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CrazyIncredibles--Maan Singh Khurrana ka SAJDA.... (Page 20)

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 1:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sumona_mona28

Hey crazies let me take a breathe .
Oh my God !!!!!! sudhar jao Maan . Geet ko kyu taan kar rahi ho . kiss ke bahane Geet ka taan jalareho. 

Mona by sudhar jao I hope you meant that stop playing games and kiss Geet already........bahut hogaya lukka chuppi ka khelLOL

Fantastic episode . I am scared sayed Maaneet ka SR se pahele hume AA ka SR na dekhna pare .  Whole barmala scene was so amazing maine koi asli shaadi me aisa nahi dekha . Dono ke aankho me itna prayer me to marjawa . Maan ki aankhe to Geet se hatha nahi . Gurmeet hats off. Kya expression tha . Jab Geet ruth gaya  maan kaise ap .na sar jukhaya Geet ka samne .  How can I explain my feelings today pata nahi . somebody help me . I am flying .Maan kaise Geet ko barmala pehnaya . Total scene was so dreamy .  Aur photosession  I am laughing . Photographer kaise photo khich rahi the . I loved it . taasa,pinky ne kaise Maaneet's ka tang khich rahi the . and Maan's expression was ............ Uske baad Maan kaiseGeet ko bahar le gaya . Naughty Maan tum kya karna chateho . Maaneet's conversation was and Maaneet's expression was fabulus . Aaj mere pass koi shabd nahi hai . Lets come on Baby wala part . Hima Yesterday I was told that Maan will take time Sayed baby will alright in future . Dekte hai CVS ka plan kya hai .  Yeshaadi  ke bij me AA kiyu aayi . I am happy that Arjun will use Anne for revenge . Arjun Khod apne jaal me phaas rahe hai . Arjun sochta hai wo Anne ko use karke Maan ko Saaja degi Lekin Maan ko saaja dena mushkil hi nahi Namumkin hai . I am thinking just one thing Maan kaise baby wala track se bahar nekaalte hai

Me too worried about the baby track, hate the Cv's for putting him through all that again

Except Aa total episode was fantastic , mindblowing., amazing , fabulus , rocking I love Maaneet . Hope phereas will take place on tomorrow .

Mona darling (sorry can't help but call you that, hope you're not mad) my comments in purple dear

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Originally posted by drdee142

Originally posted by bharkha

analysis part :
loved the episode to the core.... hye maan se toh aankhein hat hi nahi rahi thee... doctor ye tune kya kiya.... abort Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry cvs ithna julm hum par math karo yaar...
geet and maan s conversation after geets recovery... luvd maan at that time. Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming depsite of knowing the future trouble... kithni acchi tarah se usne geet ko sambhala ye kehke ki ab humarein takdeeer mein sirf khushiya hi khushiya hogi Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming
maan n geet jaimala... too gud.. despite of watching it in sbs sbb and u me aur tv segments... aankhein hat hi nahi rahi thee Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming  awesome yar Clap aur background music too gud Clap Clap Clap Clapmein toh nachne hi lag gayee thee baithey baithey LOL LOL 
pinky- tumhare toh guts din be din badthey hi jaa rahe hai LOL LOL LOL   loved the way maaneet put jaimala to each other.... kaise sar jhukhaaye khada tha geet ke samne...Embarrassed Wink Embarrassed aur maan ne kya aada se geet ko varmala pehnaaye....hum toh ghayal ho gayee Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming all guys did gud job... brought some fun into it .. Clap Clap Clap 
jaimala ke baath......... ufffffffff.... main ghayal ho gayeeeeeeeee.....hye sapna hai ya sach abhi bhi yakeen nahi ho raha hai.... hye mein marjawa gud khake Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming 
marjannie - no comments....Angry Angry Angry Angry 
cvs y u end the show by showing marjaanie....Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry kuch toh maaneet ka khayal karooo LOL LOL LOL LOL 
precap.... - omg... too gud... aaj ke episode mein toh hum half dead hai... i hope they show much more interesting than today..

