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Devil's Den Mere Paas MAA..N Hai & Veerji ke baal? (Page 2)

jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 8:46am | IP Logged

For me today's Episode actually depicted the whole essense of the show and that is... why Geet actually hui Sabse Parayi and became Maan ki GeetApproveEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Those 5 mins where Geet pours her heart out in front of all, marks the end of  Geet Handa's journey and begins her new journey as the confident independent lovable and responsible wife and women whose name is Mrs Geet Maan Singh KhuranaThumbs Up...Today Geet got her justice in the true sense by exposing the real hypocratic minds of the society and proving to one and all that she is still the women with substanceThumbs Up...

The starting scene itself gave the viewers a real scare thanks to some terrific performances by DD and BehzaadStarStarStarStarStar;Now why I keep chanting the same jaap that Geet is different from other female leads is because of her sharp intelligent skills which she keeps using time to time like in this particular scene where she quickly used her presense of mind and picked up the bluetooth from the floor and then started runningThumbs Up;..
Liked the Baraati welcome scene and Pinky's new relatinoship with MSK...Jija and SaaliROFLROFLROFLROFL;It was a cute moment between the ladki and ladkewalasEmbarrassed;But hats off to MSK's stalker skills..the moment he hears Geet's shout on the bluetooth ,he just sprints inside the house to save his MishtiEmbarrassed...Aaahhh finally I m happy to see a male lead who has shown extreme love,care,confidence,passion and possessiveness for his ladylove without any inhibitions or fear  at each and every moments of his lifeClapClapClap;Loved the way MSK just wanted to rip off Brij's clothes and almost beat the hell out of him seeing his Geet in painClapEmbarrassed;The moment Brij calls Geet charitraheen,look at MSK's extreme violent reactionClap...if those four cartoons would not hv gotten hold of MSKLOL,then I m sure he was all set to murder Brij and then do chakki pissing in jail instead of SRROFL;Even thought the fight between MSK and Brij was a 60s style filmy dhishoom dhishoom fightLOL but I enjoyed the madness with which MSK went on hitting BrijDay Dreaming;The fire and anger in his eyes when he grabs Brij's hand there with full raging anger was awesomeClapClap;GC once again here proved that his eyes speaks volumesApprove...
I loved the Maaneet hug was filled with full intensityThumbs Up
After the fight,DD stole the show for the rest of the short it was nothing less than an award winning performance coming from herClapClapEmbarrassed;Its the confidence with which she delivers those dialogues with perfect voice modulation and control over her emotional expressions,which makes her acting look flawless todayClapClap;And once again I m proud to say that Geet in recent times is THE best female lead I hv come across in my own 12 yrs of serial experienceThumbs Up;Loved the way she confronts Brij today and raises the question of why men can marry twice and women cannot do the same when we all reside in one societyApprove;Unfortunately in India still this issue is raised everywhere;Even today a widow or a girl who is abandoned by her husband faces problem in this country for her survival and in real life,unfortunately these girls will not get someone like MSKUnhappy;And thats why every dialogue coming out from Geet's mouth looked apt to me todayThumbs Up...Especially when she tells Brij that today she is independent to live her own life like a free bird..she is independent to choose her lifepartner and live her dreams again because she has been given this right to live and fight for justice by MSK...I completely agree with her POV here...Yes we need to accept this fact that if there was no MSK,then Geet and her baby would hv never survived those talwaars of HP and neither we would hv seen this new confident avataar of GeetSmile;Its MSK who actually influenced Geet's thoughts and made her come out of her shell and face the world with courage and determinationApprove;Right from HP days,whenever Geet was afraid to face the world whether its the Brij issue or the saree fiasco in Delhi,it was always MSK who played the reverse psychology game on her,to make sure she doesn't give up but fight for justiceApprove and thats one reason we see along with love and passion,Geet also somewhere worships MSK like her Rab...;So here when she confesses in front of everyone that "She has been given the right to live by MSK"...I don't find this sentence OTT at all because its coming from Geet's mouth who still treats her man like a God Smile;Today she is standing on her own feet and its her doubt..but she still loves to believe that she is incomplete without her man and same goes for MSK as well since he himself confessed that he too is incomplete without herEmbarrassed
