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*Its A Sajan Love Saga* 2# (Page 76)

GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 August 2011 at 7:03am | IP Logged
To All Readers :
I know you'll expect an update. But I just want to apologize to everyone. I will not be able to continue writing FFs. Rather.. if you have read my post..  Its Time For A GoodBye you will know that I am leaving IF only.
I wish I had a choice. But.. this is the only way guys!
GOODBYE & If anyone wants to continue with this FF please PM CrazzySanjana.. She will give me the message! (:
And the best thing would be if you guys.. imagined your own endings.. You have afterall imagined it so far. so maybe you would imagine a little further and give it an end!
I know as a writer, the worst thing is if you leave your story incomplete.. but please try and understand.. that I really ahve no other option!
Love you all.. and thank you for your encouragement!
And Sorrry Once Again!
Signing Off,

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agreatperhaps IF-Rockerz

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Kay dear.. Will miss U!
GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 September 2011 at 9:47am | IP Logged
Finally, To Be Continued in a few days!

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-CreativeSoul- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 7:35pm | IP Logged
manji please update this ff ! Embarrassed

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 12:36am | IP Logged
I am So Sorry To Make you'll wait!

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 12:38am | IP Logged

Hey Friends Hug

Firstly, I am really really sorry *holding my ears*.Ouch I am updating this FF after so long! Smile I hope you'll haven't forgotten this FF. Confused Actually, I was not supposed to write anything before March, but my vacations are going on and I was feeling very bored at home, so thought of updating this FF ROFL And whenever I came on IF I always felt so jobless. LOL 

Anyway, to freshen up your memory, Here's a small recap :

Gunjan is scared, because she thinks that everything is happening so fast. Later after Nupur explains to her the real reason why she is feeling this way, she actually understands. Later Nupur tells Samrat about how Gunjan was feeling and Samrat talks to Gunjan about this in the Engagement Party. Meanwhile, Armaan and Mayank are busy planning Samrat's Bachelor's party. Armaan keeps annoying Gunjan and she tries to ignore him as much as possible. Samrat and Gunjan barely get time to talk in private and so Samrat is a little irritated. They both dream about their life after marriage. 

So that's all I can remember at the moment ROFL with you'll I think even I have forgotten.
For those who still cannot remember, here is the link to the previous update :

I have the next update ready, but it's not very good. I promise I will improve my writing from the next update. I will try and make it a little more interesting. Just give me sometime to get familiar with this FF again.. Smile I really hope you'll will understand. Nevertheless, I have tried my best to make the update interesting Big smileEmbarrassed

Hope I haven't disappointed you guys.

Love youu,

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 12:40am | IP Logged
Let This Video Buffer While You Read :
(Switch it on when the words are in Italics )


The nights were sleepless for both as they planned their future in their minds, it was exciting but along with that nervousness too filled inside. Gunjan opened her eyes and welcomed the new day. She went downstairs for breakfast. Janvi had already prepared breakfast and CK sat reading the newspaper. "Good Morning Dad" Gunjan said as she hugged him. "Good Morning Gunjan.. Chalo Naashta kar lo." He said. Janvi brought kachori's and aloo ki sabzi. "Mom.. aap dad ko yeh sab kaise de sakte hai..!" she scolded. "Gunjan aaj Sunday hai.. thoda sa!" "Nahi.. dad aapki tabiyat kharab ho jayegi.. aise bhi shaadi ki saare rasmo main aap yahi sab khaane waale ho!" "Gunjan yeh bhi ek rasm hi samajh lo tumhari mom ne itni mehnat se banayi hai!" Gunjan gave up. "Kha lo. Phir tabiyat kharab hogi toh bolna mat!" she looked at her mom, "aur aap hi unki seva karna.. yeh sab banane ki kya zarwat thi mom!" Nevertheless they sat and ate breakfast and later Gunjan was asked to get ready. It was her Sindhara and mehendi ceremony and usually only women were allowed in the function, but since all the Shergill Men and Armaan thought it would be better to do it together. So they decided to break some rules and do a joint mehendi. Gunjan quickly wore her chosen lehenga. This was her second favourite out of all the clothes she had brought ( first, obviously being her Shaadi's Lehenga ).