Hey Varsha I too was thinking the same thing about Pinky, kudi ki himmat bad rahi hain, but loved to see her interacting with Maan that way. And jaimala ke baad meri toh saas bhi nikal nahin rahi thi.......Woh Maan hum sab ko ek din mar dalega

Can't wait for tonights episode tooSmile but I really don't want to see Marjani and spoil my mood
maan toh humnein aadha ghayal kar hi diya dee... ab paatha nahi.. aaj aur kal kya hone waala hai... regarding marjaanie... feeling bad for annie after reading ritu s post... no one deserves so cruel behaviour from the person whom she loves... and yes even i dont want to see marjaanie...

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Originally posted by rajeev the best

sorry crazies...i like all your posts but if is not letting me like themAngry

Np worries Samata we know you love us all

Hima i know your third prediction is coming true dear.....talwar abhi bhi latak raha hai......Cry

Me sad tooCry
coming to the episode...i loved it.....maaneet.....oh my god....they are best on-screen couple i have seen in recent times.....Clap
after what the doc said to's natural msk was in dilema....who would not be......geet's life or baby's...i wish the cvs stop this baby scare track.....can't they have a peaceful wedding....Angry
i guess this track gives trps....Confused

No but I hate itConfused
anyway.....loved the jaymala scene reminded me of my own marriage....loved the way msk bowed to geet.....oh boy this man is simply adorable.......Star

Hey tell us what happened in your marriage.......I love all your ceremonies, I had a church wedding but my friends (all different caste & religions)  made me go through all the other pre-wedding and post wedding rituals (wore a red bridal ghagra choli on the next day) but didn't have any of the wedding rituals.
loved the way he took her away from the pepole......i thought sr abhi hoga...not that i am complaning......msk's full on seductive looks...geet's sharman....hai....Star
msk knew geet will not stop him.....kudi is absolutely seduced......but msk has some other plans what he was trying to get....i wonderConfused

I know how could he think of anything else when the kudi was ready & waiting for this kiss.....Maan yeh kya ho raha hainLOL
wham...cvs decided to show us aa....was that necessary......seems annie has some principles...arjun if you are planning to seduce annie and make her pregnant to take revenge on msk...then u are sick.....much more sick that nt......though i don't like annie....but no woman should be treated that way.....wonder how you will face annie after you get to know the truth.....Ouch

I think that's what he's planning......isn't that terrible and he was actually falling in love with her.......NT ka evil ways are affecting the brother too.....Angry
anyway guys do you think arjun was trying to copy msk in the seductive act.......Shocked
anyway marriage is happening for sure but no sr.......

Samata honey my posts in purpleSmile

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Originally posted by sarrm

Hey aash, need i say, that you have written a superb analysis!!! I love the way you have put it all together. Great read!!! 

I totally second you Roch


Ok so now we kno that CVs laying down the  foundation for future tracks'..because after shaadi only marjanie trach remaining as of now'..

The world stopped when MSK heard the words "mishit or khushi" again''..his worst nightmare had materialized again'.only this time "the promise" binds him'..Cry

I cud not read MSKs blank face when he said how many days'''what are u thinking maan??? Looked like usne apne dil pe patthar leke ek faisla kiya hai'..but don't kno whts the decision'.Ouch

GC is such a super emoter that we can read his emotions without him uttering a single word'.Clap

Here he was picture perfect'with his pain, despair, and lastly determination'..Clap

Kudos to u'..StarStarStar

Oh he really was amazing and so was DDStar

Very well said aash, GC is a super emoter!!!
Wonder what's gonna happen to khushi, we are all by now bound to that little angel and the choice is really really tough!!!

Geets one drop of tear reminded me of maans tear drop''.SmileSmile the way maan claimed her everything for himself'.was expected'''he is the possessive lover who will want geets everything'but in return he will surrender his all for her'without blinking'..such is the limitless love between them'.Their love knows no boundaries'.geets unwavering trust is gonna be the base of their relationship'..

So true.....the future days are going to be testing the strength of their relationship

What a superb way to love your beloved!!! Kurbaan jaao aise Maan par!!!
The bride still manages to shy'..n MSK just ghooros at his perfect bride'..LOL (ghoorr raha hai abhi bhi!!!!!!!!! Aaj to kuch kar le yaar'..gustakhi karne ka last moment mat chod!!!)Angry
This is Maan's signature style, to leave Geet totally pliant and then stepping away without a touch. That's what makes him so much more profound and impactful. Yaar jab na touch karna itna profound hai to jab woh possessive banega tab kya haal hoga us Geet ka?!!!

