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Hey guys I'm posting an interview of Arun Govil which he gave on Ramnavmi Hope u all like it!!Tongue No one comes hereCry



First Published:09-04-11 11:00 AM

Last Updated:09-04-11 11:01 AM

Q.Today, many people claim that there was no RAM!! The issue of Ram-Setu is still burning at its peak what would you say about it?

A. RAM- Ram is an eternal consciousness. He is the ultimate symbol of decorum and modesty. Let them say who say so that there was no RAM. But from East to West, North to South there flows RAMA in every Indian. Rama can make lifeless rocks to flow so light on water. He can transform a decoit into a great sage, just by chanting his name in reverse.


Q.What is Arun Govil today?

(Smiling with the same divinity)These days I'm working in Bhagwan Shri Laxmi Narayan Dham as its President. The head of the Dham Brahrishi Shri Kumar Swamiji give holy mantras to people, and I support him in this great social cause. My artisit heart is trying to assimmilate all these Shashtras and holy hyms in my life.


Q.Were you as religious during Ramayan as you are today?

Frankly speaking. I wasnt. I was 26 when I started working in Ramayan. I was at a stage of learing new things. But if I talk on religious point, yes I was changed. My lifestyle was quite irregular that time due to double shifts of Vikram Aur Vetaal and Ramayan. But after such busy and irregular schedule I felt some divine changes.

Q.How do yoy connect yourself with Shri Ram?

I'm connected to ShriRam since I was born..yeah since I was born now you'll ask how? See, I was born in a village called Ramnagar, so from my very birth I was connected to Shri Ram thios way. Secondly,my mother forcefully used to sent me to the Ramlilas, when I was a child. So you can say even as a child I knew who is Ram(smiles again)After years, my life geared up when I got an opportunity to work in Papaji Ramanand Sagaji's serial Ramayan. I think this serial has changed the lives of many and made them mosit with the holy water of devotion.

Q. Did the righteousness graph of Arun who came to Mumbai and who acted in Ramayan differed from each other?

Ahh..not much...!! Because, Arun who came to Mumbai at 17 was never an addict to non-veg and drinks. So I was righteous. But, I wont lie that I was a chain smoker and Ramayan helped me tyo get rid off this habit too. So my life became more righteous than before during Ramayan. Also, you wont find my name joined with any one else in Bollywood. f this is not Ramji grace then whats this, I feel Ramji's hands on me, because of which my character has not been blemished in any way.Papaji Sagar Saheb never told us to leave our likings for food and drinks. But he was strict on the sets of Ramayan. He told us to keep the set pious and clean by very very graded behaviour and very 'Satvik' kind of meal.

Q.What was your 'Satvik' kind of meal?

Ha this I mean pure veg food, not even garlics and onions were used in our food for full 4 years, till the series came to an end. And I tell you, the command of Papaji of keeping ourselves away from all such things was so very intimate and lovable that even after I was done with Ramayan I did not dare to touch these things. Even today, if some friends offer me drinks and such food, and before my hand could reach to the tray, I am reminded of the same lovable and warm instruction of Papaji, Arun please maintain the dignity of the role and my hand couldnt move even an inch forth after that.

Q.What was the atmosphere of the sets when you were not shooting?

When I was not shooting, throng of people used to come there to seek my blessings. the throng consisted of people who was double my age, and when they used to touch my feet, I was so red with shame. Many of them told me to cure there diseases and other troubles.

Q.So did you cure them. We heard you did.

Ohh come on, how could I, I am among the most common of common people who does not know even the names of medicine correctly, how could he cure people? But people who came to me, came with a genuine faith for ShriRam. And if I had neglected and talked to them straightly and practically what will I reply to Rama one day, when I reach to him. So yes, I blessed them, and they got cured, but believe me that it was not Arun Govil, infact who is Arun Govil, who can cure them, it was definitely Lord Ram, who worked behind the faith, and cured people's diseases, or else I would never have dared to bless people.

After blessing them, I only prayed to ShriRam with all my faith and love for him to cure these innocent people. Its all their true faith on ShriRam which cured them, nothing's mine!

