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KrazyIncredibles-Mere Paas Maan Hain-atoot rishta? (Page 6)

Loquacious_Aash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 11:15am | IP Logged
hi crazies...........
me too tired for an analysis...........
some pts..........
DD u rocked!!!!!!!!!!!1 she totally stole the show!!!!!!!!!! this is the spirit of GHSP.................a woman standing up forr her right to exist in this male dominated society................
today i salute the spirit of GHSP..........for showing us what a woman is capable of doing.......her fight n her confidence in herself.......................her trust in the ppl around........loved this scene.......
Maans anger was aweee-freaking------some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
loved brij ki dhulai.......
PRECAP!!!!!!!!!!!!1  kill me!!!!!!!!!!! for both of the precaps!!!!!!!!AngryAngryAngryAngry
hum saath mahine se maaneet ki kiss ka intezaar kar rahe haiand we get a freaking marjanie kiss trailor?????????????????  maar dalo!!!!!!!!!!!!DeadDeadDeadDead
CVs khushi ke peeche kyu padhe ho?????????AngryAngryAngryAngry
are yaar mera opening day pe hi ye "choice of mishti or khushi kyu aata hai????????"CryCryCryCryCryCry
and my humble question============= kya shaadi hogi is mahine?????AngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngry

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--aarthi-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 11:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by dewdropred

arti & mona ... nice analysis ...

thanks di

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Shweta13 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 11:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nanditasingh

Hi Guys

Firstly swelling with Pride for both Maan...the man who stood up always for truth & justice, one who is so selfless & ever so protective, possessive & caring for his Love..
And Geet ..the woman who stood against her loved ones to do justice with that small growing seed of life in her womb...Proud of this couple who complete eachother with strong warmth of love , respect & trust .

I so wish not to write about anybody but only my Maan & Geet...but some characters though remain in background but hold more importance than others who are forced on us....Some characters who though have less screen space but have made special place in our heart ....

KC Boys & Girls..

Once again they stood up with Maan & Geet, with Khuranas as Friends & Family...If the boys sided Maan as Baratis then girls became Geet's family ....
Pinky for the first time dint fumble & proudly called her DD...her Boss ...Jiju & Jiju sure did yield to his cute rolly-polly sis- in - laws demands
Were as guys when need arised rushed with Maan to reach Geet ...

I don't know if you all followed but i simply adored Adi who was looking at Brij with immense disgust & at Maan with a glow of pride & respect when Geet was talking about Maan to Brij.

Dadi Maa..

True mother for the Khuranas .... she teased & made Maan blush ...toh looked up at Geet with care & love & scolded & put things to light/right for Annie.

MAAN & Maan ki GEET..

My love to you
Makes me feel distinguished from others
And never feel ashamed

I'm proud of you
I'm proud of me
I'm proud of my love to you

He is a man who trusts his instincts as much as he trusts the facts & truth...he knew the truth that Brij is haunting around & he trusted his instinct that in b/w the hustle-bustle of the Wedding Brij will try to score in & man he was right .....He so gifted Geet the bluetooth to stay connected with her to calm her mind till he finally gets to hold her in his arms for the rest of the life & afterwards.

Fighting for her life she runs to reach her life , to Maan...but fate leads her to suffer more in Brij's hand .... but same destiny that brought her so many miseries so many wounds...healed it all , set it all right by answering her all prayers in form of her Savior Maan....

He reached her again ... he heard her cry ... his name .
He saw the reason for all the pain she suffered standing infront of him , under his roof trying to steal away all life .... he fights, he beats him, he wants to kill him.... kill him for trying to kill his Geet & their child..kill him for making him go through hell when he should have been smiling & shining ...

He roars when the low life having failed to hurt Geet physically tries to kill her joy ..shatter her good name

Before he could get his hand around Brij's neck & strangle him for speaking ill of Geet's character ... his 'sherni' speaks ...speaks for herself , for them

She shows the leech his rightful place & glows in her pride of motherhood & love, love, trust, respect & devotion for her man , Maan who like always was defended & protected her from everyone ..everything, from this beast...from destiny ...
She holds his hand & looks upto him with her head held high for having him by her side ......& he glows seeing the fierce pride in her tear filled raging eyes ...

Loved it all....Loved my Maan , Loved his Geet.

Episode & msg for CVs

Not Dreamy , but again amidst so much fear & fight how can one sweet dream
With Brij i hoped the trauma Geet & Maan were made to go through ENDS.....

But CVs surely are set to cash on drama & prolong/drag the wedding & suffering .............

the Doctor is brought by Arjun...NT's bro is this his doing ?

The baby or mother....precap - it spells doom , both on the couple & for the show

Guys 'one bitten , twice shy' ever heard that .....dint you learn by past experience that the baby is accepted & expected...WANTED by most ...almost all of us.....
No true man would want to unburden the child & no true woman would want a mother lose her child ...

