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Open Letter to IF-My final thoughts on LTL| VB Nte Pg 6 (Page 2)

mussy.jamshed IF-Dazzler

Joined: 28 August 2010
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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 11:58am | IP Logged
I hope you're fine GP, I guess LTL DTs are not unfair, rules are same for all. I still remember how I was warned to give comments on an actor's personal life and I respect DT's for it. Had we been in there place, we would have gone mad and wrong. If they allow everyone to bash actors openly in the forum n pick on their personal lives, it will be an open warfare in the forum. As civilized people we must abide by the rules in the forum. We always liked your post and gave good comments on yr page. But today I am not ok with your post.

We are no one to judge how hard MR/MV worked to reach this place. .

With due respect if you are so anti-LTL these days, why did you spare so much time in writing this long post. If  something is making you stressed, you could have discussed with DT personally via PM until you were fully satisfied with their answer. We have got extremely supportive and friendly Dev Team.

This is so not done Parul . Please don't take me wrong...Ouch

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--Sia-- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 June 2010
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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
I hope you're fine GP. Coming to ur post, is it really fair for u to bring out ur discussion with DTs to an open forum?. U are asked not to discuss actors personal lives and here u are again doing the same thing. U or me are not aware of what MR , MV do in their day to day lives?. Do we really need to care for it?. We are here to discuss the show and the actors "premise" related to the show. If the articles discuss the actors personal life, let them do so. Thats their bread and butter. It doesnt mean we have the right to go ahead and repeat the same thing. IF has its rules, no getting personal with Actors and I feel its a wonderful rule. Otherwise there would be chaos everywhere if ppl start getting personal abt actors and start discussing the actor's private life, their dates and all.
Sply when the so called discussion doesnt relate to the show. DTs have made it loud and clear abt the rules and I feel whoever uses the forum is/should-be bound by those rules. If u feel u cant restrict urself with such rules then I think u have made the right decision. I wish u good luck !!!

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nightoffullmoon Senior Member

Joined: 01 July 2010
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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
Hey guys, I am trying to type the noun form of 'grow' and this is what appears on the post "groW*H"
Somehow the 'th' in the word is getting replaced with W*H. 
Can anyone explain? Is it part of the censorship?Big smile 

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Crystal29 Goldie

Joined: 03 February 2006
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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 12:03pm | IP Logged
Hi gp

Your post 'Poison Pill...' is what motivated me to write my first ever post in this forum to defend my favorite showSmile...I had been silent reader before that...So cannot resist replying to your last post too...

It is sad that you are leaving. And you have so many negative opinions about the show and its actors while leaving...It is your personal opinion, so I have no comments on what you should or should not think...

I just would like to add some of my thoughts as reply to what you have posted...So no offence to you or other replies here..Just my thoughts...I would like to make that clear first..

Firstly about the show - I am not very happy about the current dragging epis as I have made it clear on some other threads in the forum...But...And this a huge BUT...I am still watching it because of my belief in the story and show..and am still looking forward to what it might bring..And yes I am still watching it for Tasha. I am a romantic!  Characters have been played around with a lot here...I accept, but not to the level of being butchered completely...Even if that has been done, the show and characters have been salvaged later quite nicely..

I keep repeating many times on the forum...This is a show that runs five days a week, all through the year..Such things happen...because of all the business elements that are associated with it...I have no complaints until it crosses my threshold of patience and entertainment.

Second about the actors...I love the actors of this show...And my favorite is Mishal. He is my favorite to the point that I will stop watching thge show if he leaves. I will not agree that any other actor can play Dutta so well as he is...My reasons...I have seen some very bad and good actors in about 4 different  language movies and I know when I see a good one. So I will only defend him here..

About him coming back to India because he cannot "handle responsibilities"...Hmm...It might be or not be the case..Question is why do we not give him the benefit of doubt. It is sad to see a person who has worked to entertain us for so long to be described almost as a Rich spoiled  Brat.. I will be biased here because my father runs a business too, my brother did his studies abroad too and he is now in India helping my father and running his own consultancy...He went back to India because he was the only son and he wanted to be there as a mental and physical support to my parents...I would love to go back too if only I will be able to convince my husband...(that is a different story altogether...) That might be the case with Mishal too..I am just defending him here because I don't understand the reason that he is being called as a person with an 'attitude' just because he is rich...That is just beyond me...I call my parent's house as my house too...It is not a property/money is a sense of belonging and I don't know how else to explain that...

Actors are human too...But we criticize them and "assume" the worst possible about them and their personal life when they have been nothing but professional and have given us some quality entertainment. Such a sad thing. Do they not deserve even a iota of our respect for what they do?

I think this forum and the mods have been fair enough  and it is a pleasure being here. 

