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Devil's Den Mere Paas MAA..N Hai & Veerji ke baal? (Page 3)

Armu4eva Coolbie

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 9:46am | IP Logged
Jyo... please.......please... throw some light on this... --> ( i m quite sure baby is not going..but why ruin the flow?? Is it CVs.. everdefeating... Jhatka do.. TRP lo tactic?? If it is... its lost the charm i say..!!)

Why does every epi of Geet.....which is about to be a masterpiece..needs to crash and burn down on its own??

Why is Geet so self destructive..?? In one moment they give us a high of 'Geet kisi ke samne nahi jhukegi' and next moment...'Maan is being forced to bend??' ........ is it important the moon has spots.. Geets every epi has to have a spot??? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??

I m peeved......Angry  ( i luvd the first half..but the precap ruined it...)

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panchjun5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 9:47am | IP Logged

Today's episode was simply awesome because of Geet's Monologue to Brij about how women always have to suffer the atrocities heaped upon them by the society and be expected to keep quiet and tolerate in silence. How if a woman raises her voice or tries to be independent she is either beaten up, killed or labeled immoral. She questions the dubious standards of society and also the hypocrisy shown by it in setting different rules for men and women!! A man can get married umpteen number of times, cheat and make merry!! But if a woman even thinks of a second marriage she's labeled as licentious! She dares him to reveal all as she doesn't have anything to hide!! She is proud to be a woman...a woman who has a man who loves her unconditionally... a woman who has a family that accepts her knowing all about her past!! Not like the family that wanted to kill her and her child!! She is proud to be a mother...a mother who has a companion who is a better father than the real one...who will nurture and cherish the child as his own!!! Maan and Geet are two bodies entwined in one soul and who can never be separated!! This is really the coming of age of Geet and also Maan ki Geet!!!  

Why Maan ki Geet ...You might ask....Because he has always been her strength...Be his caustic words in HP or his sarcastic comments in the initial Delhi Office episodes....He has always given her the will to fight back sometimes indirectly and sometimes directly!!! His words have always been at the back of her mind whenever she has made any important decisions in her life....Let me quote some examples to refresh your memories.....

1) First time she answers back to Brij Veerji after she goes missing in the mela...she remembers Maan's words to her that unless she stands up and fights for herself she will have nothing but tears in her life.
2) When she first time realises that Dev has indeed duped her she remembers his words about tears blocking the thinking process.
3) When he saves her from Brij and his Talwar gang...His words to her about fighting injustice and standing up for her rights make her go and get Brij arrested...
4) In Delhi...when she is working in his office and she comes to give her resination...his tunts make her decide to fight back
5) After the Post Kurbaan Hua debacle...when he goes to her house and uses reverse psychology on her and makes her come back to office to fight to clear her name....

And many more such examples....So it isnot wrong on her part when she says that Maan has always helped her and shown her the right path and made her the strong and independent individual that she is....She by herself is very strong but the added push from Maan and his support has made her even stronger. This was the highlight of today's epi...So for this the CVs get a standing ovation from me....Clap

What really keeps me hooked to this show is its non-cliched ways of resolving all situations.....Which female protagonist of any other show would mouth such dialogues in front of the whole world...The courage and bravery shown by this girl is commendabe and needs to be applauded...ClapClap

As for the rest of the epi....The BriMaan fight was a dud...I'm afraid...It was too one-sided....Ouch...Daadi and Maan's pride in Geet...Thumbs Up...Daadi giving a piece of her mind to NES...again...Thumbs UpThumbs Up...Arjun his grey avatar...and diabolical plotting...Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up....Sone pe Suhaaga will be if NES falls in the pool and goes back to her mothership LOLLOLLOL!!!

So Overall the epi was very good...So CVs, Actors, Crew Members....Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up!!!

Now some Food for Thought

Yesterday when everyone was talking about the Geet being burnt issue...I went and googled Honour Killing and I came up with so many hits...that it was really shocking...

Fathers and Mothers, Brothers and other kin in the name of Family, Pride and Honour Hack their children to death....People dump their own flesh and blood in dustbins and other godforsaken places because its a girl-child....It is really saddening....

And here we have a woman who has stood up for her rights and for her baby's rights and is always struggling to find some moments of peace and happiness...She gets it too in the form of a man who loves her for what she is....and what she has done and overcome....Not all women get such men in their lives but its really heartening for them to see that there is Hope and their fight is Justified!!

Truly Geet is kind of an Icon for such women...I would love it if the CVs took it one step further and made Geet more financially independent and made her stand on her own two feet...of course Maan can guide her...but the true fight has to be fought by her and she shud win...Further they can show Geet working with women who have suffered the same way and helping them out...This can be shown parallel to the drama and TRP-drawing tracks....That wud be really inspiring!!

P.S: See I have not commented on the Precap...because I dunnow what's gonna come next why worry when there's no need to..LOLLOL

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zarmyna Senior Member

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 9:47am | IP Logged

Phinally the Ultimate BriMaan Phace off!

