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*Its A Sajan Love Saga* 2#

GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 8:44am | IP Logged
Hi friends..
As Usual.. I am very very happy for my new thread!
Yay! This is the third time im opening a second thread for my FFs!! Im always very excited but this is my favourite FF out of all! So thats why I have a speech !! (I havent really written it down.. but kind of a speech)
*Clearing my Throat*
"Hi Friends... I Thank all of you for loving me and FF *Its a SaJan Love Saga* Sooo much! All you guys have been very encouraging and I love writing updates for all of you!
Special mention to this FF lovers and ppl whose comments I love reading and replying!
Nisha- who comments sometimes but her comments always make me smile!
Ria- who gives humongous comments and always makes my day!
Anu- whose comments encourage soo much and I always love reading her *summaries*! LOL!
Shreya- who gives me very sweet comments!
Richa- whose comments are becoming shorter day by day! LOL! (jus kidding!)
Sonu- who will always write a 'awesome' or 'fab updt' !!
Sara- Who's comments are a treat to read!
Hiiiiiiii- (tanzeel) love her username! LOL! and obviously her comments tooo!
Aashi- how can I forget her! i completely love reading her comments!
Anji Di- your comments are very imp.. and awesome! love them!
Radhi Di- Thanks alot for all the lovely comments! Love youu!
Ayesha- whose comemnts are very sweet and encouraging!
Adeen!- how cud I forget! Im her born writer!! LOL!
Nikki Di- Thanks alot for your comments.. Alwyas brings a smile on my face!
Saniya- thanks a lot for ur lovely comments and compliments!
Surbhi di- now days u dont comment but I still loved ur comments! Wink
and last but not the least..
SOHAM- Thank you for your encouragements and compliments! thank youu!
I came name a billion more people! without you guys.. maybe I wouldnt have completed any thread! Im am truly grate ful to you! Thank you everyone! I love you all!! Plz dont midn if i forgot some names!
Oh and yes another special mention..
Deepu-- Thank you for your 'lalala' and 'res' and I just wanna tell you.. Im sick and tired of reading them.. (guys she never edits her comments! heights of laziness! LOL!)
so from now.. its a small request. instead of 'res' or 'lalala' plz write 'nice updt'! i hope that wont take u alot of effort! LOL! (jus kidding!) hehe!
Ok I can go on and on talking about my comments because I truly truly LOVE all the comments I get! and to make this new thread special.. I have made this part double special!! Please read it! and I hope I will get awesome comments and love as I have always got! THANK YOU SO MUCH!"
Se guys! im awesome at giving speeches, ain't I?
So please read.. enjoy and dont forget to click on the LIKE tab!
Love Youu!

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 24 -- Page 1
Part 25 -- Page 9
Part 26 -- Page 16
Part 27 -- Page 22
Part 28 -- Page 27
Promo  -- Page 34
Part 29 -- Page 40
Part 30 -- Page 50
Part 31 -- Page 60
Part 32 -- Page 70
Part 33 -- Page 77
Part 34 -- Page 85 - SaJan Wedding
Part 35 -- Page 87
Part 36 -- Page 93
Part 37 -- Page 96
Part 38 -- Page 100
                                    Promo   -- Page 102
Part 39 -- Page 103

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Gunjan's Pov:

"Samrat kaha lekar ja rahe ho mujhe? Plz batao?!" I really wanted to know.. But he didn't say a word.. he opened the front seat of the car for me and I got in.. and then he sat in the driver's seat and drove…

"Samrat where are we going?" No Reply! What was this? Where were we going! No one had ever done this with me.. Surprise?! What surprise.. I don't like surprises.. it always turns out to be a shock for me..

"Chashmish relax.. just enjoy the moment!" Samrat said in his calm voice.. But there was a sparkle in his eyes.. something unknown to me.. I tried to think what it could be.. but I had no clue.. On new years eve at 11:30pm Samrat had planned a surprise for me.. Something more?

I was happy with the dress and those letters/ notes.. but there was more. I was excited as well as nervous.. it was pitch dark and the roads were unknown to me.. I had never come in this area of mumbai ever..

