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*Its A Sajan Love Saga* 2# (Page 9)

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edited page2

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Originally posted by nishi_sajan

Originally posted by SajanRox11

Originally posted by nishi_sajan

Its ok take ur time! Big smile
Thanks!Big smileWink Will update fastWinkLOL

U better! U remember the deal right? LOL
Nope!LOL Do you remeber your promises.. Havent even edited your comments yet!Tongue
arushi_130989 IF-Rockerz

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i really love ur story it is vey nicely written but plz update it soon and send me pm when u update ur story .i think ur born storywritter. Smile

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 February 2011 at 2:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by suruchi1309

i really love ur story it is vey nicely written but plz update it soon and send me pm when u update ur story .i think ur born storywritter. Smile
Hii Suruchi! Thanks alot for the compliments! Will updt as sooon as possible!
GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 12:15am | IP Logged
Hey Guys,
Im really sorry for such a late update ...
But I have been extremely busy and confused about the updates!
Finally I have written this part..
Please tell me how it is!
Thanks you,
The Next Day,

Gunjan lay in bed and stared at the ceiling.. she had woken up at 6.. she just didn't want to get up and go down. She was just lost in Samrat's thoughts.. rather dreams of last night. Samrat had made such a nice effort to make everything perfect.. It still seemed like a dream.. her fingers felt heavy with the ring on them.. She looked at her ring and smiled.. She was very happy but her happiness was mixed with nervousness.. She was feeling very nervous as today they had decided to tell everyone about their relationship.. Gunjan was quite positive about their reaction.. she was sure they would be overjoyed and would get them married soon.. gunjan was almost 26.

Meanwhile, at the shergill's the busiest person was Nupur.. She was preparing for lunch.. everyone was going to come over and today was new years so it was a special day also. She had to run all the way up to Samrats room to wake him up! It was 9 for god sake. Mayank was already dressed and working on his laptop. Nupur and Mayank had an amazing evening at their friends house.

She went and shook her brother-in-law who was grinning in his sleep!

Samrat's POV:

I was with Armaan in a nightclub and there were girls dancing around us.. I could get why we were all here.. then I saw Mayank , dad & Ck uncle too.. What were they doing here? And then dad announced that it was MY .. MY bachelors party.. I blushed in my sleep and then somebody shook me hard.. WHAT!

"uhhmmm" I said irritated..

Someone was saying something after my noise.. I didn't exactly get what.. but then the person spanked me on my arm and My eyes opened slightly to see bhabhi sitting in front of me..  

"Happy New Year, Bhabhi!" I said smiling.. in my sleep.

"Happy new year samrat! Ab PLZ get up!"she said pleading him to get up!

"Hmm.. just give me 5 minutes.."

"Yeah yeah! I know this trick.. ill go out and then  you will sleep again!"

"Uhghh.. today's new years.. lemme sleep!"

"But Samrat—

"You go ill get up.." I tried to convince her..

"Ok.. get up fast.. I have a lot of preparations to do.."

Bhabhi knew I wouldn't get up but still she left.. HaH! I slept peacefully again!

But not for long.. I was disturbed by Mom..

"Samraaat beta uth ja! Sab niche nashta kar rahe hai!" she said in her sweet voice caressing my face..

I held her hand and slept.. She shook me once more..

"uth jao na.." she said again.

"Mom ill get up.. aap jao!" I rebelled..

"uff! Tumse baat karke koi phayda nahi! Tu kisiki baat nahi sunega.. ghar main mehmaan aane waale hai! Do you have any idea.?"

"Mom.. what should I do.. anyway.. happy new year!" I said still half asleep.. I wanted SLEEP! Last night I hate such a tough time sleeping.. gunjan kept haunting me in my dreams and everytime and went ahead to kiss her my dream would break and I would sit up in bed wishing it was true!

Mom also gave up and left my room.. Finally I would get some sleep now and I didn't realise when I was fast asleep once more!


