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*Its A Sajan Love Saga* 2# (Page 95)

..-Ayesshhaa-.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 February 2012 at 4:18am | IP Logged
Awesome update Manjari ! Hug
Samrat is such a sweetheart , he cleared out all Gunjan's confusion ! 
And wow I'm in love with the game Blushing Gunjan is no naughty Wink 
anyways can't wait for their Honeymoon Day Dreaming want a romantic update ok? Embarrassed
Continue Soon
Love <3

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ar_sajan4evr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 February 2012 at 10:14am | IP Logged
edited my rp on pg 93
HealMeForever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 February 2012 at 11:52pm | IP Logged
cute updt!!
fend IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 February 2012 at 9:38am | IP Logged
hey manjiHug
it was awesome update loved itClap
loved sajan scenes loved the way samrat helped gunjan n understood abt her problems Embarrassed
samrat is sooo sweat loved the game sceneLOL
now cannot wait for the next part
cont soon
thanks for the pm
shehreen97 Goldie

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Posted: 08 February 2012 at 12:29am | IP Logged
awesomme one...thx 4 the update
GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 February 2012 at 8:01am | IP Logged
Hey Friends,
 Been Very Busy Lately, because of Obvious Reasons , so couldn't reply to every message like I usually Do.
But I hope you guys are enjoying the update :D

Thank Youu So much for commenting Hug

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 February 2012 at 8:02am | IP Logged

The Next Morning Samrat opened his eyes to find the other half of the bed empty. He got up slowly and looked at the time. 9 am. And yet Gunjan hadn't woken him up! He got up and checked the bathroom, Gunjan wasn't there. "She must be downstairs" he told himself as he went in for a bath. He reached the dining table in time for breakfast. Only two chairs apart from his was empty. Gunjan and Mayank. "Good Morning!" he said sitting down. Everyone greeted him the same. The Four of them sat eating breakfast when Nupur said, "Gunjan left for office with Mayank!" she said informing Samrat. "Yeah, I kind of guessed it.." "Beta, why didn't she tell me that she wanted to go to office when I asked her? Did you ask.." "I don't know.. umm.. papa.. maybe.. she didn't feel like.. or.. forget it, the point is that she wants to go now!" Samrat said. Rajesh looked confused at Samrat's reply, he understood that Samrat didnt want to tell him, and then he didn't bother to ask. They understood each other really well. "Whatever you say, but that girl is much more hardworking than you are atleast!" Rajesh said. Priya defended her son, "Now come on, don't complain, Samrat is pretty hard working too..Everyone can't be like Mayank na!" Samrat smiled and side hugged his mother.

Samrat reached office. He met Mayank on his way in, "I am so glad Gunjan is back, now atleast someone will work except me!" he complained. Samrat frowned at his elder brother and entered his cabin. It was a mess. He had almost 5-6 files on his table and alot of pending paper work. "Well, I guess, everyone isn't totally wrong about me!" he told himself with a sigh. Samrat sat behind his desk and started to settle everything in order. He was so engrossed that he forgot that Gunjan was in office too. Samrat sat there looking from one file to another and to the third and finishing all the paperwork he had left. It was almost 2 when he went to Mayank's office to give in all the files of the past week. That was Samrat's speciality. He was very lazy, but when he actually sat to work his work was very efficient and fast! "Hii" Mayank said, still as energetic as he was in the morning. "Hey.." Samrat said crashing on his chair, totally exhausted. Samrat placed all the 5 files on his desk and said, "Even I work!" Mayank grinned, "If I knew that telling you just this much would make you complete  all your pending work, I would have told you so everyday little brother!" "Actually, my cabin was so messed up so I thought of cleaning it up.." Samrat said. "See Sam, the only thing I wanna tell you is, that you finished something, you couldn't finish the whole week, in just one day, sorry half a day, so imagine how much work you can do if you work this way!" he said. "Bro, my work for today is done, now I am going for lunch.." Samrat said getting up. "Uhn uhn. You finished your pending work, today's file is still left.." he said giving Samrat a file. "This is a long term project. This is your case Samrat, completely. All the best." Mayank said. Samrat sighed and went back. Suddenly he realised that he hadn't seen Gunjan since morning. He entered her cabin to find no one there.