I remember during the separation episode,Geet humiliated MSK in front of entire office staff and media and today I can say that loop is fully closed because she not only appreciates MSK's importance in her life but even officially declares in front of all that MSK is the father of her childStarStarStarStar;Loved the way she firmly holds MSK's hands and declares it in front of allThumbs Up;Also here loved the way Dadi was appreciating each and every dialogue spoken by GeetThumbs Up;Its a rare sight to see in-laws standing in support of their daughter-in-law especially when the same family's son was once involved with herSmile...
Why I say Geet is different from the rest  of the cry-babies of TV...because she is not standing in a corner like a doormat...but instead comes and faces the world...raises valid questions for which noone has any answer....Look at her confidence when she says "Just because someone earlier have screwed my life..doesn't mean I cannot marry again...why not...if I get a man like MSK...I will live my dreams again..I hv every right to b happy and get married again...I m proud to say that I will give birth to a child and become a mother and I hv also got a perfect,lovable,caring and responsible father for my child who is standing besides me...and thats my man MSK"Thumbs Up...Just name one serial where the female lead can actually give such a bold and practical statement in front of so many people without any inhibitions or tears ??Approve...Thats why Geet is different and thats why even after so much complaints,cribbing and bloopers ,we r still sticking to this showBig smile...
Geet fainting later does make sense because it normally happens once u r out of that motion and due to over exhaustion,later one does faintErmm;But no worries baby is safeBig smile...Even if Doctor gives a choice...MSK will not break his Geet's promiseEmbarrassed...Why ?because he has faith in Babaji now Approve;So he will make sure both Geet and Baby r safe even if it means compromising his own pleasure post-marriageErmm...
Coming to Arjun-Annie scene near the pool-side,...Is Arjun hoping to make Annie pregnent kya ??GeekROFL;Mayb  on one hand we will hv Maaneet marriage and on other hand we will hv Arjun-Annie CONDeadLOL;If CVs r doing this nonsense,then one request ,plss don't show their CON but just put the lights off and we will understand everythingROFLROFL;On a more serious note ,it seems he will b using Annie against her own family is the questionEvil Smile
Now coming to the most controvertial precapLOLLOL...When you'll watch the it with brain and not with your heart because precap will mislead most of the time Big smile ...Why I m saying this is because in today's episode Dadi thanked Arjun for calling the doctor...Who is who wants to take revenge on Geet and Maan....So He could hv manipulated the doctorEvil Smile...why he did that marriage can b stopped can it b stopped ?...if MSK goes ahead and gives his consent for abortion...will MSK do that ?...Answer is No...why ? because of his promise to Geet ?So Arjun's plan to stop marriage via baby factor fails here ....but Doctor can still say No Consummation till the delivery which can b Arjun's back-up Arjun's plan partially succeeds here....But again knowing MSK and Geet,how long can Arjun fool themTongueBig smile...
Why I m predicting this ?See the star one's new banner of Arjun's revenge on Geet and u will get the whole storyTongue..but we know who wins in the why take tensionBig smile
My Episode Rating:9/10...Loved the episode today mainly because of the way ,Geet finally delivers justice to all those girls who r watching her on TV today and who r also victims of this same honour killing....they might not hv MSK in their lives,but today Geet's words gives them the hope to live and dream againSmile...

