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*Its A Sajan Love Saga* 2# (Page 40)

ar_sajan4evr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 April 2011 at 11:55pm | IP Logged

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-Kina- IF-Sizzlerz

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update soonSmile

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-Kina- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 April 2011 at 7:52am | IP Logged
continue soonnnCry

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey guys!
I am back with the update for this FF!
I know its been a long time since I updatedd this one!
But hope you remember! If you dont.. then the previous update is on page 27! Wink
@ Kins : I hope your happy! I did it as fast as possible for youu!Embarrassed
@ Nish & Radhi di: Done! *Phew*
Later that evening Mayank & nupur took the two out for shopping. Gunjan's mood was off. She loved shopping, but not at the expense of work. Mayank had forced her to leave office for that day! On the other hand samrat was quite ok with the idea of Shopping. He didn't really like shopping but bunking work was fun!

As they reached the designer nupur helped gunjan to choose her lehenga,whereas, Mayank took samrat and went to the men's section so that Samrat couldn't see any clothes bought by Gunjan! These were strict orders from the elders!

"Gunjan, look at this red one.." Nupur said pulling gunjan, to look at one saree. Gunjan didn't like it too much. "No nupur.. I don't like it that much.. can we see something else?" she said. Nupur smiled. "Now get into the habit of calling me Bhabhi Gunjan.." she said teasingly. "Ohh.. ya.. Bhabhi.." she said. It was awkward calling a person Bhabhi when you called her by her name until today!

"Nupu'I mean bhabhi.. look at this one.. I am in love with this white lehenga!" she exclaimed. "I want itt!!"

"Go try it first naa gunjan!" she said.

"But I am sure I want itt!! Why should I try it?"

"Just to see the fitting dear! Please.." she said.

"Ok ok.. going!" she said..

She went in & tried the costume.

She was changing while nupur sat out side waiting.

"So gunjan.. are you excited or nervous?"

"Bhabhii.." she said from the changing room. "Why will I be excited for trying out a dress?"

"Not for this baba! For your wedding!" nupur said.. She didn't know abt gunjan but she sure was excited.

"I don't know bhabhi! I don't really think about it!" she said.

"What? Gunjan.. when I was going to get married I used to dream all day about that big day! I was so madly in love with mayank!"

"Reaallyy? Waise who wouldn't be.. Mayank is so handsome & hardworking too!" she said thinking how she had liked mayank initially!

"Gunjan.. that's not the point! The point is that its YOUR wedding! The BIG day! Why are you NOT excited?"

"I don't knoww! I never really thought about it!" she said.

"Then Do it! Think! Dream!" she said.

Gunjan shook her head at Nupurs madness.. she came out wearing the lehenga!

"Ermm.. I didn't like it!" nupur said..

"No naa? Even I didn't! Lets see something else!"

"See that's why I was telling you to try it! But no.. you were in a hurry!"

Gunjan smiled apologetically!


Samrat stood in front of the mirror checking himself out. He wore a golden and brown kurta. He looked smoking hot. Mayank looked at him irritated. Once again samrat turned around and asked, "Yeh achha lag raha hai na?" he asked confused.

Mayank tightened his fist and gritted his teeth.. "Samrat Shergill.. tum mujhe yeh question sau baaar poochh chuke ho!!!" he yelled. "Agar ek aur baar poochha na toh main yeh kurta PHAD doonga!" Mayank calmed himself down.. Samrat was exasperating him now!

"Samjha karo Bhai.. yeh pehli baar hai! Tum toh experienced ho!" he said.

"Maine bhi ITNAA time nahi lagaya thaa samrat! Lena hai toh lo warna chalo yaha se!" he said.

"Achha theek hai.. lets take this!" he finally said.

Mayank sighed and took it.

They went to check whether gunjan was done or not. Mayank entered the store to see Gunjan sitting outside the changing room.

"hey Gunjan.. Nupur kaha hai?"

"Woh Bhabhi ko ek saree pasand aayi thi toh woh bus usse try kar rahi hai!"

"Ay Bhagwan! Tumhari shopping karwani thi usse!!" he said completely irritated now!

Samrat & gunjan giggled..

"MAYANK.. Mujhe yaha sab Sunai de raha haii!!!" she yelled from inside.

"Toh bahar aao naa!" mayank replied.

After two minutes she came out wearing a red saree. She really wanted it so mayank bought it for her. She was jumping in joy. Then they went for jewellery shopping! Gunjan thought of buying her lehenga from some other place. She didn't like anything here!

Mayank & Nupur thought of leaving SaJan alone for sometime so they went to another shop & asked them to see some jewellery!

