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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

#Devil's Den# Maneet Marriage- sachh hua sapna....

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Hey guys!

kya likhu kya na likhu yeh kaisi mushkil haaye

koi toh batade iska hal ho mere bhai

On 1 side- the sizzling hawt couple- MSK with X-ray eyes and Geet with her shy smile

on the other- a cold revenge game- all set to be played- perhaps won..and the end..nothing to be gained..

Those beautiful beautiful eyes..that mischievous glint of the groom for the bride...but wait a second- that's not A groom..
that's our MAAN!Embarrassed

so let's amp things a little bit,shall we?

That super hawt glint of love and mischief in his eyes for his Geet...
the stealing of a moment alone..amidst all the photograph session...

Imagine what everyone would think...where are the groom and bride?LOLLOL

sneaking away to an isolated place...
with only their love as company
they try to steal some moments of love
moments before they enter a bond..

oh let them enjoy free love for a bit more...
let them joke around a bit more...
they love it..they want it..and more than deserve it,
let them express their love a little more...

MAke what you want of what I'm writing,
or make nothing more out of it...
the scene was HAWT and there was no comparison,
what's there to compare between two opposite spheres?

Love and lust...
fire and ice...
will this fire of Annie's love burn the ice around Arjun's heart?
will lust be love..will he ever look at her the way she does?
or will he 'ruin' her like A Mr Wickham did?

anyone remember the public train station engagement where MSK bent down to make her wear the ring?
Remember the jhaalar?
a sign of blessedness....well..we saw the chaddar today..this one is Red...of course- symbolizing love..and how LOVE has blessed Maneet besides destiny..

i liked the way the red flowed between if showing how LOVE comes between themEmbarrassed

The moment alone-
MSk-Geet also talked about it during ghodi scene...seems they are gonna go out ...for geet ka mood change haina?

Which brings me to the complication... asks if there's time to decide..he wants to give all happiness to Geet..
perhaps escape with her to a world where all is happy..he desperately wants to believe it..but there is a fragility in that much as there is strength..

Baby ain't going anywhere for some time so we all can breathe..I'm pretty sure itni jaldi itna bada dhamaka nahi denge...not so soon..unless they want to be..*chopped*

There has to be some tension...something to cast shadow on the sunshine..nahi toh how will they grow...Confused
so..sammy n baby scare..

today after the forecasting clouds was the sunshine...except occasional darkness- due to some other scenes

But otherwise,the celebratory mode was quite set

1 thing I really did NOT like was that ANNIe was soo excited about the wedding is standing aside and not really taking part in the taang kheechna and stuff?

Didn't she say Geet was a sister..i didn't like would have been nice to see her up there on the stage..perhaps arjun looking and saying a deadly self dialogue along the lines of-

"jitna hasna hai has lo anwesha...tumhara yeh sapna...maan singh khurana ki barbaadi ka kaaran hoga" :PLOL


MSK coming towards Geet..because of her nakhra and bending his head...submitting out of love for her...was OH SO CUTE

AWWWW...and the way he aggressively put the mala around her had put her engagement he had bharoed her maang...LOL

So typically MSK...LOL

he says he's here to fulfill all her dreams and desires..she says she has none like that right at that moment..but he proves her wrong...knowing her more than she knows herself..

As a woman..she's her PArineeta..with desires and well..he at least begins somewhere today..

1 step is better than no step na..LOL

That sc was really hot..they really don't need muchLOLEmbarrassed

Im not even going to don't even think about it!LOL

honestly...the maalas were HEAVY and came in between...

still,Gc,dd- brilliant job!!

Let's come to the shuru ka scene...
The doc baad..msk-geet scene..
where he says her tears are his..

Barry- i liked that dialogue

I also liked Arjun-annie convos..
Im desperately hoping that all the Arjun char build up isn't simply to make Annie preggers..

C'mon a bit more complicated..yeh kya hai?

I request the CV's to please reconsider and introduce contrasts and contradictions in Arjun's character...and Annie's...dilemmas..
If the actors are not convincing least make the characters have interesting parallels?
Just a suggestion..hope you consider if you're reading :)

Geet and Maan ka convo was the hallway..her gentle teasing and apprehension brought out..he teased her too..
2 equals in love..getting happily married..

