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rituka7 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 8:16am | IP Logged
loved it

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samaira39 Senior Member

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 8:27am | IP Logged
hello guys......wassup???WinkLOL btw,



AVANI must be wondering ki " maine iss pic ko kahin dekha hai"LOL,.....avani itna soch math, tumne hi mujhe yeh bejha tha, tho maine isko yahan pe use karli!!! woh kya haina, waste karne ka mann nahi kiya iss liyeTongueWink.......BLAME IT ON MY LAZINESS, doondhne ke liye maine thoda bhi try nahi kiya, anyways i loved yours, chaltha haiWink!!!

ab batao????? who is guessing that GEET is gonna be there for the interview?????

sabka dimaag kaam karna bandh kar diya hai kya???Wink arey, isn't it obvious from the look of it ki yeh job geet ko hi milegi??? ab kaise milegi yeh dekhna hai, BUSS!!! samjhe kya???Tongue

now who all guessed ki pari has a crush on maan???

maine aisa kahin likha tha kya???LOL come on yaar..maine tho kuch kiya hi nahi aur tum logon ne maan aur pari ko link kar diya??? bichaari GEET ka kya koga??? abhi mujhe batao ki tum logon ne aisa kyun socha???

who all guessed abt geet's helper???

ab guess karna bandh karo, no use, main itni jaldi nahin bathaungiWinkLOL


NOW, u all can smack me for my reply to ur comments. josh main aake maine sab kehdiya ab tum log naaraaz math honaLOL, ok noe enjoy the chapter...muaahhh!!!

chapter 14:

geet walks to her room still wondering. she doesnt answer to anyone, not even brij when he called out to her. she 
needed answers. answers to her miraculous love. she wanted to know why she fell for MAAN out of everyone. she 
wasn't feeling bad about it, no, never. she was the happiest person to have fallen in love with him, but how and why 
was the qn??? she needed to talk to someone, but who??? she dint know!!! she went and sat in the garden trying to 
figure the connection bw her and maan. when he smiles, she smiled, when he was argueing, she did the same. it was 
almost like they were in sync with each other, maan was yet to realise this. she sat on the swing smiling at her 
stupidity. she knew she never needed the answers, but the curiosity had got the better of her. for hours together 
she sat in silent, listening to the wind. finally she came to the conclusion that she was made for him, MAAN and 
that was it. enough to satify her mind!!! she closed her eyes with satisfaction in her mind and a smile on her face. 
before long she had dozed off into a slumber sleep. brij who had been observing her from the time she came 
home, was worried at the start but later when she smiled, he felt better. he silently watched her sleep, his 
greatest gift!!! he took a quilt and spread it on her and was happy to see her smile even when she slept. with the 
help of the servants he had prepared a bed for himself beside the swing. he couldn't let her alone in the garden 
the whole night. he would've never slept out of worry!!! after being satisfied watching geet, he slept on the 
makeshift bed. the whole family had witnessed this. simran was more than happy to see the love brij had for geet, 
others were too. 

maan get's back home without the letter. he forgets abt it in a hurry to get home. he is happy to see his 
grandparents having a good time, chatting with each other. maan walks upto them, daadu tells him to sit down.

maan: kya baath hai daadu aaj aap bahut kush dikh rahe ho???
daadu: haan bhai woh tho hai.....tum KC ko itne achche tareeke se jo chala rahe ho.....mann kush ho gaya aaj tho.
daadi: aur yeh jab se laute hai bas sirf tumhaari tareef hi kar rahein hai.(jabse laute hain tabse??? itni energy kahan se aayi daadu??? kya raaz hai?? mujhe bhi tho bataona Wink)
maan: kya daadu aap bhi!!!.....main aapka pauthe hun, business tho mere khoon main duadtha hai....(kis picture ka dialogue hai maan???)

daadu's eyes is filled with tears by maan's words. he becomes emotional and says to daadi

daadu: dekha savithri, main keh raha tha na ki yeh bilkul apna baap pe gaya hai???(haan haan dekhliya usne, ab kya???)
daadi: haan, woh tho hai.....
maan(wipes the tears off daadu's eyes): kya daadu aap bhi purane baathon leke baith gaye. paapa ko tho main bhi 
miss kartha hun par main jaantha hun ki woh aaj jahan bhi hai, khush hai.(Cry main tho emotional hogayi..maan tumne achcha nahi kiya mujhe rulaake, main iska badla zaroor lungiLOL)
daadu: tumhe dekhke tho woh bahut garv mehsoos kar raha hoga, aur tumhari maa bhi.
daadi: sambhaliye apne aap ko....maan ab sab samajtha hai.(daadu ne maan ko chota bachcha samjhe the kya???)
maan: phikar mat kijiye daadu, main aapko kabhi shikaayat ka mauka nahin dunga.
daadu: I AM PROUD OF U MAAN....

they stand up and hug each other. daadi is very happy seeing them. they all have dinner together. maan calls daadi 
to his room and informs her that he failed in the task. she just smiles at him and says " dont worry maan, aap 
zarror kaamyaab honge". maan feels better after talking to her. daadi bids him goodnight and leaves the room. 

maan searches for his jacket pocket for the letter. on not finding them their he remembers that he has left it in 
the office locker. he gives out a sigh and goes to sleep deciding to read it first thing in the morning.

next morning:

before geet could wake, brij got ready and sat on the chair waiting for geet to get up with a blindfold on his eyes.
he hadn't seen anybody's face like always. no doubt abt it. when geet woke up, she felt like she was more than 
blessed. she opened brij's blindfold, hugged him and weeped her heart out. brij understood her emotions. she was 
way too happy to smile. her tears were the sign of joy and they both knew it.

