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samaira39 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 February 2011 at 1:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -muskaan

hi..... look everyone guessed its either dadi or dadu so why dont u chnage the helper if it is indeed either of themErmm.... make someone else the helper and we all will be now that is shockingShocked....
btw... when are u updatingTongue.... update soon plzSmile

LOLLOLLOL muskaan dear, woh kya haina maine reverse psychology use kiya hain yahan pe. first time when i asked everyone to guess the helper's name nobody did, so now when i said not to guess it, everybody didWinkBig smile........i was just kidding with all the comments!!!!! no harm to my story as long as i dont screw upTongue just happy that everyone guessedTongueSleepy

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preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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hey when r u updating......................

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rituka7 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 February 2011 at 6:04am | IP Logged

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samaira39 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 February 2011 at 7:21am | IP Logged
will update a while Wink

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samaira39 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 February 2011 at 8:15am | IP Logged
hello everyoneBig smile.......kaisa raha valentine week???LOLWink kin logon ko proposals mile aur kin logon ne propose ki???Wink................well, well, well, i just hope u had a good time!!! anyways i am backWink with double update Big smile......coz i wont be online starting tomo until next thursday, hopefully!!! my cousin'd marriage and i'm off to her place.......HUH!!!! I AM JUST WAITING TO GOBig smileWink.....!!!!!

loved all ur comments my lovelies but i couldnt reply to it coz i was busy with shopping, project has become hell and upon that my brother is not talking to me from a few daysCryCryCry....i feel like i am Dead!!!! so was not at all in the mood to updateConfused.

btw, brij in my story is absolutely like my brother. ever loving and caring!!!TongueSmile just to let u all knowSmile but sometimes, when my bro gets angry, everything feels insane for meCryCryCry....well its ok, i'll manage!!! now enjoy the double update, u allStar

chapter 15:

geet slowly steps down from her room, towards the hall where evryone are chatting and laughing.  tito looks at geet and calls her out,....

tito: dee, kahan khoyi ho??? yahan aaona......
geet: huh??? kuch nahi.....

she comes near them and stands, everyone is confused as to why she is so silent???

daarji: oye puttar, ki hua??? inni ghumsum kyun ho???
daadi: geet, kya hua beta???
rano: bolona meri bachchi, kuch pareshaani hai???
veer: ek minute, aap sab chup ho jaao, usse bolne ka mauka tho do.......
geet: woh main.....
brij: geet tu ghabra kyun rahi hai??? bolna......
geet: bhai, woh main, ..........woh main kaam karna chahthi hun.....

everyone laughs at her.....geet looks confused at their response.

simi: bas itna hi??? yeh bolne keliye tu itna itraarahi thi........pagli.(haan itnahi....kush???Wink)
daarji: arey puttarji aap kal, nahi nahi abhi se office join karlo, kaun rokhega aapko???(haan haan kyun nahin, aapka bas chalein tho suraj aur chand bhi apna kaam exchange karlengeLOL)
veer: haan beta.....
tito: kya di, aap bbhi, kaam karna chahthe ho???
brij: oye tito, apna muh bandh rakh, sab teri tarah aalsi nahi hai yahan....(as if u r super fast in everything!!!Wink)
tito: par bhai....
brij: maine kahan chup.....geet tu batha, kab join karna chahthi hai office....

everyone looks eagerly towards her......geet takes a deep breathe and speaks...

geet: bhai main HANDA industries main nahi balki, kahin baahar kaam karna chahthi hun....(saaf saaf bolna geet ki tu KC main kaam karna chahthi hai, ghuma kyun rahi ho???LOL)
brij(shocked): kya??? geet tu paagal ho gayi hai kya??? jab itna bada industries hai hamara tho tu baahar kaam karna chahthi hai???(overacting band karna brij...itna zyada bardaasht nahin hotha mujhse....HUH!!!Tongue)
geet: bhai, main ek architect hun aur main ek construction company join karna chahthi hun na ki industry....
brij: agar aisi baath hai tho main tere liye, ek nayi construction company khol dunga, tujhe kahin aur jaane ki zaroorath nahi padegi....(poori family hi paagal mann main aaye boldete hain, as if everything happens in a second...!!!Big smileLOL)

everyone is watching the duo from side to side.....

geet: bhai, main aisa kuch nahin chahthi, main baahar kaam karna chahthi hun, jahaan mujhe sab, meri mehnath pe mujhe pehchaane na ki mere naam se.....mujhe koi attention nahi chahiye bhai....main bhi sabki tarah kaam karna chahthi hun.....plz????(itna bada bhaashan??? uff...seedhi baath yeh hai ki woh maan ke saath hi kaam karna chahthi haiEmbarrassed)
brij: par geet....
daarji(interrupting brij): brij bas kar......geet jo keh rahi hai, woh bilkul teek kah rahi hai.....agar woh baahar kaam karna chahthi hai tho waisa hi hoga
brij: par daarji, geet akele, kahin aur kyun kaam kare???(kyun?? tere office ke alawa, baki jagah main sher hai kya, jo geet ko khaa jaayenge???LOL)
daarji: brij main jaantha hun ki tu apni behen se kitna pyaar kaartha hai, tho uski khaathir maan jaa beta....
brij: teek hai geet, tu jahan chahthi hai wahan kaam karna par agar tumhe kisine tang ki tho main usse chodunga nahin.
geet: bhai.....