Samrat and Gunjan went into the shop. The shop keeper got amazing jewellery sets for them. Gunjan looked at all of them. She was confused which one to choose.

"Chashmish, how about a date?" he said.

"Samrat.. isnt it TOO late for one now?" Gunjan said as she laughed.

"Why? Date is a date, and I havent taken you on one yet!"

"Obviously you have! Remember the way you proposed me?" she said dreamily.

"Yaa.." he said "But like a proper date!"

"hmm.." she said thinking.

"So is it a yes or a no?"

"How can I tell my 'To-Be' husband No?" she said.

Samrat laughed at her comment. She smiled back. They went back to choosing jewellery sets.

Gunjan like 6 of them and samrat was just staring in awe.

"You want ALL of them Gunjan?" he said again & again!

"yes Samrat! I want ALL! Its my wedding! You have to buy all for me!" she said.

"yeah.. ok. Take it!"

"Yes!" Gunjan jumped. They paid for all and then left from the shop. Samrat felt like being naughty. He hadnt flirted with anyone in ages now!

"So chashmish, tum mere baare main sochti ho?"

"umm.. nahi" she said bluntly.


"I mean.. tum hamesha mere saamne hi toh hote ho!"

"Oh.. ok.."

"Kyun puchha?"

"Bas esehi!" he smiled.

..Silence again..

They walked to a caf on the floor and sat down. Samrat ordered coffee for both of them.

"So chashmish, tumhare kitne boyfriends the?" he asked naughtily!

"Samraat? That was so random?"

"Yah yah.. whatever.. par batao na.. I just wanna know!"

"Ohhhk.." she said confused. Why did samrat want to know about her boyfriends.

"Ok.. ill tell you only if you tell me yours!"

"Umm.. theek hai!" he said.

"I had 5.. I think" she said.

"Oh.. Anyone I should know about?"

"Not really.. I mean.. I just like these 2-3 guys in london who I dated for around a month or so.. Nothing serious!"

This was getting awkward.. she didn't know why were they even talking about all that! Nor did samrat know why he started this topic.. he was going to be so dead if gunjan came to know ACTUALLY how many girlfriends HE had!

"Hmm.. good good."

"Now your turn.." Gunjan said quickly..

"You don't want to know.. trust me!"

"Samrat! You promised."

"Hmm.. ok.. fine.. ill tell you!" he sighed. "I had around 17-20 girl friends in america. Out of them 15 were American & 3-4 were Indians.. & yeah.. one was even chinese" he laughed.. but when he noticed that gunjan was not laughing he stopped.

"20!!??!!" she said in shock?!

"Umm.. I was in America for 3 years Chashmish!"

But gunjan was in awe.

"And I am sure you had more boyfriends!" he said casually!

"Oh please." She said. Then after a minute she said.. "Ok I did!"

"There you are.. now tell me.. how many.." he asked. "And this time I want the truth!" he said seriously!

"Whats up guys?" Mayank asked appearing for nowhere!

Gunjan was relieved! She didn't even remember how MANY she had dated.. their must be a hundred men!

On the other hand samrat was thinking, 'Thank God she believed what I said.. she would have refused to marry me if I told her the truth! Dude samrat, this is not a very healthy topic to talk about!'

They all went back home, tired & showed their parents what they had bought.

"Wao.. Gunjan beta tune toh kitne sundar sets khareede hai!.. Par kuchh zyda nahi ho gaya?"

"Nahi mom! Mujhe yeh sab achha lage..isliye maine le liye!"

"Hmm.. by the way I forgot to tell you beta.. kal se you cant go to office!"

"WHAAAT? No mom.. Please.. I want to go to office! Ill get bored at home.. Mom don't do this to me!" she pleaded.

"Look Gunjan, NO arguments!" Gunjan's mom said.

"But why?? Why cant I work?" Gunjan asked.

"Because you cant meet samrat before the marriage!!" Gunjans mom announced.

"Then tell him not to come!! He doesn't even work!!" Gunjan blurted out.

Gunjan's mom widened her eyes.

"Fine. Ill stay at home and work. Is that ok? Can I ask Mayank to drop in and give me the files?" Gunjan asked.

"Yes. That's better!" Gunjans mom said as she left the room.

"Ok.. now go get some rest.. you look tired.!"

"Oh mom.. today can I go out with samrat?"

"No.." Gunjan's mom said.

"Mom!! :O Last day.. please!"

"I said NO!"

"okay!" gunjan frowned and went to her room!


"Hello Samrat." Gunjan said.

"Hi Chashmish.. bolo? Ready to go?"

"Samrat I cant come."

"What? Why? How can you tell your 'To-Be' husband NO?" he said.

