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*Its A Sajan Love Saga* 2# (Page 87)

GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 January 2012 at 12:08am | IP Logged
Hey Guys!
I am Back!

Thank You So Much for all your lovely comments Hug I promise I will reply to each one from the next update. (That is Coming Up Tonight! )


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ar_sajan4evr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 January 2012 at 2:52am | IP Logged
@manjari- i nvr knew u were dis
GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 January 2012 at 4:20am | IP Logged
@ Richa - Planning to update fast now since I have time! :)

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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With her first steps into the house, she held in her heart many emotions which was overwhelming and it was very difficult to control. She was greeted with open hands at her new home and whenever she looked by her side he was always there. He had a big smile playing on his lips as they walked through the people greeting them and finally into a room where silent was persistent. Samrat shut the door behind him and Gunjan sat down on the bed and sighed. She was very exhausted. She put her face in her hands and tried to calm the overwhelming fire in her stomach. She was very hungry, but what would she say? It was almost 3 and she knew that everyone must be sleepy, at this time who would get her food. She decided to just skip dinner today, and eat tomorrow. Samrat sat down beside her.

 "Tired?" he said looking at her. Gunjan sat up and looked at him and nodded. "You should go change, you look sleep deprived." He said, a smile still playing on his lips. Gunjan could make out that Samrat was very very happy with this wedding, he had always been more enthusiastic about this marriage. Gunjan gave him a weak smile and then got up and recognising her suitcase, opened it to take out her night suit. Then she stood in front of the mirror opening her "Mangtika" so that she cold take of the pallu from her head. She opened her neatly tied bun and her straight hair fell to her shoulders. She was about to open her necklace or I should say necklaces when Samrat started opening it for her saying, "Let me help you" His breathe was warm against her neck while samrat's hands were cold against her back. He opened her necklace carefully. "I love you" he whispered in her ears as he kept the necklace on the table. Gunjan looked down as her cheeks turned redder than it was. He then opened her earrings and now finally turned Gunjan round towards himself. "You look gorgeous" he said pulling her closer. Her body was warm and Samrat could just melt into it. Suddenly he realised that she was almost drooping & Then he realised why her body was so warm, "Chashmish, you have fever?" he said abruptly. "Umm, no.. no.. I am.. fine.. I am just very tired." she said going towards the bathroom. "Oh Shit! You had a fast today right? I should go get you some food! I am never going to let you fast again!" he said. "No Samrat, its okay. Everyone is tired and I know you're going to ask Nup- bhabhi to make something for me. Leave it." She said. Gunjan went into the bathroom. She felt weak and ill. She opened the bathroom door once she was done to find Samrat standing with a plate full of food.

"Samrat!" she said shaking her head in disbelief. "Maine bhabhi ko nahi uthaya!" he said defending himself. "She had made it for you from before, she just came up and gave it. She knew you would be starving." He said smiling at her. He made Gunjan sit down next to him and then fed her. Samrat looked at her as she chewed on the food. He just kept looking. There was something in Gunjan which had changed. There was some part of her which was hidden under the very-outgoing-gorgeous-confident Gunjan. Samrat could see it suddenly. There was something more to her than just what she put on. "Samrat??" Gunjan said breaking his train of thoughts. "You're done?" he asked. Gunjan raised an eyebrow. "I had 3 puris. Have you ever seen anybody eat more than THAT?" she asked. Samrat laughed. "Here take a crocin. Your fever will come down." he said. "Samrat I am fine.. totally. I don't need medicine." She said. "Shh. Here. Just have it!" he said. Gunjan listened to what her "husband" told her to do. Samrat forced Gunjan to lie down while he changed. Samrat came back wearing a pair of boxers and a shirt. "Ew! Can't you wear pants and sleep?" Gunjan said. "No.. these are very comfortable." He said as he got inside the blanket. "So, now your Mrs.Samrat Shergill! How do you feel.." he asked. "Sleepy.." she replied. Samrat laughed again. He held her hand under the blanket and turned to face her. It was a little awkward, but their closeness didnt let awkwardness penetrate. "Chashmish. You're ok right?" he asked. Gunjan nodded. "You look depressed, Thats why I asked." He said. "No, I am fine. Just tired." "By the way, what you did for Armaan, was.. was.. remarkable.. how come I never thought of doing that?" he said twitching his mouth. Gunjan let out a weak laugh and then turned over to rest her head on Samrat's arm. Samrat cuddled Gunjan in his arms and soon morning dawned in on the night.


