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prathyusmiling Senior Member

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Posted: 07 April 2011 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
very nic update......................i likd geet's nature while consoling champa n giving her confidenc,helping her by giving money.................itz very nic

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samaira39 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 April 2011 at 9:47am | IP Logged

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samaira39 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 April 2011 at 11:06am | IP Logged

hey everyoneSmile!!!!! yeah yeah i know i broke my promise that i'll update once a week but i had my internals so could not...SORRY!!!!!CryCry...i had no other go...

btw i am planning to launch 2 new FFs, but i dont want to start off with it until my exams thats till june. but then again i might update like once in blue moon if i find time...since i have already 2 ffs running in parallel it will be pretty tough to manage but i'll try my best...!!!!! hoping u all will are with me...

well one of them is based on a true story, actually its how things are happening with my friend. she literally wants to kill me for this...LOL, another one well it's a fiction like this and socha na tha...!!!!!

me and my crazy talks...i'll stop now coz after reading the update many might think of killing meLOLWink hoping nothinf like that happens...btw it's unedited. i might edit it since i have no clue what i have written Wink 

BTW loved all the comments, i wish i could reply to them allCry...thanks for all of it...LOVE YOU ALL!!!!Heart

chapter 26:

geet sat in her place silent, thinking and wondering why she loved MAAN so much. why she forgave him so easily, when he hurt her??? she dint have answers to her qns, she just loved him with all her heart. nothing could change her feelings for him. but she was happy maan came to her home to apologise. atleast she knew he was a good to her now and dint mean anything he said last night. it was hard for her to understand his complex behaviour. she was sure of one thing though, maan was good with her only for the fact she was brij's sister. how does maan and brij know each other??? why is maan so thankful to bhai that he even came to her home just to apologise??? she dint understand the connection bw the 2. she sighed and got up from her seat. she cleaned the table and went to her room. she sat on the window sill and was lost in her dreamland where she only thought abt maan.

she remembered everything that happened today in a flashback mode. unknowingly she smiled at the way he was acting. he was unsure abt his visit. that definitely showed. no wonder he seemed confused and lost. the way his eyes spoke, just mesmersied her every moment. that intense gaze, that aura in the air, that masculine features, any girl would want him to be hers forever. he was indeed like some GREEK GOD, enchanting!!! she just hoped, she would succeed in her plans. it was not that easy to pocket a person like MAAN SINGH KHURANA, a witty, shrewd and talented man. something abt him just lead her to him automatically when he looked into her eyes. she had always tried to control her urge. her urge to touch him was growing day by day and the fact that now she would be working with him, scared her to death. she dint want to display her heartfelt feelings so easily. she loved challenges, dint she??? she would overcome her urge to win his heart. she would succumb her feelings inside her heart and never let it conquer her, not until it was time. she would wait, wait until it was time. she would have her go once he loved her back but she had to have patience. as of now, everything was going according to the plan. thanks to her helper. she was starting to understand MAAN better. she knew he wouldnt spare her in the office, no matter if she was brij's sister. she was very well aware that he was very much proffessional in his approach. all she wanted was to be with him daily, nothing more. she would be professional as well. the sight of him was enough to make her day. that is all she ever wished if she ever failed to win his heart. she knew love meant giving and not taking. she would never interfere, if maan loves someone else. all she wanted was to see him happy. her heart was content abt this and she was happy abt it.


maan entered the mansion only to know that his grandparents had gone outside. he sighed and went to his room. he sat down on his study chair, removed his watch and kept it on the table. he looked thru the window, it was good sunny day. he got up and went near the window. folded his hands on his chest and stood there wondering why actually he went to meet geet??? he was THE MSK, but then it was only when he was at work. otherwise he was just maan, the kind, soft and well mannered human being. the fact that geet was brij's sister was the main reason he hired geet, though he did like her qualification. she was over qualified for the post, it was the truth and he knew it. and today he apologised to her only beacuse she was brij's sister. he tried to convince himself abt it but somewhere he knew he had to apologise for his behaviour. he was being too nice to her and he dint like the fact. he better behave like he is with others. no special treatment to her again. he had had enough already. he dint know what was happening to him these days, first the unknown letters and now geet. what was happening to his life??? he was confused as hell, he just wanted to sort everything out as soon as possible. tomo he would be meeting that girl, finally, hopefully!!! he stood there wondering abt all the things happening in his life, from a few days.

at the mall(prem and heer):

prem and heer, came out of the theatre with smiles on their faces.

heer: prem that was a wonderful movie, thanks a lot.
prem: i too enjoyed it heer, ur welcome.

they start to walk towards the exit when prem observes a guy checking out on heer. he ignores and continues to chat with heer. all of a sudden, somebody dashes onto heer. prem turns to look at the person, it was the same guy who was checking out heer. he calls out to him in harsh manner...