"Mom said no.!"

"GUNJAAAN!" he moaned.

"I cant help it! & more over I cant even come to office for 15 WHOLE DAYS!"


"Imagine.. I cant WORK!"

"That is not my tension.. I wont be seeing you for 15 days!!"

"Ofcourse you will..!! We will have all those ceremonies naa!"

"Not that!! But Chashmish.. How could you agree to work at home?" Samrat said.

"Why not?" she said pleased with herself.


"How will I meet you? I cant stay here in office without you! What will I do?" samrat said..


"WORK samrat!" gunjan said.


"I don't have any WORK!" he argued.


"Look.. I am working on a file now. I will call you later! Ok? Bye!"


And she kept the phone! But she was talking to samrat shergill.. and he was adamant on not letting her work! 'I am not allowed to meet gunjan. Then how am I going to stop her from working?' he thought..


"Achha.. by the way.. be ready! There is no way I am going to let today's date get cancelled!" he said.


"What will you do?" she asked.


"Wait and watch Miss. Gunjan. Bhushan.. Abhi tumne Samrat ko achhe se samjha nahii hai!"


"Achha? Samjhe bina hi tumse shaadi kar rahin hun?"


"Wait & watch" he said as he chuckled.


He cut the Line.




 Gunjan realises that Samrat was right. She doesn't even know him that well.. She has second thoughts on marriage!
@ Guys : Now the serious parts start.. till now this FF has been only FUN & Nice Nice.. But an FF is incomplete without problemsWink So here they begin!

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..-Ayesshhaa-.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 April 2011 at 7:18am | IP Logged
Yaayyyee I'm first to comment..Dancing
Hey Manjari awesome update..
SaJan went for shopping with MayUr.. 
I liked cafe scene..when SaJan were alone and they both were asking silly Question..LOL
and Poor Gunjan she can't go office and she can't meet Sam..
precap sound interesting continue soon..Embarrassed

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aashizin IF-Stunnerz

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itsss surprise run to read 

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agreatperhaps IF-Rockerz

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So, you finally updated? Thank God!LOL It's party time!Party Now the next update should be sooner!LOL
 Wow Manjari! Such a beautiful update!Clap
A big hug for your return!Hug
Superb, wonderful, cute, sweet, lovely, awesome, fantastic, fantabulous, gorgeous, funny, mangificent, marvellous, terrific, perfect! Words stop coming to my mind for this update!
Well SaJan have dated many people before!LOL And were embarassed to tell! That was so funny!
And OKay, from Samrat it's usual Smile but Gunjan?Shocked OH GOD! Hundred men????Shocked
Anyways, Gunjan banned from going to office! Wink Poor baby!
But she will work from home much to the annoyance of Samrat!LOL Heheh... What you will he do now?
Mayank and Nupur were funny like always!
Wow! 6 sets Gunjan!Shocked Thats like robbing your husband even before your marriage!LOL
I was so much waiting for you to update this FF!
And Gunjan and Nupur were so sweet! Nupur wants Gunjan to call her bhabhi!LOL Gosh she was so confused!Confused And a restless Gunjan! Thank God she tried!
And the line was very funny: Why will I be excited to try on my lehenga?
And Nupur's reaction towards Gunjan's reply was very funny! How can some one not be excited for her marriage! You should be... Think, dream!LOL
And Mayank angry with Samrat that he was ready to tear away his kurta?ROFL Samrat must have been very irritating na!
But Samrat does something and Gunjan has second thoughts about the marriage?Ouch What could it be?
Samrat, you better not annoy her or get any new or old girlfriend in front of her!Angry You will be dead if you do so!Dead 
Anyways! Welcome back!!
But it was such a small update!
Continue soon and this one should be fast!
You made us wait a lot!Angry
Please PM me when you update the next!
This is my favourite FF, and you have finished 2 of your FF! Cry I miss them!
Thanks for the PM!Smile

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SM_317 IF-Rockerz

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heyyy manjii..Hugfinally u updated this ff..Big smile
amazingg part..Big smileloved sajan shoppingg..Wink
n samrat asked his FIANCE 4 a date??LOLyeah i agree wid gunajn itz too late..LOL 
i njoyed sajan cafe scenes..ROFL
both hv dated soo mant ppl.Silly.ROFL
n gunjan wont go to office?Shocked
aawww poor samrat...he l get bored in office.SillyROFL
waiting 4 sam's plan..Wink
n d precap is shockinggShockedShocked
gunjan 2nd thoughts abt marriage?Shocked
this twist seems to eb intsrtingg..Wink
twist ke bina mazaa kaise aayegaWinkLOL
cont soon
luv ya

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