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*Its A Sajan Love Saga* 2# (Page 70)

GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 5:37am | IP Logged
Niv : I am soo sorry! i have started writing but I still havent got the perfect update.. Will take some timee. I know I had promised you.. But ab main kya karoo!!!!

agreatperhaps IF-Rockerz

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Kay dear! Take your time =)
GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey Fellas!

Firstly, I am really really sorry for late update. i have just been very blank about this FF. And I dont want to write something in a hurry. But I still think this update wasn't that good. I just wrote it in a hurry at the end. I am really looking for ideas for this FF. And thanks to aashi, I was able to update! I was totally lost with the whole update. But I promise that the next update will be rocking!
This update is dedictaed to Nivriti & Aashii! Hug
Enjoy. Hug

Gunjan's POV:

It feels so much better! But I should have spoken to Samrat after talking to Nupur.  But time hi nahi mila. Mom called me down and we left after sometime. I will talk to him today. We will get plenty of time today as its the Engagement party and we will be sitting together only.

Engagement. Sigh. Its a BIG day. But atleast now I am confident. That anxiety is still there but I know the reason now. And plus we love each other so It doesnt matter how long we have known each other. Thats the whole point right? I convinced myself for the time being and got ready for the Engagement. Mom helped me wear my heavy lehenga I had chosen. It felt so heavy but I liked how it looked on me. (: Everything was going well until Mom started her emotional talk.

"Mujhe toh yakeen hi nahi hota ki teri shaadi ho rahi  hai!" she said. And I sighed and smiled. Doesnt this always happen. But I just hugged her when dad's voice came from the back "Thank god tumhari shaadi ho rahin hai. Ab finally mujhe chhutkara milega!" he said placing his arm around mom. Mom laughed and wiped the tears in her eyes. "Papa.. aap aise kaise bole sakte ho!" I scolded.  "Main is sheher se nahi jaa rahin.. itni aasani se peechha nahi chhodungi!"  I knew he was just teasing me. But how dare he say that?! I love him and he should be sad that I am leaving. "I love you beta!" he said reading my mind. "I love you dad!" I said and hugged him. My dad had been like an angel in my life. Saving me from Mom's anger in school days. Spoiling me and getting me whatever I wanted. He never said No to me and I still owe him alot. My dad never gets angry. He never screams at me. But once he did. When I lied to him about my marks and that day was the worst nightmare of my life. I will never forget it. And since then I have never dared to lie to anyone again. And now I was going to go away from him. I would call someone else dad also. I was depressed thinking about my childhood here and now being in the same city I wont be with my parents.

* * * * *

As we reached the Engagement Venue we were greeted by Samrat's Parents. I touched their feet to take their blessings and mom and dad hugged them. They were so happy. Finally their friendship would change into an official relation. As I walked in I saw Samrat and Armaan sitting on the sofa. Armaan was sitting in my place. Nupur was the first to come and hug me. "Hey!" I said. "Hi Gunjan.. how are you?" she asked. It had only been two days since we had last talked. But well I guess she meant how is my anxiety. I smiled at her and responded positive. She took me to Samrat. "Chalo Armaan. Get up. The Bride has arrived!" she said in her chirpy voice. Armaan didnt move. "Armaan continued talking to Samrat. "Get up!" Nupur repeated. Armaan loved irritating me didnt he? Uff. God help this man! Samrat grinned at me. I smiled back at him too. His eyes were fixed on mine and we both shared a private moment. He mouthed "Your looking gorgeous" and my smile grew wider as i looked down. We both were lost in each other when Armaan's voice was heard, "Gunjan, if your dont want to sit next to him Ill go take my seat back. That is so damn comfy!" he said smiling at me. His smile was fake he just wanted to interupt.

"Samrat.. i need to talk." I said. I really wanted to talk to him. "Chashmish.. Bolo?" he said. I looked at Armaan, who was eagerly waiting for me to say what I wanted to say, and then back at Samrat. "Armaan, just give a us a second." Samrat said winking at him. "Oye, this is not fair. Friends cant keep secrets. I told you mine now you tell me yours!" he said looking at Gunjan. "Armaaan" Samrat and Gunjan said in chorus. "Okay Okay. I am going." But there were too many people there. I whispered to Samrat and we both went to a seperate corne to talk.