But why does he have to step away is the million dollar questionLOL


MSK on stage n geet enters......ok guys notice that maan does not remove his eyes from geet for even a moment.except to give a look to romeo!!!!!!!!!! LOL The guy is plain besharam''''LOLLOLLOLsab log dekh rahe hai ke tu ghoor raha hai.but does hi care??? NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLLOLLOL

Big smileBig smileBig smileThat's what makes him such a great lover yaar!!! I am fulto swooning with his acting today! And Geet she was so mesmerised by him. They are so great together!!!
But AASH thinks''jidhar besharam banna chahiye waha to wo ekdum sati-savitra typesAngry(come for private tuitions honey'''''..Winkaash is ready'.Wink n so r a lot of crazies'EmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

All of us areEmbarrassed
But this is what seperates him from the bhediya type lover boys, (now Arjun is acting like one bhediya) and a true lover with integrity. Maan has shown Geet time and again a lot of glimpses of his passionate self, and but always he has curbed it with his sheer will power. That's why Geet trusts him the way she does, he could have taken a lot more liberties but has never crossed the crucial line, which could have otherwise hurt Geet in her own eyes.

Loved pinki n romeos teasing''pinky tumhari ladki kum nahi hai!!!!!!!!!1 who to bechara maan hai'warna kab ki double pregnant ho gayi hoti!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

Ok MSK still not blinking''.n then the masti scene we all saw'''..geet getting annoyed at her losing the context'..lekin humara maan apni geet ko kabhi dukhi dekh sakta hai kya??????????

So THE GREAT MAAN SINGH KHURRANA ne geet ke saamne apna sir jhukakar apne pyaar ko salaami di''' loved his attitude her'..he will bend only for her'no one else'..for her one smile he is ready to give up everything'.here we saw MAAN KA SAJDA'.geet has already accepted him as her GOD/sun/moon/taqdeer''today maan has broken down his last barrier by bending to her honor'..i.m sure there is some symbolism here'..any takers?????Embarrassed

Star i loved this part!!!
AASH loved this scene''

Then the girls dikhao their rang........lekin humare MSK ko koi hara sakta hai???? He will lose willingly'.but no one can beat him!!! Loved the shararat'..naughty naughty MSK''their happiness just shone around''.

PT TO BE NOTED===== CVs giving hint kya??? When the whole extended family was on stage'.annie was not there'.me happy personally.but whats the pt here???? Bhai didn't ask for his ladli sis????Clap

The weirdo photographer made me say WT#!!!!!!!!!!1 uska kya kaam'little did I kno.that he is gonna be AASHs fav person at the ned of the epi'.u kno why right????ROFLROFL

The photo session' everyone included'.except marjanie.yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Then comes the dream scene''maan takes her hand and pulls her away''''Day Dreaming

Clap That was just as good, loved all Maneet scenes.

WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO'''.me was so not expecting this''''''maaaannnnnnnnnnnn AASH loves u''''..for this'''Embarrassed

Ok so naghty naughty maaan back''''..he is so utavla babaji''..SR ke time pe kya hoga'''''Winkmy imagination gone in overdrive n crashed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EmbarrassedMaan wants to fulfil geets every wish'(hum crazies ki bhi bahut sari wishes hai.lambi list hai'.mail karo kya??? Apne blachberry pe SR ke time padhna aur puri karna'''''.what say girls?? List banaye????)Wink

Good one!!! That will be the day. But wait!!! Not SR time pe, yaar, aur thoda delay karenge to, beech mein hi cvs kya kar de kya pata. Ab to SR hone do, phir morning after they can read out the list and hamari pharmaish puri kare!!!
Our bhondi geet is all blabbers about shaadi ke baad'.n she caalls him NAUGHTY!!!LOLLOLLOL Oh be still my heart'..MSK adwances(my heart was beating so much that me was jumping on the bed!!!!) n geet retreats''formality ke liye bol diya koi aajayega''..but kudi was fulto turned on n just wanted him to kiss her''''when he placed his hands on her waist..(aash fell down on the bed'.thadak!!!! water water'..!!!! hot hot hot'')'''Day Dreaming
I was grinning from ear to ear, wondering why i feel the opposite (disgusted) during AA track.

