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*Its A Sajan Love Saga* 2# (Page 84)

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Posted: 29 December 2011 at 12:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by princess_sara

Awww...this was verrry nice...especially the bachelors party...
Luved the last scene...
Eagerlyyy waiting for Sajan marriage ...

Cont sooon.

Thank Youu! Glad you enjoyedEmbarrassed

GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2011 at 12:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SwaNia_1

sorry Manji for replying so late but yr serious extremely busy ...anyways update was superb n lovely cont soon n thnx for the PM dear
Thanks a ton Adeen.. Hug And its perfectly fine :D
GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by rosecutie

Wonderful update ManjiClap
I loved how Sam's mom made Gunjan comfortable as she is to be a part of the family.Aww he wanted Gunjan to be with him.NaughtySilly
Its a mehendi ceremony plus Sam's bachelor party.Intresting
Armaan he's such a brat and flirt type of person.I don't like him
Thanks for the pm and do continue
Thank Youu So much Nikki Di Hug Awww, you dont like ARMAAN? Shocked haha. I am sure when you come to know more about him then you'll love him. 

GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by fend

hey manjiHug
finally u update this it was awesome update loved itClap
loved the mehendi n bechelor party scene it was very nice
loved gunjan shez soo understanding
loved sajan scenes soo cuteEmbarrassed
beautifully written
do cont soon
thanks for the pm

Thank Youu So Much Rukma Di Hug I am glad you enjoyed the part! 
GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2011 at 9:08am | IP Logged
Thanks A Ton Guys!

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Morning hadn't broken and Gunjan was in bed finishing her "beauty sleep" which was soon interrupted by her cell phone which began ringing. She still lay in bed but picked up her call, "Good Morning!" Samrat said.  "Aah. Samrat, I was sleeping!" she said in  a husky voice. "So get up Chashmish because I can't sleep!" he said. "Its still dark outside, try sleeping, will you!" she said about to hang up. "Chashmish, GET UP!" Samrat said. Gunjan lazily sat up in bed. "What's the problem?" she asked. "I dont know. I just can't get sleep. I am so excited, no actually nervous, argh.. I dont know." He said. "Samrat, do you realise you started and ended at the same point ' I dont Know! Okay, you know what? Why don't you call up your best friend and talk to him. I am sleepy!" she said. "best friend my ass!" Samrat said suddenly sounding annoyed. "Is everything ok?" Gunjan said sounding serious suddenly, "That coming out from your mouth.. must be something serious!" Gunjan said. "No, its not that, Armaan said he won't be there at the wedding." "What!? Why?" Gunjan asked. "He has a problem. Its not like I dont understand, but its my wedding! He's been feeling very upset lately about his girlfriend.. and seeing us getting married is making him feel even worse." He said. "You mean Riddhima right?" Gunjan asked. "How do you know?" Samrat asked confused. "Forget about that! But she keeps calling him.. he is the one who refuses to talk!" "Yes Chashmish, but that's for her happiness.. she is married to someone else!" "Whatever, then why would she call him?" Gunjan asked. "Aah Bunk. Samrat said he'll just come to meet me tomorrow morning and then he'll go home. He doesn't want to come for the wedding." Samrat said with a sigh. "Hmm, Ask him to come meet me also, I can convince him to come to our wedding!" Gunjan said with a smile. "Its useless. He didnt listen to me. You think he'll listen to you? Out of all people, really  chashmish?" "Oh please dont undermine me, I can do this. Just tell him That I him to meet me also." She said. "Yeah fine." "Ok Samrat now bye. Let me sleep.. Do you want a bride with dark circles tomorrow?" Gunjan exclaimed. "Ok fine. Bye." Samrat said.


