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samaira39 Senior Member

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Posted: 25 February 2011 at 7:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by puth

get well soon dear.....give us a long long update regarding the interviewLOLLOLLOL

yep surely will give a long update for the interview, dont worryBig smile

samaira39 Senior Member

Joined: 08 December 2010
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Posted: 25 February 2011 at 7:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kashndsel4eva

awesome update

loved it

aww loved tier little fight

wonder who was smiling at them after watching their little fight  

cant wait 4 da next part

con soon

thanks 4 da pm

hey no one was watching them dear....Confused......i guess u dint read it properly, btw thanks a lotBig smile
samaira39 Senior Member

Joined: 08 December 2010
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Posted: 25 February 2011 at 7:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by 7thHeaven

short.... that was ultra short weetheart but koi gal nahi... it was lovely... waiting for the next part...Smile
aww...  i really liked the way they met outside his officeDay Dreaming

owwww i know dear, that its ultra ultra short for uLOL, GREEDY FOR MORE???Wink
samaira39 Senior Member

Joined: 08 December 2010
Posts: 471

Posted: 26 February 2011 at 7:46am | IP Logged
well well well, I am gonna update today.......anybody excited??? it's a long one this time. hopefullyWink. i have tried my best to make it a good one,..lets see how u all respond to itSmile

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Vintagepeach IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 7:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by samaira39

well well well, I am gonna update today.......anybody excited??? it's a long one this time. hopefullyWink. i have tried my best to make it a good one,..lets see how u all respond to itSmile

ya plz update a long one...
update soon...Tongue
rituka7 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 7:55am | IP Logged

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samaira39 Senior Member

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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 7:56am | IP Logged
5 mins plzSmile
samaira39 Senior Member

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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 8:15am | IP Logged
hello was ur day??? well this time i am giving u all greedy ppl a long update. i know the previous one quite small, i couldnt write much coz i had no time and i was not well, I APOLOGISE FOR THAT, I AM VERY VERY VERY SORRYCry!!! so thats why i am treatingBig smile u all for a long update this time...hope u all like itBig smile, here u go....

chapter 18:

interview starts. pinky calls the candidates one after the other. geet keeps looking at maan's cabin and is surprised that each candidate was interviewed only for abt 30secs to 1 min. she was getting nervous now. every girl came out with a disgusting look on thier face, geet wondered what was maan doing. did he even interview them??? was their resume not right??? she was panicking and glancing over her file again and again. little did she know maan was almost 1pm when all the other girls turn was over and she was the only one left. she felt creepy. pinky called out to her, and asked her to go in. pinky winked at her wished her good luck. she went near maan's office, took a deep breathe and knocked on the door.

maan: come in.

geet silently tip toed inside and stood in front of him maan was busy working on his laptop. he gestured her to sit
down with his hand, hardly noticing who it was. geet sat infront of him in silence. maan finished with his work,
closed his laptop and looked at her, raising his left eyebrow. he was so into her dove like eyes. he sat back to have a better look at her. geet who was watching him with the same interest, bent down her head shying away from his penetrating gaze. she never showed that on her face though. only her eyes spoke. maan came back to reality
seeing her bend her head. he coughed as if trying to clear his throat. he got up from his seat and started walking.
geet felt a hitch by his actions and she too stood up, but maan signalled her to sit down. he noticed that she was in
a salwar and not in western outfit. he was impressed. he wouldnt have minded if she was in western, since he was
surprised that she was not drooling over him like the candidates who came before her. Instead he was the one
who was drooling over her. he stopped walking at this thought. what was he doing??? he was the MSK.....yes he was. he closed his eyes for a few seconds and goes back to his seat with a stern and serious look on his face. the
original HIM!!!

maan(bossy aatitude): so it comes down to just u now, i am surprised the others before u dint make it.
geet(confused by his words): sir???
maan: dint u understand what i said???
geet: i did but i dont know what u meant by it.
maan: simple. i rejected the others before u. chances are that u might as well be rejected.
geet: u haven't yet asked me anything sir.
maan: well, thats true, let me look at ur file...

geet hands it over to him with confidence. maan takes it and goes thru the resume. he stops at her name and looks
at her in surprise and asks,

maan: u r GEET HANDA??? u must be joking.......
geet: no sir, thats me.
maan: u must be brij's sister then. what are u doing here??? ur brother would have established a new construction company in ur name, in just 2 days.
geet: i know but i prefer to work like a common person. i dont want attention.
maan( raising his eyebrows at her response):hmmmmmmmmm.....

geet doesnt respond, instead she sits mum wondering how does he know brij??? maan continues to look at her
resume. he was surprised that she was the topper of the batch in the architecture course. he nodded with
approval. maan was a disciplined person. he dint hate ppl just like that. he knew what to do when and how to treat
ppl. he apreciated ppl who deserved it without any hitch and thats what he was doing now. geet sat there watching
him with utter fantasy, but her face never revealed anything.

maan: why should i appoint u for this job geet???
geet: sir, i am an eligible candidate with architecture background and also i can take on stress in a positive way. i have good communication skills and expertise in my field. i think i can handle things in a good manner being ur
secretary as well as being an architect in the company. i am always motivated by challenges.(yeah sab dialogue,
mujhe apne college main interview keliye sikhaaye the, jo ab kaam aa rahein hain rofl LOL)

maan just sat there looking at her, mesmerised by her witty answer and also her beauty. for the first time he felt lost. just hours back at the parking lot he was wondering she wouldn't stand upto his expectations for he thought she was clumpsy. man did she surprise him with all that positive attitude, the way she carried herself, her
confidence. he gave up, he couldnt resist her anymore, she was perfect for the job, mind u only for the job. he
dint have any feelings towards her, whatsoever. she was just another employee for him. he grinned at himself....