Now looking at his playful smile I don't think hes gonna deliver what he is promising'.Angry sapne kyu dikhae????????Angry

why did he take his hand behind his back????? Whats the surprise maan???
Thennnnnnnnnnnnn'.AASH shouts IXUUUUUUUUUUUUU I will kill uAngry(I actually shouted that'mom asked me what did she do??? Guys my sis name is thot mai usko bol rahi ho!!)LOL



What were those atrocious ppl doing in the middle of my dreamy scne!!!!!!!!!!!!1Angry

I ws gonna puke in the first scene'''good thing annie ran away'.she knows her limits'lets see jow long she holds out on her principles''me thinks Arjun is gonna seduce her n leave her'maybe pregnant'.lets see'.ConfusedConfusedConfused

My thoughts precisely!!!
OK me want to say THANK YOU TO ARJUN====for
 keeping annie away from the shaadi'.!!!Clap
Second that too!!!


Dedication of song here to maaneet==== sajda from MNIK in purple dear....LOL

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Originally posted by nanditasingh

Hi Guys...

I want to be all Happy & Blissful since Maan & Geet are finally getting together - celebrating their togetherness & love through the holy bond of matrimony ....

But thanks to the CVs who have given us this wonderful joy ...have also added to our misery in heaps ...
this is truly 'Sadist' behavior....
The CV's are set on torturing poor Maan and all of us too who love him so much

First the status of her pregnancy was a questionable issue & now yet again if she to complete its full course or not is yet again hanged as a sword over us & Maan.

As he again suppressed his fear, pain & loss to spread cheer on her face .... lets just live the moment

Family & Guests

The Big Wedding, not dream wedding sorry coz the journey has been a living nightmare...

Anyways ..loved seeing Maan & Geet's true Family & Friends standing tall with them cherishing the moment ... being one with them be it in their fight , fear , safety , tear & joy ......

Rightfully they had all the 'haq' to do the small rituals & are being shown to do it ...thanks for that
I was so touched to see all of them take part in all the rituals with so much love and apnapan......

KC Boys are true brothers to Geet & friends to Maan & hence they bring her to him & switch roles to tease her further by playing around the ceremony ...

Same goes for the Girls his true sisters they stay with Maan to welcome his bride on stage & switch roles as Geet's friends to tease Maan as did the boys to Geet

Dadi the eldest most member of this loving family ..blessed him by doing his 'shehra' , leading the barat & also by guiding in Geet to her maykaa...& now she showers them with flowers so that all their future path is free of all pain & worries

I really love Daadi she takes on all the roles for her beloved Maan and Geet, a mother, a friend, a grandmother, a the depth of her character...........

The Dulha & Dulhan

Overcoming all hurdles that were laid to stop them from reaching to each other...they are together as one

Maan is filled with fear for the supposed to be inevitable & yet has a promise to keep ... promise that marks his own death...if not of love then trust .

He smiles ... is strong only for her , she needs him strong to handle it all .

Geet evading death is resting protected in the fortress of his love , She wakes to find him waiting for her ....

She cries , she is tired of sufferings & now wants to smile ... gift him smile ....

He assures her of it & so does she lets him know that having him in her life itself makes her life a blessing, whole.

She knows no wrong will ever befall her when he stands on guard ....

Together they begin the new journey of their life as one .....