she runs towards him and hugs him tightly. everyone smile at them. she had tears in her eyes. this time tito too went and hugged them. the others just smiled. simi always thanked god for sending her to such a loving family. everyone here treated her like she always belonged here. an air of satisfaction settled on her face. brij looked at her and nodded to her. she just smiled. tito broke from the hug.

tito: bhai....di....I love u both.

they both just smile at his innocence and hug him tighter. there was no need for words bw them. they understood each other just by looking at one's face. when u care and love someone unconditionally and from ur heart, they say confessing it only makes it loose its value, one should just let the eyes do the talking!!! this is how it was at the HANDA's.

at KC:

maan in his cabin, holding the letter in his hand. he doesnt know how she would have reacted since he failed in the task. he wonders "may be she's angry, may be she will not write anymore, who knows what she must have reacted???". he looks round, leaves out a sigh and slowly cut opens the letter. the feel of the letter in his hands makes him feel so much better. he doesn't know what this feeling is all about. he is just taking in every little feeling in a very content manner. he opens the letter and starts reading it..........

Dear MAAN,

i know u must be thinking, what i would have written since u failed in ur task. truly speaking, i never expected u too succeed, my love!!!(maan smiles after reading this). i knew u would take this lightly, it's still the starting, isnt it??? and i know u'll succeed in finding me out soon. u r a fighter and i know it. i know u believe in the saying " failure is the stepping stone for success". u might have failed to discover my name but that doesnt change a thing. i will still tell you what i want to say minus my name. i want u to find it out yourself.

this is my 3rd letter and my favourite number, so i want to tell u what i feel about you. 


like everyone else, i dont expect u to accept my love just like that. i am telling u this only because i want u to  know what i feel for you. u can either stop responding to my letters or continue. i dont have any problem with whatever decision u take. it's ur life, who am i to interefere??? i always want u to be happy. LOVE is not forced upon anyone. it just happens, like it has happened to me. i'll wait all my life for you, whether u come or not. well now i dont know how much better u r feeling right now. hoping i eased ur pain of loosing to certain extent. i dont know if u'll respond to  my next task or not but i'll wait for u. here's ur task, i want u to come to the INDIA GATE this sunday at 7am. i'll be waiting for u there in a white dress. i hope u'll be able to find me. what u should do, u'll come to know there itself. ur job is to come there thats it. hoping u will come......

ur's lovingly,
ur no.1 fan or may be now "lover"???

P.S: by the way, that fish u found was to remind u that u failed, "tie tie fish" MR.MAAN SINGH KHURANA. (maan smiles at her little gesture)

he picks up the fish in his hand plays with it. he likes the way she makes him feel. a new person all together. maan feels so much better after reading it. he feels happy that he'll be able to see her this sunday, it's thursday today, 3 more days to go. he would go, definitely, atleast to know who she is??? he wouldnt give up that easily, not yet!!! but he is confused as to how she agreed to meet him so soon, it was easy to find her at the gate with her wearing a white dress. how was it possible that this task was easy??? he just decides to wait and watch until sunday. he keeps the letter back in the locker and continues with his work. the rest of the day goes on well with his work. meanwhile, geet is busy preparing for the interview, she's not ready to let go of the opportunity so easily.

precap: kis liye??? aage tho pado....LOL

chapter 16:

it's 10pm in the night, geet is still busy preparing for the interview. brij walks in like a cat to scare her.

brij(comes near geet): boooooo!!!!
geet: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh...........

geet falls from the chair. brij laughs at her. geet gets really angry,

geet: bhai main aapko chodungi nahin aaj.......(as if, tumne usse kabhi choda hai...lolzLOL)

she runs behind brij, as he descends towards the hall.

geet: bhai, rukh jaoo......(nahin rukhega...tho kya karogi???)
brij: aaj tho bilkul nahin, tumhe tang karne ka mauka kaise chod saktha hun main??? noways....

they run towards the dining hall where everyone is present for the dinner, they both run around the table, brij runs behind rano.....

geet: maa aap mere raaste se hat jao....
brij: maa bilkul nahin....
rano: arey sambhalke tum dono.......

evryone is having fun seeing both of them, tito turns to veer

tito: paapa, ek bet ho jaaye???
veer: kis liye???
tito: aaj didi hi jeetegi....
veer: chup kar oye naalayak, yahan sab jaanthe hai ki geet hi jeetegi, tumhara bhai geet ko haarne kab detha hai??
tito: woh tho hai.....