10 am there was a knock on the door. Samrat's eyes opened first. He sat in bed rubbing his eyes. He looked around and for a moment was shocked to see Gunjan near him. Then he realised that he was married now and smiled to himself. He got up to see who was at the door. It was Nupur, "Sorry, but papa breakfast ke liye bula rahe hain..CK uncle and aunty have come." she said. "We'll be down in 5 minutes!" he said. Nupur smiled and went downstairs. Samrat went and lay down in bed again. Gunjan lay in bed with her back towards samrat. He went closer to Gunjan and hugged her by her waist. He put his cheek on hers and whispered, "Good Morning" into her ears with a kiss on her cheek. Her fever had gone leaving her face cold and as she shuffled and turned around to face him, he planted another kiss on the other cheek. "What's the time?" she asked sleepily. Samrat checked his watch, " Its 10:05.." he said. Gunjan sat up in bed with a jerk. "WHAT?" she said. "I never sleep this late!" she said. "Chill Gunjan, its okay. By the way, Papa- mummy have also come.." "Samrat! They stay here!" she said. "Chashmish, not mom and dad, PAPA-MUMMY!" he said. "CRAP!" Gunjan said, "Mom is going to murder me. She had told me to wake up early on the first day atleast!" she said. Samrat laughed, "Oh! So you have been taking training how to behave here?" He said. "You won't understand. Every girl has to go through this!" she said. Samrat gave her a confused look as she got up from bed and went to the bathroom.

After 10 minutes, "Gunjan..!! Come out!" he yelled. "How long will you take?" he said again. Gunjan replied, "Just 2 more minutes!" she said. Samrat said, "You told me that 5 minutes ago!" "Just 2 minutes Samrat!!" she said.

After 20 Minutes, "Gunjan. What the hell are you doing in there?" he asked. Gunjan flung the door open. She was wearing a Salwar suit. She looked different. Usually Gunjan Bhushan wore a pair of formal pants and a shirt with a blazer. She looked so humble suddenly. "Wow!" Samrat said. "How do I look?" Gunjan asked raising an eyebrow. "Umm, beautiful !" he said. Gunjan smiled. Samrat went into the bathroom. He had forgotten to scold Gunjan for taking so long in the bathroom or maybe she was good at changing the subject. *wink*

Gunjan went downstairs. She heard CK whispering to Mayank, "Is she really Gunjan?" Mayank chuckled and so did CK, Gunjan heard that and made a face. "Good Morning." She told everyone as she sat at the table. "Samrat kaha hai beta?" Rajesh asked. "Papa woh bathroom main hai.." she said. "Itne time tak? Uski tabiyet toh theek hai na?" Priya asked considerately.  "Ya mom, he's fine." She said. Nupur came and joined everyone at the table. In the Next two minutes Samrat was downstairs at the dining table. "Good Morning!" he said as he sat down beside Mayank. "Samrat, Tujhe bathroom main itna time kyun laga?" Rajesh asked. "Dad, shaadi ke baad pehla din hai na toh Gunjan par impress karne ke liye Gel lagaya hoga..!" Mayank said as everyone laughed at the table. (except Samrat who was glaring at Gunjan..) "Achha Gunjan, tum kal se office join kar rahi ho na beta!" Rajesh asked. "Obviously Dad.. Aap iss workaholic Gunjan se poochh rahe ho?" he stated. "Nahi Papa. Main abhi office nahi join kar rahin.." she said looking away. "Oh, Koi zabardasti nahi hai beta, main toh bas isliye poochh raha tha kyunki tumhe kaam karna pasand hai!" he said making sure she doesn't get the wrong meaning. "Ji, mujhe pasand hai, par thode time main ghar par rehna chahti hoon, phir 1-2 mahine main office join kar loongi.." she said looking down. "Theek hai beta, jaise tumhari marzi.." "Par Gunjan tum.." Samrat was about to say something when the bell rang. Nupur got up to answer the door.

