi To Get Up, And She Does. Nivi, Suprised At Where She Is, First Looks Around To See The Face Her Eyes Are DYING For, And Finally Searches Them. As Soon As Her Eyes Open, Viren's Face Of Worry Disappears, And Relief Comes On It. Nivi, Not Knowing Or Caring About That Fact That She's Still Injured, Jerks Up, To Realise Pain Shoots Her Head, And Viren, Her Saviour Is There To Comfort Her, And Calm Her Down. She Then, Straight Away Hugs Him, For Protection And Tells Him NEVER To Leave Her, And Viren Reassures Her He Won't. What I Don't Get Is That Viren Got Hurt There, At The Place Nivi Is DIGGING Her Nails Into, Did It Not Hurt Him/Sting Him? And How Come No Blood Came Onto His Clothes, Especially His White Jacket, If All He Was Wearing Was A Red Full Sleeves T - Shirt And A Jacket? Nevertheless, He Continue Consoling Her, And Then Asks Her What Had Happened? (Till Now, We Thought He Was Asking Because He Actually Cared, But He Is Just Waiting For Nivi To Blame Sid, Hence, Hear Her Say His Name). He Realises That More Than Anything, She Needs To Sleep And So Tells Her Too, But Since He Knows WAY Well Than She Herself Does, He Knows She Won't Sleep Now, Until She Doesn't See Me Again. When Nivi Asks Viren, So Sweetly, Viren Why Is This Always Happening With Me? Till When Will I Trouble You? Viren Has The Expression Of Sympathy On His Face. It's True Sympathy. The Next Bit He Says, IS VERY VERY CRUCIAL:
"Your Not Troubling Me, This Is A Test Of My Love. And I Don't Fear ANY (Emphasise On ANY) Test. For You, I Can Do ANYTHING"
1 - It Is A Test Of Love, Viren Also Wants To See And Know If Nivi Will Support Him. He Also Wants Nivi's Love, Like How He Loves Her, Equal To THAT Level. And, Viren, Honestly Can Do ANYTHING For Nivi, He Loves Her Like The Depth Of Water.
2 - The Test Of Paitence And Revenge. How Viren Wants To Take Revenge Of Sid SO Badly, He Will Do ANYTHING. And I Think The Whole Reason Why He Wants Revenge Of Sid Is Because Everything Viren Has, Also Had "Sid" Attached To It. BS, The Whole Sood Family AND Nivi, Where All Once Sid's. He's Never Something Which Says "VIREN" All Over It. And Knowing That Nivi Was Once Sid's That May Also Be A Triggor Too, A Short Term Cause For Anger And Junoon. Maybe It's Jelousy, Or Maybe Its Viren's Way Of Saying How Unfair People Are To Him, But I Stand And Support Viren FULLY. I Know He Won't Do Wrong To Nivi, And I Know Viren Is A Different Guy With A Just And Fair Heart.
Viren Lies Nivi Down, Wraps The Blanket Over Nivi, And Indicates To Nivi If You Need Call Me, I'm Just A Wall Away. Nivi Closes Her Eyes, And Like A Mother Caressing It's Child, Viren Kisses HIS Nivi. Claiming One Thing Only : NIVI IS MINE.
Welcome To The Darkside - Viren's Other Half.
Finally Leaving Nivi, The First Thing Viren Does Is Check How Bad His Wound Is. (Man, He Looks HOT In Red!) Anyway, He Frantically Takes Of His Red Top, And Touches His Wound, Just To Find Out How Deep It Is. He Jerks When He Touches It (But Nivi Did Too, Had To Hide The Pain I Guess). And There, Fresh Blood If Oozing Out Of His Deep Cut Wound. Ok So, Viren's Hurt On The Left Side From Last Night. (Suspicion: That Did NOT Sound Like Viren's Scream AT ALL Last Night, AND WHO WAS THAT OTHER PERSON WITH HIM LAST NIGHT, IN BLACK?)