"milan abhi aadha adhoora hai"Embarrassed

I liked today's episode..
I really hope to see the pheras tomorrow..
Plz try not to go the cliched way?

Are maneet by any chance going to decide place of honeymoon during the pheras..EmbarrassedLOL

anyhow..good epi..complexity in the parallels needed

That's all for today!
lots of love

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The information here is Xclusive to de Den ONLY! Read n FORGET IT!  Infringe our CopyRite and Anj will make u watch the "India Paints" Videos till u c the Light! Everyone Is Welcome, so Post Post! We are like Appy Fizz and Grappo Fizz....Cool to de Core!   
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Do dish about the Actors, but don't diss em or their frogs!  Anj won't post ur IF bail!

5. This is not Dadimaa's Darbar, so don't spam about the best way to bake ham, etc.!

6. We r going to open new Den before airtime and shift there once the show finishes whether u ve reserved ya not!  So, be PHAAST!

7. Don't QUOTE use "@" to reply varna you will get a Watt o Unwanted pics that will make ur eyes snap crackle n pop!  Max of 1 quote is okkie if u really must - that's all.

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Moi 1st ROFL !! 
cant wait !! 
Hope the precap is misleadinSleepy
Edited *** Res Moi is Phirst again ROFL !!! 

Doctor Doctor .... YES Patient !! 
Tellling Lie ... OFCOURSE PATIENTAngry

Wah re wah CV's ROFL ! Ek Shadi.... Sala EK Shadi Aur Itne Saare Twist WackoSeriously CV's r u planing to throw all ur Twists nowSillyWe knw u dont wannna Risk ur show by killlin the baby Wink !!! thn why Itna DRAGWackowait.... instead of so much drama !! why don't u jst killl NEStern Smilei mean she is totally useless !! so even if she dies ! Im sure No1 will complain or throw chapals ROFL !! buh if u even think of MC !.... thn get read to face the consequences  Wink ....
Dream Wedding ..Dream Wedding Ke ke Kar Sala Television ka sabse Manhoos shadi hai re ROFL !! temme 1 wedddin jahan itne sare 'ab shagun'  huwe ROFL !! 1st dulhan get stuck in traffic wat moreSleepyLOL what else is left re CV's LOL !! 

Question for NE Stern Smile: She is Munda's so called 'sista' rightWackothen WHERE is she durin all this Hungama & Drama Sillywhere she is suppose to do all this rasam n all ... Pinky & Tasha r doin everyfin !! n she is busy doin chuma Chati wid Urrrrrrrr-JunWacko
so much Happened... her 'Honewali'  Bhabi was ATTACKED... was ALMOST KILLED !! n she is here wid Urrrrrrrrrrr-Jun like Nuthin ever happenedSillyman she makes me SICKDead
CV's re Cvs Re 
Cv's Re CV's re !! 

Chalo Afta All this torture kuch toh acha aya !! LOL
Loved the cute touching moment betweeen ManeeetEmbarrassedthe Tears tawk was so touchingDay Dreaming
Par Munda ko Galat femi hogaye hai ROFL ! this is GEETs Life ROFL ! Jahan Mushkele Kaam Nahin Aur Barti HainSleepybeta Age Age Dekho in CVs ne Kya rakha haiSleepy

and PHINALLLY ROFL ! YES YES Phinalllly Yeh Shadi Issi Janam Mein Hogaye ROFL !! or Else I doubted if it willl ever happen Confused LOL 
Hahahaha Loved the Pinky-Adi-Romeo-Tasha Convo LOL !! Minus NE-UrrrrJunSleepy

and yeh Lo ROFL !! Jodu Ka Ghulam Ka Gulami Awready Shuru ROFL ! wah Re Munda Wah ROFL !! now we can See the Future of Maan SINGH KHURANA ROFL

