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samaira39 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 2:58am | IP Logged
  @@MAAHI VE@@

Hello everyone, Myself SAMAIRA, a new member here. For me, maaneet have been an important part of my life now. This is the reason why i chose to write this FF. I love them a lot just like everyone on GHSP forum. I dont really know how to handle the whole thing. I want to thank Manpreet, Farzine and Chitti for helping me out in this. thank u guys. I hope everyone in this forum will like my FF.Big smile Big smile Big smile

The reason i chose the name was i couldnt find anything better than this. I hope it is not co-inciding with any other FF, if so I apologise.


MSK: as u all know him, he is highly disciplined, arrogant when he is in his businessman avataar!!! on the other hand very friendly with everyone outside (plz dont panic, this is my view). lives with his grandparents and his sister. has 2 best friends prem and heer. lost his parents in an accident when he was kid.

GEET handa: a bubbly, lively, beautiful and a wonderful person.lives in HM with her granparents, parents n 2 brothers. she is the princess of HM, everyone loves her to the core. whatever she aks is provided instantly(so they'll agree on maan as well, hopefully). she has 2 best friends pari and heer. 

Vikram sangh khurana and Savithri devi- MSK's grandparents,maan always wanted to be like VSK. VSk is maan's mentor. sd is the adorable one, maan never hurts her even by mistake.

Riya khurana-maan's sister, lives in london. extremely pampered by all in KM.

Daarji n Daadi:  geet's grandparents. daarji is extremely social and proud of his business empire. now he has retired. daadi is the pious and peaceful person, traditional but is updated with modern culture.loves their grandchildren a lot......

Veer and Rano: geet's parents..Veer is generous and simple. a gr8 business man. Rano is sweet and innocent.

Brij: he's the  best in everything....very mischievous. his sister is his life.

Simran: brij's wife. trendy and understanding. loves geet like her sister.

Tito: geet's younger brother....

Pari: friendly and dreamy girl.
Prem: maan's best friend, is in love with heerHeart.
Heer: best friend of both maan and geet(yet they dont know abt each other).fun loving  girl.

HM=handa mansion.
KM=khurana mansion.

adi,sasha,tasha, romeo, pinky and manisha work at KC(Khurana constructions).

Everything happens in DELHI, for now!!!

Chapter 1:

It's 10th january, GEET's 21st birthday!!! Geet is still asleep in her room coz it's still 6.30 am.  everyone has planned a surprise birthday bash for her, and hence they've decided to act as if they dont remember her birthday. they're all at the dining hall discussing the same with brij having his eyes closed with a cloth.

brij: daarji, i cant do this. she's my sweetest sis, my life. i dont think i can stop myself from wishing her. let us plan something else. i dont want my sister to be in sad mood on her birthday.
daarji: nalayak, u alone are enough to spoil the surprise. stop using ur empty brain.
brij: but daarji, when i goto see her cute face she's bound to expect me to wish her.
simran: u r too weak infront geet. sometimes i feel that u r utter useless...
brij: oye simi chup kar oye, mere izzath mat utaro.....
veer: brij for god's sake, it's decided and dont u dare to mess up things.
rano: haan beta is aurprise ko bigaadna math. hum sab bhi tho geet ki kushi hi tho chahthe hai.
brij(turning his head in the direction of his mom's voice): mom i dont want to give her happiness by making her beautiful morning dull.

everyone try really hard to convince brij for half an hour. finally he agrees.

brij: agar meri behen ki aakhon main aasoon aaye tho main ussi waqt usse sab batha dunga....
everyone agrees to his condition.LOLLOL

The sunrays are lightining up her red and white room, her favourite colors. she opens her eyes to cool breeze blowing thru her innocent face. she's in a white silk night dress. she gets off her bed and comes to the window. mesmerised by the beauty of the nature, she inhales the cool breeze and stands right there. she knows her family will be waiting for her since its her birthday. more than anything she's waiting for her brother brij who starts off his day only after he sees her face (this is why he was blindfolded) to come to her room. meanwhile brij realises its 7am, makes his way slowly to her room still blindfolded. this has been his routine from when he was 7yrs, when he was the reason that geet was lost in a village mela. he still feels guilty hence never lets her away from his eyes even for a second when he's at home. its obvious that nobody needs to guide him to geet's room Smile. he enters geet room, and calls"geet, kahan ho?". she turns to him and runs towards him, opens his blindfold. both are delighted to see each other. as always they hug!!! brij is feeling somwhat coz he's not supposed to wish her buts maintains his expression. 