Gunjan gave a thought to what she was going to tell Armaan. Armaan had to come, even though she would get rid of him but without Armaan there was no fun. And Gunjan couldn't deny that. Plus, most importantly Samrat would love it if Armaan would be there. Armaan was like his brother, even closer than Mayank probably. Gunjan was soon woken up by Janvi. "Mom, Mujhe sona hai.." she said. "Ab uth jao.. Its 8! Your haldi function will starts at 10. So get ready." She told Gunjan. Gunjan just hoped Armaan would come to meet her. She really wanted him to be there. Plus, today was her day. She just wanted to do it perfectly. She smiled looking at herself in the mirror after getting ready. A simple yellow saree and no jewellery or make up. Wow. She never thought it was such a good idea. Suddenly she realised that she was starving. She went downstairs to see her dad laughing away. She went inside the living room to see Armaan sitting there laughing along with her dad. CK was stunned to see his daughter look so pretty, "Gunjan, you are looking so beautiful beta, tum bilkul mujhpar gayi ho!" he said getting emotional. Armaan and Gunjan laughed listening to the last bit. Janvi came in with breakfast, "Gunjan, abhi jo khana hai kha lo, you have to fast today!" she said. "NO WAAY!" Gunjan screamed immediately. "Haan Aunty, aisa mat kariya, warna yeh bhukkad phere lete lete thak jayegi." He laughed. "Tumhe kaise pata Armaan? Mom aapko pata hai Armaan aaj shaadi main nahi aa raha!" she said. Armaan understood that minute why Gunjan had wanted to see him. "Kya? Beta? Tum shaadi main kyun nahi aa rahe?" "Aunty, relax, yeh Gunjan, kuchh bhi bolti hai!" he said. "Toh Armaan, tum aa rahe ho na?" Gunjan asked. "Gunjan, tumhe pata hai na, function 20 minutes main chaloo ho jayega.. uske baad tum kuchh nahi kha paogi!" he said grinning. "Oh haan! beta jaldi kha le, main baaki ka kaam khatam karti hoon!" Janvi said hurrying out of the living room, "CK, mere saath chalo.." she said. "Uff. So Armaan, tum yaha kaise?" Gunjan asked eating her omelette. "Don't act. You wanted to see me." "Yes I did. Armaan, why aren't you coming for the wedding?" she questioned, "You know Samrat needs you today." She said. "Oh really? I thought you would be happy.." he said looking away. "Look Armaan, we can't fool each other, I know why you're not coming. But I dont understand why your doing all this? You know that Samrat considers you closer than his family, and with you not coming today, imagine how he would feel? Not for me, but you could come for him. Keep aside your grief for one day!" she said. "ONE DAY? You said one day? All these functions I attended.. thinking that he is much more important than a girl, but I couldn't stop getting upset about it. And every single time he caught me and that made him upset too. You don't know Gunjan how hard it is to stay away from someone you love so dearly. And that's why I always try to divert my mind by either fooling around of annoying you.. Yesterday I tried to make it perfect for him, but yet again while I was too drunk I reminded him how upset I was. I don't want to ruin it today!" he said taking out whatever he wanted to say. "Wow. And your sure that without you being there he will be very happy?" she asked. When he didnt reply she asked again, "Tell me Armaan? Today for the first time Samrat called me saying that he was nervous about today. HE was nervous. That person who has always been so chilled out and excited about this wedding!" she said. Armaan didnt say anything. Gunjan had almost finished her breakfast by now. "Armaan, if you don't come today, you will regret it all your life. Today is the day Samrat needs you beside him all the time. And we both know that Mayank or anyone will not be able to take your place!" she said as she sighed. "That's all I wanted to say. Now can you go get me some water?" she asked. Armaan turned to face her. "Are you serious?" he said. "Why? I am thirsty and I am asking you to get water..!!" she stated. "I am thirsty after giving you such a long lecture" she said. Armaan walked towards the door and muttered, "And I thought I was the guest here."

Armaan left after some time, but as usual Gunjan had hit the soft corner, Armaan had agreed to be by Samrat's side all evening! Nupur had come over to help Janvi with the preparations. She thought of going to meet Gunjan and making sure she was fine.

"Yes! Don't be late. Ok?" Gunjan said on the phone. "Bye." She said as she cut the line. "Who was that?" Nupur asking coming inside the room. "Bhabhi! Hii.. No one just my cousin, she missed her flight yesterday so she is coming today!" gunjan said. "Oh.. ok.. So are you nervous?" she asked. "You know what? As a matter of fact I am really excited." Gunjan said. Nupur smiled and hugged Gunjan.

The Haldi ceremony was soon over and now the nervousness was over powering Gunjan. She assumed it was hunger.. it partly was, but you know how a bride feels before her wedding.. ( No? Even I dont! ROFL )  The best make-up people and hair dressers were called. The lehenga draper was also the best. As she reached The Grand Hyatt, where her wedding was to take place she was stunned looking at the beautiful decorations for her wedding.. There were people still working on the mandap. Today was like a dream come true. She saw her dad standing in the middle of the mess and making sure everyone made it perfectly. Her eyes were moist seeing him do all this just for her. She was really very lucky to have such a great family and especially the Best Father! <3 She had always respected and loved her father alot (sometimes even more than her mom) That minute she felt a little emotional. Now she realised why girls cried before leaving their house, because she was leaving those two people who showered her with love and brought her to this point where she would be ready for marriage. And suddenly to get separated from them was so difficult, even if they stay in the same city...