I've Noticed, When Viren Get's "Evil", His Eyes Turn A GREYISH Shade. Yh I Dunno, But I Just Noticed That. So This Blood Isn't A Wound, But A Sign Of Victory. And He Lets Out A Sly Smirk. When The Camera Was Directed At Nivi, We Thought It Was HER Who Viren Was After. Proven Wrong. Nivi Still Is Getting Nightmares About The Aftermath In Her Lonliness. It's Siddharth Sood, Who Viren Sood Is After. So Viren Says, Whatever I Recieved Today, For That I Can Bear Any Pain In The World. Think About It, What Did He Get Tonight?
Nivi. He Got Nivi Tonight. From Sid, He Got Nivi Tonight. If Not Nivi, Then, What Else? Maybe That's Something They Didn't Show, But With The Proof We Have SO Far, It's Nivi Only That Viren Got Tonight. He Goes Onto Say, "Despite Nivi Not Saying Your Name By Tounge, But I Know, She's Seen You." Where Did Nivi See Sid Today? JUST Before She Got Unconscious. "She'll Say, She'll Definitely Say, She'll Say Your Name. Screaming On The Rooftops, She'll Say How Big Of A Rascal You Are (That Felt Nice Wink), And I Shall Just Sit Back, And Enjoy The Show, Because The Truth, Only Rests In Me". This Just Shows, Something REALLY Big Must Have Happened To Viren, As To Why He Wants Revenge Of Sid, Because Sid Must Have Done SOMETHING For This To Happen. So Now We Have A Sister AND A Brother Rift Track ... Awesome Much?
He Goes Onto Say "That Nivi Who Loved You Limitlessly, Will Now Change Her 4 Letter Word Love, Into A 4 Letter Word Hate, And Will Hate You Limitlessly. And That Hatred Starts From Today. Yes Siddharth Sood, From Today, My Celebration Of Your Destruction Begins". He's Using Nivi I Think, For Multiple Reasons, Main Ones Being How Sid Somewhat Still Does Like Nivi, Will COMPLETELY Hate Her Now, And Nivi Will Fall COMPLETELY In Love With Viren. And Also, How Viren Will Also Prove To His Family That Nivi Is Not Mental, By Sticking Up With Her, And Proving His Point Against Sid, And Viren's Whole Family Will Have NO REASON AS TO WHY THEY SHOULDN'T LISTEN TO HIM.
So Nivi Can't Take It NO More, And Screams VIREN!!
Sid's Arguement With The Manager -
So Sid's Gone Crazy, BLURTING At The Manager, And Never Listens. The Manager Tells Him NivRen Are There, In The Hotel, Because Viren Phone? I Thought There Was No Reception And Network For Phone Calls? Weird World. And Thats Also What He Planned To Do By Giving Money To The Manager. So Sid RUNS In To Meet NivRen.
NivRen's Suspicion On Sid -
So Viren Runs In, Comes To Nivi And They Both Hug Again As A Reflex. He Then Caresses Her Again, And Calms Her Down, Finally Promising Her That He Will Take Her Home Tomorrow Morning. Sid Knocks On The Door, And Nivi Again Thinks Viren Leave Her, Hence Telling Him Not To Go. After Hearing Sid's Voice, Viren Tells Her It's Sid And Opens The Door. As SOON As Sid Steps In, Nivi Feels Uncomfortable Yet Again.
SID HOW DARE YOU, LIKE JUST GO, GO AWAY. He Just Comes Upto Nivi, And Asks Her. She's Already PETRIFIED, And He Adds To The Pressure. Viren's Just Loving This Ignorance That Nivi Is Giving To Sid. And I Think, Like How Viren Had NO ONE In His Life, SLOWLY SLOWLY, Viren Is Gonna Make Sid's Life HELL, And Take Everyone Close From Him. Now, Time For Creating Doubts In Nivi's Head. Viren Questions Sid Like MEGA Confused, Sid, Why Are You So Tensed? So Sid Said Something Like, I Saw 2 People Run, By The Time I Came Back, You And Nivi Had Gone. So Viren REALLY Came THAT Fast After Running Away From Sid, And Got Nivi And Got On The Jeep, And Since Nivi Was Unconscious, He Got Changed Into His Normal Clothes? WOW. So Viren's Like, What Were You Doing In Jungle So Late? And Nivi Doubts Him SO Much Now. So The Securtiy Guards Run Away, And Nivi Cannot Believe That Sid Actually Stalked Them Down. She Thinks He's Talking Fibs. Right So Sid Saw Gloves And A Rope In The Security Guards' Hands. Hmmm, For Viren, I Guess? When Sid Asks Whether He Should Send Divya, Nivi STRAIGHT Away Refuses, And Taunts Him, And Viren Out Of "Respect" (Ahem, NOT!) Covers It Up. Soo Nivi Asks Him Again, Why Did You Leave Me For? I Told You Not Too. And Viren Honestly Promises Her He Wont Leave Her Anytime, Anywhere. And That They Both Will Leave Tomorrow Morning.