"Samrat!" Gunjan said entering his office. "Let's have lunch?" she said to the person sitting on the chair , facing the wall. "No.." he said. "Have you eaten?" she asked. "Not yet!" he replied. "Then?" Gunjan asked confused. "because he is coming for lunch with me!" Armaan said getting up to finally reveal himself. "Ughh, I should have guessed." She said. "Yes you should have! Anyway, where is Sam?" he asked. "If you've realised, I came here to look for him..remember" "Oh yeah.. so sad he doesn't tell you anything!" "Armaan, where are we going for lunch?" she said ignoring what he just said. "We? Who said you were invited." Armaan said laughing. "I am coming!" Gunjan announced. "No your not!" Armaan replied. "Yes she is!" Samrat said entering his cabin. Gunjan folded her arms on her chest and gave Armaan a *I told you so* look. "But why? I thought you wanted to meet Riddhima, not her!" "Excuse me! I am the reason why Riddhima is here in the first place!" Gunjan said. "Ok fine. Stop reminding me every second!" Armaan said avoiding eye contact. "I will. For the rest of your life!" Gunjan said enjoying his expression. "Fine, you can come.." Armaan said in a casual tone. "Guys, you know, both of you need to stop fighting!" Samrat said exasperated with both of them. "I am hungry, can we please go now!" Samrat said. "When did I stop anyone.." Armaan said moving out of the cabin first. "And Mrs.Shergill, I have missed you so much.." Samrat said holding Gunjan by the waist and pulling her along. Gunjan just smiled at him responding in the same manner. "Where is Riddhima?" Samrat asked looking at Armaan. "She will be reaching directly, she had some work left.." he said looking down. Samrat realised there was something wrong with Armaan. He hadn't even got Riddhima home that day.. As Armaan drove along, Gunjan kept talking to Samrat about work when Armaan commented, "Isse lekar hi nahi aana chahiye tha!" Samrat chuckled while Gunjan carried on totally ignoring what he had just said. She had become used to it now.. "You'll go, I'll park the car and come.." Armaan said. "I'll come with you! Chashmish go sit, we'll be there in a minute" Gunjan nodded and left. "So, tell me, what's wrong?" Samrat asked placing his arm around Armaan's shoulder as they got out of the car after parking. "What?" Armaan asked. "Shut Up ok!" Samrat said. Armaan looked down and then started, "Ok, you caught me." "So tell me?" Samrat asked. "what's wrong between you and Riddhima now?" "Nothing's wrong, its just that, she isn't like the Riddhima I knew. What should I say! She's been acting very peculiar since she came here.. Maybe its because of everything that she's been through but she doesn't tell me anything, and I am tired of guessing what she likes or doesn't like!!" Armaan exclaimed. "You need to give her time Armaan, she needs time to adjust. She has been married to someone else. She will need to time to accept the changes in life.." "I don't know Samrat.." And before they realised they were already inside. "Now forget all that, Riddhima's here, be nice!" Samrat whispered to Armaan.. Gunjan and Riddhima were talking when Armaan interrupted, "Riddhima, this is my best friend, Samrat." Samrat and Riddhima politely exchanged "hi's". "And this is his wife, you already know her.." he said giving Gunjan no importance. "Yes, Gunjan is really nice.." Riddhima said. Armaan coughed. "You should have some water.." Gunjan said picking up a glass for Armaan, grinning at him. "Just ignore them," Samrat told Riddhima, "They don't get along that well..Or they just do that to piss me off!" he said. It was kind of awkward because Gunjan kept talking with Armaan, rather arguing with Armaan, and Samrat and Riddhima just exchanged glances and smiled. They didn't know what to talk about. Armaan was enjoying himself pulling Gunjan's leg while Gunjan enjoyed doing the same. Samrat could see Riddhima becoming uncomfortable so he said, "Armaan.. Chashmish.. please.." he said softly then picking up a certain force, "STOP IT!" Armaan mumbled a sorry and then stopped. "Samrat, why do you call Gunjan Chashmish when she doesn't wear specs.." Riddhima asked changing the topic abruptly. "Oh yeah, I never thought about it, in fact she should call you chashmish!" Armaan said laughing. "Oh please, actually Chashmish used to wear specs when we were in school so that's when it started and now its kind of a habit!" Samrat said. Gunjan just simply added, "Even though I hate it when he calls me that!" "Well, you are the luckiest person on earth, fool." Armaan said , "You have no idea how much this fool cares about you!" he said indicating Samrat. "Armaan, is this a new word you learnt, "FOOL"!" Samrat said. "No, there is a reason. Gunjan is a Fool, because she doesn't realise how lucky she is. And you are a Fool, because you care about HER!" Armaan explained emphasising on the "her", implying Samrat could get someone better. "Ignore him" Samrat told Gunjan, then looking at Riddhima, "You're a doctor too?" he asked. She nodded. Gunjan's phone rang. She excused herself and got up. Samrat tried to sort things out between Armaan and Riddhima. He didn't say anything directly but Armaan could realise where he was getting at. But that's one of the less important part. Now we will see who Gunjan is talking too. "Mom, Its not my fault." She paused to listen to what her mom was telling her. Then argued back, "Mom Samrat told me to.. I .. I dont know.." she was saying. She saw Samrat calling her. "Mom, I am out for lunch with Samrat, I will come home in the in sometime then I will talk, ok?" she told her. "Bye.." she said in a low voice.