Haila Hahahahah Ek Aur Ajoooba ROFL ! lagta Hai Duniya Ke Saare Ajooobe Geet mein Araye hain ROFL !! HAsta foto Wala LOL tanik Hisne Toh Sara Philmi Pose Kar wa diye ROFL !! and Here Jealous NE got jealous AwreadySleepy PLEASE !! Bechare Haste Foto wale ko Apna Camera Pasand Hai !! pooor Guy doesnt wanna ruin his camera by takin ur PikchaSleepy

and Munda xcepted tht he is a joru ka ghulam ROFL !! hahahaha GITH how will ur relationship change afta Shadi ROFL ! u anywyz fight 24/7SleepyLOL 
CV's Seriously ! can we once get a PERFECT epi WIDOUT NE n UrrrJunWackoAs soon whn i start enjoyin the epi !! BANG these 2 ruin the epi completly for meSillyseriously we not interested seee their Eye Lock & SAJNAAAAAAAAAAAA VE!!! Maneet r enoughStern Smile 

PreCap : OMG OMG !! Ma Phavourite song !!! Cant wait for tomorzDay DreamingJust Hope NO NE&Ur juuuuuuuun TomorzStern Smile

i would rate it 3/5 !!! Argh Thnks to NE n Ur Junnnnn for ruinin it for meWacko

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A FoolishAngry / Fake Ermm/ Wicked DocStern Smile!!

Jay maala ki Jai hooo.. !!ROFL

edit : manooooooooooooooooooooooooooooAngry u r sooo dead!! agn!!!AngryROFL


Doctor : Stern SmileErmmAngry i really hav nothing to say about thing MTP scare..
or bttr i hav a lot to say!!Angry 

 A New Doctor with knowledge of the Case History with Doctors wrking in a team  is possible but Tests that were said to b normal until the last MTP scare suddenly being abnormal is so NOT possible! Very little tim... i understd is for the completion of
20 weeks beyond which MTP is not possible - possible! But to a worried father who asks if the Child shud b aborted  " Then and There " the reply comes NO, u can go ahead with the ceremonies but with caution! hmmm.. NOT possible!!!! Father rewinds to his Promise (which he has no plans to break ) to the Mother to save the baby - when the mothers survival is at risk ... hmmmm... if the mother can stay alive with the child till 21 weeks and 6 days (earliest reported case of Survival) hmmmmm... possible!  otherwise NOT possible!

enf of spoon feeding! Now if u hav the brains for it figure out if  the very MTP scare is possible or NOT possible!

meanwhile Take care of the Newly Weds and their Baby


Rest of the epi... i loved....  aftr successfully chopping off NE files!