Bhushan house filled with guests and close relatives. Gunjan could hear the noise downstairs and more than that she was waiting for him. She wanted to talk to him. This was so unfair they could even talk during functions. That was completely Armaan's fault he never left them alone. The door bell rang again and this time she knew it was Samrat as the noise level increased. There were hugs and kisses. Samrat's scanned the room for Gunjan. Armaan spoke non-stop to Mayank about the party. They seemed very excited. Nupur tried to over hear their conversation but Armaan and Mayank were very alert.  Nupur gave up on the two and went up to see Gunjan. She entered the room to see Gunjan all ready to go downstairs. "Bhabhi, I am looking fine na?" she asked nervously. Nupur smiled widely. "You look stunning, Wait until Samrat sees you." Nupur said mischievously. Gunjan raised her eyebrows and asked, "So what's the plan for the Bachelor's party?" "Oh Gunjan, You have no idea how hard I have been trying. Its impossible to understand anything they say. They have a weird code language." Gunjan laughed. "I told you it's useless. Armaan is too smart." She said. "Whatever, lets just forget about it for the time being and lets go down, everyone's waiting for you!" Nupur said. Gunjan and Nupur walked down the stairs as all the eyes in the room was fixed on Gunjan. She looked really amazing. Nupur made Gunjan sit next to Samrat as usual and he whispered, "You planning to kill me, aren't you?" Gunjan blushed and looked away. Armaan cleared his throat. "Gunjan, don't you think you should consider going on a diet?" he said. Gunjan just ignored. Samrat chuckled. Armaan was in the mood to irritate, "Think about Samrat atleast." He said. Gunjan gave a angry stare at Armaan and then the same to Samrat. Samrat defended himself, "I am not complaining!" he said. Armaan laughed, "See Gunjan, he admits you need to diet, he is just so sweet that he won't complain." Gunjan stared at Samrat again. This time Samrat turned to Armaan, "Dude stop it." He said. Armaan left from there as his phone rang. "Sorry, woh Armaan.. He over does it sometimes." Samrat said. "Nah, I never take him seriously. So what's the plan for tonight?" she asked. "I wish I knew. They aren't telling me a thing! They say that I will tell you everything and you'll gatecrash my bachelor's party! How stupid." He said. "Why would I gatecrash? Though Bhabhi really wanted to!" she replied. "Wanna join us chashmish?" he asked. Gunjan widened her eyes. "Its YOUR bachelor's party Samrat, your inviting me?" she said shocked. "Yeah whatever, the party will be better if chashmish is there or how will I have fun?" he said. "NO WAY!" Armaan said barging in again. "Gunjan's right, for the first time in her life. You cant invite your fianc to your bachelor's party!" "Dude. Armaan. Ja na, Mayank ka dimaag kha. Main chashmish se baat kar raha hoon!" Samrat said irritated. Armaan made a obviously "fake" disappointed face and said, "Main dekh raha hoon, tu badal gaya hai.. tujhe iss.. iss.." "Armaan" Samrat said in a serious tone. "Ja raha hun" and he went. "Samrat main nahi aungi." She said. "Don't ruin your fun." Samrat made a puppy face. "Toh main enjoy kaise karunga?" he said. "Without you there's no fun!" he said. "We'll see ..." she said. Soon the Rasams started and then Samrat and Gunjan didnt get time to talk. Gunjan was surrounded by everyone and Samrat sat with Mayank and Armaan watching the function. Samrat's eyes were stuck on his chashmish and he didnt care what Armaan was saying.

"Gunjan.."  Priya (Samrat's Mother) called. "Chalo na beta, tumse kuch baat karni hai." Gunjan got scared. Aunty ko mujhse kya baat karni hai? That's strange. Kya maine koi galati ki? I just hope everything is ok.. These thoughts flooded her mind. Samrat too was confused why his mother would call Gunjan into the room like that. He looked at his dad but he seemed clueless too. "Aunty, kuchh hua hai kya?" Gunjan asked as she couldnt let the suspense on. "Paagal ho kya. Nahi. Maine toh tumhe kuchh dikhane bulaya hai." Priya said. She took out from a packet, she had brought with herself, three jewellery boxes. "Please inme se batao tumhe kaunsa pasand hai? Main bohot confuse ho rahin thi, toh socha tumse hi aakar poochh loo." Priya said. Gunjan relaxed. "Oh.." she chose the one she liked and Priya kept that aside and said, "Dekho beta, ab tum hamari family ka hissa bane waali ho, we are going to be your family, so please nervous mat ho. Hum tumhe tumhare mom dad ki yaad kabhi nahi aane denge, aur phir Janvi toh ghar aati hi rehti hai, toh phir itni nervous kyun ho rahin ho?" Priya said noticing Gunjan's expressions. "Pata nahi aunty, mujhe bohot ghabrahat ho rahin hai." Gunjan said innocently.. Priya laughed. "Koi baat nahi, kabhi kabhi aisa hota hai. Par agar kabhi bhi tumhe ghar par problem ho toh please batane se mat darna." Priya said. Gunjan nodded obediently. "Par aunty, aapko mujhe khana banana sikhana padega, mujhe woh.. actually.." "Don't worry beta, Nupur hai na, woh tumhe sab sikha degi. Aur waise tumhe roz kaam karne ki zarurat nahi padegi, ghar main servants toh hai hi.." she said. Gunjan was slowly opening up. All her fears were coming out one by one. Her muscles were relaxing finally and she felt much better.