Lastly, thanks for all your funny telebirdie interviews. They were enjoyable

Take care

Edited by crystal_29 - 18 January 2011 at 12:07pm

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--khushi-- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 August 2010
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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 12:13pm | IP Logged
I second ur thoughts Mussy..............................
We must follow the COC........................ And really thankfull to DT's for keeping the forum so clean.....................  I agree that we have right to speech.................. but we must remember that  our every right comes with some responsibilities towards others....................... If u dunno want to appriciate any1 dont do this But u dunno have right to bash somebody by justifying it with ur right to speech......................
Be it MR or MV they have their lives......................... and we dunno have any right to say anything abt their personal lives............................ we love them for their ficticoius charactor....................... Not for what they r in real lyf...........................  being an indivisual i dunno care abt what others think for me but it doesn't mean i give them right to speak anything abt me.............................
 Parul i read ur so many posts........................ and i loved them..........................
but today i m not agree with ur thoughts..................... if u want to move on then move on, no body stops u........................... but whats the benefit of leaving it with bitter memories................................. just be happy na........................ 

Edited by khushi0318 - 18 January 2011 at 12:32pm

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prettywoman Goldie

Joined: 01 March 2005
Posts: 2477

Posted: 18 January 2011 at 12:19pm | IP Logged
Hi Gp..Hope you are well..I think the mods on this forum have been fair and have generally been quite leniant in what we can post and argue. we are allowed to discuss everything about the characters and the show, but as we live in a civilised society, it is expected that we also show some retsraint when it comes to bashing personal lives of these actors.. after all they also are human..I personally dont like to see posts questioning actor's personal lives.. i feel uncomfortable reading such posts as i dont think i have the right to make assumptions on these actors from what little i know of them from either their interviews or articles.. now coming to that article about MR's hosue and the comments that it was his dad's money, how can i know whether it was his money or his dad's?!! arre, who are we to pass judgement when we dont even know the truth.. yes, they are actors and live in glass houses, but we as viewers also should not cross a limit when it comes to questioning their personal lives.. I would not like to question the hard work done by MR, MV, VR or their choice in keeping their personal relationships under wraps. i dont find anything wrong if Mahi chooses to answer in the negative regarding Jay and her relationship.. 
Just because MR was educated abroad, i would not like to call him a privileged guy with no other ambition other than tellywood/bollywood in sight. Is it not too harsh to say he could not handle responsibilities abroad and so came back and was at a loose end. I know several colleagues/friends who wish to go back to their homeland and do something there so that they are around to look after their parents who are getting on and not because they want to shirk their responsibilities.. many of them in fact give up a luxurious life abroad, so that they can handle more meaningful responsibilities in life after coming back home and i would hate to think that all those wonderful people who come back to India saying No to an easier life abroad would be termed as being 'shirking resposibilities'. i would not like to judge him on such a personal level either and i feel the mods are absolutely correct to stop such discussions as it is not right to pass comments on anyone's life to that extent..just cos the actor is in the public glare, does not mean he is public property too according to me.  He is a very talented guy and no one can tke away that talent from him.. there are so many cases in society, where a student after completing a degree in a field may find they lack the aptitude to pursue a career in the same and decide to choose anotehr path.. so he has chosen a career in acting and going by his performance i can only say that he has done the right thing...just because he was educated abroad, does not mean he is a priviled guy living off his parent's money..i studied abroad and hail from a middle class family, but even in those days we had student loans to help us.. so i would not like to penalise MR if his parents had the money or not as that is not his fault!
it goes without saying  there are several people in my life whom i like much more than MR and it would be ridiculous for me to personally attch myself to MR.. he is an actor who plays Dutta brilliantly and due to that i relate to him..i would not like to comment anything on his personal life in a negative way.. i do read his interviews as it just gives me an idea of what he does in his personal life.. but i would not be using those comments/interviews to fowm biased opinions on how he lives his life or conducts himself in his personal life. 

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f_raaz Groupbie

Joined: 30 December 2010
Posts: 87

Posted: 18 January 2011 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
i agree with the moderators, leave the personal bits of their lives out of IF. I mean do we know about the personal lives of each account holder in this forum? Or about other celebs for that matter?
For example, was the media allowed into Ashwairiya Rai's wedding initially? Do we know for sure Salman and Kat are together? Is Rani dating Aditya Chopra? Come on celebs are due their privacy just cus they entertain us with fiction doesn't mean we have to know all their facts.
Other question why are u guys coming down so hard on Mishal? However he is in real life its his business, Dutta bhau is a fictional character which he plays with such beauty and honesty. Mishal is a real person who has feelings like everyone else, parents who took care of them like every one else. So he is right to get upset when he doesnt get what he paid for like the time with the furniture thing or whatever.
As for success outside of Dutta role I think he can acheive it, because he is good at what he does, Mishal as an anchor in Mano ya na mano was exactly what he was supposed to be, reading a script, how much creative do u have to be do that?
Wish him all the success he deserves and no I am not saying that cus I am a big Dutta fan and happen to like the actor that potrays him. WHo Mishal is in his real life is his business and btw I admire Mishal Raheja the person as well.