 Gunjan's Shantanu Goenka Lehenga made her look gorgeous. Hey hair was tied in a bun and the red pallu was over her head. The green and red combination looked fabulous on her. The make up man did a perfect job. It was neither over the top nor too subtle for the bride. This was her perfect day and Gunjan prayed for everything to go the way she wanted. It was almost time for the Baraat to come. Heart beat was fastening. She sat on the room bed and closed her eyes. All the time spent with her family in all these years flashed in front of her eyes. Teasing her dad about food. Helping her mom in cooking, even thought Gunjan was pathetic at it. Dressing up in her mom's saree, stealing her lipsticks to try it on. Gunjan remembered all those things she did as a kid and how tried not to get annoyed. They were always understanding and gave her all the love one could possibly give. They never regretted not having a second child, their one daughter meant everything to them and today even she was going.. CK came rushing into Gunjan's room, "Beta, baraat aa gayi. Neeche jaane ke liye ready ho?" he said. And that was all, he could say nothing else. He was awestruck by his beautiful daughter, "Wow. Tum itni beautiful lag sakti ho, maine kabhi nahi socha tha.." he said. Gunjan hugged her dad as if it was the last time she was seeing him. CK laughed, "Oh Gunjan, Please dont cry.. Main tumhe har week milunga.. your not going that far." he said. But the truth they both knew. CK was as sad as Gunjan was or maybe even more.. "Dad, I am going to miss you alot!" Gunjan said sobbing. "Gunjan, shh, you make up with get spoilt and then your mom will blame me!" CK said laughing. "I Love you Dad!" Gunjan said. "Love you too sweetheart."CK left to welcome the Baraat as Gunjan made sure her make up was fine. It was almost time for her to go down. "Gunjan??" A girl said entering her room. "Aah. Wow. You look so pretty in that Saree!" Gunjan said hugging her. "Thank Youu So Much for giving me a call.. I just caught the first flight and came. I really thought Armaan hated me." She said. "Riddhima, are you crazy? He loves you. Ok now you just have to do as I say!" Shocking eh? What all can happen in one day. Guess its Armaan whose finally in for a surprise. 

Gunjan was taken downstairs by her cousins and friends. There Samrat was waiting for her at the 'Varmaala' stand. Everyone's eyes were set on Gunjan as she walked up slowly to stand near Samrat. Samrat's smile had no end. His broad smile seemed so broaden every second. His eyes were fixed on his bride. Gunjan was too scared to look up. Her eyes glued to the floor. Samrat made Gunjan wear the varmaala and before Gunjan could even look up to make him wear the mala Mayank and Armaan lifted Samrat up on their shoulders. Gunjan was thinking of a way to make Samrat wear the Varmala. *IDEA* she looked behind her to see if she could find Riddhima anywhere and there she was in a corner. Gunjan looked at Armaan and as his eyes caught her's he looked in the direction she was staring and he saw Riddhima. Out of surprise he let samrat go and everyone screamed looking and the groom almost fall, but Armaan was in time to catch him. He looked behind him once more to make sure it was Riddhima but she wasn't there anymore. But now Samrat was furious and Gunjan got her way out again. After the Varmala Gunjan and Samrat were seated on a special seat made for them. It looked like a royal throne for the king and queen. Once they had settled Samrat yelled at Armaan, "Dude, what if I would have fallen? That was a very bad joke Armaan!" Samrat scolded. "I am so sorry!" Armaan said not wanting to admit that he had seen Riddhima. He knew that would make Samrat upset again. "I think I should get you something to eat!" Armaan told Samrat as he left to clear his confusion. Was it Riddhima? If yes then what was she doing here? If no then was he going mad? How did she know he was here? All the questions were fiddling with his nerves.