As the guests began to leave Samrat came and sat next to Gunjan. He saw her mehendi and smiled. Gunjan asked him to find his name 's initial on her hand. Samrat looked all around and he couldn't find it. Gunjan was enjoying seeing him search for it and then finally she showed it to him. He sighed. "By the way chashmish, I just came to know that the party is at Conclave, come naa" "No Samrat, I cant. And plus I need my beauty sleep for tomorrow, after all we are getting married tomorrow." She said with excitement. "Wow, you look super excited." He said seeing the change. "I just realised that I was being stupid by being nervous, I have known you not for 3 years but since we were young kids, so I guess, its not that fast." She said. Samrat put his arm around Gunjan's waist and pulled her closer. "Samrat!" Gunjan said, "Paagal ho kya.. leave me." She ordered. Samrat grinned. "You cant even do anything because you have mehendi on your hands." He said laughing. "I can! I can put it on your face!" she said. Samrat jumped back, "No.. thank you.." he said backing out. Mayank and Nupur laughed seeing the two together. "So Gunjan, now your finally coming to stay with us, permanently!" Nupur said. "Yes Nup- bhabhi.." "Old habits die hard.." Mayank said, "But now you'll have to call me Bhaiya and not Mayank!" "Oh Shit! I never thought of that! Please can I just call you Mayank?" Gunjan pleaded. Mayank laughed. "I was just kidding, you calling me bhaiya? Hahaha" Gunjan too joined in. "Finally I'll get someone to shop with." Nupur said. "Yes, we can do that!" Gunjan said excited. They talked about all the fun they would have after Gunjan and Samrat got married.



Later That Night, Samrat was taken to conclave by Mayank. The hall was big and there were similar faces everywhere. But he couldnt see any girls. "Bro, its going to be boring, Why couldn't Chashmish come!" he said. "Because then you wouldnt be able to have FUN!" Mayank said. "And by the way, where is Armaan?" "He's coming in sometime." They took some drinks and Samrat met everyone at the party. Suddenly the music stopped and you could hear a girl singing, "Subah hone na de saath khone na de ek doosre ko hum sone na de.." The music played in tune with the singing, suddenly Armaan's voice was heard, "Tenu main love karda" He sang entering the hall surrounded with girls "Bematlab karda Baahon mein aa soniye Bus aaj raat ke liye.." He picked one and started dancing. All girls were red in bridal wear white dresses. Their dresses were white and very short. Mayank joined in with another girl, "  Saadi taa desi hai adaa , Saade te hojaa ni fidaa, Baahon mein aa soniye
Bus aaj raat ke liye  "  he twirled the girl into his arms.
 The most beautiful girl went to Samrat and tried to flirt with him, "Subah hone na de, Saath khone na de, Ek dusre ko, Hum sone na de," She put her arms around his neck and did her part but Samrat remained not interested. He just moved ahead, but how could she leave him, he was looking smoking hot tonight. " Tu mera hero..O o o..oo..Tu mera hero..O o o..oo"

Armaan Came towards Samrat and made her dance with the girl while he was busy flirting with his, "Subah hone na de, Saath khone na de, Ek dusre ko, Hum sone na de, Main tera hero. O o. Haan hero.O o.Haan hero.Main tera hero.." They were having the time of their life. Before they realised even Samrat joined in. He just couldnt control anymore, a little fun wouldn't kill him.

"Let's go..Hai mainu tu hot lagdi.Lakhaan daa note lagdi..Mauka mila hai abhi..Hoga na phir yeh kabhi" trying to convince himself that it was all just one time.. It wouldnt cost him much!

Mayank took over, "Saanu bhi dudge kar le, Ae ae, Mazaa too much kar le, Ae ae, Baahon mein aa soniye , Bus aaj raat ke liye"
Armaan was in full swing today, he drank and danced. His girl was all over him. "Saadi pardesi hai adaa, Saade te hojaa ni fidaa , Baahon mein aa soniye, Bus aaj raat ke liye"

The girl with Samrat sang again, this time both dancing away to glory, "Subah hone na de
Saath khone na de, Ek dusre ko, Hum sone na de, Tu mera hero..,O o o..oo..Tu mera hero.. O o o..oo"

Samrat was totally drunk now as he swayed from side to side dancing with the girl not realising that the girl he actually loved was watching him. "Subah hone nade. Saath khone na de. Ek dusre ko
Hum sone na de" he sang in full swing. The girl danced with him as if she owned him, she didnt leave him. "Tu  mera hero..O o o..oo..Tu mera hero..O o o..oo.." Mayank came and stood near Nupur with his head bowed, where as Nupur blazed with anger. So they had gate crashed their party. Well, not technically but.. yeah kind of. But by now the other men had started. So there was still noise.

