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*Its A Sajan Love Saga* 2# (Page 92)

SwaNia_1 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 February 2012 at 9:57am | IP Logged
lovely part Manji ...cont soon dear n thnx a lot for the PM dear ...

GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 February 2012 at 6:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by monaya_sajan

simply amazing!!!!!!!! loved it a lot!!!!!!!
Thank Youuu :D
GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 February 2012 at 6:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mjhtian94

Thank Youuu! Big smile

Originally posted by preety88

wonderful update
 Thanks A Ton Preety! Hug

Originally posted by saduf

lovely update
 Thank Youu Saduf! Hug

Originally posted by ATTITUDEBABY

nyc 1... just cm across it...
 Thank Youuu! Smile

Originally posted by SwaNia_1

lovely part Manji ...cont soon dear n thnx a lot for the PM dear ...
 Thank Youuu Adeen Hug
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Posted: 03 February 2012 at 6:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by gunurlove

Hey manjari...
i love to read ur all ff and this one is also a Fabulous...loved Sajan alot since starting to end...Embarrassed
and the last update was Too Gud...Finally Sajan got married ..and Gunjan's welcome in her new home was Fantastic...Samrat is so sweet husband no doubt...he had noticed some changes in her after marriage and Poor She...She had fever , that too on her wedding nyt...Ouch.but the way Samrat took care of her and had fetched some food for her was So Lovely...everything was written in so Perfect manners...ClapClap
Overall it was Awesome part but the last section when she decided to stay at home for 2-3 month s after Samrat's love and concern for her was sooo cuteEmbarrassedHeart
plzzz continue very soon Waiting for Sajan honeymoon...
thanks for the pm
 Hey Rija Hug Thank Youu So much! I am so glad you enjoyed the update! Will update the next part soon! 

GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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The next morning, Samrat''s eyes opened as sunshine entered the room through the window. He looked the other side to find it empty of its occupant. "Chashmish?" Samrat called out. No answer. "Chashmish.." he called again. This time Gunjan replied from behind the bathroom door, "What is it Samrat, I am having a bath!!" she said. "Oh ok, if you need help call me!" Samrat said as a small smile played on his lips. "I'll let you know!" Gunjan told him. In 10 minutes Gunjan was out. She woke Samrat up. "Its 8 oclock, get up and have a bath, you have to go to office!" she said as she shook Samrat. "Mmm.." she shuffled in bed. "Up. NOW!" Gunjan said removing the blanket from over him. "Chashmishh.. gimme ma blanget(blanket) bag (back).." he said half asleep.. "No. Get up." She said. Samrat lazily sat up in bed and looked sideways at Gunjan standing with her hands on her hips. "Its 8!" she said. "so? I wake up around 9 usually.." he said. "From now you'll get up at 8!" she said. Samrat groaned a little and then got up from bed to get into the bathroom. "Your clothes are here.." Gunjan said passing it to him. He held her hand instead. "What?" she said. "I need help." He said grinning with his eyes half shut. "Stop it Samrat, don't be foolish." She said. "No, come with me, please.." he said pulling her along. He finally managed to get her in the toilet. "Samrat let me go please.." she said. "No way.." Samrat said pulling her closer to him. "I won't be seeing you all day at office..I need a concession.." "Oh really.." she said carressing his cheeks.. Gunjan leaned in for a kiss. Samrat closed his eyes and pulled her closer but instead of a kiss got a splash of water against his face.  Samrat jumped up and realised that he was still on bed. "I don't think you heard anything I said!" Gunjan said shaking her head. "Such a lazy bug!" she said. Samrat got off from bed and tried to follow his dream, but Gunjan never gave him his clothes. "Where are my clothes?" he asked. "Umm, was I supposed to take it out?" Gunjan asked raising an eyebrow. "No. Its. Its.. ok.." "I am going downstairs, once your done, come down for breakfast!" she said shutting the door behind her. "Huhmm.." Samrat sighed as he went into the bathroom.


