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*Its A Sajan Love Saga* 2# (Page 96)

..-Ayesshhaa-.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 April 2012 at 6:59am | IP Logged
OMG Manjari continue soon ! I want to know what happened between SaJan!

GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 May 2012 at 9:10am | IP Logged
Hey friends Hug
I am updating this fic after so long. Its been ages since i updated.
Well, I would like everyone to go read the small sneak-peak into the following track. I have changed the track a little. Though don't worry, the honeymoon isnt over! :)
Hopefully I will learn to update this fic more often.
Sorry for not being able to reply to everyone's comments seperately. I do that as much as possible :) Thank you for always encouraging me to write :D

"Can we go shopping today?" Gunjan asked once they were ready. "And maybe in the evening we could go for some sight-seeing.."  Samrat didn't argue because it was decided that today was Gunjan's day since Samrat had made her do everything according to him the previous day. They spent the first half of the day ransacking malls in Delhi. They had bought something for everyone and done a lot of shopping for themselves. Poor Samrat had to carry all the shopping bags ofcourse. Gunjan was enjoying the day thoroughly, She was making Samrat pay for his prank the previous day. But nothing would make Samrat regret the prank he played on her. It had been so much fun and he would seriously consider doing it again. But well, Gunjan would never trust him again. "Can we please go!" Samrat begged at the end. Gunjan laughed looking at her tired husband. "Already tired? I'll show you how to be a good husband now!" Samrat frowned and followed her.

 After having lunch they were about to leave when suddenly Gunjan realised Samrat wasn't behind her. She noticed he had stopped to talk to some lady but she couldn't see her face as she had her back towards Gunjan. Gunjan walked back to him. It was someone she had met before. It just didn't strike immediately, but when she spoke in her fake accent Gunjan guessed who she was, "Hey Gunjan, how have you been.." "Natasha.. what a surprise..! I am fine..thank you." Natasha ignored her and concentrated on Samrat who was totally not interested. "So, I was saying how about we meet up tonight? I could show you Delhi's nightlife.." she said with a smile. Then she very smartly added, "Ofcourse you and Gunjan both!" Samrat was not sure about that. He didn't really want to go, he'd rather do whatever Gunjan would say. He had always found Natasha very irritating, she was clingy and always kept eying him, he stayed as far away from her as possible and the last thing he needed was Natasha to spoil their honeymoon. Whereas Gunjan thought it would be a nice way of getting revenge from Samrat, but before she could say a word Samrat said, "So sorry Natasha, Today will just not be possible.. We already have plans.. May be some other time?" Natasha seemed disappointed, "Yeah, sure.. right." She didn't say anything more. They said their goodbyes and parted.

On the way back to the Hotel they stood on the metro station waiting for their train. "Why did you tell her no?" Gunjan questioned. "I don't want to go with her! You know how much she irritates me!" He said. "Come on Samrat, she is your dad's friend's daughter, and your childhood friend, it isn't nice to refuse this way.." she said with a very sarcastic smile on her face. "Oh, so why don't you go with her? She is so clingy and dumb!" he said making a face. Gunjan's smile widened. "Why do you dislike her so much?" she asked looking around. "Because she would stick around all day and try and convince my mother to get us married! I didn't like her and I have told her that so many times!" Gunjan burst out laughing at her poor husband.  Suddenly Gunjan's eyes fell on a magazine stand with business magazines. She took some money from Samrat and went to the magazine stand to take some magazines. Samrat stood with all the shopping bags and Gunjan's purse waiting for the train as she squeezed through the crowd to reach the stand. As the train arrived Samrat called Gunjan. She turned around and signalled him to go in and she would be there in a jiffy. Samrat was tired of carrying the bags and looked very stupid with a lady's purse in his hand so he just went in to keep all the things down. Gunjan was so lost in the magazines that she didn't realise that the train had left her. By the time Samrat realised that Gunjan was not coming and the train was starting it was too late. Gunjan nervously moved around the platform looking for the train. She had no idea what she would do. The first thing her instinct told her to do was call, but then she realised that Samrat had her purse and her cell phone was in it. She didn't even have enough money to use a phone booth. She looked around for Samrat wondering if he had come out of the train in time. But he was nowhere. The platform was so crowded that it was difficult to find anyone. Gunjan moved about restlessly. She was a street smart girl but now even she was becoming nervous. No Money, No Cell phone and NO idea where to go! It would take a long time for Samrat to go to the nearest stop and come back. She had to do something. She wasn't used to the India as she had spent much of her life in US where things were much more organised and easier to understand. She felt so vulnerable without Samrat. Her  heart had already begun to palpitate. Somewhere, amongst the hustle and nervousness, she had the faith that he would come back looking for her. She knew he wouldn't leave her alone. She knew even he would be getting restless as he knew she didn't have money or a phone. She tried to calm herself down and found an empty bench to sit. All she could do was sit and wait with the confidence that he would come finding her. But as time passed she became more frightened. He would have obviously realised she was gone right? And he would have to come back! But when? It was almost 4 and there was no sign of Samrat. She just calmed herself down by telling herself that Samrat would come. He wouldn't leave her alone. And she was not wrong. In about 15 minutes she saw Samrat, carrying 5 shopping bags and looking all around the station for his lost wife. Gunjan got up and went to him. Without as much as a word she hugged him tightly. "I knew you would come." She whispered. Samrat too hugged his wife and said, "Where would I go without you?" he said with a sigh of relief. "You were scared?" he asked. "No. Not at all.." she lied. Samrat didnt say anything, he knew she was, it showed in the way she had hugged her. But he didnt mention it. "I was scared!" Samrat accepted. "Ok, even I was, maybe a little bit.. But I knew you would come looking for me!" she said as they took the next train. Samrat simply smiled at her naiveness.