"Haan toh chashmish bolo?" he said giving his full attention. "Firstly, I am sorry, That day i over reacted. I wa sjust so irritated because you werent listening to me!" I said looking down. He held my hand and said "I am sorry too. I should have heard you out. Especially when it was such an important matter!" he said and paused. I looked at him confused. "Bhabhi told me everything." He completed. "Oh. I didnt tell you before because you were so excited about the marriage and I thought you would hate me if you came to know all this!" Samrat chuckled. "Firstly, I am still as excited about the marriage as I was. Secondly, I can never hate you chashmish and if you would have shared your problem i would have postponed the wedding!" he said sincerely. "No, no need of that. I was just scared that its just been 3 months since we have been together and we are getting married. Everything seemed so fast and I was just.." "Chashmish. I can understand what you must be going through, I know its hard to leave behind your family and change according to the new family but I promise to make it as easy for you as possible!" he said holding my hands. "I know Samrat. I love you for understanding my stuation and not being mad at me. I was just scared for sometime" I said. "Okay. But now everything is fine right? You dont need more time to think?" he asked. "No I dont need more time. I love you and I want to be with you!" she said. "Obviously!" he said with pride. "After all bhabhi said I am looking so hot today that you would forget all your fears! And also that any girl would want to marry me" he said winking at her. I laughed out loud. "Tum has rahi ho?" he asked making a kiddish face. I didnt stop laughing until he came closer to me. There was very less space for me to move back and he was coming closer. He whispered to me "Abhi bhi tumhe lagta hai that im not looking hot?" I looked away from his eyes. They were shining and I would be lost in them if I looked at them for a little more time. He was like a magician who just solved all my problems by being close by. "I never said you weren't looking hot!" I said. Samrat gave me one of his charming grins and I sank deeper into his eyes. But for the first time in life Armaan came at the right time.. "Ho gaya?" he said breaking our eye lock. Samrat was totally mad. He would start with his smooth talk anywhere and I would somehow fall for it. There were soo many guests here and he.. uff. Samrat and Armaan started to discuss something while Nupur introduced me to all their relatives. Samrat's mama, mami, naani, etc etc. There were so many cousins and family friends That i cant even remember 1/4th of the names also.

As everyone got ready for the ring ceremony the slow songs started playing and my heart started beating louder. It wasnt fast but it was loud. I could feel the moment. As the whole crowd gathered around us and I put the ring on Samrat's finger and he gently held my hand and put the ring in. I dont know why but my head automatically went down to get my own private blush. I was smiling hard as it was finally official. My life would change after this. I was officially Samrat's Fiance! That word seemed so awkward and my name would be Gunjan Shergill. I hated the sound of that. Gunjan Shergill I repeated. Humph. Why cant boys change their surname! I grumbled to myself. Everyone threw flower petals at us and it was just a fantastic moment. A million pohotographs taken at a go and people hugging us and congratulating us. Armaan was the last one. He hugged Samrat and me. He was Samrat's best friend and was a very nice human being. "Gunjan dont you think you've grown a lil fat these days!" he said. Okay. He sucked. Argh i hated him. Samrat chuckled at his comment and I gave a stern look to him which made him stop. I was wrong. Armaan was irritating and bugged me to the limit. "Armaan. Shut. Up." I said softly so that no one else could hear. Then came a voice, "beta yeh Mr.Saxena hai, mere cousin." Samrat's dad said. I had to get used to calling them Mom and Dad. It was just soo tough to get used to it. I needed to spend sometime with them I guess.

Later the food was served and I was starving. I loved Nupur for coming and asking me what I would like to eat. These past few days I was loving Nupur. She had cleared all my doubts for marriage and even given me food. She was my SAVIOUR! <3 As we ate Armaan obviously coudnt resist pulling me leg. "So have you decided all the rules for Samrat after marriage?" he asked me. "Will he be allowed for a drink on weekdays?" he added. I glared at him. "Not with you!" I replied. "Oh Really? Too bad he wouldn't feel like having one with you!" . I could just stuff his mouth with samosas that he couldnt speak! But well, I had to bear it. "Sam, My friend" he went on.. great he would crack another one of his stupid jokes, "You are actually being imprisoned. I can just warn you.. what else" Armaan said melodramatically. Couldnt he just shut up for a second. I thought of just forgetting it. He was just trying to hide his pain and sadness by making fun of me. Let him do that.

* * * * * *

It Rained hard that night. Both of them sat at the window thinking about their upcoming life. How it would change everything. Samrat just thought of Gunjans words, "I love you and I want to be with you!" she had said. He loved Gunjan alot and when he saw his family happy with this wedding he felt overwhelmed within. He was happy that his family also adored the girl whom he loved. He wanted to get married and lead a settled life. Have kids and enjoy every phase of his life. Where as Gunjan thought differently. She was happy to be with Samrat ONLY. She hadnt thought about his family. She thought everything would just be the same. She would only be samrats wife and will call his parents as hers. There would be no other changes. But she was wrong. She had less idea about relationships and she still had loads to learn. But time teaches people everything was what I believe. So Gunjan will probably learn with time.