Sood House -
After Hearing The 2 Couples Return, CC's Face Gets Shocked The First, As The Elders Question Divya, Why The Early Return? NivRen Come Next, And Nivi, Still Shell Shocked Comes With Viren In His Arms, As CC Rubs In Why The Came Early, Something MUST Have Happened. I LOVED Viren's Response, Mum, We Left When We Wanted And Came By Choice Too. Which Shows Viren Doesn't Even Want His MUM To Know What He's Doing.
What I Don't Get Is, WHY Does Viren Get Along SO Well With VD For, If He HATES Sid? Anyway, Viren Goes Upto To The NivRen Bedroom And Checks On Nivi, Whilst He Also Demands For Food!
CC Continues To Doubt.
HL - NT -
Well, Divya Doesn't Come Back, That Her Mum Starts Again. ANYWAY. NT Stops HL, Some People REALLY Need To Learn Morals And Manners.
NivRen, In NivRen's Bedroom -
So Nivi's Unpacking, And She See's The Gift They Won, Then She Remembers All The Times She Had With Viren In The Sea Blue Suit. And Finally, The Perfume (Still Holding A MAJOR Significance). And In The Flashback Of The Goon, We Can See The Eyes Of Viren. And There, Viren Comes, Exactly At That Moment With Those Eyes, Thinking, "I Know Your Thinking About Sid, Just Once, Take His Name With Your Tounge", And Nivi See's Viren, And Comes In. Gazing At Each Other, He Asks, Making The Next Step Ready, "What Are You Thinking Of?" And Here, He Honestly Says, "If You Think I Don't Know What Your Thinking And You Don't Tell Me, Then What Do You Think, That I Won't Come To Know? He Then Holds Her Hand, And Says "Through Your Eyes, I'll Find Out What You Heart's Thinking" . He Honestly Means That, Because He Does Come To Know. The Bit Where He Goes That I'm Also As Stressed As You Are About The Aftermath, And I'm Gonna Unmask That Guy Who's Doing This. Sid. And He Is Just Asking For Her To Be His Back Up, And Wants To Know Exactly What Happened. Her Then Also Said, I Know You STILL Don't Believe Me Fully, But Your Everything Is Connected To Me. And That's So True, Because They LOVE Each Other Still. And Now, Viren Wants Their Relationship To Come To SUCH A Stage, Where They No Longer Hide Anything. And Though Nivi Remains Quiet, Viren's Paitence Is Not Gonna Give In SO Easily.
Precap - First Step To His Plan Becoming Successful. Getting The WHOLE Family To Doubt Sid, Therefore Go Against Him And Not Trust Him.
Viren Isn't Doing All This, Just, (I Dont Even Think He Is At ALL) For Business. It's Something Connected To Their Childhood, As The Articel Said.
And The Soods Will Have To Believe Viren. By Hook, Or By Crook.
SO Guys, Give It One GOOD Week. I AM SURE, Viren Has To Have SOME Logical Reason(s) As To Why He's Doing This, Which Should Be In Front Of Us In Broad Daylight Very Soon.
To Be Honest, I'm Enjoying This Track Now, But Nivi, IN NO WAY, NO WAY, Should Get Any Blame/Hurt AT ALL, And As Far As I Trust Viren, I Know He Won't Do That.
SO BE POSITIVE GUYS!!!!!!! Big smile Big smile Big smile ... I SHOULD REALLY JOIN THE FBI!!!