brij: good morning geet. tum tho jaldi ut gayi ho aaj
geet: haan bhai, bas aise hi.
brij: achcha teek hai, jaldi tayyar hoke aaja. sab tera mandir main intezaar kar rahe hain. main chaltha hoon.

he turns back, but geet holds his hand,

geet: bhai aap kuch bhool nahi rahe hain???
brij: arey lo main tho ullu hun, yeeh le eteri choclate. sry aaj bhool gaya. ab main chaltha hon gives her the choclate, keeps his hands on her cheek and recedes to downstairs. 
geet stands there dumbstruck. she is not able to beleive that brij went off without wishing her. a single tear escapes from her eyes. she calms down by thinking that may be they all want to wish her together. she picks out the dress her friends had gifted her a few days back for this very day. she's surprised that even her freinds dint wish her. she wonders *did they forget as well?*. she smiles at her stupidity and gets ready!!!

precap: geet in utter shock by the behaviour of her family.

plz add me as ur buddy is u want me to PM u. thank u allSmile

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gangesegb IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 3:33am | IP Logged
nice concept.....loved it........plz do continue soon......

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kirannaryani Senior Member

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 3:51am | IP Logged
wow that was really nice start plz cont soon add me in pm list
anjucool IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 6:40am | IP Logged
nice concept.loved it 
do continue
add me in PM list
samaira39 Senior Member

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 8:53am | IP Logged
here's chapter 2

chapter 2

geet gets ready and comes down in a light blue salwar suit. everyone is looking delighted to see their princess looking so beautiful. ( i pity them all) but they r all bound to their words, chup tho rehna hi padega par tang tho kar sakthe hai na???
tito: arey wah didi, app so bahut sundar lag rahi ho. aaj kuch special hai kya???
simi: haan geet bolona?

geet is confused. nothing is happening as she expected. everyone else is having a secret laugh.LOL

geet: woh aise hi mera mann kiya is liye...
daarji: puttarji aap tho pari lag rahi ho. aajao pooja shuru karthe hain.

geet walks towards the mandir wit a sad face. brij is unable to control and tries to call out to her but simi closes his mouth and gives him a stern look and releases him.

brij: woh geet....
simi:apna muh band rakhoji warna aap ka bura haal hoga aaj
brij:baapre tera gussa..teek hai simi.

the pooja is over, everyone moves to the dining hall for breakfast. they all are having a fantastic time with each other. geet is feeling down and is in utter confusion.

veer: beta kya hua tujhe??? khaa kyun nahin rahi ho??? aur tu aaj itni ghumsum kyun ho???
geet: kuch nahi paapa, bas bhook nahi hai
daadi:bhook tho ab lagegi tujhe. aaj tho teri favourite bani hai. ghajar ka halwa.

geet is delighted thinking that finally they're making her day special. dadi comes to her and feeds her with her own hands. geet happily eats but still wants to clear every doubt in her mind.

geet: yeah kis kushi main daadi???
daadi: tumhaare paapa ko ek nayi deal mil gayi hai is liye.

everyone smiles at daadi's lie. geet's face turns pale Confused. brij is feeling really miserable seeing geet. he has never hurt her sister even by mistake. today he being pushed to his limits. he looses control.

brij: woh geet....

daarji shoots a look at him. brij bends his head down. everyone understands his feelings but suprise is a surprise.

geet: kya hua bhai? aap chup kyun ho gaye???
brij: kuch nahi geet, woh aaj tumne mere hath se nahin khaya na isliye. tu idhar aaja main khiladoonga tujhe.

geet is touched by his ever loving heartHeart. she gets up and goes to him. brij slowly feeds her. everyone is mesmerised by their love for eac other.geet starts crying,

brij: arey pagli, tu ro kyun rahi hai??? main tho tujhe roz khilatha hoon.

she's unable to speak, just hugs him. he wipes her tears, she runs to her room unable to swallow the things happening today.brij turns to everyone and shouts at them.