at KC:

it's 9am, maan enters his office with his awesome attitude. evryone wishes him. he calls adi insidean d goes to his 
cabin. adi strightens his specs wondering what went wrong and rushes towards maan's cabin. others look worried 
wondering what maan will do. adi knocks on the door,

maan: come in....
adi: sir aapne bulaya
maan(showing the paper on the table to adi): yeh kya hai??
  • adi(laughing): a...advertisement hai s...sir.
maan: yeh tho main bhi jaantha hun, par tumne usme "ladies preferred" ka tag kyun lagwaya hai???
maan: adi main tumse kuch pooch raha hun. 
adi: sir woh vikram sir ne kahan tha ki PA ladki hi honi chahiye....tho maine....
maan(stand up from his seat and shouts): daadu ne kahan aur tumne chapwadiya??? IDIOT!!! dont stand in front 
of me, get going.... sir.

maan keeps his hand on his head. he wonders how he is gonna interview tomo....he whispers "yeh daadu bhi kahan 

phasa diya mujhe". he sits down, trying to clear his mind. when he feels better he gets and goes to his locker and 
gets the letter from it, locks it and comes back to his chair. meanwhile in the office, sasha is trying to act smart

sasha(looking at adi): tum tho bahut bhaav kha rahe the na kuch dino se, ab kya hua??? MK ne tumhe fire kar 
adi: agar aisa hotha tho main pehle aake tumhe hi bathatha sasha....(are wah...maine tho sacha ki tum sabse pehle apne doston ko kahoge....sasha kab unse pehle aane lagi adi???Wink)
romeo: woh kya hai na sasha, maan sir ka soch tumhare jaisa ghatiya nahi hai.....
sasha: shut up romeo.....apne had main rehan seekho. main yahan ke chief architect hun.
manisha: tu hum kya karein???? naach gaana shuru karde???
tasha(whispering into sasha's ears): mam in logon ne tho aap ki hawan nikhaaldi...
sasha(shoots a look at her and turns towards adi n others): tum logon ko jitna hasna hai haslo, mujhe patha hai ki 
mujhe kya karna hai....
romeo: haan haan teek hai jao apna kaam karo, humein bhi patha hai ki humein kya karna hai....(hay hay romeo..Blushing)

sasha glares at romeo(she doesnt have any other better work na so she glares at everyone) and walks off, tasha makes a face at them and follows sasha.

at HM:

geet is sitting on the window sil and reading the newspaper and going thru job advertisements. its been 2 months 
that she has finished her architecture course. she remembers maan looking outside the window, whispers "maan" 
and closes her eyes. she heaves a sigh and nods to herself and smiles. she continues with the paper. she's looking 
for a good job in a very respected company as she was the topper of the batch. she turns the page, reads some 
news and the words KHURANA CONSTRUCTIONS catches her eye. she goes thru the ad, and starts dancing with 
delight. she throws the newspaper, it scatters sround the room. she continues to dance imagining herself getting 
the job at KC. she suddenly picks up the newspaper on the floor, thinking someone might see her. she again goes 
thru the advertisement and sees that there is only one post being offered and that too a woman was being 
preferred. it made her little nervous. she wonders how is she gonna get that job. she takes out her cell phone and 
calls her helper.

geet: hello?......ji, aap kaise hain??? aur maan???..........yahan sab achche hain.......woh main appse kuch poochna chahthi 
thi.................haan woh, kya main kal KC main interview ke liye jaaun???...........jee........teek hai, main jaaungi..........haan 
mujhe maalum hai,.................(smiles)hopefully!!! i'll try my level best,.........thank u, apna khayaal rakhiyega.......bye.

geet smiles after keeping her phone down, knowing that her helper also wanted her to go to the interiew. but the 
main problem for her now, is to break this news to her family. she gets nervous thinking how they will react to 
this. she walks across the room wondering abt this. she stops, turns towards the cieling and prays "hey babaji, 
meri madad karna. aap jaanthe haina ki mujhe yeh job kitna important hai??? usse bhi zyada, maan mere liye kitna 
maayine rakhthe hain??? plz babaji, ghar main sab haan karde interview ke liye, plz plz plz". she opens her eyes
and decides to break the news to the family.

precap: geet manavofying her family and more

link to next chapter

so peeps, hope u liked itSmile, now plz hit the like button and comment, they are important for me like u all u all for ur support!!!Big smile


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mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 8:38am | IP Logged
wow !!awsome one yaar...loved it ...i guess the helper is dadu or dadi !!! continue soon yaar,.,,

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-Zahra15- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 8:42am | IP Logged
AWESOME...FRM THAT CALL i also doubt thai its daadu....or mayb even not vry sure...continue soon

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punjabi.princes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 8:42am | IP Logged
nice part
con't soon!

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lalitha.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 8:44am | IP Logged
nice part............when r u reveling geets helper?????????????

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Sabmeratu. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 8:46am | IP Logged
awesome part
Haha loved Ur little side comments ROFL
Awwww Brij is such a sweet brother SmileSmile
I dunno but I fink da helper is dadi as she also knows about da letters
Thnx 4 the PM Heart Heart
Cont soon Xx...

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Nik.freebird Groupbie

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 8:48am | IP Logged
Thnx 4 pm n wow geet l work in kc!i hope daadima is helper!wat l hapen whn geet n maan l meet at intrview!upte sun n yeah hapy choclate day!updte son!do pm me!tc

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