"Sorry guys, Mom called." She said as she took her place beside Samrat. Samrat looked at Gunjan questioningly. She didnt say anything then. The rest of the lunch was pretty quiet. Just a little chat about where Samrat was taking Gunjan on honeymoon and how much they would have. Riddhima and Armaan advised them on the places which they should visit, since they were from Delhi. And that brought lunch to an end. Armaan finally dropped Samrat & Gunjan back to their office and left to drop Riddhima. Gunjan turned around to see Samrat looking at her. "What?" she asked. "Waiting for you to tell me what's wrong,.." Samrat said with a sigh. "How do you always know?" she asked flabbergasted. Samrat smiled at her lovingly and said, "Maybe that's what's love?!" Gunjan smiled and then said, "Mom wants me to come over, she is upset. Again." "See, I think I should talk to her. I will make her understand." "I don't know Samrat, I myself feel that maybe she is right.. I ... I shouldn't .." she said looking away. "Hey.." he said cupping her face. "Look, you want to work right?" he asked. She nodded still looking away. "So you will.. Its okay." He said. "But Mom..—"Don't worry about her!" Samrat said. "Let me talk to her.." he said. Gunjan nodded.

Gunjan's Mom opened the door and was slightly taken aback to see Samrat also. She glared at Gunjan for involving Samrat in all this. Samrat ignored her mother-in-law's glares and touched her feet, "Pranam Mummy.." he said. Janvi smiled at him and hugged him. "Andar ao na beta, CK aaj ghar par hi hai.." she said addressing Samrat. "CK..!" Janvi called out to her husband. "Woh, mom, Samrat ko aapse hi—she stopped as Janvi gave her another glare. CK came out to welcome his son-in-law. Samrat couldn't say anything in front of CK since he knew that Janvi wouldn't have told him anything about this. He knew how families were and he understood Janvi's tension also. He sat with CK for sometime while Gunjan went inside with Janvi.