Suddenly he stopped the car.. I looked around.. I could see nothing.. it was just dark. There was nothing. I wondered why he got me here.. he came out of the car and I waited patiently for him to open the door on my side.. as he was acting all gentle manly..I thought he was coming to open the door for me.. but he didn't come.. I went out.. It was creepy as it was so dark.. I could see northing except the car.. I could just see some trees around.. and then suddenly he lit a candle… and I looked behind me to see a small area decorated with flowers and just a candle in the centre for both of us.. that was all that I could see.. I walked towards the light and he offered a hand to me.. the path was rocky.. there were some stones.. and after reaching the place I saw that he had got me outside the city.. this was barren land and he had decorated this small corner for the two of us.. It took me sometime to digest the surrounding.. it was so dark and COLD! The dress he gave me was sleeveless..!! My teeth would start clattering any moment and then it would become embarassing.. he nicely wore a coat and all.. He smiled looking in my direction.. I was speechless. I didn't know what to say.. the place was so pretty only if I could see it! Because it felt as if we were the only humans and there was clouds all around us.. that effect was given by the fog! I could just see him.. our table and the Champagne bottle on top…

"Chashmish.." he said softly.. I stopped looking around trying to figure out the area and looked at him..

"hmm.." I said..

"Surprise kaisa laga?" He said softly..

"Its beautiful samrat! I don't think anyone has ever made it so perfect…I feel as if I am floating amidst the clouds and everything is perfect."

" Sach?"

I nodded readily.. he looked at his watch..

2 minutes left to be 12.. Our eyes met and we looked into each others eyes.. We didn't have much to say.. it was so different and so beautiful.. it was as if everything was new once again.. Samrat had made this seem like a dream.. His eyes had that spark in them.. and I was hypnotised by them..

Suddenly he pooped open the champagne bottle and brought me back to earth.. well it still seemed like a dream anyway.. His eyes didn't leave mine.. we still stared at each other… he came closer to me.. My heart was jumping up and down and there were butterflies in my stomach.. He came closer and kept the bottle on the table.. his hands circled around my waist.. and mine were loose on his chest.. he didn't tigten his grip.. it was let loose.. he just came closer and closer until we could feel each others breathe.. his lips were leser than an inch away from mine.. and my heart was thudding so loudly that I thought it would explode.. his hands came up to my face and carressed my cheeks.. my eyes shut automatically and I just felt his warm touch! The ambience was just perfect.. I could see him and he saw me.. we were together and it was new years.. We stood like that for what seemed like forever and then he slowly took of his suit and made me wear it..

"Your shivering" he whispered in my ear…

I don't know why but I hugged him.. His hand were on my back.. I felt so warm in his arms.. it was the safest place ever!I wished this moment would just freeze and we would stay like this forever! I didn't feel like leaving him.. it was so cold and he was soo Hot! I blushed to myself at that remark.. He tightened his grip and then broke the hug…

We sat down again..

"Chashmish.." he said breaing the silence..

"Yeah.." I answered.. I don't know if he heard me.. I was so lost…

"There is another surprise!" his smile was back on his face..

What? Another surprise.. What was going on? This was the ost beautiful day of my life till date.. I wished that this never got over..

Samrat slowly stood up and walked towards me.. and then the next moment he was on his knees.. my hands lifted up to my mouth! OMG he was going to PROPOSE!


Samrat's POV:

It had been the most perfect day of my life and I just wanted this last thing to go perfectly! I was happy seeing the smile and glow on gunjans face.. and her eyes were wide open…

"Chashmish.. I want to start this new year with you.. A new beginning! I want to be with you the whole time.. Its very hard to stay away now.. Since you have come into my life you hv always been special.. We have been friends since we were 9! And mujhe nahi pata ki kab.. kaise.. kaha mujhe tumse pyaar ho gaya.. par ab main iss pyar ko aur mazboot banana chahta hoon! Main chahta hoon ki yeh pyaar kabhi na toote aur isse ek rishte main badal diya jaye.. Chashmish.. I love you! And will you be mine forever? Will you marry me?" I said taking out the ring from my pocket..