geet stops since she's tired,

geet: bhabhi paani do na plz.....

simi passes her water, geet gulps down quickly, brij is near daarji and grinning at geet. geet nods to daarji and he gets hold of brij, brij is surprised......

brij: this is not done, this is cheating daarji......chodiye mera haath, geet tu cheater hai....
daadi: arey brij maanja, waise bhi tu apni behen ko haarne kab detha hai???
geet(grinning widely at brij): bhai ab tho phas gaye......
brij: arey geet shaadi karke pehle hi phas gaya hun.....(dialogue puraani hai, kuch naya try karna brijWink)
simi: kya bola aapne??? geet tu rehne de, inka class tho main lungi aaj......
geet(giggling): bhai aap tho aaj sach main phas gaye....

simi moves towards brij, holds his ears.......

simi: kya kahan aapne???(kyun??? tumne suna nahin???Wink)
brij: maine kya kahan??? kuch bhi tho nahin........
simi: achchaaa????(nahin buraaa....rofl)
brij: achcha teek hai, mujhe maaf karde simi.....

everyone laughs at the scene and finally simi leaves him and everyone settle down for dinner. they have their dinner and move towards their rooms. geet comes into her room and calls pari and heer to inform abt her interview. they both wish her good luck and she goes to sleep.

at KM:

maan comes home really happy. daadu and daadi, both look at each other on seeing and smile.

maan: hi daadu, hi daadi....
daadu: aaj ka din kaisa raha maan??? tum bahut kush lag rahe ho???
daadi: tumhe itna kush hum pehli baar dekh rahe hain.......
maan: aisa kuch nahin hai, bas aise hi....
daadu: jaisa aap kahein maan, hum sirf aapko hamesha kush dekhna chahthe hai.......
maan: jaantha hun.....waise daadu, kya aapne adi se kahan ki PA ladki hi hona chahiye???
daadu: woh.....haan maine kahan tha....
maan: par kyun daadu???(kyun??? tum GAY ho??? oopzWink)
daadi: arey maan bete, aapko sambhalna ek ladke ki bas ki baath nahin. aapki PA ladki hi hona chahiye, jiske paas bahut pateince ho. humne hi inse kehlwaaya tha adi ko.....
maan: daadi aap bhi na......

maan never qns his grandparents views. he respects them so much that he agrees to everything they say blindly. they all have dinner together, laugh and finally recede to their rooms. before going to sleep maan made sure, he informed daadi abt the letter.

daadi: kya aap bhi usse pasand karthe hai maan???(arey bichare ne us ladki se mila hi kahan hai???LOL)
maan: patha nahin daadi, main usse milna chahtha hun, usse baath karna chahtha hun, uske baad hi main kuch decide kar paaunga. waise bhi main uske baare main kuch  bhi nahin jaantha.(dekha??? kahan tha na, maine???)
daadi: hmmm aap sahi keh rahein hain, ab tho humein uss din ka intezaar hai jab aap usse milenge aur usse baath karenge. ab jaayiye aur so jaayiye maan. bahut der ho gayi hai.
maan: jee daadi goodnight.

they both recede to their rooms. maan sits on bed and wonders why he is doing all this??? following some unknown person's orders??? he was THE MSK. he is the one supposed to give orders to others par yahan tho kuch aur hi ho raha tha. how did he let this happen??? he had never thought abt this before, for once he thought of not doing things that she said but then she would say he failed. he never gives up, not so easily. he would find out abt her, at any cost. with this thought, he finally rests on his bed!!!

next morning, both maan and geet are running helter skelter. one has to take the interview and the other has to give interview. geet still not able to decide on the dress and maan is busy searching for his blue tie. finally geet settles down for a simple but striking sky blue salwar, somehow she dint feel like going infront of maan with western formals( first impression jo banaani hai?). maan takes the help of nakul to find the tie and finally gets ready. both of them in "blue" today. agey agey dekho hotha hai kya......

precap: still thinking??? NAH, i am already done with the next chapter but u'll get it only on 24th, hopefully!!!LOLWink

link to next chapter

UFF!!!!! thats it for now, hope u liked it....plz hit the like button and comment if u like itSmile....i send PM to almost 100 ppl but hardly 40 comments and 65 likes is what i get to see....does this mean that my story is not interesting anymore or what???CryCryCry....HUH, well its left to u ppl....THANKS ANYWAY!!!

if u want me to PM u plz add me as ur buddy...thanksSmile

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kirannaryani Senior Member

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wow that was really nice update .........

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wonderful updatesSmile
loved it
cant wait to see what happens next

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holyangel Senior Member

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heyy... update the next one.. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......Embarrassed

its getting intresting n intresting ....Big smile

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