Bhushan's reached the Shergill's house at 11. Nupur opened the door with a warm smile.. everyone was waiting for them only.. Gunjan wished everyone Happy New Year and touched uncle aunty's feet! She sat down with everyone as her heart became to thud louder.. she was still wearing the ring. No one had noticed it yet! She was never carried away with her emotions but … god knows why.. this time she had no control over them. Everything around her seemed to be so extraordinary. Today she complimented her dad that he looked THIN! And told her mom that she looked very young! Her excitement and nervousness had no limits.. She was lost in her thoughts when Samrat's Dad said..

"Nupur jao samrat ko bula lao!"

His name got gunjan back to the real world and she started looking around.. her eyes with looking for him.. She wished he would be the first to tell everyone. She wanted to tell everyone that day itself when samrat had confessed his love for her. She had kept quiet for Samrats sake..!

Nupur looked at gunjan and smiled at her..

"Gunjan can you please go call him.. ill check on the food!"

"Yeah sure!" Gunjan said before anyone else could say anything.. Nupur winked at gunjan and went to the kitchen smiling. Gunjan was confused about the wink?! Samrat had told her not to tell anyone.. had he gone and told Nupur about this? He loved Nupur a lot but then why didn't Nupur tell her anything! What would she tell her?! Oh god! Gunjan was confused.. she just  pushed all thoughts out and went up the stairs and even forgetting to knock she entered his room.. Seeing samrat sleep gunjan blushed first and then controlling her emotions she went towards his bed..

"Samrat.." "Samraaat" she whispered.. she didn't know how to call him.. how to wake him up? Should she just go and tell everyone he was asleep.. She went closer..

She stood beside his bed and stared at his innocent face, eyes shut and looking so cute! She thought of going down and letting him sleep. But, to her surprise, as she turned around samrat held her wrist tightly.. and pulled her closer.. Gunjan sat on the bed.. she looked at him.. his eyes still shut..

"Where are you going?" he said in his sleepy voice..

"Down.." she said.. keeping her voice firm and normal.. not letting the nervous gunjan break through..

"Why.. don't you want to sit next to me?" he took her hand to his face and put it against his cheeks. She looked at him with love, and tried to take her hands out.. but he didn't leave it..

"Samrat.. please leave my hand.." gunjan requested. "No . sit next to me!" Samrat insisted.. "See I am sitting here.. please leave my hand.." gunjan said again.. she was already nervous and now samrat was flirting with her shirtless and half asleep. She had no idea what to say! She just sat still next to him.. he left her hand. She was surprised.. "thank—

But before she could finish he put his arms around her waist and put his head on her lap.. she was horrified at first and then just stared at him.. she had no idea what to do.. she just looked at him and her hands went to his hair and she entwined her fingers in his hair. His face was against her stomach and she sat as still as she could..

"Samrat.." she said trying to keep her voice firm.. "hmm.." samrat said..

"Please get up.. everyone is waiting for us!" gunjan said looking at him.

Samrat didn't reply.. he just pulled his hands back and his head was back on the pillow! And he shut his eyes again.

"Samrat! Plz ! Utho! Mujhe Gussa Mat Dilao!" Gunjan said standing up!

Samrat started to chuckle.. "Tumhe gussa bhi aata hai!"

And before he could say another word he was all wet! Gunjan had just poured an entire jug of water on his head!

Samrat sprang up in bed and looked at her irritated..

"Chashmish.." he sulked.. and then got up slowly..

"Sorry! I didn't have any other option", she said smiling apologetically at him.. he shook his head in disbelief and went into the bathroom.

Gunjan smiled and thought of going down.. As she left the room she saw Mayank standing at the door.. he was laughing.. first she was shocked.. 'Mayank didn't know about their relationship! Or did he? He must have guessed.. how? Whatever.. as it is they were going to tell everyone!' she thought.. She went to him and asked him why was he giggling..