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AnjanaYYZ IF-Stunnerz

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Labzon ki Jaal!
Wordplay!  Nothing like it.  As a lawyer and a writer I am in awe of it.  Barry Dhillon has woven an intricate net with his words.  A net that can catch and CONfound the discerning viewer.  The ones FFing the dialogues will not see the knots.  But, the Maan will be caught.  Will he do simple math?  Risk Geet's wrath?  Is there a safe path?  Or do the all have a Catch? 
+He promised to choose the baby over Geet
- He promised to once again be selfish MSK
+She said she was proud to be her baby's mother
- She said between them there could be no daarar
- For him, she is ehem + For her, baby is ehem
= Watever happens, don't expect any "ehem ehem"ROFLROFL

Shabdo ki Chaal
 Listen carefully to the words of the Player.  OMG -the rich layers there.  He is baiting a trap.  Shabdo ki Chaal.  He is even telling her what is his game.  But, she is a dumb dame - in love she is not recognizing that she is the "game".  But, in the prey will the predator be caught?   Will Arjn get lost in Anwesha ki gal ya bal?  Will her innocence ultimately leave him behaal?  Depends are we watching Baazigar ya Kuch Aur!

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taqdir IF-Dazzler

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Dear friends and fellow devils,

I was not shocked today with the precap because same threats over and over again is no longer scary but irritating. Besides, we knew it didnt we what the geet team wanted to do with the baby, we protested and so far our love kept the baby alive and lets see what happens in the future.
about today here goes my pointers:
1. Action was good, maan has every right to hit brij like anything and he did it well.Clap
2. acting was good; everyone today rocked!Clap
3. Execution was very good Clap
4. Dialouges were not what it was supposed to be. I mean whatever geet told brij for his information was perfect but whatever she said about maan could have been better. My special objection is the dialogue where she says that maan gave her the right to live her life according to her choice. Maan is a man and not god so he cant give anyone any rights as such. But he can always be the driving force behind her courage which actually he was. Living our own life in our own way is our birth right. When somebody is deprived of that and someone else helps regain it, we call him our angel not god! Anyways, dialogues are pretty much drowning these days and today is no exception.
Overall nice!

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maansa IF-Rockerz

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Geet: Mere paas MAan hai

Geet is the best heroine ever! Approve
what dialogues!!! perfect!!! GO geet!!! ClapClap
BriMaan fight was great!!!!! Thumbs Up
loved the first part Clap

ps...not the NES part thoughDead

p.p.s. I HOPE NOTHING HAPPENS TO THE BABY! Stern Smile Stern Smile Stern Smile
otherwise you dont wanna know what will occur!AngryStern SmileThumbs DownEvil Smile

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Binge IF-Rockerz

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Posting episodic analysis after long time! But the episode was worth it! Star Thumbs Up

What I liked was they showed how Maan reached on time, unlike the previous mishaps.Smile I'd hope CVs give us screenplay detailing always and dont make him appear a superman with supersonic powers! 

Even if I'm not much of an action(dhishum dhishum here!Tongue) fan, I was cheering BriMaan fight! We need to give it to the CVs for dedicating time for that action sequence! 

  Other than that, Geet and her dialogues superb, DD was brilliant!Clap She's an epitome of woman power and its proved today. Even when she screams out Maan, I could sense that fright in her, on seeing Brij. 

  Anjun scenes, I might be in a minority, but me likes Arjun's acting so no issues there. Embarrassed

 Only thing I'd like to see from now is Geet actually  standing up on her own feet without Maan's help. The feminist in me wants to see it. Big smile

The precap leads us to the next track and has as intriguing element so me izz prepared. 

But ppl who are looking forward to the CON, this will be the reason for no expectations! Tongue Wifey is sick and weak, while hubby is in a dilemna over doc's statement. Ouch

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Brij- Aaj mere paas...Talwar hai...Daarji ki PINK Pagdi hai....Purkhon ki Izzat hai....Tere paas kya hai?
Geet- Mere paas MAA....N hai
did not watch the entire episode coz was watching JDJ so just saw in bits and pieces so cant say much ROFL but still.....GET OVER WITH THE WEDDING ALREADY Pinch like SERIOUSLY....the baby angle could have come after they were Man and Wife....too much of anything is not good Thumbs DownSleepy ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.

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