So please get into attention before too late





Clap, nandita i always love reading your post about Maaneet.

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dewdropred IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 11:16am | IP Logged

Originally posted by ~~ashi~~

Hima I'm sorry I will jump straight to the precap . As much as I loved the first half of the show today the precap just overshadowed everything , ofcourse all in a bad way . I'm very very very pissed off with the cvs . As if the idea of a miscarriage wasn't bad enough they r actually using their wedding day for laying a base for their misunderstanding / separation . I'm do mad at them . Why are they killing the baby after giving us such lovely baby scenes ? This is seriously pissing off . I don't want to create a "I quit " scene on the forum but the truth is that I had decided long back that I will stop following the show if they bump off the baby. I don't know if I will quit or not but I'm certainly not interested or enthusiastic about the show now .

PS - What exactly did the cvs mean when they said "dream wedding"?

no need to say sorry ashi .... even i am also trying to figure it out ... what they meant by the whole baby / geet issue ... right now i am still thinking on this matter ...
i am just hoping that the the baby & geet both will be saved ...
if i get any thought will def pm u dear ...  don't worry aashi ... hope the cv's don't show any MC ... as not only geet & maan ... we all have also started having feelings for the baby .... we all love the baby as much as we love maan & geet ...

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ixxu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 11:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nanditasingh

its just another drama brought miscarriage happening..they know it now we love the baby too...
they could have made it happen long back if they wanted it to get done

agree with u... but CV's dont have to rub that fact in our face every other second... they know we love that baby as much as we love Maan & Geet...
so why are they trying to give us sleepless nights, specially with the promise Maan made to Geet regarding the baby...

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--aarthi-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 11:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by bharkha

hey me back... everyone asleep....thank god.. but have to go sooon..

ixu2 : aash kahaan hai...
dew: loved ur posst... indepth analysis...about 10 lakh rupees.. seriously maan wud have defntly given... pinky ke toh rang dang hi badal gaye hai... uske himmat ki toh daath deni padegii... too much guts pinky...mcp ego.. - wat is mcp?????
aarthi : once again nice post... dey gonna show mc track..... hate cvs for that... me also in the list.... n completely agree with u,.. tat v hooked with the unborn baby,...
mona: gr8 post.. haan yar ye cvs humein chain se jeene kya maarne bhi nahi deyenge.... khane peeene.. rehne sone ki toh door kii baath...
drdee142: lovely post.. tumhare confidence ki toh daath deni padegiiiiii... u still thinking that nothin gonna happen to mishti and khushi..... they ll be fine.. loved ur optimisitc nature aur tumhare muh mein ghee shakkar... hey babaji.. dee ke kwaab pooori karna...
sarrm : gr8 post.. roch...u commented powerful dialogues.. haan yarr... even i liked only tat part. the convo between maneet and brij... so sweet of u.. that u thought about DD s acting... yes she a marvellous actress.... dadima teasing... it was nice but i was lost as geet was in danger and cudnt hear  pinky calling jiju.. ithna kho gayee thee mein... need to watch once again..
nandita : awesome post.  esp dadi - true mother for khurannas...loved ur pictorial representation... maan n maan ki geet sahi saalaamath hai..
luv u all crazies for hating marjaanie s track.....
ll comment on the rest after reading their post...
thanks dear...

 but im sure nw i think there will be no MC shown... coz Arjun has brot a diff doc.. i hope it doesn't go unnoticed b Maan...

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--aarthi-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 11:20am | IP Logged
@ nanditha: awesome analysis dear as usual

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sptrno IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 11:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by dewdropred

KrazyIncredibles - Mere Paas Maan Hain naa .... ek atoot rishtha maan aur maan ki geet ka ...

