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CrazyIncredibles--Maan Singh Khurrana ka SAJDA.... (Page 4)

Loquacious_Aash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 10:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sumona_mona28

Hey crazies let me take a breathe .
Oh my God !!!!!! sudhar jao Maan . Geet ko kyu taan kar rahi ho . kiss ke bahane Geet ka taan jalareho.

Fantastic episode . I am scared sayed Maaneet ka SR se pahele hume AA ka SR na dekhna pare .  Whole barmala scene was so amazing maine koi asli shaadi me aisa nahi dekha . Dono ke aankho me itna prayer me to marjawa . Maan ki aankhe to Geet se hatha nahi . Gurmeet hats off. Kya expression tha . Jab Geet ruth gaya  maan kaise ap .na sar jukhaya Geet ka samne .  How can I explain my feelings today pata nahi . somebody help me . I am flying .Maan kaise Geet ko barmala pehnaya . Total scene was so dreamy .  Aur photosession  I am laughing . Photographer kaise photo khich rahi the . I loved it . taasa,pinky ne kaise Maaneet's ka tang khich rahi the . and Maan's expression was ............ Uske baad Maan kaiseGeet ko bahar le gaya . Naughty Maan tum kya karna chateho . Maaneet's conversation was and Maaneet's expression was fabulus . Aaj mere pass koi shabd nahi hai . Lets come on Baby wala part . Hima Yesterday I was told that Maan will take time Sayed baby will alright in future . Dekte hai CVS ka plan kya hai .  Yeshaadi  ke bij me AA kiyu aayi . I am happy that Arjun will use Anne for revenge . Arjun Khod apne jaal me phaas rahe hai . Arjun sochta hai wo Anne ko use karke Maan ko Saaja degi Lekin Maan ko saaja dena mushkil hi nahi Namumkin hai . I am thinking just one thing Maan kaise baby wala track se bahar nekaalte hai

Except Aa total episode was fantastic , mindblowing., amazing , fabulus , rocking I love Maaneet . Hope phereas will take place on tomorrow .
mona fab analysis dear.............
looks like u reaallly loved it...itna lamba analysis pehle tune nahi likha..........SmileSmileSmileSmile
pheras will def take place tom yaar....
no doubts.....
aur maan ko sudhar ne kyu bol raha hai?????????????? hum yaha use bigaad ne pe tule hai aur tu use sudhar rahi hai....WinkWinkWinkWink
kya hoga mona tera???????/LOLLOL

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ixxu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 10:45am | IP Logged
not letting me like any posts... so here u goes


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sarrm Senior Member

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Originally posted by dewdropred