Gunjan helped Nupur with the food arrangements, though Gunjan was not a very nice cook but she helped in plating the things nupur made. Something Gunjan loved about Nupur was her simplicity, even though there were many servants at home she loved it when she cooked. She loved hearing those blessings that everyone gave her when she cooked delicious food. But well, Gunjan had other ambitions, she wanted to work. She wasn't in to sit at home all her life and cook. Though she admired Nupur's cooking but never wished to cook like her. "Gunjan, I think we should go shop today.. after all you and Samrat are leaving next week itself.." she said winking.. "Bhabhi.. you know.. umm.. I mean.. Samrat.. didnt tell me .. all this!" she said. Nupur put her hand over her mouth. "Haan?? Shit! Shit! Samrat is going to kill me!" she shrieked. "Don't think about Samrat bhabhi, please tell me where are we going?" she asked. "I can't Gunjan, I promised Sam I wont. Ask him. He may give something out.. though I can give you hints while shopping, as in what kind of clothes to pick!" she winked. Gunjan agreed to go shopping but was still confused why Samrat wasn't telling her the place.


Soon, it was time for them to go to office. Gunjan had repeatedly asked Samrat where they were going, but he hadn't replied. He just said, "You would have known if you would have let me sleep!" he stated smartly. Gunjan sat in the living room in her salwar seeing Samrat and Rajesh go to office, as Mayank already gone to office, and sighed, she wished even she could go. But she still had two months before she could work. Gunjan was suddenly lost in reminiscence of her conversation with Janvi...

"Gunjan, you can't work immediately after marriage, settle down a little first, then start." She had told her. Gunjan hadn't understood that time but argued on the matter for very long.. "Why can't I work mom? I am sure rajesh Uncle won't ,mind if I do.. he knows me and so does Samrat. He knows what I want.." "No Means NO!" her mother had yelled. "Listen Gunjan, its right that you are going into a very close friends family and they are very nice people and will treat you like their own daughter but I have  always had a fear... Listen carefully. If you do anything displeasing in that house, its direct effect will be on CK and Rajesh's friendship. Their old and strong bond with start having loose ends. Its on you to keep this friendship steady, and I don't need to tell you how much your dad loves Rajeshji." her mother had told her. "But mom, how will I affect their friendship?" she argued. "Gunjan, their family is very different from ours, Priya has always given her children certain limits which they never crossed, where as we always gave you complete freedom. I don't disapprove of giving freedom, but you will have to change yourself to adjust in that house, you will have to think about your family before you think about yourself.." Gunjan had always admired their parents' friendship. They had always stood by each other in tough and good times. They may have been from totally different worlds but their lives were now combined and Gunjan knew that what her mother said was right.. She never wanted their friendship to be harmed and if it would be because of her, she would never forgive herself. Gunjan's mom always had this fear in her heart. She didnt want to let anyone else know about this fear, CK himself was unknown to this conversation that took place between a mother and daughter.. but was it wrong? Gunjan often wondered if her mom had over reacted.. she always wondered whether her mom may have been wrong.. but something inside her agreed with her mom. Her mom and told her before marriage that her life would change, she would not only have Samrat's but in a way the whole house's responsibility and that she would have to give equal time to her house as well as her work.. Gunjan shut her eyes and then opened it. That was one side of the story. Gunjan started having second thoughts about the marriage then.. she was scared, she usually named it the "pre-wedding jitters" but more than that it was fear of changing her lifestyle. It was the fear of losing her ambition.  It was like losing herself.. She couldn't share this with anyone and no one knew about this..

"Gunjan.." Samrat called yet again.. "Oh haan.." she said looking up at him. "Are you ok? I have been calling you from so long.. finally when I called you Gunjan you looked up.. disowned the name chashmish or what?" he said with a laugh. "What else Samrat!!" Gunjan said putting aside everything she was thinking about, "I don't even have specs anymore, I used to as a kid, You are the one who has specs!" she said. "But I shall still call you Chashmish, My Chashmish!" he said kissing her on her cheek. "Bye, I'll come back early!" he said as he left. Gunjan smiled at him and watched him leave.