hello every one ...
Hi dearSmile.............i'm not able to like ur post soHeart
ek atoot rishta maan aur maan ki geet ka ... humara rishta ki dor ithni aasaani sae tootega nahin ..... koi hamare beech nahin aa sakhtha ...
loved these lines yaar Geet made me so proud and happy todaySmileSmileSmileClapClap
Y am I stressing this line ... of geet what she said ... as this will be the foundation for future track that will be coming into maan & geet's life after marriage ....& I guess by now U all have already guessed what I mean ...
ru talking about sameera r MC track?
Geet got the surprise of her life ....when she saw Brij ... the way she yelled out for maan ... My heart just skipped a beat ... i was at the verge of tears at that site of geet ....tears rolling down the cheek CryCryCryCry... She tried her level best to fight Brij CryCryCry... she tried to use the blue tooth ...
but jhahil kamina brij saw that ... & kicked it outCryCryCryCry ... (Brij I am also waiting for maan to kick U in the same way ... U will get ur share very soon from maan .... was my heart saying ....)
geet's confidence was great Clap... this time while she was  waiting for her knight in shining armour to come and save her .... she was doing her job ClapClapClap... she hit jhahil kamina brij AngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngrywith her jewelry boxClapClapClapClap ... (BTW is this the same box which maan gave her with the bangles ....if so ...then maan na sahi ...uska diya hua box bhi brij ko marnae main kamiyaab tha ...ClapClapClap)
loved hamari pyaari Geet todayHeart and that kamee*a brijAngry
Loved the whole Door roka ribbon cutting rasam ... don't know the name of the rasam  .... luved the nok jhok between jiju saali dadi & KC staff .... maan ready to give the money ...
i guess if they asked 10 lakhs or more he would have certainly given the amount what they asked ... 
must mention ... pinky tho bahut himmat wali ho gayi hain ... maan ko jwala mukhi bulane waali pinky aaj usi maan ko jiju bhula rahin hain ... me loved it ....
dadi supporting the girls & maan giving away to them easily ... everything was great ....
it was a very cute sceneSmileSmile
in the mean while geet ... was successful in running away ... she again showed her spontaneity by picking up the blue tooth & running out after hitting her jhahil kamina bhai & while running calling out for maan ...
As expected Blue tooth was the saviour of the day for maan & Maan ki geet ...  maan rushing towards her to help her ... & not only maan ...loved the way how the entire KC boys ran after maan to save geet every one knew what the problem was ...
maan beating kamina salah(excuse me & sorry for the lang.... but technically he is the salah of we can
use that term over here for him ....) to pulp ... loved the scene ...
but was scared to death as all the lamp stands were there ...
i was scared that what if brij falls on one of the stands & that pierces through his stomach ... me & my crazy imagination ... nothing of that sort happened ... me thanking god for that ... & finally the security got hold of kamina salah & KC boys maan ...
even i loved the could cry smile feel many emotions at the same time..............
what were u thinking brij that geet is like u ... sorry our geetu dear is not like u ... she is always on truth's side that's the reason maan has always loved her & will love her & will keep on loving her .....
i know yaar MAANEET r epitome of truth and justice and also unconditional, selfless and infinite loveHeartSmile
& maan not wanting geet to open her mouth in front of everyone ... her honor was important to him than answering brij's questions ...& showed his level of concern that geet might get hurt emotionally & was trying his level best to help geet by keeping away from getting more pain ....
i know how sweet of him.............really respect and admire Maan Singh Khurana seeing to what extent he can go for his MishtiClapClapClap
but geet herself answered kamina bhai ... saying that every one knows her truth &
she was right her entire family ,colleagues ,friends .... the whole country know her truth except arjun .... annie came into that category but not any more as maan told her truth ...
& loved how she questioned kamina bhai ... whn he was saying that it would be her second marriage ...
(This scene actually took me to HP scene .... where Brij himself went to maan & asked him to marry geet in return of land ... at that time also I hated him ....& was thinking what sort of kamina bhai is he ... just to get rid of geet from his family .... he was ready to get her married to any one ... & maan's reaction after that ... well not going into detail ...Y I am recollecting that scene is to show the contrast .... at that time he did not think it was wrong for his sister to get married second time to maan ... if it was not wrong then .... how come it is wrong now .... because he thinks so ... it's wrong Angryandha kanoon hain handa parivaar ka ...Angry
very well said Hima..........loved ur comparison.....
geet was right in all the questions she posed to her jhahil kamina bhai ... to which he had answers for none ... how can he have the answers .... when he knows he is wrong ... even if he knows he is wrong ...he is the type of maan who will never accept that he is wrong ... typical MCP ego ...AngryAngryAngryAngry
btw darling u typed Maan for man plzzzz correct it bcuz can't see Maan word being used for that cruel bhaiAngry..........sorry dear just noticed...............hope u don't mind....................
finally after showdown brij is handed over to the police ... so do we have to assume that his track has come to an end for time being ... will be called upon when required ....
right now take him awayAngry later let's see
reading between geet fainting ....maan holding her in time ...not allowing her to fall ...
i am feeling there is some symbolism hidden in this scene ...
meaning ... 
what ever may happen he will never let her fall apart ... may B a little late in giving her the answers on how & why he took the decision ...
because he was late ... in showing the reaction ... looking at the way how he took some time when she was falling ... but got hold of her just in time ... & the way how he did not allow her hand to leave his hand ... while she was about to fall ...
me thinking initially may have some problems .... but he will make her understand his POV ....
hopefully yaar i don't know why again cvs brought Mishti vs. Khushi track...........meaning when MAANEET and Khushi r inseparable how can they make them as if they r two opposite sides again?
geet being proud of her mother hood ... might make maan realise how much she wants the baby ... but what will he decide ... baby's life along with geet ... or only geet ....
Precap ...:-
OMG .... maan in a fix ... geet / baby ... need to abort the baby ... can't believe this the cv's are actually showing the MC track .... hate U cv's for this ...
poor MAANEET yaar when they r so close to their happiness why r they made to go through all this again?CryCry
my replies in purple....................awesome analysis HimaClapClap

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