Looking at the rain they both thought of different things. Gunjan wanted to just keep looking at the beautiful raindrops where as samrat wanted to get wet in the rain. But they both had one similar feeling to call the other one up.

"Hello Chashmish!" Samrat said.

"Hi Samraat!" she said.

"So what are you doing besides looking at the rain?" he asked.

"I was just going to bed!"

"What? So early..? Thats not nice."

"Its not early Samrat, its 1!"

"You have only been looking at the rain for 15 mins! How can you get up now?"

"How do you know?" she said perplexed. She had already started to look around.

"Dont worry, I am no psychic! Its been raining for only 15 mins now.." and he began to laugh.

Gunjan laughed with him and finally they both stopped.

"We are getting married in 5 days Gunjan!" he reminded her.

"Oh yes, we are!" she said already counting the hours. She only had 120 hours with her family!

"But why are you looking at the rain? I thought you hated the rain?"

"Yes I do. I hate the rain!" she said. "But Thats when I am getting wet. Otherwise I like seeing the rain." She speciafied.

Samrat shook his head. How could anyone hate getting wet. Enjoying the rains. Going out on their bikes for long drives. How he missed those college days.

"hello? Where are you lost now?" she asked.

"Some old memories of the rain." He said. "me and Armaan used to go for very long drives and get wet in the rain. We used to stop at stalls and enjoy the hot pakoras with tea. Its just so much of fun!" he said.

"Well, thank god I wasnt with you in college. I hate getting wet in the rain. Though I havent tried the pakoras and tea. But still.. I dont think its my cup of tea!"

"Chashmish.. you have to try it someday. Trust me you'll go mad!"

"Like youu!" She said laughing.

"Well, maybe yes!"

"Its not always like that.. we think differently Mr.Shergill and you like many things which I hate!"

"Like what huh? You hate your self?

"Shut up" Gunjan said laughing. "Like cricket.. sports. Playing stupid pranks on people!" she said.

Gunjan had always been the matured one. She had never had any sibling so she didnt know what it was like to play a prank on people or to sit and make fun of each other. She was always praised by her teachers for her excellent results and her bright future. She had friends in school but not too close friends. In college she became very popular and dated people but she never did crazy stuff! She always went out for dinner or to a disco theque.

"Wait until you come to my house. You will come to know whats the real junglee-ness! We play taboo or pictionary and practically make fun of each other in the whole game. Mom doesnt like playing so the teams are always me and bhabhi and Mayank and dad.. and guess who always wins?"

He paused. Gunjan thought for a while and said. "Mayank and uncle!"

"No. Me and Bhabhi. We understand each other well. And never fail to do that! Where as dad and Bro always criticise each others drawing or speaking skills. Hahaha" Samrat laughed.

Gunjan too smiled as she could imagine all the fun. She sighed and then shut the window to go to bed.

"See you tomorrow Samrat. Bye."

"Goodnight. Love you."

"Love you too!" she said as she kept he phones and sank into her bed. She was tired and sleepy. Tomorrow was a Sunday and her sindhara Rasm in which only girls were allowed.  

Where as tomorrow was a Fun-day for Samrat. It was his bachelor's party and Armaan and Mayank were planning it and keeping it a secret from him. He didnt really want one. But didnt mind one either!

* * * * *

Precap: Sindhara [ Mother-In-Law And Daughter-In-Law talk!]


Samrat's Bachelor Party.

* * * * *

Please be free to comment/criticise.

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missed reading last updateTongue
will read both nowTongue

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ruvy Senior Member

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gr8 update it  looked soo real aww sajan's rain talk cont soon 
sajanfan004 Goldie

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Hi Manji!
Wow Yaar..To me, It didn't seem at all asif you wrote ina hurry or it was a *Not-Good* Update! I think it was all fabulous, even the ends! Embarrassed Rain is the album of Old Memories! Whenever It rains People Unite! Or their bond becomes stronger than before!
Gosh! So many rasams!! Shocked They get so boring at times! And your freaking me out! What do you mean by *Gunjan has to learn a lot about relationships and everything wont go according to how she is planning it!* That is scary! Im guessing her mother-in-law will want a grandson Quickly right? And Gunjan will not be prepared for it!!
Loved SaJan! Embarrassed *as always*
They rockk! Thanks For the PM, anyway and do update soon! [Its alright...I can understand why you update late]
Wonderful Update!

Edited by sajanfan004 - 17 June 2011 at 10:11am
felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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Awesome update
loved it loadzz
cant wait 4 da next part
con soon
thanks 4 da PM
_Arushi_ IF-Dazzler

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it was a beautiful part!!!
really loved it so much...
please continue soon...

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