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zarmeeno IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 4:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Goush

Originally posted by gmann2010

Tomorrow Viren can't just gather his family and start talking about Sid's involvement. From precap it looks like again CC and YD blamed Nivi for something and Viren was answering their questions. Nivi had tears in her eyes and VD's one hand was on Nivi's shoulder. I don't know if Viren wants to take a revenge from Sid he is taking a huge risk, first when Nivi finds out she is going to be really upset with him (this makes difference to him only if he loves her), and second till now YD never believed what VIren told them and Nivi doesn't hold any respect or importance in YD's eyes, how he is confident that this time YD will believe him and Nivi against Sid.
In the house Nivi has support of VD and sid other than Viren till now.  After this incident nivi loose them too.  Viren will be the one in that house for her. If viren does not love nivi then after this framing he may go out of the country as BS friend told.  What will happen to Nivi in that case?  Will she be thrown out of the house again? Or Viren will keep up his promise (his usual dialogue he will be there for nivi forever or he will not leave her hand till death blah blah)
We have to wait and watch whether viren really loves Nivi.  
He was not going anywhere that was just an excuse to get out of the reservation

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milee1014 Goldie

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 5:08pm | IP Logged
Hi Navi,Anju,Zarmeen,Suchi,Shova,Rachu,Ketty,Simran and all my precious girls a big bear HUG to you all. I missed you all so much. I am feeling a little better but not completely recovered. I just came to say Hi to you all and then what do I see this Twisted Kahani and I could not leave watched the episode and wrote a little what I think and now came back after reading all your posts, and oh my gosh you girls were so upset with the events I know, if we see the episode its completely a disaster. And thanks to Mahi for being so positive and opening a thread with her positiveness and Navi,Anju for keeping all the girls calm. It was really needed what I have been reading it was really needed.
But girls please don't lose hope in our NivRen, God is not that cruel to punish Nivi who is pure hearted with such a psychotic husband. Viren I believe really and genuinely loves Nivi and he is passionate about her and what ever he does its all for her love.
For the sake of it lets say Viren is really psychotic and was using Nivi to get back at Sid, will they ever forgive him and will they both Nivi and Sid love him back even after they know that he was sick it will be their sympathy but not a genuine love and can CT's take that big of risk with their trump card.
A guy like Viren can he use a simple and innocent girl to get back at his brother who until now showed a genuine love towards his brother. From teh beginning Viren returned we saw Sid genuinely Loves Viren. Yes, we don't know much about his childhood and what happened to him to hate and have a grudge against Sid but still he was showing only Love towards his brother is he not?
Is Viren such a sadistic person to use an Innocent girl for his own better revenge with his brother even though his brother and the girl had a past? I don't think so.
Can CT's who created such magical couple can go to this extent which will ruin the couple forever even though later on we see Viren was mentally ill and Nivi fighting for him and loving and caring for him Will Viewers accept this? I know I will never do taht yes, I may watch the couple get back together but I will always have sympathy but nothing much. Can CT's ruin their own creation?
Even right now, if CT's show that Viren became psychotic because of his loveless childhood and some stupid theory, I will never forgive him for using Nivi an innocent girl for his revenge. Yes, I could forgive him for being psychotic and took revenge on Sid for whatever he did in his childhood but never involved Nivi in this game. Hell yes, I would love him when he gets cured but if they show something stupid theory of Childhood grudge and Viren using Nivi for it no way I will forgive him and I know you won't either and anyone in this world won't forgive him for this and don't they lose viewers if they take this route?Will CT's ruin their own creation of a magical couple?
What will be the difference between both Sood Brothers one who never stands up for the right and then other a psychotic who uses an innocent girl for his revenge? Did they learn this from their ideal person dadaji.
I don't think so, if CT's take this route they will completely destroy their own creation. So I still be positve and still believe Viren is not what he looks today. He is not using Nivi for his own revenge,can he stoop this low, my heart does not believe it. The Viren we know will never stoop this low to take revenge.If they show he was mentally sick then he doesnot deserve an innocent pure hearted girl Nivi in his life as his wife.
My heart and mind both are in sync and believes that Viren is not what its shown today.There is something else to the story which we need to wait and watch and be positive.
Hopefully I made some sense in this post, because I was just wrting what thoughts came to my mind and I know I didnot explain any of the things which happened in the show today as it does not make any sense to me what I felt I wrote in my other post. So I will keep my fingers crossed and wait for it to reveal.

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Suchi- IF-Sizzlerz

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a thought;

Who loves SID more than anything?

Yashodhara.. she absolutely finds NO fault in that guy.

so if Sid is attacked or blamed who will be hurt? the most?

Dadaji also finds fault in sid sometimes

Vandana did about nivi's case

Cc adn JW DUH hate him

So the only person who hates nivi is YD ( yashodhara) and
Sid is someone she loves a lot.

There is some sort of connection here goingon.

Is viren pushing her love for SID , for her obsession to come out.

Her hidden feelings and hatred to come out ?

When you want the mother to suffer , hurt her child.

And when you want YD to suffer, hurt Sid.

Even vandana and Dadaji will start believing that Sid did it, cause, he loved Nivi at one point.

CC adn JW will hate him

The only person who will support SID is YD.. and we always had a doubt on her
YD is the main culprit


But millie explain to me

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zarmeeno IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 5:16pm | IP Logged
Lovely analysis Faiza.
Milee sweetie so glad that ur better. Jaani plz take care of urself. And jaani don't worry we all r keeping our fingers crossed.