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Shaadi Ke Ladoo ke saath Kuch Gham ke Ladoo bhi FREE FREE FREEROFL
Abortion Scene: Yes that was for suspense but you knw tht culd be maintained if you did ekta's way by muting audio and jus doin dhadam dhadam in BG and at last Maan can just shake hands wid da doc and we will be assured tht its all tht way we wuld be wondering wat da doc said and we can enjoy da wedding too,..Suspense element manitained and we can take Shaadi ka Maza..LOLNo as highlighted yesterday by geet "Hamara Rishta Atoot Hai Koi humaare beech daraar nahi laa sakta" so there are 2 abortion&Samaan..toh how are we gonna be khush wid Shaadi ka Ladoo wen most of us will be worried abt baby..
But I knw NOTHING is happening to the babyApprove
Jaimala/Varmala Sequence: Tooo cuteeEmbarrassedkurri is khaffa and he cums forward and bends his head awwww shoo cute but abhi se Sar jhuka Diyaa yeh toh Joru ka Ghulam Ban ke RahegaaROFLand watever my Munda has his HATKE style to even put a garland over her..MwahEmbarrassed
Adi's Judwa Photographer: LMAO his laughter and then they showed adi as well..Pakka bichde hue bhai with their stammering laughterROFL
Ankohe Premi Anokhi Shaadi:The dulha-dulhan sneak out of the mandap to do sum RomanceeEmbarrassedLOLKi kareee CONTROLLL toh hota hi nahi...
OMG OMG OMG OMG:dEN WAS FULL OF oMG omg omg todayROFLand I didn't watch da epi then and now I knw why munda was seducing everyone wid his eyesBlushing..uff his TEASE sessions Moi loves itEmbarrassedI need to luk at Maaneet scenes in a diff angle now gawsh the fatherly kisses have affected me soo much when he said since u r happy I will make you more happy..I was just thinking Beta you are happy I will make you more happy by giving you Lollipop in BonusROFLGawsh I was excited for the fact tht he touched her naked waist but my mind ughh it was jus makin me think how SLOWW these ppl are..Log toh shaadi se Pehle Kahan Kahan Pahunch Jaate hai and these two they are still like on the 3rd or 4th step of RomanceROFLROFL
but I loved the fact that he moved his hand back and he started getting happy of how his one touch can make her lose herself in another worldBlushing
Err-Jun's Intentions: Hey Bhaggu I keep on thinkin abt teh other side wid every sceneROFLROFLok so he wants to take her izzat and make maan lose his izzat so I was thinking how Maan's both Kaminey Bhai behen go do their karnamaas with other ppl and then cum to him saying "BHAI Galti ho gayi"OuchMaan has given his name to Dev's hardwork but now he cannot do the same wid NE..Kitne bachon ko rakhega Maan..Bechara Maan/..No wonder he is da Male Tulsi/ParvatiROFLROFL
Precap: Purr-fect Love the song choice have been listening to it since like a week coz I was gonna make a VM on it but I guess Change of planss I have second choice of song so tht's alrytLOLBut yh I ame xcited for pheras to finish and then I can go to Gangaa...Phinallly..ROFL