Q.How could you imbibe ShriRam's role?
To assimmilate Rama in me, my filmy image helped me lot. Actually I have mostly worked with Rajshri films in my career. They always make good, social family films. In their films, the values, virtues are never ignored. I think Shri Ram ia also like the messages Rajshri films give us, truthworthy, honest, simple, and sacrificing. So it helped me .
Q.You are now away from films and serials, then how did you make your calling?
I have opened a company with my friend and Lakshman of Ramayan Sunil Lahri. We have made two serials till now. One was Mashal, that was about patriotism and struggle of Indian Independence. the other was Happy Home, this was a comedy serial based on an old age home, where live a gruop of old people from different states. The family detaches old parents and all these old people make their life happy and easy going with each other.
Q.How do you feel today?
Today I cannot call myself a great devotee or so. But yes I do feel that a divine energy of the paramountacy is with me. Even today if I visit villages and some devotees come to touch my feet and discuss their problem, then I explain them and send them to some good doctor. Its all Ramji's grace that they trusts and recover soon. So please speak with me Jai Ram ji ki!


Hope U guys liked the interview, plzz comment!Embarrassed

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^^ thanks a ton for sharing, Gunu!!! Feels great to read that the divine role had such an impact on his life :)

Guys when you get a chance, do participate in these polls and discuss your choices... while I don't have much time for very involving debate threads at the moment, these polls are a quick and easy way for me to stay connected so I'll try to put up a couple new ones each week:

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Hey guys have found dis vdo of Deepika ji, our Seeta maiya on Youtube
Have u already seen dis, if yes den  its okay, if not den plzz see

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Hey Guys,

Here are two vids I want to share from RSR...they were deleted from the present day DVDs so people like me, who bought the DVDs recently, don't have them.Cry

If you guys have other deleted scenes from Ramayan or SK, please share them!

Lakshman being shy of Urmila after he, Ram, and Sita return to AyodhyaEmbarrassed

Ram's reunion with loyal minister Sumantra

Ram enters Kaikeyi's quarters before anyone else's

Ram and Lakshman mesmerize Mithila

I will share more soon.Smile

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Nice vdos, Janu di, I saw some of dem when I found dat vdo of Deepikaji, and I'll translate it to u soon!Tongue
We celebrate Navrati as Nav Vilaas!
These 9 days are dedicated to Goddess Yamuna, the beloved queen of Krishna!Embarrassed For, she is the flowing form of power i.e Shakti, which is empowering our forests, gardens, cattels, humans and all coz we dont need to tell the vital role of water in our lives, and its importance increases like anything, when it gets connected to a divine way!
Untill den enjoy my new updt!Big smile

sec version

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Wow, awesome update, Gunu! All your sigs are so pretty. :)

Btw, I'm confused about one thing...why is Goddess Yamuna referred to as Krishna's queen? She was never married to him either in Gokul or Dwaraka, was she? She's not a part of his eight chief queens, and neither was she one of the principal Gopis of Vrindavan.Confused

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Originally posted by JanakiRaghunath

Wow, awesome update, Gunu! All your sigs are so pretty. :)