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milee1014 Goldie

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 5:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by xaviara

Originally posted by milee1014

ok girls, I just watched the episode and my first reaction to it is WOW!!!!! Brilliant performance by Kinshuk, he completely changed Viren from a sweetu, jolly,lively, romantic and fun loving guy to complete psycho. Just Brilliant, Hats off to himClap
And then Nivi mean to say Neha what a performance of showing scared.I have to watch yesterday's too to see how she performed that scene with the stalkers, but I think she would have done it brillaintly as she has done with the Bloody kurta.
Ok coming back to the episode, so it shows Viren has some grudge against Sid and using Nivi. That is what any person who saw the show will understand but can he do that? What we saw from past couple of months is it all trash? No I feel we should wait for sometime to decide what he is? Becuase remember in the article where we got to know about Viren's psychotic behaviour Kinshuk did say that we will question his love for Nivi, and his behaviour and all but its done for Love everything comes down to Love and he did not say he is psychotic but said a passionate lover but said if you stamp it as psychotic so be it.
If we think he did all this to get back at Sid, why Nivi? he could have done something else to blame Sid. But my Heart and Mind is not believing he could stoop to such an extent to get back to Sid. Viren as we know will show his grudge directly to the person as we saw in the beginning with Dushman ki beti.
So I am being positive and saying this that Viren is trying to blame Sid thru Nivi to find the real Culprit.  Remember what he said before they went to holidays that everything will be different between you and me and also here in the family. So if they blame Sid real culprit will stop this MP business and try something else to get to Nivi and he will be ready for that. This MP business is going crazy with blaming Nivi as pagal.
And today when Nivi said why everything is happening to me and I have to trouble you all the time his answer was "This is the testing for my Love" and he is counting on Nivi's character that she will forgive the one's she loves, isn't that what she said when he dosed her that "its not love if you start getting back at the people who broke your heart, I will be happy with him being happy" So he knows her character in and out and he did say that when he said ILOVE YOu in the store room that "How can I not love the girl who can forgive the one who broke her heart"
and I think he does have some past which is dark, in the sense he lived all alone all those years so it may not be perfect, so taht is another reason for him to rush Nivi's love. He did everything in his account so that she will fall in love with him as soon as possible, he had his entire life for her to fall in love with him but he was rushing it pretty fast.
I hope I made some sense because my head is spinning with so many theories. I will write some more for now comment on this.
In today's episode with all his behaviour only one dialogue stood out and it is "This is test for my Love" its kind of haunting me.
And remember girls in the end this is all about Nivi.
Now your comments let me read what you guys were discussing earlier so that I can comment on them.
But I am sure he was not the real MP who was behind all those things which went wrong with Nivi at the house.

Milee thank you so much for this post sweetie it was needed !! I was depressed at first, then became positive each time i watched tonight's scene again !! so am sure there is more to this then they have shown !!

@ bold : that was my first theory too that he is pretending to be the MP to find out the real culprit and he is responsible for this incident only !!

But if he is the stalker then I have another theory, which you must have read already !!

OH Navi, glad I could help a little. I read almost all the posts written today in this thread and what posts they wereLOL
But I have only one thing to say if you read my latest post that is what I have written can CT's destroy their own creation? I think not, if they show Viren a pscyhotic and mentally sick and all even later on when the pair gets back it will be only sympathy and nothing much. And specially for him to use an innocent girl for his revenge is completely idiotic and I am saying this again if he did all this he doesnot deserve a pure innocent heart like Nivi at all in hislife even thought he may be mentally sick or had a loveless childhood.
So I will be positive until they show something different and then I will quit the show if they show soemthing I donot like even thought Nivi may forgive him I will not. So I am postive about the Viren I know and he will not do anything like this.
Zarmeen, Hi again and yes we missed yesterday. Hope your hand is all ok. Take care
I think I better go now as husband is home and will kill me if he sees me doing this and not resting, this sickness is killing me girls and specially me being anemic he gets all worried more and more.
But see you all tomorrow I promise and we can discuss a lot.
So take care all my precious girls and be positive and don't lose hope on our NIvREn the magical jodi.

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milee1014 Goldie

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 5:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by zarmeeno

Lovely analysis Faiza.
Milee sweetie so glad that ur better. Jaani plz take care of urself. And jaani don't worry we all r keeping our fingers crossed.
Hey Zarmeen, I just wrote hi to you on other post and I see you here. How are you doing, I am a little better but got to go husband is here and standing over me.LOL see you  tomorrow

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