I looked at gunjan for a reply.. but she was quiet.. she said nothing.. She had tears in her eyes.. and she just nodded.. I smiled and made her wear the ring..

"I am yours samrat.. and I will always be yours, only yours! And shaadi ya no shaadi.. hamara pyaar hamesha utna hi mazboot rahega jitna hai! I love you too samrat! And I am very lucky to have a person in my life who cares for me so much! You just showed me how much you love me samrat! You actually brought down heaven for me … that's all I have to say.."

And then I came back on my feet .. I was just listening to gunjan.. all that she said had touched my heart deep down and it all meant a lot to me.. and then I just took her in my arms and hugged her tightly once again… It was truly the best moment.. we both knew that now no one could seperate us! We were one and would always be like this..!

We finally broke the hug and looked at each other. Gunjan blushed and looked down.. this made her look even more pretty ! We sat down and had some champagne.. we were very happy today and I could make that out by looking at gunjan…


They both sat and stared at each other.. both thinking about a topic to talk on and to break the awkward silence between them. Finally gunjan came up with something.

"Thank you Samrat for making the new year so special for me.. 2011.. I will never forget this new year!"

"Me 2.. and thanks kyun bol rahi ho?! Aur haan.. mujhe lagta hai ab humme sabko bata dena chahiye.!"

"Hmm.. Par kaise?"

"Chashmish kaise matlab? Tum uncle ko bata dena who mom dad ko bol denge!!"

"WHAT? Tum uncle ko bata do na! who dad se baat ar lenge!"

"nahi chashmish.. yeh theek nahi hoga.. tum apni mom ko hi bata do!"

"Samrat! Tum bataoge!"

"nahi chashmish.. tumhe batana chahiye!"


"kyunki.. main keh raha hoon! Apne to-be-husband ki baat maano!"

"Samrat.. Plz.! Main kaise.."

"Chashmish you can do it!"

"ok! Hum dono saath main bataye?" gunjan said with a little hope..

Samrat didn't say anything at first.. but then he agreed..

"Achha toh kal hum sabko bata denge!" gunjan continued..

"gr8! Kal toh tumlog lunch par bhi aa rahe ho ryt?"

"I have no idea..! but jo bhi! Kal hum bata denge!"

"Haan haan!"

"Samraat! Im Sooooo Happy!" gunjan said..

"Main bhi.. yeh sab kitna jaldi ho gaya naa..! abhi kuchh hafte pehle toh tum aayi thi and now…"

"Yeah.. hamari life kitni fast chal rahin hai! I cant believe I'll be getting married!"

"Yeah! So ab chale?"


"ghar chashmish! Tumhe thand lag jayegi!"

"Samrat yeh jagah itni beautiful hai ghar jaane ka mann hi nahi karta!"

"Par chashmish.. jana toh padega naa…"

They got up and walked back to the car.. Gunjan kept the window open and the wind blew her air and it was all over her face.. it brushed against her cheeks and she shut her eyes feeling the wind against her face..

Samrat looked at the road and then at gunjan.. She looked angelic… She still had his coat on! She was so innocent and sweet… No actually she looked that way! Hahaha!


Precap: Samrat Goes To Dubai…


 Do comment and press the like tab!

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XSilentWishesX IF-Sizzlerz

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ME FIRST Big smile

GOsh second thread Shocked Keep it up! Congo shongo!
And i know that it will reach many more threads Cool
Let me clear something about the comment Ermm

Nisha- who comments sometimes but her comments always make me smile!