Their Wedding
Honoring of the sacred institution of matrimony by their divine love & pure soul



Nandita, I truly wish and hope that these two will have a great wedding and a happy married least let them have a few days free from all worries and tension just celebrating their love for each remarks in purple dearSmile

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Originally posted by sptrno

Hello my dear craziesHugHeart

Khushi toh aayi gayi MAANEET ki zindagi meinSmileSmileSmile................ab sirf yeh dua hai ki yeh hamesha bani raheSmile (i'm saying this bcuz of what cvs showed us today about Khushi)
Maan again in a dilemma how can he now choose between his heart Geet and heartbeat Khushi when now he knows that his heart wants him to save his heartbeatCryCryCry........................kismat kisi koh itna bhi na tadapaye itna bhi dard na de itna bhi asoon na de ki woh apni zindagi ki sabse suhana din pe bhi  use khush rahena mushkil lageCryCry.....................MAANEET when they want to enter a new phase in life.............a life filled with happiness, hope, joy, dreams, togetherness, love, care............why does their bitter, painful and dreadful past comes in between them and their i did not like it that cvs gave such a sad start that on this dayCryCry.......the day of MAANEET's Dream Wedding which was supposed to be the most cheerful and colourful day for MAANEET and us crazies............
Me too hated it Spee....why do they have to ruin his most joyful day and why do they insist on torturing both Maan and us

Atleast for the time being, let's try to keep the heartbreaking choice aside and see the positive sideSmileSmileSmile..........................Maan ki Geet comes back to consciousness.............Maan feels he has got back his lifeSmile.............Geet calls him but still Maan in his own inner world of zillions of thoughts, feelings and confusions but Maan doesn't let his Mishti see this bcuz doc has said he has to keep his Geet happy always without any now his only maksad is Geet's happiness and fulfilling all her dreams..................... (btw doc told Maan that if he keeps Geet happy then situations will not get worse................from this can we take a positive sign that if Maan takes care of Geet with full care and love and keep her happy always then situation might improve and then Maan need not choose between his heart and then Maan will have both his heart and heartbeat-his life and then v all crazies can also see our dream come true of seeing our lovely MAANEET with their cute angel Khushi in MAANEET paradiseDay Dreaming.....................i'm just trying to be positive as much as possible my dear craziesSmile............)

Geet's tears were rolling......those tears flowing released her inner pain and fear for what a scary and cruel experience she had just few hours the same time her tears were of joy, happiness and peace that now Maan is by her side always so nothing can harm her anymoreSmile..................also Maan wiping her tears symbolised that Maan would erase all unbearable dreadful and painful memories from Geet's past experiences worst than any we see Maan assuring his Mishti that as long there he is there he will  ensure that only sunshine is there for his sunshine GeetSmile....................Also Geet's tender touch her hand on her Maan's face showed that she has full faith in him and his promises of turning all her dreams into reality.............her sweet gesture showed how she trusted him more than herself and destiny and this gave Maan his strength and hope back which he needed after hearing those storm-like words of the doc............. it was a very touchy sceneCrySmile................

I loved the way Maan wiped her tears and said that from now on everything of urs belongs to even ur tears r mine so u can't let such precious pearls just drop like this...........u can't take away my treasure awwwwwwwww how sweet and cuteDay DreamingDay DreamingSmile

Then Geet finally tells Maan i want to get ready...........sajna hai muje sajna ke liyeWinkLOL .......arre yaar Geet rani jab sajna ho itne paas toh phir se sajne ke bare mein kyun sochi..............i thought v will get some more really romantic scene...........kya kare too many dreams and expectationsLOLLOLLOL

Adi Sir, Manisha, Romeo, Pandeji getting Geet for warmala..............the dupatta on her head (sorry don't know what it is called) actually symbolised that Adi Sir and all others wud protect Geet like her brothers...............v have already seen they have always done so in the pastSmileSmile................

Loved your symbolization Spee........yeah that's exactly what it was

Warmala scene was bestSmileDancingParty.....................

Dhusht Dhanav vs. Miss HoshiyarpurLOLLOL

Dono ek se badkar ek aur upar se ladkewale aur ladki wale bhi kam nahiLOLLOLLOL..............

Loved how Pinky and Romeo were teasing MAANEET ki agar in dono ka bas chale toh hum sabko abhi baga dengeLOL...................even v all crazies wished this wud happenLOLWinkWink..................

