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Kool's Commentary : Jan 18 PR

koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 12:13pm | IP Logged
Kools reporting from base :  Manav insulted royally in PR
                  The Maha Insult Of Maha Manav Bhags
Bhags  came there with the cake in his Maharaja outfit , avoiding everyone's eyes . His entire sasural stared at him , SHOCKED . Imagine , they all privately and snootily thought , One damad is hiring this hotel for a party and one damad is working in it like a SERVANT . Just Imagine . Humph .
Even Decent Satish was a little zapped . Manav , U here ? In ...this DRESS ? He asked . Why r u wearing , em .....THIS dress , huh ?
Actually , Decent Satish was more taken aback at the sight of Bhags dressed in that fancy dress costume , he didn't really mind the waiter job so much . But Evil Rasika took this chance of butting in and snubbing BOTH ......Decent Satish AND Buddu Bhags .
Why else , coz he is a WAITER of course she explained nastily to Decent Satish .In case u haven't noticed , ALL WAITERS r wearing this Maharajah of AIr INDIA outfit .
Poor Decent Satish was silenced by this explanation .
Don't u have SHAME , doing all this PURPOSEFULLY to SHAME US in society ? Cudn't u do KHAYAL of our IZZAT , huh ? Asked Evil Rasika , emboldened by the unsympathetic looks on the Karanjkar family faces .
What can He do AAI , he can only get a job of his AUKAAT na said her daughter ..... Two Faced Manju , rubbing the AUKAAT factor in .
Unable to bear her husband's royal insult where his AUKAAT was thrown for the UMPTEENTH time on his face [ How many times has it been guys ?I've kinda lost count }Holy Archu rushed to her Bhagwan's defence .
HOLD IT right there Vahini ! She cried ,with Pativrata rage . My Bhags did not do this on PURPOSE to SPOIL Satish's party , noway !
HOLD IT  right there Tai ! yelled an enraged Whimsical Varsha , joining the HOLD IT Game . Manju VAHINI is RIGHT . He clearly wanted to SPOIL my PARTY by SHAMING US . How CHEAP .
Yea Tai  HOLD IT right there said Vaishu , not to be outdone .This Man has never given SUKH in his zindagi to anyone , only DUKH . ARRE if u can't give SUKH Why give DUKH ? Ha ?
Nahi De Sakte agar tum Sukh
To Kyon Baat Rahe Ho tumhara Manhoos Dukh
Stay at home na . See how MANHOOS his face is .
HOLD IT ! Holy Archu wanted to say by pointing her classic finger at this . My Bhags face is not MANHOOS .Its the BEST face in the whole world .But before she cud get in SAVITA jumped in the HOLD IT GAME , the good old sport that she was . She wanted to LICK the Karanjkars at it and what better way than to bash their DEVI daughter in front of their own eyes just as they were bashing her DEVTAA SON ?
HOLD IT ! She said to Holy Archu , usurping her chance [ The way to start this game was to jump in by saying Hold it BEFORE the other person spoke] ..........What R u trying to be , some big PATIVRATA , ha , when all this is COZ of u only ? SEE what my beta was and what he became for u ? All this he is doing only to provide money to u ! God knows what what jobs he is secretly doing ! All these insults he is suffering is ONLY DUE TO U .
HOLD IT AAI ! Bhags jumped in unwillingly but firmly , seeing Holy Archu silenced in the game . Don't blame Archana . It was MY choice to do Waiter JOB .
HOLD IT SON ! shot back Savita smartly . Don't I know what a joru ka gulam ur , always defending this wife of urs like a lawyer ? DEKH NA KYA LIBAAS PEHNAAKE KHADA KAR DIYA TUJHKO !
Needless to say Savita was almost on the verge of winning the HOLD IT game as none of the others were now daring to speak as they all secretly unanimously agreed with Savita over the LIBAAS ........that it was ridiculous . Slapochana squirmed and Evil Rassi snorted , both of them agreeing mentally about the LIBAAS . The only person who didn't agree mentally  was Holy Archu , who felt her Bhags looked exceedingly HANDSOME in that outfit . He looks good in ANY outfit , she thought with immense love . Whether he wears clothes or DOESN"T . And anyway its NOne of These people's BUSINESS . So what if he wore a BANDHNI TURBAN . He looks so cute , like a RAJASHTANI DULHA . { A pity the accented Malkin wasn't there , she wud have agreed with her .}
Just then RUDRA , GAURI , ANUKALP and MONA came there and started telling good things about Bhags as if they knew him for all their life .
MAn's PEHCHAAN is not determined by his LIBAAS but his KAAMS said RUDRA , breaking Savita's winning spree .
Manav has a heart of GOLD .said Anukalp . I just know him for 12 hours but I immediately understood it . Others have such SADELA hearts .
If u give him LITTLE pyaar he will give u DUGUNA pyaar said Mona . Why , even when u INSULT him like Kachra his flow of LOVE just doesn't STOP .Doesn't this teach u guys something ?
I have a REQUEST said Gauri . DOn't THROW Manav out of ur Life please .........Please keep him IN ur Life so he can bear more , more , many more insults . IGNORE his mom . Keep insulting him by keeping him in your LIFE .
Holy Archu looked very very happy at this . She glanced gratefully at the strangers who had popped in her life some minutes ago from different states of India , not even Mumbai . Bhags smiled shyly . Decent Satish felt relieved and said
CHALO CHALO CAKE KATENGE !!!! And happy PR music of RELIEF started . The INSULT of AUKAAT and MANHOOSIYAT lost its intensity and HOly Archu and BHAGS actually participated in the party AFTER this .
Oh , btw , did I tell u about the reactions of the GOOD people ?
Vinod :  Confused and gulping
Ajit : Silent with parted lips
DAMo : Screwing up his face from the left side today
Vandu : Helpless and loving it
SLAPOCHANA : Squirming and hating it
Manohar :  thinking firmly of HARA BHARA KABABS .
Darlings Not ONE good person had been given ANY dialogue by creatives .........all dialogues were given only to the EVIL GANG .Such blatant partiality ! For instance we did not see
VANDU jumping in the Hold it game , and fighting with Archana's sisters for a change . If HER sisters cud insult her brother , cudn't Manav's sister give them back good ?