brij:meri behen ko aap sabne ruladiya. aaj tak maine usse itna ghumsum kabhi nahin dekha.
tito: bhai apna dialogue bandh karo. bol tho aise rahe ho ki didi ne aaj pehli baar roya hai. yeh tho har roz ki kahaani hai. jab bhi aap usse khilathe ho, woh hamesha emotional ho jaathi. kabhi mere baare mian bhi socha karo, main bhi aap ka bhai hoon.
brij: chup kar oye nalayak. saara di tho khaatha hi rehtha hai, kuch kaam tho kartha nahi.
tito: arey wah? main college bhi tho jaatha hun...
brij: haan tu jaatha tho hai par teri bag main books nahin khaana hotha hai.
tito: woh meri marzi hai, aap ko kyun jalan ho rahi hai???
brij: mujhe jalan kyun hone lagi??? meri samaj main tho yeh nahin aaraha ki saara khaana jaatha kahan hai??? itna khaana tera pet sehtha kaise hai???
tito: mera pet hai, aap se koi matlab??? aapko office ke liye nikalna hai, jaldi khao aur jao, mera dimag math khao...
brij: teri tho........

brij runs behind him, they run thru out the house. everyone enjoys seeing them and laughs.

everyone is busy in preparing for the party. saara ghar jhoom uta hai....pari and heer enter the house. they are both mesmerised by the arrangements going on.

pari: main tho fida ho gayi yaar. kya decoration hai???
heer: idiot, geet ki birthday hai, koi aisa waisa din nahin hai!!!
pari: woh tho hai. bichari geet, patha nahin usse kaisa lag raha hoga???
heer: apna muh band rakh pari. hum sab usse surprise hi tho de rahi ahin.
pari: kash mujhe bhi aisa surprise diya hotha.....
heer: le phir chali gayi kya teri sapno ki duniya main??? uth jaao pari, yeh haqeeqath hai!!!

daadi sees them and invites them in. gives them sweets to gorge on. both of them join hands with the rest of the family.

geet is in her room. crying her heart out. she had expected this day to be a memorable one. nothing was going according to what she had thought. she was damn confused by everyone's actions. she looks above....

geet: babaji yeh kya ho raha hai??? aaj sabko date hi yaad nahi hai kya??? bhai ko bhi nahi??? woh tho mera birthday kabhi nahin bhoolthe. tho aaj kyun??? 

her eyes are puffed up. she feels her eyes closing all by themselves. she gives way and goes to sleep hoping this is just a dream. after a while, brij comes in to check on her. he knows her very well. he knows she would've cried till her eyes hurt. he sits beside her and careses her hair with his hand. simi comes in watching her husband.

simi: aap geet ko kabhi hurt nahin karenge na???
brij: jab tum yeh jaanthi ho tho kyun pooch rahi ho???
simi: i love youHeart
brij looks upto her in surprise. they hug and he whispers that he loves her too. they leave the room, letting geet sleep.

precap:SURPRISE surprise!!!

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zaara2212 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 2:45am | IP Logged
Loved the ff...pls add in your pm list and keep updating pls
Shalve IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 3:11am | IP Logged
nice concept... do continue... plz add me to yr PM List
samaira39 Senior Member

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 6:23am | IP Logged

Geet gets up, she is wondering how long she has been asleep. looks at her watch, it's 6.30pm. she's surprised that she slept so long. slowly sits up with her head down, she's absolutely unaware that her whole family is in her room waiting for her to get up. she sighs and looks up, she's surprised to see everyone around her. she's baffled. everyone starts singing "haapy birthday song". she's very happy to hear it and realises that everyone were playing games with her. brij comes forward, as always being the first one to wish and present her with her gift. geet gets down from her bed seeing him.

brij: happy birthday my princess!!! tumhe tang karne ke liye maafi chahtha hoon. sabne mera muh baandh ke rakha tha, warna tu tho jaanthi hai ki main tera birthday kabhi nahin bhooltha. tumhe rulana keliye bhi sry!!!
geet: koi baath nahi bhai. thank u very much. i know u would never forget.

they hug. everybody else wishes her including her friends and everyone has got her various gifts. brij asks her to open his gift. it was a new red and white laptop. she had asked him this very lappie a month ago.

geet: owww so sweet of u bhai. i love it!!!
brij: ab bakhi ka tu baad main dekhlena, abhi jaldi tayyar hoke neeche aaja. saare guests tera itezaar ker rahe hain. tere liye party organise ki hai humne.
geet: kya??? oh my god!!! thnx a lot everyone. i love you all.

everyone recede to downstairs except pari and heer.