The way ladkewale raised Maan second time Geet's expressions were pricelessLOL and then finally Maan realizes aur nahi mein apni Mishti koh itna nahi sata saktha..................he bows his head symbolic that from now on Maan's everything is his Geet's..............sajde mein sar jhuktha hai yaara mein kya karu tujme rab diktha hai yaara mein kya karu.................rab ne bana di jodiSmileSmileDay Dreaming................Now it's girls turn to pareshan boys....................aaj toh ladkiyon ki himmat bad gayi hair yaar woh Maan koh tang karne mein koi kasar nahi chodiLOLLOL............aur phir Maan toh Maan hai na so smartly pretends to speak to Adi and when Geet keen to what they r upto jat se warmala dal diya..............such a lovely sceneLOL............................the warmala scene symbolised that now MAANEET will be the one who will have the first right over each other and that now whatever is Maan is Geet' and Geet's is Maan'........................from now on they belong to each other forever  until the end of time and even beyond thatSmileDay Dreaming...................also dadi's smile and happiness was showing on her face...........spark in her eyes showed how she felt so blessed that finally her dream of seeing MAANEET together has come trueSmileSmileSmile..............

The photographer was so hilarious yaarROFL.............kya kya pose karwaya MAANEET seLOLLOL

Finally MAANEET ke saath photo keechne ke liye sab lad rahe the aur aise mein Maan ne mauka pe chauka mardiyaLOLShocked...........apni Mishti ko akele in sabse door le gaya...................finally Maan on right track agar hoshiyarpur express ki speed pe aise hi chaltha raha tho hopefully crazies ke dil ki saare armaan jald hi poore honge..............what say girls?!WinkWinkWink.........................Maan was so mischievousWinkLOLWink...........then Geet was cute saying all husbands change after marriage (btw married crazies plz tell us is it so?!)

It depends Spee.......but I'm sure you'll get your real life Maan.....that's my wish that all my crazies get their real life Maan soonSmile

 they only argue and all but Maan is different u still love me..............Maan was smiling seeing his Mishti's innocence LOL.........yeh Geet bhi naa (i felt like telling MAANEET ki log tho shaadi ke baad ladthe hai par MAANEET toh bahut unique hai humne MAANEET ko jagda na karte hue kab dekha hai LOLLOL bina wajah ki ladna toh in dono ka sabse bada shauk hai par inke jagde mein bhi kya pyaar haiLOL).................Maan full in naughty mood the way he held his hand around Geet's waist and then MAANEET so close wowwwwwww i was in MAANEET heavenWink aur pata nahi achanak se in Marjaani hellAngryAngry yaar cvs humare saath aise naainsafi kaise kar sakthe hai yaarCryCryCry

Precap-MAANEET ki Dream WeddingSmile............

i just hope atleast tomorrow cvs keep the promise of Dream Wedding bcuz so far they promised us dreams and they gave us nightmares yaar.................also plzzzzzzzzz can we get rid of Marjaani i can't handle them anymore.........

hoping for the best for our pyaare MAANEET and my lovely crazies tomorrowSmileSmileSmile comments in purple dearSmile

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Originally posted by Rituparnaa

Originally posted by dewdropred

Dee,Spandana & Samata out of the 5 options I gave the 3rd option is what the cv's have taken for the babyAngry ... can U all believe this ... can't they have taken either the 1st or 2nd option .....AngryAngryAngry

Samata ... the 3rd option was what I was not sure that's why I kept ????? next to it & the cv's choose the same option ...CryCryCry 
means talwar abhi latak rahin hain ... just like I guessed ...CryCryCryCry 
maan just coz he promised geet that he will be happy ... is he trying to be happy for her ... only for her ... is this the reason after geet woke up he was trying to be happy ..... he was worried but as soon as geet woke up ... he tried to cheer her up ... & telling her all the problems in form of brij are gone ... but 1 problem is still there ... the baby problem .... maan telling geet how precious everything of hers is ... for him ... specially her moti ... he did not want her to drop even a single moti from her eye Day Dreaming
loved the jay mala part ...  Day Dreaming maaneet posing for pics  Day Dreaming maan sneaking geet away from the stage .. Day Dreamingloved these parts
maan trying to kiss geet ...LOLi know he would never do that ... have faith on him Smile... so what even if they were half married ... but at the same time he knew that geet will never stop him ... Day Dreaming loved the way his eyes were wandering from her eyes to her lips .... Day Dreaming... he really looked desperate ... but still controlled himself ... great will power ... akhir maan singh khurana ka will power hain ... tho aisa hi hoga naa ...
OMG ... this arjun ... is planning what i am imagining ... i don't want to say but ... i know wht he is planning ... crossing all boundaries with annie ... Shocked arjun u Censored is this the way U want to take revenge ... U will regret ur kartoot once u come to know ur Daiyan Di's kartoot ... then annie will also not let U come near her ... even if she has some part of U in her ....AngryAngryAngry 
Lines in Red........Hima do u think Arjun will go to that nasty extent?OMG cant bliv.Hope he wont do such crime.......otherwise Maan will just kill him......Hell can he do like that?AngryWhatever Annie is...but she's in love n trust him......this will be the most nasty crime if at all happens .....Angry
Leave aside Annie...not a single gal in this world deserves this from the man she loves....Oh Lord I wish CVs wont show something like this.....Embarrassed