Or ........Ajit shutting up his mom saying what izzat r u talking about , we r living in JHOPADPATTI on the meherbaani of this same mechanic cum waiter who gave us cash for monthly expenses for a whole year when I was jobless
OR Damodar today speaking up for a change and saying WAH kYA BAAT hai to Vaishu and Varsha intead of watching his son be insulted so royally .......Damo 's feminine sarcasm and taunts r only limited to his wife just as his Wife's MARDANGI is misplaced only with Archana instead of MANJU......why the HELL did Savita not pull Manju's curly , GAJRALESS tresses when she did the AUKAAT talk
Vinod forgot to do MINCHOO thats the least he cud have done to shut her up appears as if Manju has cut his Censoredwith her scissors when he was sleeping one day
I wish to point out that Savita witnessed YET ONE MORE INSULT OF MANAV BY KARANJKARS today . Thats all that she witnesses and then she takes out the anger on Archu as its HER BAGGAGE . Such a pity .....Savita is the only person who can do IZZAT AARTI of Archus bitchy sisters exactly the way they deserve . I am waiting for the day Savita takes Archus side and fights the Karanjkars . This splitting up reduces the strengths of Manav's aides who r as it is FEW .
Also , a word on the MAHA MANAV who bore the MAHA INSULT . U kept quiet when ur sasural insulted u .......ur saalis called u manhoos and without aukaat and what not , not a word escaped ur lips , and u opened ur mouth to refute ur mom in front of all ? Not that She was correct in blaming Archu , but she had YET AGAIN SEEN ANOTHER INSULT OF U BY BAHU"S FAMILY , HADN"T SHE ? At least she had a reason for misplaced anger , what reason did ur saalis have for insulting u except snobbery ? Why did u show so much sharafat to THEM ? Why only target ur mom ?
Unaware of all this , Batatawada was upstairs , frantically  calling the Kudi Punjaban upstairs to his room so they cud DO IT .[ Yes , the CVS have booked Batatawada in the same hotel that Satish is giving his party . Didn't I warn u guys that they can go to ANY silly extremes ?} The silly Kudi was using the washroom downstairs for some reason instead of the one attached to their suite . Not just that , she actually kept her mobile near the wash basin and went off so Vaishu cud view the number and Dharmesh's mobile number in it . Vaishu clearly heard her saying HELLO DHARMESH .
Vaishu then followed the Kudi to her suite , curious as a  fired up cat , and Knocked on the door only to be interrupted by Whimsical Varsha . . Imagine Batatawada's SHOCK at seeing his wife and crackpot saali chitchatting outside his door when he was INSIDE planning to DO IT ! He saw this all by opening the door just a crack , of course , our dear , careful , crafty  , Batatawada . And he then hurriedly shut it , peed just a drop in his orange silk shorts inside his trousers , gasped and wondered if his chubby little heart cud withstand this much pressure . But he was a tough little guy , more tough than ALL the males down in the party lounge in the MANAV INSULT FEST put together . Gathering his wits somehow , he phoned Vaishu and actually talked to her from the OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR , lying to her that he was speaking from a place OUTSIDE MUMBAI .LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
Brown eyed beauty Vaishu , looking lovely in her peach colored sari fell for it , such was the confidence in his bluffing tone . I hate to say this but Batatawada has SOMETHING of STEEL . He uses it for bad purposes , of course . What a pity .
The Kudi kept a hand on his shoulder to RELAX him . She hoped this wudn't upset his mood for THAT . Her ovulation had begun , and wud  only last for two more days .With each hour the chances of her conceiving were becoming slimmer . She sighed . If this continued she wud perhaps have to resort to RAPING Batatawada . By drugging his drink and tying his chubby wrists to the bed posts of course . The Kudi was not prepared to give up due to his silly , interfering sasural .
BAS AAJ ITNAHI . I wont comment on the faaltu tid bits like Holy Archu replying spiritedly to her mom that she wud go home only with her husband and not those who thought he was faaltoo .
The poor manager who witnessed all this actually told Decent Satish that his relatives were WEIRD .LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL He even felt sorry for Bhags .
Bhags valiantly started clearing up all dishes purposefully PERSONALLY after the party to emphasize that he had NO SHAME in being a waiter . Earlier he had HIDDEN it from Holy Archu and Wise Ajit , mind u , and was even sending other waiters to do work in front of his sasural by hiding behind the curtains .
Decent Satish told the manager he was PROUD of Bhags . Muvaa .
Decent Satish told Varsha to focus on the joyful moments of the party and not make an issue about what spoilt the party . Muvaa .
Holy Archu stupidly offered to clear the tables instead of Bhags , quiet forgetting this wasn;t her home but a posh hotel where only employees were permitted to work .
Before I go I have a request to CVS . Please , please , Please DON"T EVER SHOW A MAHASANGAM EPISODE AGAIN  . It gave me a THROBBING headache and i took an aspirin and slept afterapplying BALM on my forehead .No JOKES .I HAD to watch it to do the commentary and what do I find ? That I CAN"T do the damned commentary ! It SAPPED me of my INTELLIGENCE and STRENGTH . Darling CVS , we know u dole out RUBBISH from time to time , but SUCH RUBBISH ? Ha ? Rubbish also has some QUALITY na ? HAI ki NAHI ? GIVe our brains some credence and NEVER insult us again like this . So what if it is a marketing episode .........the full world in one hotel , a girl running with gundas behind her and no one noticing , Manavs bike resurfacing after he SOLD IT to a BHANGAARWALLAH , an irritating girl saying HAI RABBA HAI RABBA to emphasize her punjabiness , and phoney dream sequences to show the passion lacking in everyday episodes ! CVS DARLINGS BAKSH DO .
Kools signing off for the day .All Contrary comments welcome . Enjoy darlings , CIAO .