Once Gunjan and Janvi were alone, Janvi said, "Bolo? I am listening.." "Mom, maine aapke saamne hi bola tha na ki mujhe office nahi jaana hai, par aap jaante ho ki mujhe kaam karna kitna pasand hai.. Main kabhi bhi ghar par nahi rahin hun.. Main poore din bore jaungi.." Gunjan tried to make her mom understand. "That's not the point. Tumhe Samrat se shaadi karni thi, aur tumne khud hi kaha tha ki tum office nahi jaogi shaadi ke baad. Gunjan tum samajh kyun nahi rahin, shaadi ke baad tumhe ghar ke kaam seekhne padenge!! Wahi life hai..!" Janvi screamed. "Nahi hota mujhse!" Gunjan said rebeliously. "Nahi aata mujhe! Koshish ki thi!" she argued. "Mom, I can't live this way.." she cried. "Stop it! Aaj sach me lag raha hai ki kaash, kaash, I wouldn't have sent you to US. I wish you would have stayed here. Tab shayad tum aaj aise nahi react karti.. Mujhse hi galati ho gayi.." her mom said, like other typical moms. It wasn't her fault also. She was concerned about her daughters life after marriage and Gunjan's attitude made her worry even more. She knew her daughter very well.. But still she tried hard to convince her until Samrat came in, "Gunjan, Papa bahar wait kar rahe hai, tum unke saath baitho.. main abhi aaya!" he said. Gunjan got up from the bed and left the room. Janvi turned away from Samrat to hide her moist eyes. "Mumma, kya main aapse do minute ke liye baat kar sakta hoon?" he asked. Janvi wiped her tears and turned around, "Haan haan, bolo na beta?" he said. "Aap Gunjan ki mom ho, aapse behtar usse koi nahi jaanta, par itne dino main maine bhi usse jaana hai , usse samjha hai.. isliye keh raha hoon, Gunjan ko kaam karne dijiye.." he said taking a deep breathe. "beta, Mujhe pata hai, par woh yeh jaanti bhi nahi ki shaadi se uski life change hogi hi..! Woh Samajhne ko tayyar hi nahi hai ki usse apna waqt apne ghar ko bhi dena padega!" Janvi complained. "Hmm.. I know mummy, Gunjan is very ambitious, uska nature hi aisa hai ki agar usse ek din ghar par chhod do toh woh bore ho jayegi.. Woh bhabhi jaisi nahi hai, usse ghar ka kaam nahi hota.. par Mumma, I promise, Main gunjan ko sikhaoonga, main usse samjhaoonga ki usse kaise apna time manage karna hai.. I promise ki woh kaam ke saath saath ghar ka bhi dhyaan rakhna seekh jayegi.. par aap usse woh cheez chheen rahe ho jo usse sabse zyada pasand hai.. Jaise agar aapko koi ghar par rehkar kitchen main jaane se mana kar de toh aap poore din kya karoge? Ussi tarah mummy, Gunjan ko kaam se pyaar hai.. or shayad wahi uski life hai.. usse toh yeh baat pata bhi nahi hogi ki shaadi kya hai... par mumma, waqt insaan ko sab sikha deta hai.. woh hamare family main rehkar sab seekh jayegi.. I promise.." Samrat said. Janvi nodded slowly. Samrat was right, at a go taking away Gunjan's work would be wrong. She understood what Samrat wanted to tell her, "are you sure beta? Pakka tum usse yeh sab samjha paoge? Gunjan bohot hi ziddi hai beta, usne kabhi compromise karna nahi sikha.. Usse CK ne sab bolne se pehle hi de diya tha.." "Woh sab seekh jayegii.. Aap befikar rahiye.." he said. Janvi nodded and then finally got up and hugged Samrat again. "Gunjan sach main bohot lucky hai beta.. bohot lucky hai.." she said. Gunjan stood outside hearing everything Samrat told her mom. She was completely shaken up. It was as if she was in a dream world till now and she had finally woken up to meet the new world. She walked slowly to the living room thinking about their conversation. Gunjan was an intelligent girl, she could understand things well. At that moment she was just shocked that Samrat agreed with her mom's complains. Samrat knew all along that what Gunjan's mom said was right.. He just didn't want Gunjan to stop working because he understood that she loved working and that was her life. The only line she kept thinking about was when Samrat said, usse toh yeh bhi nahi pata ki shaadi kya hai.., Really? Did she know what marriage was? Had she tried to understand why did she wear a black chain around her neck? Did she understand any of it.. And since she had just woken up, she knew she did not. She hadn't understood what marriage was all about? Now she sat wondering what love was all about? Suddenly she could hear Samrat's voice, "I think we should leave.." he said. Gunjan got up to leave and she hugged her dad tightly. She had missed him alot, but because her marriage had started off with such a rocky start she had never got time to speak with him properly.

The rest of the day at office was spent just thinking about what marriage actually was. She googled it but obviously did not find her answer. Wish life was so easy, where you could get all your solutions on Google.. but alas, god hadn't made things so easy. Gunjan closed her eyes and sent up a small prayer to god, to make her realise what marriage was. She wanted him to show her what she was into and how she could settle down in her new rocky path in life...


Precap – Sajan Honeymoon.

Waiting For Your Comments

Please Read The Note Below.

Love ,


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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Well, Confused? Let me answer certain questions that may be in your mind.

Q 1 ) What the hell is happening in this FF?

Answer -- Well, I admit I have made some mistakes in writing this FF, but I am trying hard to bring it back on track. At the moment, what I am doing is bringing it back on track. This I should have done before marriage. Shown how difficult it was for Gunjan to change her lifestyle to fit her new family. But I happen to have forgotten all my plans for this FF that time. So I end up doing it now. I promise it will all be back to normal from the next update. Since their distances will lessen as their honeymoon starts. You will see some amazing bonding form in the honeymoon.


Q 2 ) Is this an Armaan-Riddhima & Samrat-Gunjan Combined FF?

Answer -- As the Name says "Its A Sajan Love Saga" (Only!) Riddhima I added just for time pass, but Armaan has a very important role in this FF, So I had to show how his relationship with Samrat & Gunjan develops as time passes. Armaan track will get over once his work is done. Armaan is a very important pivot for this track, hence I am taking my time to enhance their relations. I hope it is now clear.


Q 3 ) Does Gunjan even love Samrat?

Answer -- She doesn't.. YET. [ No Further Info on that.]


That's all that I could think of. If there are any more questions regarding this FF, please feel free to add them to your comments, And I will answer then for you..

Sorry for messing this up.




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