Btw, I'm confused about one thing...why is Goddess Yamuna referred to as Krishna's queen? She was never married to him either in Gokul or Dwaraka, was she? She's not a part of his eight chief queens, and neither was she one of the principal Gopis of Vrindavan.Confused
No no Di I think U are totally unaware abt dis biggest fact of Krishna's life!!Disapprove
Yamune Maharani is among 8 chief patraanis of Krishna, also named as Kaalindi! She is the 4th queen right after Jambvanti! Thats why if u remember she takes the form of a huge tide(Yamuna's ufaan) when Vasudev ji crossed Yamunaji. If u have seen RS's Krishna! Krishna tells Kaaliya naag after he defeats the latter that Yamuna ji is my Priya and you are polluting her! Also, if u have seen Mahima Shani dev ki u must be knowing that in the intial epis it was told that how hard Shri Yamune worshipped for Krishna like Parvathiji worshipped for Lord Shiva! Yamuna ji worshipped si hard that she was near to her end that is she almost frozed for marrying Krishna! Also a leela comes when Radhaji prayed to Krishna that always I do the Maan leela you never do so. She urged Krishna that today I'll please u wth all the leelas n u do Maan leela. So once Krishna did the Maan leela and Radhe tried everything but cudnt please Krishna! So, she prayed Yamunaji, Yamunaji dressed herself just like Shri Krishna, and Krishna was so very pleased to see her dressed just like him, so from dat day Krishna requested Yamunaji to dress up like that only tahts why till today Yamunaji is dressed wth the Mukut Kaanchani, that Suit like dressup which is Krishna's very own!
Also, dunno if u have heard a famous Aarti of Yamuna maiya Jai Jai Maharaani Yamuna (its actually a Gujrati bhajan) very very b'ful! Must hear..
here a line comes preete parnya Moraar!
It means because of her love for Krishna,the slayer of Mur daitya, she married Krishna!
Also , Mahaprabhuji in Yamunashtakam has written
'Namat Krihna turya priya!' Means I bow down to Krishna's fourth beloved queen! She is fourth queen on Earth (took birth as Kaalindi, the daughter of Kalinda mountain), which is not known and shown anywhere. But like Radhaji is there wth Krishna in Golok, she is the only river flowing in Golok, and it is a fact that she is not a river but a Hridaya rasa, i.e the prem (pure love which flows constatntly in Krishna's heart for every1) thats why she is so pure and full of love! So, in this way she relates to Krishna even before Krishna incarnated himself frm Golok to  the earth!
Its our misfortune that many ppl even Indian are not aware of such b'ful things abt Krishna and we only limit ourselves to the most heard queens or Gopis of Krishna but yet there are many such queens like Yamunaji etc who are not known by all. But they are so important in aspects of love and sacrifice, the tapasya they did for KrishnaCry 
To make u more clear, ermmm ErmmI dunno u fully know abt Shastras or not but if u are interested in shashtras, u must have read Garga samhita there in chapter 19 Madhurya Khanda. There it is described about Yamunaji being Krishna's queen even before Krishna's birth on Earth, i.e she is ananya sahachari the ultimate queen of Krishna in Goloka. 
She is also referred to as Janaki devi in Garga Samhita by Maharshi Garga.
There are few names of Yamunaji described in Garga Samhita
They are:
1. Kalindi
2. Yamuna
3. Krushna
4. Krushna roopa
5. Krushna Vama
6. Vranda
7. Laxmi
8. Mathura-tirtha Vasini
9. Ganga
10. Krishna deh samudbhava
11. Rama
12. Bhagvati
13. Parvati
14. Chandika
15. Ambika
16. Chatubhuja
17. Ashtabhuja
18. Garudarudha
19. Gopiswari
20. Vaishnaivi
21. Vishnu Vallabha
22. Janki Mata
23. Dhruva Pujita and many other names
The goddess was also worshipped by Dhruv, a great devotee of Vishnuji. So its quite clear that she is the ultimate mate of Hari! 
Also in India, Yamuna ji is worshipped in many different forms
. Goddess Vijiya in Orisa
. Goddess Vaishnavi Devi in Kolhapur
. Goddess Krushna and Goddess Madhavi in Asam
.. Goddess Goddess Narayani in Uttar Pradesh.
.  Goddess Sanketdevi and Ambikadevi are  worshipped  in Forest of Vrandavana. because the forests get water, rains etc from her only!
It is said that after the Raas leela Krishna was very tired and sweated  alot, so he bathed in Yamunaji, and his sweat got mixed with her. After this day her water is also know as Shram jal, being Krishna's sweat being washed herein, also she is called 'Ras Raaj' for the same reason. And lemme tell you that she is the main goddess of all the gopis thats why she is known as Gopishwari!Smile
 Its very very sad that even mytho serials touch only three queens of Krishna, but forget to tell abt Yamunaji.  I think this info will solve all ur doubts!Embarrassed 

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