Ritu even I think that is what the CV's are planning......such a terrible thing to happen to any girl and if I'm not mistaken even Arjun was falling in love with has revenge blinded him so much that he's planning to do this.

But my instinct is that he'll not succeed, either his conscious or his feelings for Annies will stop him or he'll come to know the truth about NT atleast that's what I hope happens

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ixxu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 1:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by bharkha

Originally posted by ix2u

good morning my darling crazies Hug
i know, posted already but those were all replies...

@all crazies: we all agree that ashu's opening last night was absolutely brilliant so instead of sazaa i have decided to give her a present... its not ready yet... will post it as soon as possible Wink

all those who analyzed...good job ladies Clap

@aash: ur mom will definitely take u to a psychiatrist really soon... and not because of Maan, because of me ROFL

regarding the epi: it was, hands down, one of the best episodes we have seen recently... if not in the entire show so far...
GC was excellent as always... the expression on his face... the worry, the naked fear, the unquestionable sadness, and lastly when Geet woke up the utter love ClapClap
DD as  the perfect shy bride Clap

hate that Khushi's life is still in danger... hope nothing happens to her Unhappy

now to the part we all hate to even talk about... mArjAnie Dead

if Arjun is planning what we think he is, then he's worse than i thought... but we shouldn't have expected more than this from NT's brother...

coming on to Annie, she wasnt a part of the wedding group... & not there even in the spoiler pictures that we have seen so far... in other words she is spending it all with Arjun...i found it wierd...that she spent the whole of her brother's wedding with Arjun... her secret love Dead (good news about that is we dont see her with Maneet, bad new is that screen time is lost to Maneet AngryAngryAngry)
now coming back to Annie...i think some time in the future she will turn negative.... not like NT... but more in a rebellious way... when she was first introduced, we found her as a spoiled brat who wants everything her way... we still see a glimpse of her every now and then... what i think is that, Maan & Geet, even Dadi will refuse her to see Arjun, they will be against her continuing the so called love affair of mArjAnie... so in her rebellious way, she would get more closer to Arjun, and as a result it would be easy for Arjun to take his revenge, and do the thing that we think he's planning to do...
resulting in a wake up call to Annie, that Arjun is not the person she thinks him to be...
... for Geet & Dadi, to realize that Maan was right about him...
...Maan to realize that he should never have trusted Arjun, and should have kept an eye on him all the time....
but later on Arjun will come to know about NT's deception, and he too will suffer...
i hope after that Annie will forgive him, they get married...& move to Timbuktu LOL never to be seen or heard from, ever again (what a dream)...

CV's read the last line, with eyes and ears open Wink


ixu2 : it happens... kya kare jab net dhoka de jaata... very irritating Cry Crykoi baath nahi....v missed u..... thank god u r back now...
gud u posted ur comments.. ab toh jeeth teri yar.... vote goes to u...
aww thanx dear
aash ko pyschiatrist ki jarroraath toh hai LOL LOL LOL  agree wit u on this context....
yeah she does... specially if they show Maneet SR WinkLOLLOLLOLLOL
 hope after that Annie will forgive him, they get married...& move to Timbuktu LOLLOLLOL
what can i say... i just love how it sound... mArjAnie forever in Timbuktu LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

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