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SonyaBlade Goldie

Joined: 17 March 2010
Posts: 1802

Posted: 18 January 2011 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by nightoffullmoon

The real reason MR decided to leave (or ahem, bargain his way back) was the way they ruined the character he is playing. And the way he was being sidelined. Nakku getting the spotlight and Dutta being dumbed down and relegated to the shadows. Since when was Dutta getting sidelined. In fact IMO Dutta was the one who had more screen space then anyone else, up until a few weeks ago, and that was due to the fact that he WANTED some time off. Naku and Dutta are TOGETHER in this show..they play off of each other, so I don't know how it can be perceived that one is more important than the other. It just doesn't make any sense.

MV made hay, getting on dance shows, live performances (she can't dance for nutsWink, "toy monkey" to quote GP00), sharing screen space with Salman Khan, etc. You are being rude.....nothing more to it. If you don't like Naku that's fine.....but she's actually doing pretty good on the show considering alot of people have gotten bumped off ..... and as for sharing screen space with Salman you really think that was her choice or can you actually  realize that that was the writer who scripted that scene and MV had nothing to do with it.

And MR? He was careful not to over expose himself. Not being too available to the media, appearing on other shows. Which is actually good, because if you see him prancing and grinning on every other show, Dutta's persona would be robbed of its uniqueness. How exactly is it that you have to associate everything that MR does with his role of Dutta...sounds to me like people need to realize that the character is different than the person , its pretty obvious anyways...I think most people don't have an issue with seeing MR outside of the characters role since they are just happy to see him and see a different side of him. Just like the SBS stuff....its nice to see MR playing around on set and being sweet and funny.
I remember my mother's comment when I told her who the anchor of Maano Ya Naa Mano was. First she could not recognise him with out the beard, the earrings, the grey pathan suit.
Then she said to him (though he couldn't hear herWink), "you look convincing only as Dutta Bhau...whatever you are doing now (anchoring), is just not working."This is one person's opinion....I'm sure other's agree and some don't.
So, I think it is reasonable, if I were in MR's shoes and had invested a year of my budding career in portraying a great character, from whom the masses have great expectations, I would have left the show too. If they are going to rob me of the uniqueness of the character I portray, no point in being on the show. I think the character was growing nicely....maybe a bit too slow for us impatient ones, but still growing. The face revelation was a big point in the story and it will take time to establish a rhythm to the show when one of the main mysteries has been are speculating as to why he was thinking of leave.....its all speculation as you have no substance to back it up its frusterating to read comments like this, because I don't think we'll ever know waht he issue was with the possible contact termination.....
The drinking binges, the angry outbursts, were getting too repetitive and not showing any emotional groW*H. I wish the CVs had seriously read our posts on IF, they would have not ruined the show. Tall claim, eh?Big smile
First of all most of the people on this forum didn't want Dutta to leave and now he's not what is the problem. If you love the Character of Dutta so much....(just like I love the character of Nakusha.....) then why wouldn't you stick with the show and see it through......even if that's just reading the updates every day to see what's new and to stay intouch....... 
Dutta's character is only ruined by the fact taht everyone is being so demanding and incredibly pessimistic on this forum in regards to him leaving and then him being away for a few days. Ithink every actor needs a chance for a breather and he took one for a week. There's nothing wrong with that.
Further to the fact that Naku is being shown as a female don......far from it. She's someone who is just trying to reassure the poeple, at a time where her husband is gone, she knows her SIL are evil and she really has no one to rely on other than Baji. She's the face of Dutta...not Baji ro anyone a time like this when he is missing, its the wife who will pick up the pieces and keep everything togehter, so I really like the real life analogy that the CV;s are doing, because I think its a fact of life that when ones husband passes away the women somehow finds a way to recover and make ends meet.
Naku is not pretending to be a Don......her role right now is to be a positive figure and too keep people faith alive..and that's exactly what she is doing. She is not even doing it without difficulty...this is all hard for her and we saw that in a few episodes back whne Dutta's image came infront of her and guided her because she was lost without him.
The storyline, although slow is full of a lot of potentional .......  keep the faith alive in your character and for me the CV's have always seemed to rebound back when they are close to rock bottom, and I'm sure it'll happen again this time.

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