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Piyatrix IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
missed the epi but yr commentary more then made up ..... the "hold it" ws hilarious ROFL

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sherma IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
ya totally agree wid u wid d mahaepisode ka stuff. it was such a chaos,i was like wen will it get over,although i do wtch ram milaye jodi,but i was fed up wid d episode.i actually felt bad for savita,again his son was insulted in front of 100 people,but i also agree wid varsha he shld know whose party it was.(i just want to add 1 ting manav is a bad waiter,if i wld b his boss wld hav thrown him out).i hate damodar,he never speaks out for his son,tats d reason i prefer savita mre den damodar.savita is a kind of mther who can ba ngry wid his son but she luvs him a lot,she can fight wid any1 for him wereas damodar who claims he luv his son but wen d time cumes to show it,he strt jhappoing archu name.

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lunza IF-Rockerz

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kools, watch sushant's dance today Day Dreaming ... ur mood will get better ...
i gave yesterdays and todays PR epis a miss .. cant take it anymore

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LuvSSever IF-Dazzler

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Hai Kool Di.Wonderful Commentary ClapClap and awesome one that made me feel more better after a hectic day and from watching PR.

Totally agree with you on Maha epi. total crap it is.Oh god when will these Cv's show some sensible and interesting tracks when the leads,cast and PR base as that potential to do it.

Even today,I felt,It would have been better and made us happy,if archu would have said or felt that she should also work to share his burden and make him feel comfortable  rather than saying I will clean it manav..

As you said,What a Day it would be ,savita in favour of archu against her siblings.oh so waiting for the day to see savita making hell out of manju for ARMAN's sake.

And yes manav's outfit was comedy. why not pant and shirt as in others(a obvious white with black).why this maharaj costume.

Di,as you said,manav only talked to his mom directly,but he also indirectly gave back and remarked about K's siblings and that he dont care about that. He said whatever he do,they will always talk ,so i am less bothered about them.I liked that attitude of his.Atleast he is changing this much.waiting for the day to see him giving them back atleast slightly.

And again your part on Dharmu was hilarious.LOLLOL

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Tiyali IF-Rockerz

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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seriously manav-insult , archu-defend  and savita-accuse cycle is getting so repetitive and mind u its always in a party.. some gathering... only the occasion for the party changes! archu is such a bore.. women stop defending your man for every tom dick and harry and if u really mean that u will support bhags all ur life.. then 1st get a life and start working... i really wish damo wld speak up in these karanjakar's gatherings.. and kools u are right to ask why cannt vandu answer back and defend her bro?

 i am wondering after all this dhamaka.. dharmu wld be still up to do it? u know what i mean? Wink

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