Is it a compliment? Stern Smile ROFL Just kidding! we already cleared about this so anyways back to the story!ROFL

Manjari welcome to my dreamland where you can find only certain emotions like these: Heart Blushing Silly Hug Day Dreaming Embarrassed Heart and my fav ROFL
Gosh this update paid for all my nagging! ROFL
Samrat was in a romantic mood Blushing  Blushing Blushing
Gosh gosh gosh I m going crazy!  ROFL
Seriously it was one awesome piece!
The beginning till the end was awesome and smooth!
You just connected it in a wonderful way!
Samrat behaving all formal! I can see it!
The way you explained the place made me to fall in love with it!
Gunjan feeling cold but still bearing it awwie!
The whole place was damn romantic!
Gosh Sajan kissed. Didn't they? Blushing Blushing ROFL 
And then Gunjan hugging him aww! so cute!
I love it! Heart
And the end made me all emotional!
Sam's words! Gosh they were so deep!
YAY Samrat proposed Party
Gosh it was a magical moment!
I am so in love!
Why didn't samrat agree to talk first to Gunjan's parents?Ermm
Well anways happy that he decided to do it together!
And yeah precap is interesting!
Cont soon and thanks for the pm Hug

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.VanishingDream IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 8:48am | IP Logged
congo...yaaaaaaaaaaaay yippeeeeeeeeeeeePartyDancing
ooh lala Silly....congo for ur new thread manjiPartyDancing


hey manjiHeart,
yaaaaaaaaaay yipppeeeeeeeeee congo editing soon after soo longDancing
i love this ff a lot is soo sweetEmbarrassed.....u completed 24 partsShocked.. im surprisedDancing..anyways the more parts the more droolingDay Dreaming....
coming to the part ..i was already some gr8 romance in it...Day Dreaming..did i tell u thatErmm .no obviously because of my lazyinessOuchROFL.....
u always know i write looooong comments ..n very rareWink...i didn't read it till now ..but decided to read n comment togetherWinkEmbarrassed
u always write amazinglySmile...
wow i loved the way u started ..with gun's pov ....u created excitement superblyEmbarrassed..
wow spark in his eyes hayyeeeeDay loved her excitementEmbarrassed.....aww poor gun felt cold ....don't worry gun sam hainaWink...wowieeeeeeeeeeee the surprise was speechless lost in itEmbarrassed....hayyeeeeeeeeee ....the hug was soooooooo sweet ..awiieeeeeeeeeeeee..........really gun's feelings were hayyeeeeeeeeeEmbarrassed..OMG another surpriseShocked..gun is soooooooooo lucky manEmbarrassed....OMG he was proposing to her Shocked hayyeeeeeeeee...
loved Sam's sam is soooooooo sweet man awiieeeeeeeeeeEmbarrassed ..hayyeeeeeeee ..the proposal is sooooooo magicalDay Dreaming..aww the convo was soooo sweet manDay Dreaming......toally amazing updateClap..i totally loveHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHug....u wrote it really wellWink....precap seems interesting i can't wait for the next updateDay Dreaming..
do continue soonEvil Smile

Luv ya

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SM_317 IF-Rockerz

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edited me 3rdDancing
congo manjiHug..4 2nd thread im sooo happyHugParty.
n d update is just soooooooooDay DreamingDay Dreaming..itz awesomeeeeee..
u wrote it beautifully yaar...Day Dreaming
sam's suprise was sooooo romantic...lovely place haan!
n u described sajan's pov really well..
loved it...sajan scenes were amazinggggg...
omgggggggggggg sam proposed gunjan..Party...
itz was sooooooo nyc,,,gunjan was in tears..
perfect start for 2011..Embarrassed...
loved it..
n sajan r finally gonna tell everyoneBig smile
waiting 2 see their reaction...Big smile..
n d precap sam gonna go 2 dubaiShocked
lovely part!
cont soon..
luv ya

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agreatperhaps IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 9:16am | IP Logged
Awwww... How sweet and romantic...
But why such a short update? 
Well even though it was short it was fantastic...
I loved it to the core..
Finally Samrat agreed to open their relationship in front of everyone.. And why not, he proposed her!!
See I guessed it right!!!
Update the next part soon.. Waiting for the family's reaction (even though they will jump on excitement after hearing about the proposal..) 
And do PM me when you update this awesome, fabulous, romantic Samrat- Gunjan Fanfiction of ours!!

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..-Ayesshhaa-.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 9:18am | IP Logged
OMG Manjari dear!!
Yippeee! Sam proposed Gunjan..
waiting for they marriage..
continue soon..
and thanx dear for mentioning my name..
i love to comment on ur ff's..
bcz ur all ff's are awesome..

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