At the hotel both of them were silent. Gunjan kept thinking about Samrat. Their relationship before marriage had been so much fun but since then everything had changed so much. She wondered whether Samrat felt the same or only she was thinking that way. It had just been 2 weeks of marriage and they had already faced so much problem. Usually people face problems from their in-laws but here Gunjan faced problems from her mother's side. This was quite unusual for indian marriage. "What are you thinking about?" Samrat asked sitting next to her. "Naah. Nothing interesting. So what's the plan for today?" she asked. "You told Natasha we had plans right? So, what is it?" "At 5 we are going for sight-seeing. I don't want to leave that for tomorrow since we have our train in the evening. And then we have a date." He said winking at her. "Date?" she asked, "What date? No one asked me out?" "Before marriage you ask your girlfriend out, but after marriage your wife has to go! So no asking" he said grinning. It made her smile. 'Samrat doesn't feel the way I do. It is me then. I have been over thinking so much. I need to let go. Be myself again.' She told herself.

Later in the evening, "Ah, I am so tired.." Samrat said crashing on the bed as they returned to the hotel. "It was so much fun! I didn't know the red fort was so big. I loved it!" Gunjan said still in her chirpy mood. The weather had been pleasant since there was no humidity and it was cool. "I can't go for dinner now. My back hurts!" he moaned. "You have to! We have a date Mr.Shergill!" Gunjan said. Gunjan had a bath and chose a beautiful baby pink dress. It was designed with sequence and it was sleeveless. She did some light make up and wore her stilletos while Samrat still lay in bed. "Its 8!" she said. "Just five minutes." He said sleepily. "I am ready Samrat. Go get ready now! I am hungry!" Samrat got up slowly and turned around. "Wow. You look beautiful.. Everyone will just be staring at you!" he said admiring her. "Everyone?" she asked. "Oh sorry, actually there is a party today in the hotel as its their 25th Anniversary, all the guests are invited. That's the date!" he said. "But I look underdressed for that!" she said, "Why didn't you tell me before!" she looked at her self in the mirror. She had to change now. Samrat walked up to her and said, "Look at you, its not even close to being under dressed. You look gorgeous Gunjan. Relax." "No Samrat. This isn't exactly for parties!" "I love it, now if you want to change, go ahead." He said going into the bathroom to have a bath.

By 8:30 both of them were ready. Gunjan hadn't changed after Samrat had said that he loved her dress. He smiled when he saw she hadnt. They walked hand in hand down to the hall. It was grand. After seeing the arrangements made for this event, Gunjan did feel way under dressed. People wore fancy clothes and suits. Samrat obviously wore a suit so he fitted in, but she didn't exactly do. After seeing the expression on Gunjan's face Samrat realised how awkward she was feeling among the others so he put his hand around her waist in a comforting manner and they walked along. "Are you ok?" he asked. "Yeah, yeah. You like the dress right? That's all that matters!" Everyone around was standing in groups talking. Samrat and Gunjan stood with their drinks talking to each other. "If you want we can leave!" he said. "No, its a nice party.. And I am fine Samrat!" she confirmed. "Hey guys!" Natasha's voice was heard from behind them. "No!" Samrat moaned under his breathe as he turned around to greet her. She hugged him and then side hugged Gunjan. "I thought you had plans!" she said eying the two. "We had to cancel last moment because Samrat was very tired after sight-seeing." Gunjan covered up. Natash was about to say something when the lights were dimmed and the spot light was on a very young and handsome man, the owner of the hotel. He wore a navy blue suit with a black shirt. He was around 6.3 and very fair and looked strong. "It is our honour to have all of you today, I hope you enjoy this evening." He paused. "I would like to request everyone to bring get a partner and bring her to the dance floor, As the song changes, partners will be exchanged. Samrat and Gunjan looked at each other while Natasha made a quick move. "Samrat, dance?" she asked. Poor Samrat had no other option but to say yes. He looked at Gunjan, who smiled a little. Who would she dance with? He unwillingly went onto the dance floor and joined the couples. His eyes were stuck on Gunjan who stood alone along with the people who didn't want to dance. She loved dancing and Samrat knew that. He just couldn't say no to Natasha. It was weird for him to dance with someone apart from his wife.