Gunjan went shopping with Nupur in the afternoon, she had gone with Nupur before but it was different, this time she was lost in her own world half the time. The two ladies sat having lunch when Gunjan's phone rang, "Hey!" Samrat said.. "Hi.." Gunjan said. "What happened? You seem so tired!" Samrat asked. "Nothing, was shopping with Bhabhi. We just came to have lunch!" she said. "Wow! Lucky you! Want me to join you..?" he asked. Gunjan's face lit up with a smile and she laughed, "You're mad! You can do anything to leave your work and come chill right?" she said. "Umm.. Maybee.. If I get to spend time with you.." he said. "But we can do that later also na.. Think about Mayank also, he has to handle all the work alone otherwise, even I am not there so—"Exactly Chashmish, why aren't you here.." he said sulking. "We'll talk later Samrat, Go work now, see you at home.." she said. "Hmm.. fine. But when I come home you have to tell me why you can't join office now!!" he stated. "Yeah okay!" "You are very lucky Gunjan.." Nupur said as she kept her phone down. Gunjan raised an eyebrow at the sudden statement. Nupur smiled, "When I got married, Mayank was back to work the very next day.. And when he works, Thats all he can think about!" she said with a sigh. "But Bhabhi, Mayank also loves you alot. Yes, he is very hardworking, but that's a good thing isn't it? You should be happy that you've got such a hard working husband!" Gunjan said defending Mayank, because she was also once like that. Nupur shook her head, "I am not complaining. Mayank loves me alot, and I have no doubt in that.." she said and then paused, then shook her head once again and said, "So, have you been able to guess where you and Samrat are going?" she asked, changing the topic suddenly. Gunjan realised the sudden change in Nupur and thought of asking her what was the problem.. but she decided to talk some other time. "No, no clue." She said. The whole time her mind wasn't there on shopping to realise anything about where they were going. It was as if she had lost herself somewhere else.