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Today's episode is what I can call a very dreamyyyyy episode where after a long time I went OMG with Maaneet scene and hv watched it almost 20 times nowBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed....Its the best Jaimala scene I hv witnessed on small screen...there were no unwanted dialogues..nothing..its was all expressions and feelings that both Maan and Geet were expressing through their eyes and smileEmbarrassedEmbarrassed;How many daily soaps have we witnessed where even after several twist and turns we see the bride and groom so damn excited and despo for their marriage ?LOLEmbarrassed;How many daily soaps  hv we witnessed where even during the marriage the groom looks for an opportuinty to drag his bride to a corner  and get naughty with her ?Tongue...Thats one reason why even after so much of complaints and cribbing,we still go OMG seeing one Maaneet moment even after 10 months of the serial's runApprove
Ok now without being emotional..let me be practical here about the baby track here...
Baby has become this show's trp earner...whenever there is a baby talk or baby scare episode,it has gained just think will they let go off the baby so easily ??Evil Smile..they will keep on playing with the baby scare but in the end Baby will come out with a miracleBig smile....if they had to show a abortion or miscarrage,they would hv done it without much drama but instead they hv made sure that they make strong connection between the baby and the viewers by showing us some memorable baby talk scenes between MaaneetEmbarrassed;After all this they will not take the risk of MC or abortion in the coming future knowing its consequences and hyperactive Geet fans going on a bloodshed spree againErmmLOL..
Also if we analysis the doctor wala scene again,then we can see doctor said that she will carry out some more tests but she doubts there will b any different result which means 1% hope is still there and thats where MSK's belief in god and miracle will come in the pictureTongue...Then in the next scene,MSK beautifully captures that one drop of tear from her eyes and tells her that from now onwards each and every thing of hers will b his as well and so this moti from her eyes belongs to himEmbarrassed;That moti indicates the baby which now belongs to MSK as well and MSK very well knows that if he gives away that moti for Geet's life then he will not only loose the baby but his Gith as well his mission will b to save both baby and Geet to make sure that he never sees even a single drop of tear in her eyesEmbarrassed;He looked quite determined in that scene when he kisses her forehead which again indicates that he has not given up yet and will fight for both Baby and Geet's life now and this track can b quite interesting post marriageThumbs Up..
The whole Jaimala scene was beautifulll and dreamyyyyDay many daily soaps hv shown such Jaimala scene where both dulha and dulhan r so excited and happy without any tensionEmbarrassed...Loved the start of the scene, the way whole office staff escorts Geet towards MSK and then we see MSK giving her that mesmerising look when she walks towards himEmbarrassed....that whole scene of Geet coming towards the stage and MSK appreciating her beauty looking at her, sort of indicates their overall journey from the start till they went every step forward in their relationship and finally it is culminating into marriageEmbarrassed;The whole Geet walking scene most might not even notice but it was actually the best scene because it sort of sets the stage for the next wonderful Jaimala scene and this is what Nissar does when he directs an episode himself,he takes care of these minute details of a scene right from the startSmile
What I loved about the whole Jaimala scene was the realistic approach that the CVs took here without making it too filmy with lots of dialogues...the scene showed how sometimes silence can b beautifully depicted on screen without much words but only through expressions and gesturesEmbarrassed;MSK bending his head for the first time in his life just for his Gith so that she can put the varmala easily is a top notch sceneThumbs Up;A man who has never learnt to bend down in front of anyone,today bends his head in front of his woman for her comfort and happiness thus showing to the wohle world what importance Geet has in his lifeStarStarStarStarStar...and then the way MSK surprises Geet by all of a sudden putting the varmala on her so possessively when she was least expecting it..aahhhh what a fantastic sceneDay Dreaming..bes Varmala scene I hv ever witnessed in a daily soapStarStarStarStarStar...GC-DD rocked in this scene and were completely in character todayThumbs Up
The photographer was funny and the photo session was sort of hilariousLOL;Even though I dunno if such type of photographer for capturing MSK's shaadi event makes any sense or notConfusedLOL but since Star one is running out of money and is a gareeb no complaintsLOL;Loved the poses which MSK and Geet gave during their photo session,especially the DDLJ poseEmbarrassed and the one where MSK grabs Geet tightly around her armsEmbarrassed
Next scene of MSK getting ready for some initial foreplay and touching her waist...I loved itBlushingBlushingBlushing...GC's bedroom eyes and that sexyyy touch killed me todayEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed;Plss GC next time come with a warning tag on your eyes before such scenes so that we can keep our beds ready in swarglok and ICUs in advanceAngryLOL;MSK really knows how to make his women go crazy and just give up in his arms...yesterday was no differentWinkTongue....the way he touches his waist in such tender manner and then passionately makes love and carresses her lips with his eyes  thus mesmerising Geet with his touch and smellBlushingBlushingBlushing , no wonder she closes her eyes in deep passion and just gives up waiting for him to kiss herBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing;But MSK is such a tease,as soon as he sees that Geet has given up,he quickly takes his hand away from her waist ROFL;Poor Geet,she will hv to wait longer for the much awaited kiss nowLOLLOL;But the question is why he took his hand backside ?Ermm;He said he will fulfill every promise that he made and will make sure all her dreams come trueErmm;So does that mean he is going to show her honeymoon tickets as a surprise and will actually take her to some pleasant hill stationEmbarrassedEmbarrassed;Mayb thats how the pahad-parvat dialogue loop comes to an endTongue;Fingers crossed for today's episode thenLOLTongue
About Arjun-Annie scenes...dunno what to say..Nikunj was so blank in her expressions that it seemed,Arjun is trying to seduce a pillar in that poolside sceneStern SmileLOL;I know many r feeling that mayb Arjun will turn out to b another Dev and will make Annie preggy..but I hv reservations regarding thisErmm;Annie kept on bringing the trust factor dialogue in their relationship yesterday and also they hv shown that Arjun does hv a soft corner for Annie somewhereErmm;So even if Arjun has such cheap plans in his mind,I think in the end he will not able to execute it because of his real feelings for AnnieSmile;He might think of some other way to take his revenge from Maan but not this way Ermm;I just hope CVs don't take this cliche route of making the sister preggySleepy
And one suggestion to the CVs..plss don't run Maaneet and Arjun-Annie scenes parallelallySmile;This sort of ruins the impact of Maaneet scene and then viewers will never b able to accept Arjun-Annie scenes if both scenes r merged in this manner because their hatred for Arjun-Annie scenes will only grow for ruining the Maaneet scenesOuch;So complete the Maaneet scenes fully and then go for Arjun-Annie scenes in the second part maybErmm;Another suggestion is don't show same scenes between Arjun-Annie which r already tried on Maaneet...this way viewers will never b able to accept Arjun-Annie scenes even if they r nicely doneSmile;Like yesterday also..why MSK and Arjun needs to do the same action with their partners ?..thats where viewers r getting pissed off even if a episode is goodSmile...So write different scenes for Arjun-Annie rather than copy-pasting same scenes for both couples...Scenes which Maaneet does can never look good on Arjun-Annie because GC-DD r class apart and CVs should remember thisSmile
 Ok Now Question of the episode,.,..
Which CON will happen first ..Maaneet or Arjun-Annie and why ROFLROFL..whoever gives the right answer and reason gets my spl PMROFLROFLROFLROFL...
My Episode Rating:9/10...The episode deserves full 10 for the epic Jaimala scene but well I hv to minus 1 point for those Arjun-Annie roadblocks in between Big smile