"Dance?" Someone asked Gunjan. It turned out to be the owner. "Excuse me?" Gunjan said, "do I know you?" Ofcourse she wouldn't dance with some unknown fellow. Samrat's lips twitched as he saw the two talking. The man laughed and said, "Aditya Mehra" he said putting his hand forward. "The owner of the hotel" Gunjan completed for him. "And you are?" he asked. "Gunjan B—Shergill" she stuttered on her surname. "Hi Gunjan, would you please do the honour of dancing with me?" he asked again. She smiled slowly and agreed. "Handsome man!" Natasha said following Samrat's gaze. "My foot!" he said raging with jealousy. "Oh come on, stop eyeing men Samrat!" she said making him look her way. The dance began with a slow song. Aditya slowly placed his hand around Gunjan's waist and took her hand in his free hand. Samrat cursed under his breathe. How could Gunjan dance with some unknown person. "So what do you do?" Aditya asked. "I am into manufacturing." "Oh. All serious work eh?" he said. She smiled slowly and continued the conversation. Meanwhile, even Natasha was trying to flirt with Samrat a little but he was too preoccupied to realise that!

"       Saaze Dil, Chhedo naa, Chup ho kyun.. Gao na..

Aao naaa Aao naa                 Aao naaa Aao naaa   "

"I love your dress!" he said. She smiled slowly, "Even my husband does!" "Husband?" he asked, looking shocked. "Yea, I am married." She said with a smile. "Oh great. And I was thinking I had a chance!" he said with a grin. She laughed a little. Her eyes wandered to meet Samrat's and he frowned. Samrat tried to dance close to gunjan so that he could take her next! "It was great meeting you Gunjan.." Aditya said as the song was about to end. "It was a pleasure dancing with you!" she returned the compliment as she twirled and was obviously and undoubtedly caught by Samrat.


Precap : Gunjan's first train journey!

Hope you liked the update :) Waiting for your reviews!

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Posted: 08 May 2012 at 10:51am | IP Logged
Hey manjari...
Its awesome mindblowing fantastic...
Lovd it to the core
the way samrat carry her shopping bags, gunjan trust him that he wil never leave her alone...his hatred for natasha, his possesivenes for her wife...everything was simply outstanding...
Just lovd it
plz update the nxt part asap
wil b waiting

thanx a tonn for the pm
aashizin IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 May 2012 at 11:20am | IP Logged
manjiii once again amazing upd Clapthank u so much for upd Hugwoww train scene the way i imagined and shared u portrayed same way Hugi LOVED it that scene showing gunjan's side of love may be she is now slowly slowly realizing what samrat meant for her , samrat loves her but gunjan never realized her feelings and that scene truly showed gunjan's side of love the way she didn't change her dress bcz samrat liked it ,it was cute gesture from gunjan owww samrat was jealous seeing gunjan dancing with other guy it was cute lol but loved the way gunjan praised samrat's choice of dress loved it so now she is making herself free to fall in love with him from her heart , natasha part was funny poor samrat now can't wait to for next upd u have to upd fast lol and thanks for pm u rock Hug
Glowing_Star IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 May 2012 at 11:24am | IP Logged
Awesome Blossom Update! <33 Loved it to the core! Aww it was damn cute how Samrat was jealous seeing Gunjan Dancing with Aditiya! Great part.

Can't wait for more! Thanks for PM Hug

Nila Heart

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Posted: 08 May 2012 at 2:27pm | IP Logged
yeah finally you updated this! it was an awesome update i love the way gunjan got worried when she was left on the station but she still knew that samrat would come back for her :) and oh god this natasha is a pain i seriously hate her already can't wait for next part do con't soon

Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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tht is soo awesomee
saduf IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 May 2012 at 10:35pm | IP Logged
wonderful update

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