prem: hey u, stop right there.
person: are u talking to me???
prem: yes, i am talking to u
heer(whispering): prem, what r u doing??? he looks like a goon, lets just leave, plz...
prem: heer u leave, i'll be just behind u...
heer: no i wont,

she stands behind him, the man approaches prem...

person(rubbing his hand on his stubble): what is it???
prem: why the hell did u dash her???(pointing to heer)
person: yo man, it was just by mistake
prem: dont lie to me, i know u were checking out on my friend earlier. u dashed her purposefully.
person(whispers to prem): arey tumhaari dist hi tho hai, tumhaari GF tho nahin haina, tho kyun phikar kar rahe ho bhai??? chodna...waise maal kaafi achcha hai haan...

hearing this , prem's blood started boiling and rushed to his face, making him red. the man was smirking. prem held the man's collar and pulled him close and whispered...

prem: apan. zaban. sambhalke. isthamal. karna.

the passerbys were all looking at the scene. heer was pulling prem from behind to let go off that man and leave the place. prem looked at the man with terifying eyes, the man was silently lokking at prem and trying to let go off prem's grip from him. finally on heer's pleading, prem left the man's collar, still glaring. heer took prem's hand and pulled him towards the exit. prem kept looking at the man. finally they reached the parking lot. prem was still fuming, heer stopped abruptly and looked at prem in a disappointed manner.

heer: what were u trying to prove up there??? are u crazy??? that man would have beaten u u know that????

prem kept mum.

heer: prem i am talking to u...answer me, now!!!

prem looked at her with a dont care attitude, turned and started walking towards the car. heer ran behind him and stopped him. he turned back.

heer: dont try to ignore my qns prem...why were u risking yourself??? r u an idiot.

prem just shot her a angry and annoyed glance and then replied...

prem: u wont understand, dont ask me anyhting, i wont answer ur qns. hop in, lets leave.

heer was dumb-founded by his sudden change in behaviour. she dint understand what had happened to him. she stood there for a minute, shocked.

prem: are u coming or not???

she just nodded still in shock and hopped into the car. they drove off from the mall. all thru the way heer looked outside the window, upset over prem's reaction and behaviour. prem knew it. he did glance towards her every 5 mins just to make sure, she was fine. he never revealed his feelings for her just for fear of loosing her friendship. somewhere down the line he felt she would never accept his love for her or may she wont understand. this was not the first time such instances had happened. there were many such when prem had stepped in to save her whenever she was in trouble. prem loved her deeply but he dint know whether she would accept it or not. all he could do was just wait for the right time. he couldnt explain her anything as of now. on the other hand heer never understood prem's intentions. he always protected her which she knew but why??? she had no answers. he was possessive of her, again why??? she looked outside the window lost in the thoughts until the car stopped in front of her home. she looked up to see her home. prem was watching her. she turned towards him and said,

heer: come in...
prem: some other time...
heer: forget what happened, i know u r as hungry as i am. mom would love to see u.

prem smiled at her and agreed. he took the car inside and parked it. they both got down and went inside. heer's parents were happily chatting with each other awaiting their daughter's arrival. when they saw prem and heer, her father, anukalp singh walked towards heer with arms out to hug her. her mom, divya stood up smiling. heer was surprised. she dint understand what was going on. she looked at prem, he shrugged signalling that he too was confused. anukalp broke away from the hug and looked at her with a wide grin.

anukalp: a have a good news for u
heer: i can see that u r excited. what is it dad???
anukalp(looked back at divya, she nodded. he turned back to heer, held her hands): tumhaare liye ek rishta aaya hai. haina khushi ki baath??? kya bolthe ho prem???

prem was dumbstruck. words were caught in his throat. his voice was stuck. he felt like he couldnt breathe. what did he just hear??? he looked at heer, who was almost in the same situation as him. she was trying to breathe. she looked at prem, his eyes were blank, something which she dint expect. she composed herself. anukalp and divya were waiting for response. heer looked at them,

heer: dad...

precap: what does heer reply??? will prem get his love??? well tomo is sunday, so will maaneet meet??? hold on..Wink

link to next chapter

so how was it...I AM SO Dead..."i am under cover"Wink...eggs, tomatoes are welcome but no stones plz...LOL

comment and like if it was worth it...PLZ PLZ PLZ comment  AS I AM THINKING  OF STARTING A NEW THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZZZ


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yayy me first.......
Gr8 update
Awww geet loves maan so much that she doesn't care if he loves some1 els all she wants is his happiness & maan is trying 2 ignore his feelings 4 geet
Loved prems possessiveness over heer--hope he confesses
Fink the rishta is from prems family but prem don't know
Cont soon Xx...
Thx 4 the PM

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shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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amazing update.
cant wait maaneet to meet.
and who is geet's helper.
do continue plz
-Veritaserum- IF-Rockerz

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Superb update.... loved it
Maaneet4eve IF-Dazzler

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fabulous update................
SapphireFlames Senior Member

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get idea. LOL
Nice update. Confusing thi. I think u should move ahead with more maaneet now. Smile

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