"Main tera hero..
Sun lo ameeron
Banda mein rab da
Main friend sab da
Dekhe duniyaa ke kone
Bus hum dono hi sone
Kudiyon mein apne charche
Hum pe karti hai kharche
Life ne aisa dhoya
Main jaan bachake soya
Guru se maine bola
Yeh bola bola"



"Subha hone nade, Subha hone na de, Saath khone na de, Ek dusre ko, Hum sone na de" Samrat and the girl sang in tune, together. Gunjan's face was very unpredictable. But who cared. Nupur was busy scolding mayank and Armaan was busy with her own girlfriend. And Samrat.. Mr.Shergill was completely into the girl by now. He was totally drunk. She made him drink champagne, glass after glass and he was enjoying it. But today there was no stopping. The old college days were back and the two danced and danced.
"Tu mera hero..O o o..oo..Tu mera hero.." Their dance was becoming better by every move. Gunjan had gone and taken a seat at the bar and was seeing Samrat enjoy himself with another girl.

But the shocking bit was that she didnt stop him.. or maybe she wanted to see the full picture before stopping him. "Subah hone na de..Saath khone na de..Ek dusre ko..Hum sone na de..Main tera hero..
O o..Haan hero..O o..Haan hero" Armaan sang along too, "Main tera hero..O o..Hero..O o..
Main tera..O o."  No one could control themselves but then Armaan saw her. Armaan saw Gunjan staring at him. And he stopped. ".Mera hero..O o..Mera hero.." The girl ended the song. Samrat smiled as the girl hugged him after the song was over.
Then he looked at Armaan to thank him when he saw Armaan looking worried. "Thanks dude.. had a blast.. by the way, why are you so worried?" he asked. Not that he cared. He was drunk. Armaan just pointed at Gunjan. Samrat looked at her. "Hey dude, Mujhe itni bhi nahi chadi.. phir mujhe Chashmish kyun dikh rahin haii.." Samrat asked. Armaan looked at him blankly then said, "Tu toh usse pyar karta hai, isliye tujhe dikh rahin hai, par mujhe kyun dikh rahin hai..?" he asked him. "Kaminey!" Samrat yelled. "Dude..dude.. Main mazaak kar raha tha. Yeh Gunjan hi haii.." Armaan said. Samrat rubbed his eyes as he saw gunjan get up and come towards them. All his intoxication came out and he stared at her. As she came and stood in front of the two she folded her hands on her chest. Samrat instantly looked down. Armaan said, "Main abhi aata hoon.. tumhe private main baat karna hoga na!" he said as he escaped. "Sorry chashmish.. woh.." "Sorry? Why sorry? You said you won't enjoy, but you did." "Umm.. actually," he gulped unable to find words, "Lisa was insisting.." Gunjan raised her eyebrows and he stopped right there. "O.o.O You know her name.. Lisa. Nice name na?" she said still smiling. Samrat noticed Nupur screaming and mayank and understood that in sometime he would have to face the same.. "Chashmish.. I wanted you to come.. but—" But I said no. But then I thought that maybe you wouldnt enjoy so I came. But well, you were having a blast eh?" she said. "I promise yeh phir kabhi nahi hoga.." he said. Gunjan laughed. "Chill Samrat, I have been to parties, and its ok. Why are you so serious. Shaadi ke pehle tak its all ok.." she winked. "Waise mujhe pata nahi tha that tum itna achha gaate ho!" she laughed. "Oh.. hahah.. I'm just a bathroom singer, bathroom ke bahar sirf tabhi gaya hai jab kuchh zyada drink kar li ho!" he said. Lisa stopped by to say, "You were great, All the best for your marriage." Samrat smiled in his reply. "O.o. So you you didnt say, you had a blast didnt you?" Gunjan asked. "No. No.. I.. I.." "Cut it out. You can be truthful to me, everyone has fun in their bachelor's party!" she said. "Umm.. ok, yeah.. I did enjoy.. maybe a little bit!" he said kind of ashamed. "Wanna dance? Or are you too tired." Gunjan asked. "With you? Anytime.." he said pulling her closer.




Hope you guys enjoyed the update,

Waiting for your comments :)


Manjari Hug

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yay!!! finally update...I want a long one ok?

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