Hi Hima, was lovely reading your take. Here's my points in response.
Dee,Spandana & Samata out of the 5 options I gave the 3rd option is what the cv's have taken for the babyAngryAngryAngryAngry ... can U all believe this ... can't they have taken either the 1st or 2nd option .....AngryAngryAngry
Samata ... the 3rd option was what I was not sure that's why I kept ????? next to it & the cv's choose the same option ...CryCryCry 
means talwar abhi latak rahin hain ... just like I guessed ...Cry
Hey i've missed this part of the convo guys, sorry about that. So, u guessed this bit is it, pretty good!!! Poor Maan, usko to kadi kasuti pe rakha hua hai. Koi aise decisions lena kisi ko na de rabba!!!
maan just coz he promised geet that he will be happy ... is he trying to be happy for her ... only for her ... is this the reason after geet woke up he was trying to be happy ..... he was worried but as soon as geet woke up ... he tried to cheer her up ... & telling her all the problems in form of brij are gone ... but 1 problem is still there ... the baby problem .... maan telling geet how precious everything of hers is ... for him ... specially her moti ... he did not want her to drop even a single moti from her eye Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
I liked the bit where Maan said ek ek karke sbhi mushilon ko paar kiya , shaadi ke baad khushiyan hi khushiyan!!! Truly spoken like a winner. Issi soch se toh woh aage mushkilon ko cheerta hua nikal jaayega and Geet bhi wohi karegi, she has that innate strength in her. It just needs a little nudging on and off from her Maan to set it in full fledged motion.
loved the jay mala part ...  Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming maaneet posing for pics  Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming maan sneaking geet away from the stage .. Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreamingloved these parts
Hai, the jai mala part was fantastic. The way maan stood before her after she got all rhootofied, and bowed his head in submission, was mesmerising for me. Reminded me a tad of KKHH, but here Maan is in a league of his own. To see such a powerful epitome of stunning masculinity bow before his bride, a perfect move, will always 100% make the feminine minds and hearts swoon right then and then in response!!! Geet was no exception, she was moved and it showed on her face!
And loved the bit where when Geet went about trying to let Maan put the varmala, dadi and gang pulled her behind!!! lol, that was really great. Both were surprised, although geet was quick to recover!!! And our Maan, what do i say!!! He is the master of ambush!!! The way he phenaued her varmala was great!!! I was thoroughly entertained and yes, tears did come to my eyes seeing the two of them stepping into a new world of togetherness!!! One of the most beautiful weddings on tvland. Even with all the negativities that have engulfed it so far. Just seeing Maan and Geet so happy together, makes it all worth it, na!!! 
maan trying to kiss geet ...LOLLOLLOLLOLi know he would never do that ... have faith on him Smile... so what even if they were half married ... but at the same time he knew that geet will never stop him ... Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming loved the way his eyes were wandering from her eyes to her lips .... Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming... he really looked desperate ... but still controlled himself ... great will power ... akhir maan singh khurana ka will power hain ... tho aisa hi hoga naa ...
Yes, yeh kiss ka scene to banta hai na. Agar marjaani's ko aise dikhaya to, pls to yeh do ko dekhna to chakka chaudi kar dega!!!
OMG ... this arjun ... is planning what i am imagining ... i don't want to say but ... i know wht he is planning ... crossing all boundaries with annie ... ShockedShockedShockedShocked arjun u Censored is this the way U want to take revenge ... U will regret ur kartoot once u come to know ur Daiyan Di's kartoot ... then annie will also not let U come near her ... even if she has some part of U in her ....AngryAngryAngry 
If annie allows him to do so, she is dumb, cause somewhere she needs to think that there is such a big connection with NT, and should not overlook it!!! Loving him is one thing, if she lets him take advantage of her without her probing further, without her trying to explain her familial situation to him, so at least he is aware of her side of story, well no one else is to blame!!!
Arjun is undoubtedly going to regret his sudden change like a chameleon, and seriously, a character like that can never again induce trust, so he'd better try to find out the truth, before he goes all the way trying to destroy her. He will end up destroying himself, which again he will totally deserve for being an ignorant revenge seeker!!!

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sptrno IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 10:51am | IP Logged
post updated on p2Smile

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dewdropred IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 10:51am | IP Logged

bharkha nice post ...

nanditasingh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 10:52am | IP Logged
@Aash - wonderful update covered it al infact AA too...
love the shayri ...

@ Hima - 5 options?

@Barkha - nice post...yup Pinky we see here is Geet's friend & Maan here is only Jija ji to her now..she is making full use of her liberty & i'm loving it

@Mona - Awful AA's are too fast for comfort .....lovely analysis

@Samata - 'Baby scare' track...i second you i'm tired of it ..better deal with it than keep on hanging the decision in mid air

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Loquacious_Aash IF-Stunnerz

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[QUOTE=rajeev the best]