It was 6:30 and Gunjan was helping Nupur make dinner for the first time. She was cutting vegetables at an extraordinarily slow pace, making sure she wouldn't cut herself. *Chop. Chop. Chop* Samrat came slowly from the back and hugged her. She shrieked in a low voice. "Samrat!" Gunjan said. He held her by the waist and turned her round. She looked irritated. "Agar mera hath kat jata toh?" she said irratably. "Nahi kat ta." He said with a grin on his face. Gunjan looked up at him listening to his answer. "Ab yeh sab chhodo, aur chalo mere sang!" he said holding her hand and pulling her out of the kitchen. Gunjan followed him without any complaint, cooking wasn't her favourite thing to do. Samrat shut the door behind him and made Gunjan sit on the bed. Then he sat by her and made her turn towards him. "Hmm, so what's the problem?" he asked. Gunjan's eyes shot up to meet his, "huh? What?" she asked trying to fake confusion on her face. " You really think you can fool me Gunjan, I have been noticing since past few days, your just not yourself. What's wrong? Whenever I try to come close you move away. Whenever I look at you, its as if I am seeing someone else. You aren't the girl I loved.. I don't even know if you love me.. You're behaving as if—"Shh..shh" Gunjan stopped samrat who was speaking so fast that half the things he was saying wasn't understood by himself either. Gunjan's got up from the bed, "So that's why you pulled me here, Oh God Samrat! Its just that I am newly married and—"Stop it Gunjan!" he cut her in between, getting up from the bed himself. "How much will you lie!" he said. He held her by the shoulder and said, "Tell me Gunjan, you know you can tell me anything, what happened that made you change so much in just 3 days? What happened that you don't even want to come to office.. Did I do something wrong?" he asked. Gunjan almost had tears in her eyes now. She felt as though she was breaking.. Gunjan hugged Samrat tightly and started to sob. "I love youu.." she said, "And you dare say that I don't love you and all that!" she said hitting him on his arm. "So why can't you tell me what's happened?" "I.. I.. don't know.. Its..just that.. its.. very difficult for me to actually sit at home and do nothing! That is not me! I can't sit at home and spend my time waiting for you to come back!! I have no interest in cooking and I hate shopping to kill time!!!" she said, her crying increasing. "So whose told you to do any of those? Did .. did mom tell you .. anything.. anything of that sort that day? Dad even asked you if you wanted to come to office! You said no! Why Gunjan? You don't have to cook if you don't like it! You don't have to do anything that you don't like!!" Samrat told her not understanding the sudden reason of her breakdown. Gunjan was a strong girl, and there surely had to be a good reason for her to break down this way! He thought. "No Samrat, Mummy didn't tell me anything. But well, mom.. mom told me that..." Gunjan told Samrat her entire conversation with Janvi. She also told him that she had tried so hard to think about something else all these days but she couldn't. She went for shopping with Nupur, but everytime she thought that this was going to be her everyday life, she would shudder. Samrat was stunned at what he heard. He never thought of anything of that sort. "Chashmish, you don't need to change just to fit in! Dad knows how you are and he has seen you all these years and so has mom. I really don't know how mummy thought that you need to change or anything! She knows our family.. still?" he said looking amazed. "No Samrat, its not that. What mom said is right in a way, maybe mummy (Samrat's mom) doesn't say anything, but everyone would want their daughter-in-law to change as per their house, she isn't wrong na!" Gunjan said. "She is! If mom thinks that way then she is wrong! You have a life Gunjan, you can't change your goals just because your married. I didn't change after marriage, So why should you?" he said, not even wanting to understand what Gunjan was saying. Gunjan smiled, "Its different in your case Samrat..!" she said softly. "It doesn't have to be Gunjan." He replied. Gunjan looked down wondering if she did the right thing telling him any of this.. "And I am very hurt that you didn't tell me any of this before marriage!" he said as he walked out of the room. Gunjan watched him go and even tried to stop him but he wouldn't wait. Gunjan sat on her bed thinking about everything Samrat just told her.. According to Gunjan, Samrat was right too.. But again, her mom wasn't wrong. *Sigh* her life had suddenly become so messed up. She just thought of forgetting about it, now Samrat knew everything and she just needed to chill. As she left the room she saw Samrat talking to Rajesh. 'Is he telling him what I told him? No Samrat, please don't do that. That will definately affect their friendship.' She told herself. She suddenly regretted telling Samrat everything. These things are not told just like that. Gunjan just stared at her husband. She stood there watching him as he came up the stairs. He stopped before her and said, "Don't worry, I didn't and wouldn't tell dad anything about this." Gunjan relaxed a little after hearing him. Before going he also added, "From tomorrow you better come with me to office, get it?" Before Gunjan could say a word of thank you or anything he went inside. Gunjan realised how much he would be hurt. She knew Samrat cared about her alot and would do anything for her, but she didn't tell him any of this. What was she thinking? She felt so stupid! Nupur was right after all, she was very very lucky. Gunjan went into the room behind him. "Samrat.." she said putting an arm on his shoulder. He turned around and found Gunjan holding both her ears and looking at him with moist eyes. For a minute he looked at her and then suddenly *flash* and he took a picture! Then grinned. Gunjan was confused at first and then asked, "What was that?" "You were looking so adorable that I couldn't stop myself." He said laughing and soon Gunjan joined in and the room which was full of saddness a few minutes ago was full of laughter.