maan: what if i say, u r not hired???

geet looked at him surprised  by the sudden qn. she took a deep breathe,

geet: i would just say, that ur company is missing out on a very eligible employee. the loss will be urs SIR, not
mine. as far i am concerned, it wouldnt change my attitude towards anything.

maan was expecting such an answer, afterall it was not the first interview he was taking. every candidate said the
same thing but her last sentence caught his ears. how can she say that it dint affect her in any way??? his evil and
shrewd mind had started working. he grinned at her wickedly, she dint understand what he was upto but she was sure she had done something wrong.

maan: if not being hired has no effect on u, then why should i hire u in the first place???

she bit her tongue, there u go, she was caught. no wonder he was THE MSK. how could he make out even a small
mistake in a big sentence??? she felt like the game was over for her. she felt down thinking that she wont be
selected for his company. tears almost welled up in her eyes. maan was waiting for her response, eager to know
how she would reply. suddenly geet remembered BRIj's words this morning, she felt a little better. she was
indeed capable to do anything. so she decided that she would turn things around, but she had to think abt it first.
she looked at maan, he was in a cool and composed manner and looking at her waiting for her reply. he was niether
grinning at her state nor was eager to listen to her reply. she was not at all surprised. afterall it was MAAN
SINGH KHURANA infront of her. ppl around him are supposed to feel uneasy and not him and that was what
happening with her. she took a minute more. all this while maan sat as if she was not at all infront of her. he let
her take her time. finally geet replied,...

geet(with a stern and confident voice): ofcourse it wouldnt affect me if u dont hire me because i have given my
best and i know I AM THE BEST. if not here, i'll surely get hired in an equally good company like yours
MR.KHURANA. If u dont hire me, i would just feel sorry for u thats all. nobody will feel sry for me if i dont get
this job, ther's always a second chance and i dont give up on anything so easily. i hope u got ur answer.

maan looked at her without any change in his expression. he never wanted any answers. the fact that she was
brij's sister was enough for him to hire her but he only wanted to check how capable she was. she sure was good
at whatever she did. he exhaled deeply and looked at her. geet was expecting a surprise look on his face but for
her dismay she saw nothing. how? did she say something wrong again? she was getting a little nervous. maan
observed it. he gave back her file, geet took it.

maan: u may leave now.
geet: but...(maan interupted her)
maan(with a stern and intense gaze): u r hired, u r capable enough for the post. i am sure this is ur first interview
u have ever faced. next time, if at all u leave KC, make sure u dont boast abt yourself. its not a good quality.

geet sat there with her eyes wide open after hearing to what maan said. she blinked only once and a million dollar
smile settled on her face. meanwhile the whole office was wondering what was taking maan this long???

adi: i hope maan sir geet ko approve karde.
pinky: han bilkul. she is so beautiful.
sasha(on hearin pinky's words): mk uss ladki ko kabhi approve nahin karenge.
romeo(understanding her words): kya hua sasha??? jalan ho rahi hai tumhe, yeh sunke ki woh bahut khoobsurat

sasha: tumse koi matlab??? tum sirf apne kaam se kaam rakho romeo.
romeo(grinning): wahi tho main kar raha hun...
manisha: i want to see GEET, yeh maan sir itna time kyun kaga rahe hain???
tasha: GEET??? naam se tho behenji lagthi hai.....
manisha(turning towards tasha): tumhaara naam tho tumse achcha hai, i just hope ki koi tumhaara naam sunke yeh
na soch baite ki tum sundar ho. HEART ATTACK ho jayega uska!!!

evryone laughs at manisha's words except sasha and tasha. they both leave the scene annoyed. meanwhile inside,
maan's cabin. geet gets up and thanks maan for giving her this job and moves her hand forward for a shakehand.
maan doesnt shake her hand but,

maan: i hope ki tum yahan zyada din tik sakho. yahan kaam karna itna aasaan nahin Ms. HANDA.
geet(takes back her hand surprised): aap meri phikar math kijiye sir, bas yeh batadijiye ki main kabse join kar sakthi hun.

maan gets up on hearing her words. he dint like her over confidence but he knew she was still an amateur. he just
nods and tells her that she can join from monday onwards. they both look into each others eyes for a while. geet
breaks the gaze, thanks him and walks out of the cabin. maan keeps staring at the direction she went for a while
and continued with his work.

geet comes out only to see adi, pinky, romeo and manisha smiling at her. she looks confused and looks at them. adi
understands her confusion, everyone starts talking at once,

adi: geet interview kaisa tha???
pinky: tu select ho gayi???
romeo: hay,,,,yeh tho sach main khoobsurat hai yaar......
manisha: wow my baby!!! so beautiful
geet: stop!!!!

everyone stops at her words.

precap: what do u think???

link to next chapter

this is it, eggs, tomatoes, slippers, bashing, everyhting welcome if u dont like itLOL. i think its a little boringCry, i dont know, u guys gotta tell me. be truthful...Smile

well now comment and do hit the like button, i am eager read ur opinionsBig u all for ur commentsHeart, thanks a lot my Stars.......u all make my day better and better!!!SmileSmileSmile

if u want me to PM u, plz add me as ur buddy, thanksSmile

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