Gunjan kept looking at her mom now and then, who looked back at her with a soft smile. Samrat was finding something really fishy. Gunjan loved to work. He knew Gunjan had changed a lot since their marriage was announced. What he  couldn't understand was why. "Hello Everyone. Good morning!" Armaan's voice came undeviated into the dining room. Everyone greeted him back.

After breakfast, Samrat and Gunjan sat with Armaan & Nupur in the living room while Mayank went to office. "Bhabhi, where is Mayank?" Armaan asked. Nupur replied, "Uff, as usual, at office." She said, "have you ever seen him taking a holiday?" she stated. "Oh yeah, Samrat.. how come you didnt go?" Armaan asked winking. "I am on leave, ok? I just got married!" he replied, getting annoyed. Gunjan laughed and said mockingly, "If its up to you, you'll always be on leave.." "Well, Thats true!" Armaan said laughing. "And Armaan, I really doubt you EVER go to work!" Gunjan said. "I am a doctor ok? I go everyday!" he stated.

"Oh Armaan, I forgot, where is Riddhima? Did you'll sort everything out yesterday?" Gunjan asked. Armaan was going to answer when Nupur interrupted, "Who is Riddhima?" she asked. "Riddhima is Armaan's..." "Friend!" Armaan said cutting Samrat mid sentence. "Where is she!" Gunjan asked again. "She is at her hotel, where else?" Armaan said. "But why didnt you get her?" Samrat asked. "I wanted to meet her.." "We are planning to take it slow!" he said. "What? Your "friendship" ? " Nupur laughed. Armaan frowned at her.

Later that day, Gunjan had come up to her room after lunch, when Samrat asked, "Why did you refuse to go for work?" he asked. Gunjan turned around at his question, "Why can't I? I also want a break Samrat..." she said in a low voice. "Gunjan, you really want me to believe that?" he got up from the bed and went to her. "That person who never missed a single day work and had no time for anyone whatsoever when she works wants a break from something that she loves doing?!" he exclaimed. "Samrat that was before our marriage, a girl's life changes alot after marriage and they have to adjust!" she tried to make him understand, but he didn't. "But why? We are married doesn't mean that you don't have a life of your own. And Gunjan you know our family, they will never stop you from working! Even Bhabhi was offered to join office, but she was never interested." Samrat said. "Samrat, try and understand, I am not saying I won't join office. Its just a matter of 1 or 2 months." She said. "No Gunjan, I don't know what Mummy told you, but this isn't done. Its boring in office without you!" he grumbled. "Thats WHY  you wanted me to join office?" Gunjan said in awe, "And I was actually thinking that you were being considerate!" she said. "Yes I am! That's another reason why I was telling you to join. Dad or Mom would never ask you to leave work!" "Samrat, I don't know. I still think I should stay home for sometime and learn some work at home also. Bhabhi does work the whole day na, I should help too." she said. Before Samrat could say anything further she changed the topic, "By the way, Mr.Shergill, you should go have a bath..." she said. "Why? Do you wanna join me?" he asked going closer to her. "No I don't. Because you STINK!" she said laughing. "Oh really.." he said pulling her towards him.. "Let me pass the smell onto you also.." he said laughing. "Ew. Ew. Ew. No.. Samrat move.." she shrieked, but Samrat's hands were too firm around her waist. "Chashmish, I have a surprise for you.." he said still holding her. "Really? What?" she asked looking around the room. Samrat pulled her closer and whispered into her ears, "Our Honeymoon."  


Hey Friends,

Super Sorry for such a late update, But I promise you'll get regular updates for sometime now.

There are some very interesting updates coming up! <3 Stay Tuned.


Manjari Big smile

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..-Ayesshhaa-.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Yayyeee I'm the first one to comment ! DancingDancing
first of all welcome back dear Hug miss your updates lot Hug
okay coming to your update , it was awesome !!
Now waiting for SG's honeymoon BlushingDay Dreaming want romantic update Embarrassed
Continue soon
Love <3

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sweet part
really nice Smile

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very nice!!!waitin for honeymoon!!!!

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Hey DearHug
Amazing update..ClapLoved it to the core..SaJan scenes were really sweetEmbarrassed Now will be waiting for their "Honeymoon"..Cont soon.. Thanks a lot for pmSmile

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