"I didn't know you were the shy one?!" Mayank whispered..

Gunjan looked confused but didn't say anything..

"You had the guts to write such an entertaining love letter but—

He bit his lip.. shit! Gunjan shouldn't know he had read the letter.. But gunjan caught him..

"What? You.. you read that letter?" Gunjan said shocked..

"Yeah.. no.. I mean.. I shouldn't—

"yes Mayank! You shouldn't have!" gunjan said flaring in anger.. "How could you even thing of doing so? It was ONLY meant for samrat!"

Mayank was embarrassed.. He knew gunjan wasn't a very open person.. she wouldn't go around telling everyone about herself and what she felt.. He was guilty but that time he was just curious!

"Im sorry.. gunjan.." Mayank said!

"No Wonder Nupur asked me to go wake samrat up!! She knew everything right?"

"No No.. I didn't tell her what was written in the letter. I don't know how she came to know! Maybe samrat.. but I havent told anyone!"

"But why Mayank? Why did you read it in the first place? It was supposed to be personal! NEVER do that again!" Gunjan was burning with anger and she just gave him another angry glance and went down without even listening to what he wanted to say.

Mayank felt very guilty.. he never thought it would be so serious for gunjan.. but she was right.. it was personal. They were just friends, he shouldn't have read it..

He too followed after gunjan. Everyone were sitting and talking randomly about their evening.. Samrat came down with a long face only to announce..

"Dad, Bhai, I will have to go to Dubai Tomorrow early morning! The Mehta's want the deal to be signed as fast as possible!"

This was a very important business deal for them.. It was their first one with the Mehta's, which was a multinational company. Samrat had worked very hard on their project.

Rajesh was very happy. This was good news!

"Wao! Good Job Samrat.. Come join us son!" Said Rajesh proudly..

"Haan bete.. we are proud of you!" CK added..

Samrat went and sat next to gunjan and stared at her… her smile had faded. He put his hand softly on hers and gunjans eyes shot up and looked his way.. Mayank caught this but remained quiet. Nupur came and joined them..

"We will tell everyone once I am back.." samrat whispered to her.

She nodded slightly..

Gunjans feelings were very vague.. she didn't realized what happened to her? She felt her stomach stiffen and she felt depressed and sad. Why? She did not understand. Everything was normal.. Samrat was just going for 3-4 days. That was no big deal right? Everything was ok.. She tried to console herself but her heart was crying. It didn't want to part with samrat. Gunjan was too used to samrat.. But gunjan was strong.. she was independent. She was never one of those emotional people. She tried to control her emotions and was very much successful also..

"Jana Zaroori hai?" she whispered back at him in a soft but firm voice..

"Aww.. Chashmish Its Very Important and you know that!"

Gunjan nodded once more.. "yes.. I have seen you working for this project!"

Sm – Kal raat maza aaya tumlogo ko?

Gunjan and samrat jumped in their places.

S – Haan mom! Yesterday was very special!

G – Aaplogo ne kal kya kiya?

Gunjan thought of diverting her mind to something else.

Sd – Even we had a blast!

Gd – Yeah completely, we four stayed home and had so much fun!

Gm – Oh please, jhooth mat bolo.. tum dono mazaa kar rahe the, who stupid sa cricket match dekhkar!

Sd – Bhabhi.. ab aap toh aise mat boliye!

Sm – Use kya bol rahe ho! Theek keh rahi hai woh!

M – Guys! (Mayank gave an irritated glare to them!)

Everytime they ended up having an argument as if they were kids again!

Gd – Achha achha kuchh aur baat karte hai!

N – So uncle, mujhe lagta hai aapko aunty ko cruise par lekar jana chahiye.!

Nupur said excitedly.

Gd – Abhi nahi beta.. Gunjan ki ek baar shaadi ho jaye.. phir world cruise par le jaunga!

Gm blushed looking at her husband.. while gunjan and samrat stared at each other!