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From what I've been reading so far, looks like an ok episode!

Creatives, thank u for using Dulhe ka Sehra Suhana lagta hai, love the song!

Again, thank u for clarifying on NE and ARjun issue, from what I know leads just can't carry a serial on their shoulders and be in every scene!

Again, creatives are using Super baby Singh Khurana to lure back trps, on that note congrats on edging up a bit on the charts again! 

Maan's repetitive dialogues to Geet is the same old jaaap....boring!  Really boring

MSK's one dialogue is not gelling with me today!  Why does he say to Geet, that he wants to look at her before the other half of the wedding begins!  This is not apt here!CryI smell something fishy!

Why is the old promo being shown as precap, will the promo really come tru!  Again, I smell a dirty rat here! 

So what will they decide, kill or keep baby!  Again creatives ur show is in ur hands, kill baby and show is dead! 

Like I said before, GC's blog for love nor Maneet romance will save this tanking ship! Confused

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I liked today's episode overall but I must say that by the end of the episode I was quite irritated. I'll get to that in a bit.

Geet or Baby? Not again! is how most of us felt after yesterday's pre-cap. However there is not really a choice here the Doctor is not asking to save the baby now as in deliver an extremely pre-mature baby. She is trying to convey that Maan must make a decision to abort the pregnancy and save Geet's life now OR continue with the pregnancy at the risk of losing Geet in the future. Nonetheless, this is not how it comes across in the scene and some of the viewers are still left confused as to how a 2-3 month old fetus can survive outside a womb. The issue lies in the dialogue given to the the doctor.

Coming back to the episode, Maan knows that it is not his decision to make, but theirs. They need to make an informed decision as the parents of this child. He also knows that Geet's happiness lies with this little soul that captured his heart and he would never let anything to either one of them.

The Jaimala scene was very unique. It was full of love and laughter, much like Maan and Geet's relationship. Absolutely adored the way Maan bowed his head down in front of Geet. And Geet teasing him return was good. I loved the way Maan put the varmala on Geet when she least expected it. It's the spontaneity that keeps relationships alive.

Despite the the lack of logic at the presence of a joker photographer at a so called millionaire's wedding, I loved the photo"catcher". He got Maan to do the DDLJ pose what more can anyone ask. And Maan being the opportunist that he is slips out with her would be wife to get one last alone time before marriage. How they create their own little space midst of a ceremony is completely due to Maan's creativity.  Maan being teaser that he is makes Geet quiver at his touch and enjoys just how much she is affected by him. Now why did he retract his sexy long fingers from her waist? We shall find out tomorrow.

Now let's discuss why I was absolutely irritated by the end of the episode. If you guessed ArNie you got it right. ArNie makes me want to gouge my eyes out. while I understand the need of parallel tracks to take the workload off the lead pair, the secondary couples should not be a reflection of the lead couple. No one cares to see Annie and Arjun in a hallway doing god knows what, after we had a passionate scene between Maan and Geet. Creativity and a little bit of brainstorming can go a long way and it's not too much to ask.

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