"Bhabhi, ab toh Khana kha lo.." Gunjan said looking at the watch. It was 10:30. "Arrey Gunjan, Mujhe aadat hai late khaane ki, bas mayank aa jaye, phir khaa loongi!" she said. "Tum roz Mayank ka wait karti ho?" she asked unbelievably. "Haan! Uske saath hi baithkar khaati hoon!" she said. Gunjan's phone buzzed the third time. COME UP! Read the text message. "Gunjan, tumhe jana chahiye! Samrat upar wait kar raha hoga!" Nupur giggled. "Aur please meri chinta mat kar. Mayank aata hi hoga!" Gunjan wished Nupur goodnight and then went upstairs to a husband desperately waiting for her. She smiled to herself as she thought about Samrat. He was the best. Itni aasani se usne meri problems khatam kar di.. "What?" she said entered the room. Samrat instantly pinned her to the wall and whispered. "Kitna wait karvati ho.. kab se bula raha hoon." "Main bhabhi ke saath neeche baithi thi na.." she said. "Sabke liye time hai, bas mere liye koi time nahi hai.." he complained. "Pehle batao hum honeymoon par kaha ja rahe hai?" she asked. "Umm.. not so easy Mrs.Shergill, abhi toh mujhe apni purani chashmish wapis mili hai.. the smart, the hot and the se—"Samraaat!" Gunjan said blushing. "Haaye.. Ok I have an idea. Lets play a game!" he said grinning at her. "Game? Why am I having a feeling that you have something totally different up your sleeve.!" Gunjan said suspiciously. "No.. I promise I will just play the game!" he said taking one step closer. Gunjan had no place to move back as the wall was behind her but she could sure sense some mischeif in her husband's eyes. But she was ready. "bring it on" she said. "Ok, you have to guess where we are going for our honeymoon.. If you guess correctly, I will tell you and you'll come to know, Thats what you want.." he said and then paused. Gunjan was about to start when he said, "BUT.." he said, "I get to kiss you everytime you give me a wrong answer.." he said raising his eyebrows. "Aha! I knew there was more, but Mr. Smart, let me tell you I am smarter. Won't give you many turns!" she winked. And hence began the game. "Switzerland.." she said, that would be anyone's first guess. Samrat leaned in and kissed her on her cheek.. "Ummm, US?" she asked. Samrat shook his head and brushed his lips down her neck. "Give me a hint.. please!!" Gunjan said. "No.. I am enjoying this game!" he said. "Austrail— But before she could finish it Samrats lips were brushing against hers and her eyes shut and her hands clutched his shirt. His hands were firm around her waist and she surrendered herself slowly to his strong arms. It was as if, she would melt in his arms and then finally flow away... His breathe was hot against her face and slowly they broke the kiss. "You were wrong.." he whispered still close to her. "Ok I lose. Game over!" she said trying too move. "A..a.. a.." Samrat said shaking his head, "Game isn't over Gunjan.. I never said when it would be over.." Gunjan folded her arms on her chest thinking of something. "But how do I know when your saying the truth?" she asked. "I'll show you the tickets.." he said. "Fine." She said. Gunjan stood there thinking. She looked at Samrat from the corner of her eyes and saw him get restless. "You can relax, I can bet I won't give you another chance!" "And I can bet you will never guess!" he said. "Some where in India.." she said smiling a little. Samrat narrowed his eyes. "Yes.." he said. "Umm.. Maybe we'll be going to Delhi, and then Agra and then from there to Haridwar and then to Shilong.." she said a small smile forming on her face. Samrat's mouth opened and the shut again as he couldn't find any words.. "You knew!" he said in awe. "Told you I was smarter.." she said winking. She freed herself from his grip and went and sat on the bed. "But how?" he asked. "Papa told me, I just had to plead him a little and then after dinner he ended up telling me!" she admitted. "You.." he stopped. "And you still let me.." he said. He sat next to Gunjan on the bed and whispered, "I would have kissed you even if you'd told me to, you didnt need to agree to the game!" he said smiling at her. Finally he was relaxed. He had got her smiling, chirpy and happy Chashmish back. Gunjan put her head on his shoulder, " I promise I will never hide anything from you.." she said. "You better not!" he saidplacing his arms around her. "Thank Youu Samrat.. Thank you very much." She said. "For what?" he said. "For not wanting me to change my lifestyle, for understanding what I want and for –-"Oh god.. Chashmish, its okay. You don't need to thank me for all this! I love you, and I love you for what you are and I find the Gunjan who stays and home and cooks very boring!" he said grinning. Gunjan chuckled along with Samrat and they went to bed.




Hey Guys, I have gone way off track. I know I have made some serious errors with this FF. But I am genuinely trying to get this FF back on track. There were some very important elements missing in the previous updates and I am trying to improve.

Long breaks between updates of this FF is the reason I forget what's actually happened and what's supposed to happen. Anyway, Hope you enjoyed this Update.


Coming Up Shortly : Samrat and Gunjan plan a date. Samrat talks to Gunjan's Mom. SaJan Honeymoon.



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sooo sweet
lovely part
really nice Smile
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wonderful update manjari, just loved it to the core
Do continue soon
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fantastic and sweet update

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