Sm- haan bhai sahab, ab gunjan ki umar ho gayi hai shaadi layak!

Gm- Bas ab ek achha sa larka dekhkar uski shaadi karva hi denge! Kyun gunjan?

G looked shocked.. how did the topic suddenly come to her marriage..

G- Mom, dad, whatever you'll want!

She tried to look disinterested.. Only samrat saw how panicky she got!

Sd – now that's the first girl im seeing who is soooo NOT interested in her own wedding!

G – I prefer leaving all this on them only!

Samrat smiled to himself..

Everyone went for lunch.. They enjoyed lunch and then the elders were sitting and talking while Nupur Mayank Sam and gunjan went to Samrat's room..

Nupur went to do his packing.. Gunjan went to spend sometime with samrat and Mayank went just because he had nothing else to do…

In the room,

Nupur took out clothes for samrat while they all sat on Samrats bed..

Mayank didn't feel like talking anymore after what happened between him and gunjan near the staircase. He didn't want to discuss.. and so he just kept quiet and started fiddling with his mobile..

Gunjan didn't say anything either.. she just kept thinking about WHY.. why did she feel so sad? Why did it feel as if her heart was unhappy about something.. Was it because samrat was leaving? Her eyes had tears but she still controlled and acted strong..

Samrat stared at her reading her eyes and seeing the tears in them.. as Mayank and Nupur were here he didn't say anything.

N – Guys.. tumlog itne chup chap kyun baithe ho? Kuchh toh baate karo! Yeh kya hai?

S – bhabhi.. lagta hai in dono ko baat karne ka mood nahi hai!

M – aisi baat nahi hai! Chill Sam..

N – So gunjan.. tum samrat ko bohot miss karogii..

Gunjan looked up at Nupur.. she glared at samrat..

S – Oops.. maine sirf bhabhi ko bataya! Aur kissi ko nahi..!!

M – See.. I didn't tell Nupur!

N & S together – Tumhe pata tha??!!??!! Both looked at Mayank shocked.

S – Bhabhi.. maine mana kiya tha—

N – maine nahi bataya!

G – Mayank ne mera letter padha!

Gunjan said plainly..

S – Bhai??!!

M – I already said sorry for that na.. Wont do it again! I promise!

Gunjan smiled at Mayank understandingly.. and samrat grumbled some words..

N – gunjan waise tumne mere question ka ans nahi diya?

G – Haan.. karoongii..

Samrat and gunjan looked at each other.. They had an eye lock.. no one looked elsewhere and were lost in each others eyes..

"Main bhi tumhe bohot miss karunga chashmish!" samrat said without realizing even! They had even forgotten how to blink.. Nupur and Mayank thought they should give them a little private time so they left the room quietly..

Gunjan tightly hugged samrat.. She didn't know what happened to her.. it was just so sudden that she hadn't got time to think over it! Samrat put his arms around her and hugged her tightly trying to comfort her.. He knew she didn't show her tears but she was very disturbed by his leaving so suddenly..

"Chashmish.. what's wrong? Why are you so sad?"

Gunjan said nothing she just clutched onto Samrats shirt and held him tight against her..

"I know you must be feeling bad as im leaving so suddenly.. but im just going for 4 days gunjan.. Its ok! Ill be back soon..hmm.."

"Yeah.. I know.."  she said finally breaking the hug..

Samrat smiled at her..

"And when I come back I can tell everyone. That how much I love you.." he said leaning over towards gunjan..

Gunjan grinned and said..

"I will wait for that day!"

They both sat down on the bed..Gunjan & Samrat talked a lot about when samrat would come back and how would they ever be able to tell everyone. And from that they moved on to the topic they discussed over lunch and they cherished the moments they spent in the office and in lonavala..

They could go on staring at each other for ages..

S – Why don't you come with me?

G – No samrat..How will Mayank manage it alone! That's not fair on him..