"You are looking so beautiful today!" Samrat said holding her hand. Gunjan blushed and said, "Many people have told me so already!" "Oh Really?" Samrat whispered leaning towards her. Gunjan nodded. "And did you blush this way for everyone?" he asked. Gunjan tried to hide her blush. "I am Back!" Armaan said getting food for Samrat. "Here my friend, eat!" Armaan said. "Gunjan.." Samrat offered her food. Armaan answered for her, "She can't eat, she has a fast today!" Gunjan frowned. "Armaan" she said, "Thanks for coming!" she said. Samrat interrupted, "I know, I cant believe you came.. But when I told you, you didnt listen, but when gunjan told you, you came! How rude is that!" Samrat said. "Nahi yaar, In larkiyon ko humme blackmail karna achhi tarah se aata hai!" he said. "Oh please. Aane main tumhara hi phayda tha! Tumhe surprise jo milega!" Gunjan said. "Surprise?" Samrat and Armaan said in chorus. "Aaj shaadi humari hai, Surprise pehle mujhe milna chahiye!" Samrat said. Armaan laughed. "Bring it on Gunjan.. Main bhi dekhoon, tumhara surprise mujhe surprise karta bhi hai yaa.." he shook his head. Gunjan called Riddhima, "Aa jao!" she said. "Armaan aakhein band karo!" she said. "Kyu? Nahi.. Main aakhein band nahi karoonga. I dont trust you.." he replied. "Samrat beta, Panditji phero ke liye bula rahe hai!" Priya came and said. "Ok guys, I need to go.. Mujhe batana mat bhoolna ki surprise kya tha!" he said as he left. Armaan came and sat next to Gunjan. "Is there actually a surprise ki sirf Sam ke saamne?" Armaan asked. Gunjan said, "I swear I am going to give you the best surprise ever!" Gunjan said. "What? Your going to leave Samrat ALONE? Yesss!" Armaan said. "Shut Up! Mujhe sachme nahi pata ki main tumhare liye itna kyun kar rahin hoon!" Gunjan replied. "Well, Maybe because I am the best!" he said. "What is it anyway?" Armaan asked. Thought Samrat was at the mandap his eyes were at Gunjan and Armaan, even he was curious about Gunjan's surprise.  Gunjan looked in front and Samrat followed her gaze and was totally shocked. Riddhima walked up to him as if she would meet him for the first time. Gunjan smiled looking at Armaan's expressions as he jumped up from the chair. Gunjan nudged Armaan, "kaisa laga?" she said. Riddhima stopped as she came in front of Armaan and she looked down. Armaan instead of going to her turned around and hugged Gunjan. Samrat's expressions changed and he was having his doubts on Armaan, now he was totally not interested in the puja he was doing. "Armaan, you fool, chhodo ujhe, isse pehle Riddhima ko lage ki meri tumhari actual girlfriend hoon!" Gunjan whispered in his ears. Armaan stood up and suddenly realised that Riddhima was actually married, they couldn't ever be together. His wide smiled turned into a sad one. "Riddhima, tum yaha? Maine tumse kaha tha na'"Kya? Ki tum mujhse pyar nahi karte? Jhoot kaha tha!" she said cutting in. "Riddhima, you are married, what else would I have said?" "Toh kya Armaan? Ek baar meri baat toh sun lete.." Riddhima started telling him how she had loved Armaan all this time and then finally her husband, Sid came to know and then he got angry and left her. He always knew that Riddhima was upset about something but he didn't ask what, but then when he came to know, he was furious and made Riddhima realise that she was not only ruining her life but his and Armaan's as well. Thats when Riddhima contacted Armaan, but he wasnt ready to even listen to her..

Armaan was shocked to hear all this and so was Gunjan but before she could say anything, she was called for the pheras. Gunjan was taken to the Mandap and soon the rituals were all started. CK had to do the 'Kanyadaan', i.e., giving away his daughter and Samrat and Gunjan took their 7 pheras around the fire and decided to spend there whole lives together regardless of all trouble that came their way. They promised to join hands and fight all problems together. Never to make each other cry and always be there when one needs the other. And after the pheras came the senti / emotional part, where the bride would leave the premises and would be off to her husbands house. Gunjan thought that everyone would be normal, why would anyone cry? Gunjan would be meeting them every now and then.. But when she actually set out to go, she saw tears in her parents eyes.. Tears escaped her eyes too and took everyone by surprise and especially Samrat. The girl who never cried, who was far from being emotional actually had tears in her eyes..  she tried her best to control herself, she knew what she wanted and that she would be very happy with samrat, but when you leave your parents, tears do escape &  your heart does want to hold them from both arms and never let go. There is a hope that you will see them tomorrow and everyday following.. but soon that hope breaks and you realise that yes, you are a part of a whole new family now and you have a husband to share your happiness and sorrow with and soon he becomes your life and you are together for eternity...  


@ Richa : Especially For Youu Embarrassed Remember I told youu I would get Armaan- Riddhima Together.. Wink Hope youu enjoyed the update!

Hope You Like It! 

Love Youu 

Manjari :)

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Hello Friends,

Well, Many people say that "aane se pehle main jaane ki baat karti hun.."

So even Today I wanted to tell you that I am going to be inactive from Jan - March 26th :) My Board rehearsals start from the 11th & then boards from 27th Feb.. So There is no way I can come online that time Embarrassed 

I am really going to Miss all of you'll but I promise I will be back soon and with a bang! 

Just wait till these exams get over .. I will be back with loads of new FFs.. Well more than you'll I can't Wait!

So this is my last update before I go :) Do comment.

( P.s. All those who havent commented on MMFIL yet, please do it before the 31st! Will be waiting.. )

Bye guys,

And wishing all of you'll

An Advance Happy New Year Hug


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Yayyee I'm first one to comment on my Fav FF Dancing 
Aww Manjari , I loved the update Hug
love the way Gunjan says Armaan to come in her wedding Embarrassed and when Armaan came he got the biggest suprise ! LOL Finally SG are married Day Dreaming poor Gunjan she cried so much ! Ouch and the very best to you for your exams Hug 
will wait for yor next update Embarrassed take your time studies comes first !! Big smile
love <3
Ayesha Heart

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