sorry crazies...i like all your posts but if is not letting me like themAngry

hi samata..
Hima i know your third prediction is coming true dear.....talwar abhi bhi latak raha hai......Cry
..what predictions yaar???
coming to the episode...i loved it.....maaneet.....oh my god....they are best on-screen couple i have seen in recent times.....Clap to them humesha.........
after what the doc said to's natural msk was in dilema....who would not be......geet's life or baby's...i wish the cvs stop this baby scare track.....can't they have a peaceful wedding....Angry
i guess this track gives too thinks its trp game.......msks dilemma was sooo visible...lekin wo sab bhool gaya geet ki aankhon me??? me not able to digest this....
anyway.....loved the jaymala scene reminded me of my own marriage....loved the way msk bowed to geet.....oh boy this man is simply scene of today...mind u mai bol rahi hu...inspite of near kisssi....LOLLOLLOL
loved the way he took her away from the pepole......i thought sr abhi hoga...not that i am complaning......msk's full on seductive looks...geet's sharman....hai....Star
..samata.......sapne mat dikha.....SR to nahi hone wali lagta hai...complicatons na....
msk knew geet will not stop him.....kudi is absolutely seduced......but msk has some other plans what he was trying to get....i wonderConfused..geet was all set to kiss him...lekin uska plan to kuch aur hi hai!! he is like the biggest tease around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wham...cvs decided to show us aa....was that necessary......seems annie has some principles...arjun if you are planning to seduce annie and make her pregnant to take revenge on msk...then u are sick.....much more sick that nt......though i don't like annie....but no woman should be treated that way.....wonder how you will face annie after you get to know the truth.....Ouch
..lets hope arjun realises b4 the fatal mistake...even thogh i dont thnk tht is gonna happen...we alll hate annie...but such a fate is not to be wished on any girl.....
anyway guys do you think arjun was trying to copy msk in the seductive act.......Shocked
..seems like it....dono same action kar rahe the.....
anyway marriage is happening for sure but no sr.......
 ..why why whyCryCryCryCryCry 

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bharkha IF-Sizzlerz

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aash: gr8 post... u r lucky.. aaj toh finally v got a glimpse of SR... haan cvs laying foundation for future tracks... and ya even i guess that he took the decision but wat....????? one drop of pearl explanation was lovely... annie - sati savitri omg hilarious.....

dew: awesome post hima diii... maneet posing for pics... too gud... and u having faith on maan not kissing geet... aap maan ko kitne acchey se jaanthi hain.. ithna toh humari geet bhi nahi jaanthi.. varna aankhein kyun band kartiii.. paagli kahi kiii....cheers hima diiiii
mona : lovely post.... u r right... i think cvs plannin to show AA s SR b4 maaneet... cvs aisa math karna....sun rahe ho na.... completely agree with u for hats off to GC.. kudos to GC.. his expressions....
rajeev the best: samata.... nice post dear..agree with u on best onscreen couple.... and haan ho bhi sakta hai.. cvs playin with baby track just for trps... cvs humare emotions ke saath math kheliye... are u listening.... maan seductive luks...... chanceless yar.. aur arjun trying to copy.. woh toh msk kii jhoothi bhi nahi hai.... chal hat arjun... tu jaa aur soja
nandita : nice post... dadi showers them with flowers and blessed them... love dadi for tat... kc boys true brothers to geet.. completely agree.. nice pictorial rep...
smrite - ya maaneet wer awesome
drdee : waiting for ur post.. agree no cheating... all the best....
ixu2: run baby run... aaj toh aash  tumhe nahi chodegiiii... n waiting for ur post...all the best
ritu : gr8 post.. thanks for bringin into the lamelight of annie... how much ever v hate annie but no gal deserves too much atrocity esp from the person whom she loves... completely agree wit u in this context.. me feeling sad for annie.....
sprtno : lovely post.. haan yar maan toh misthi ko kahi door le gaya.. very mischeivious... hyee... they showed a glimpse of sr.. ab aur na tadpao.. i hope v dont get to see AA s SR b4 maneet s SR...
aarthi : nice post yar... agree wit u.. how many times maan has to face the difficulty of choosing between geet n baby.. bechara maan
and haan he romancing his lady love... cannnot believe they showed a glimpse of sr...aaj ke liye toh forehead kiss hi chal jaayega par sr ke din..... ahmmm ahmmmmmm....
me hated marjaanie... but feeling bad for annie after ritu s post
deepti : shaadi shuru ho gayee... balle balle... par cvs ko jhatka dene mein mazaa aa raha hai tabhi toh ye baby track....
and ye photographer.. haan yar he was gud... and maaneet wer the best...
 didnt i tell you sapne ho ya haqeekat.. yeh marjaanie... kahan se tapak jaathe hai.. patha hi nahi chala....)Evil SmileEvil SmileEvil SmileEvil SmileEvil SmileEvil SmileEvil SmileEvil Smile
ab in donon to poore pciture se hatane kliye kya kar sakthe hai., muy crazies....
 loved this one esp... too hilarious..
sarrm : nice post.. loved esp maan ka signature waala style... he a gr8 lover... hum sabka kwaab ban gaaya hai maan....

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