- Cant say much about the episode. MSK's anger and fight was quite normalLOL, liked it and even the dialogues were normal, nothing too dense.
- Geet's dialogues finally reflected the theme of the serial, 'women empowerment'.
- Are the pheraas ever happening?Confused
- I know a month is quite long in the telly world, but how long is their day?Sleepy
- Poor baby again waitng for his acceptance!Ouch
- the baby thing is closing of the kasam loop. the kasam that MSK took with Geet on sangeet. After continous begging of closing loops, the CVs finally listened but acted at the wrong time. they should have let the wedding happen and then they could have put MSK in that dilemma of choosing between Geet n Baby
@Arwen... because of the links on ur tag line i am now watching back episodes againAngry.

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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 9:49am | IP Logged
Tannu, I don't think anything will happen to baby, they just want audience to come back for high voltage drama, the suspense factor!

If they kill baby now, show is killed even GC's blog for love won't be enough to save the show!  Mark my words on this one!

When I read his blog, I knew it was a marketing ploy!   I so fricken knew it!AngryAngry

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hegdemedha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 9:49am | IP Logged
Obviously, the baby is not going anywhere.

In any event, Geet's condition is not so serious that she had to be hospitalised.  So, this is not an *emergency*.  So, Geet is the person from whom the doctor needs to take consent for the medical termination of pregnancy ... MSK can't consent for her!!

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Opti IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 9:49am | IP Logged
Arpitha, even I'm sick and tired of this, using the baby as a weapon to advance the story. Geet managed to survive a choking attempt, a shoving attempt and a burning attempt to give a long bhashan to her brother and now suddenly the baby has to be gotten rid off so that her life can be saved.  What rubbish.  Why use the same excuse repeatedly?

I wish the doctor had said that because Geet has been through so much stress, she will not be up for con.  So Maan avoids it in their SR without telling Geet that it was as advised by the doc as he did not want her feel bad about depriving him of marital bliss.  Geet on the other hand thinks that Maan does not find her body attractive enough to really make love and gets hurt but does not really voice it.  In the tension filled atmosphere comes Sam and the confusions surrounding her.

Having gotten that off my chest, here is my take on the highlight of the episode.

I loved Geet's dialogues. She made several important points which I'll try to cover below.

She said why can she not marry again when the society Brij belongs to allows men to do so. Although it is strictly not comparable because her first marriage was never valid and she is indeed getting married for the first time, she still drove the knife where it would hurt for she questioned the double standards of society.  What is good for the gander should also be be good for the goose, shouldn't it?

She said she is proud to be a mother, to be able to bring a life into this world. She does not feel ashamed to admit to the world her motherhood status.  Another important point to a society which readily blames an unmarried woman who has the misfortune to get pregnant but the guilty father is never questioned. What's more? The child is considered illegitimate as though it is its fault to come into existence.  If anything, it is the parents who are illegitimate, not the child.

She said that her child has a father who will give it all that it needs and named Maan. It is the first time she is proclaiming to the world that Maan would be the father of her child although it is already understood because all those assembled already knew she was pregnant with Dev's child.  This should set Maan's mind to rest since he felt that he would not make a good father, especially after the sauna incident when he chose her over the baby.  The message to the society is that a man other than the biological father can also make a good parent, if not a better parent, than the one who dupes his so called wife and runs off with her money. 

When she is accused of leaving her family she admits it saying that she chose to be independent and make a life for herself. She has the right to make her choices and follow her heart.  Most women suffer in silence the injustice meted to them because of the sense of duty towards their children. Her call is to those women who are unable or unwilling to break their shackles and live their lives on their terms, to do so.

She speaks against domestic violence. She speaks against narrow minded people who think women are puppets to be treated worse than animals or slaves, locked up in rooms, beaten up, threatened to be killed, all because they decided to speak up against the archaic rules and false family honour.

In all this she did not fail to acknowledge the contribution of her saviour, her mentor and her would-be life partner. If it had not been for Maan she would not have been alive both in the physical and figurative sense. She proudly announced to the world that she has her Ma(a)n with her and she wants nothing else. Nothing or nobody can come between them for they started their relationship on the basis of truth. Today she is reaping the rich rewards what she sowed by way of truth when she told her man that she was pregnant before she admitted her love for him.  The lesson is any relationship based on truth and honesty need not fear of dangers from outside forces.

Geet is an ambassador for all those women who  have been wronged but are too weak to protest. She is the beacon of hope for the several nameless, faceless women who are resigned to their fate.  She is the breath of life for those women leading a lifeless existence, thanks to a warped society which is still highly parochial. She is the pride of all mothers who aspire to give the child the best in life, depending only on their own self confidence and will to survive. When she left HP she did not know that she will meet and get Maan's support. She left not knowing the future and yet willing to risk it all for her baby. The baby has now become even more indispensable than before.  Hope the CVs remember this right up to the very end.

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maansa IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 9:49am | IP Logged
@geets....yeah i was talking about the blog part..... ROFLROFLROFL

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