pari: geet sry yaar. tumhari family ne humein chup karwaya tha.
geet: koi gal nahi pari. i'm double happy with all ur surprises.
heer: i am glad u liked it geet. haapy birthday once again. group hug!!!

all 3 hug each other, dance and sing together. all 3 infront of geet's cupboard which contains hundreds of new dresses. geet is confused, so are pari and heer.

parI: tumhaare paas itne saare kapde kahan se aaye geet???
heer: pari tu apna bandh rakhna, zyada sochne ki zaroorath nahin hai.
geet(confused): kya pehnu???
pari: tu yeh black pehen na. achcha dikhega tuj par.
heer:  teri choice na hamesha faltoo hai pari. tu chup kar. geet tu yeh pink pehno. barbie doll lagogi.
pari: pink??? geet bachchi hai kya??? heer tu apna khaali dimag use mat kar. geet tu hi kuch select karle.
geet: hmmm ok, how abt this white one???

she takes out a delicate white silk and satin gown with pearl and crystal embroidery.

pari and heer: W-O-W!!!
pari: this is so elegant and beautiful. geet ek baar mujhe bhi dena pehne ke liye,
heer: shut up pari!!! tu sudhregi nahin. geet tu yahi pehenna.
geet(smiles at them): stop fighting u 2. i'll be back in a while.

heer and pari are waiting for geet. Geet comes out of the dressing room, fully ready. heer and pari are mesmerised by her beauty. she's looking just like an angel. they both hug her and together they leave the room. A grand pary was oeganised by heet's fmaily for her. every important person in town was invited, ven the KHUARANAS, but MSK tho kaam main busy hai, woh kaise aayega. everyone at party is spell bound to see geet. everyone wishes her. she cuts the cake. VSK and SD come towards GEET to wish her and to present her a gift.

geet: aapka bahut bahut shukriya daadaji aur daadima ( me wondering when did they become her grandparents?)
VSK(turning to daarji): aapki bitiya tho pariyon ki lok se hai...
SD: woh tho hai ( places a black tika behind geet's ear) tumhe kisiki nazar na lage puttar.

daarji, veer and brij just smile at their gesture and praises. geet blushes. they all continue to talk to each other and the party goes on very well. they all have blast. sing and dance too.

next morning at KHURANA MANSION:

Maan comes out after taking his shower(looks super hot). he heads towards his wardrobe to fetch his clothes for office. daadima after her pooja, climbs up the stairs to Maan's room. she enters his room and calls out "maan?". Maan who was getting ready fr office, turns towards the door.(oh my love!!!)

maan: ji daadi???
daadi: aap tayyar ho gaye bete??? hum yahan aapko arrti dene aaye.
maan: haan daadi. aapne kyun takleef liya. main khud neeche aa raha tha.

he walks towards her, takes the aarthi and bends down to take her blessings.

daadi: jaanthi hun, bas hum yun hi chalein aaye. ab neeche chaliye. appke daadaji appka breakfast pe wait kar rahe hain.
maan: chaliye daadi.

they both come down to the dining hall. maan greets his grandpa good morning and takes his blesssings.

maan: daadu aaj aap walk pe nahin gaye???
daadu: tumhe kisne bathaya??? savithri tumne bathaya kya???
daadi: main kyun bathaoongi??? aap maan se kyun nahin poochthe.
maan: daadu aap achchi tarah se jaanthe hai ki mujhe sab patha chal jaatha hai. aapka paotha jo hun. aap dono behas karna bandh karo ab. aur daadu aapko maine aaj maaf kiya par kal se aapko walk pe roz jaana padega warna aapka meeta khaana bandh.
daadi: teek kahan aapne maan!!!
daadu: tum dono milke mera jeena mushkil kar doge.....achcha teek hain main kal se roz walk pe jaaunga. khabardaar agar phir se mere meeta khaane pe nazar daala tho.

all 3 laugh at it and continue with their chit chat and breakfast.

maan: achcha ab main office keliye nikaltha hoon. der ho jaayegi.
daadu: teek hai beta. dont u ever loose ur patience, its the toughest job in the world. if u can control ur anger u can control the hole world.
maan: jaantha hun daadu, aap har roz jo mujhe bathathe hain.
daadi: apna khayaal rakhna beta.

maan smiles to both of them and leaves for the office.

precap: khurana constructions and much much more lolzSmile

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