S – Yeah.. but Im really going to miss you! Staying away from you isn't a very easy task.. last time I tried it. I had to control so much.. every 5 minutes I used to pick up the phone to talk you and then I kept it down again..

G – but main har jagah tumhare saath toh nahi ja sakti na..

S – why not?

G – Samraaat! Ab chalo.. niche chalte hai..

S – Kyun mere saath thodi der akele nahi rehna chahti

Gunjan looked at the floor as samrat stepped closer to her. Samrat held her chin and lifted it.. She looked into his eyes and he did the same. They both could just get lost in each others eyes. Gunjan came to know how samrat felt by exploring Samrats eyes. And samrat just look at his innocent chashmish who was sad just because he was going out of town for a few days. He smiled looking at her.

G – I will be waiting for you to come back..

She said very softly as they were very close.

S – abhi tak main gaya bhi nahi aur tum wapas aane ki baat kar rahi ho! Aur main abhi nahi kal ja raha hoon!

Gunjan blushed at her stupidness.

Suddenly there was a knock on their door.

M – Can I come in?

Samrat and Gunjan looked at the door irritated..

S – Bhai..!!

Mayank and Nupur came in..

N – tumlog sab ko bata kyun nahi dete?

G – Nupur.. we were going to do that, but jab samrat wapas ayega tab!

M – par kyun? Abhi sablog hai.. agar tum nahi bata sakte toh main—

S – nahi bhai.. we will tell them once im back!

Gunjan nodded agreeing..


Later that evening the Bhushan's left and samrat and gunjan parted.. Samrat was leaving early morning so they wouldn't be able to meet after this!

Gunjan gave a quick 'FRIENDLY' hug to samrat in front of everyone saying bye! And whispering 'I love you' in his ears.. samrat smiled and hugged her too!

The night went past quickly as not much happened.. They were all resting in their rooms and gunjan was doing some paperwork in her room and time flew by and even before she realized it was time to sleep!

…………. Next Morning…………

It was 6 am and gunjan was fast asleep when her cell phone started ringing.. she was annoyed and woke up moaning and picked up the phone..

"Hellooo" she said in a sulky voice..

"Hi chashmish. Main airport par hoon! Sorry to wake you up!" he said in a happy, delighted voice!

Gunjan sat up in bed to talk to him..

"Oh.. so kyun phone kiya?" she asked..

"Chashmish!! Im going now.. Tumhe bye kehna tha..!"

"Ohh.. achha.. BYE!" she said.

"Tumhe mujhe baat nahi karni?"

"Samrat.. I was sleeping! Kal late tak paper work kar rahi thi!"

"Uff.. tumhe har pal sirf kaam soojhta hai na! mere baare main nahi sochti na!"

"Samrat.. ho gaya?"

"Chashmish.. baat karo na! Im going to miss you. Pata nahi waha par kab baat ho payegi!"

"KYUN??" she thought they would talk there also!

"arrey mere kitne meetings hai.. kaam main busy rahoonga!"

"Ok. Par raat ko toh baat kar sakte hai!"

"yeah! Sure.."

"Achha ab main phone rakh rahin hoon! Bye!"

"Ok bye! Love you!"

"Love you too.. Muuwah!" she kissed the phone..


And the phone was cut!



G – Samraaat!!!

S – Gunjan don't believe her!!

G – who was she???

S – My ex-girlfriend.. but what she said.. IS NOT TRUE!

G – SAMRAAT! Im gonna KILL you!


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SwaNia_2 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 12:31am | IP Logged
Shocked  Samrat ki ex-girlfriend?????????? Please do update soon............

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agreatperhaps IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 12:41am | IP Logged
Samrat going to Dubai?
Poor Gunjan!!
Samrat's ex-girlfriend.
Eager to read the next part..
Update soon!!!!!

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_Arushi_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 12:42am | IP Logged
awesome update!!
but samrat's ex girlfriend??
really want to know!!
do continue soon!

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