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Meeting with KSG on 17th Jan'11 at his house! (Page 7)

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 5:11am | IP Logged
Posted my Conversation on pg 2 Embarrassed Day Dreaming


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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 5:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mehak_Luvs_Rani

Heyyyy guyyysss!!Hug hey kameeni Day Dreaming
I am sure most of you by now must already be knowing that some of us met KARAN SINGH GROVER yesterday at his house in Delhi..!!! YESSSSSSSSS
We were around 6 girls(Me,Divya,Sanya,Aakriti,Srishti & Davneet) and we acted like TOTAL PHANGURLSSROFL
So,KSG's dad invited us inside to wait for KSG,so the first thing you see while entering his house is the KITCHEN and the moment we saw that,we all went like "OMG! Yahaan pe usne 2 saal pehle bhindi banaayi thi SBS mein"ROFL and we click pictures of the kitchen!LOL Aww his kitchen....I want to go there and cook for him all day EmbarrassedLOL I wanna see his kitchen Makku Evil Smile
And then we went towards his drawing room and we sat over there and started clicking pics of everything we saw while sitting thereLOLand his dad offered us chocolates which KSG had gottt and some of us carried it home and did not even eat itROFL
So we were like WAITING for KSG to comeee....and we all were soo damn excited...especially Divya..she was literally shiveringggLOL
And then the "D" moment came...KSG entered into the room...wearing his specs...a black pullover...blue jeans...black socks...green chappals and a cute dimple on his face going like "Heylloooo Ladddiiiessss" *FAINTS* and we all SCREAAAAMMMEEEDDDDDLOLAnd he went like "Welcome to my Parent's house"....We couldn't believe he was in FRONT of ussss....especially Divyaaa...she just wouldn't open her eyesss and Karan patted her on back and went like "WAKKKEE UPPP"!!!
The first thing I told him was "OH MY GOD.You are SO SKINNY! He goes like...Yaaa I knowww"LOL OMG yes he is! I soooo wanna pull his cheeks Embarrassed I love his smiles man he looks so heavenly cute and innocent. Embarrassed I love him I love him I love him!!
And then he shook hands with all of us and finally sat down...and we told him that howw we went through so many difficulties to come there and it wasn;t easy at all...and he gives this cute smile and goes like "Very baad! Very baad!" LOL
And then I am like let us give him the gift's we've got..so firstly I gave him a BIGGG Thank you card on behalf of KPS and I told him that its on behalf of KPS,a Thank you card...He was like "Soo sweett!! I LOVE KPS"...I said "We love you too"Embarrassed And then some of us had got an advanced birthday cards and gifts for him,so we gave that to him too and pack of chocolates and he goes like "So you guys have planned to make me fat ahh?" Karan even if you get fat, which I'm sure you won't we will always love you just the way you are! Day Dreaming and then Divya started giving out her gifts to him one by one...she had got soooo many of them...and then KSG gave her a TIGHHHHTTT hugggStern Smile Ooohhh Myyy Gaaaaawwwddddddddd (We were all so jealous...LOL)
and then he was like "SITT..SITT" so we all saaaattt down...and made him speak to some of our friends on the phone...
We reached there like at 3.30 and he had to leave for some work at 4...and even though so many people came to call him to go,he still stayed with us till like 4.30 and chatted and talked and signed autographs for everyone!!Embarrassed That is really sweet of him to delay his meeting or whatever it was just for his fans Embarrassed He gives his fans so much importance just like his friends Embarrassed Not many celebrities do that! He is just so unique in reel and real life Day Dreaming I love him so much!!
I am sure he spoke to atleast 20 people yesterdayLOL buttt even though he was running ouuttaa time he was SUPPPERRR CUUUTTEEE to have spoken to EACH and EVERYONE of them for longgg minutesssss....Embarrassed Again, that is so sweet of him to do that! Like if it was me on the phone I would be screaming and not knowing what to say but I know he would still talk with me and not get annoyed Embarrassed That's what I love.......he has so much patience and puts up with everything just for his fans EmbarrassedAnd we were giggling soooo much while he was talking,he was like "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"  OMG I have to see him say this! Day Dreaming But not now I'll watch the videos later coz I can't now for some reason Ermmand at one point of time,he was speaking to someone on phone...and there was this newspaper lyingg on the table,so he starteddd ruining the picture of the actress in the paper,making her beard and stuffROFL he did that TWICE! LOL ROFLMFAOOOOOOOOO ROFL that is my naughty Armaan/Karan Day Dreaming I just love him....he can be of all types....he can make you laugh, smile, cry, everything Day Dreaming

And then he was like "you wanna click some pictures? Ya come on"
And then we all clicked pics with him...and when I went to him to get a pic clicked,he literally stood on his toes to match my heightROFL He was like "You are sooo tall"...I said "I knew you would sayy that"LOL What else I love about him is that he is so honest about everything LOLEmbarrassed Makku LOL
Soo..we finally went onto the autographs,I swear he has never written so much EVER BEFOREE!! LOL Mehak why no autograph for me? CryAngry Anyways congratz to everyone who has his autograph Embarrassed
One by one,we got him to sign everyone's autographss...and we were like..."we are sure you never wrote so much in your exams"..he says "Seriously! Never"...and then I said "But this is one thing we are going to cherish forever" and he goes like "Yes! Me too!"Embarrassed Hayyeeee *Jessy in dreamland* Day Dreaming
When he came onto signing my autograph...I told him "Karannn..please also write all the best for your boards exams" so he goes like "Ohhh YAAAA,I hate exams man"..and we were like "we hate it too" Karan even I need you to wish me all the best for my exams Dead I'm sure with you wishing me I'll nail them all! Embarrassed 
Then we had someee special requests from some friendss of our's...so while he was signing the autographs we told him to give us someee messagesss for them...and we recorded the messages and they were SUPPPERRR ADORABLEEEEEmbarrassed(I will post the videos too)... POST POST POST POST POST!!!
Then there was this girl,she came a bit late,so he was signing her autograph...and so he asks her "What's your name" and she goes like "Radhikaa" and KSG says "Radhika!! I like that name"..."Had I been a girl,my name would have been Radhika" and we all laugheddd sooo madlyyLOL Awwww he is so cute and funny EmbarrassedLOL He was like "No seriously! When I was going to be born,my parents had a bet over it" and we went like if we would have been a boy,our names would have been Karan and ArmaanLOL
And during one of the messages...We were giggling and chattinggg and whispering sooo much...I went like "OMG! We are having such a fangurl moment right now" and everyone including KSG laughed so much!LOL
And then in one of our friend's message,he used the "Oye Hoye" line and we alll went MAAADD...and flooded him with our autographs again and went likeee "Pleasee write oyee hoyee on our autographs..Pleaseeeeee"...and then he wrote it on everyone's autographEmbarrassed
 Oye Hoye how lucky you all are! Big smileAnd then I also told him that how the past 10 months were like TORTURE for us...and he goes like "Ya man for me too!" and he holds his head and says "Such a headache" and then says "This STOOPIDD woman,Riddhima I tell you" and were like OMG YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSROFLROFLROFL OMG Yes even he agrees! Well who coudn't agree about this? Armaan's life was like hell Cry Karan I can't see you cryCry I love you so much Hug  And then we told him that how we used to stayyy online for longgg hours and vote for him,so he went like "SLEEEEEEEEP"..."I don't but you guys should"...and then we told him that we voted like CRAZYYY people for DMG for Best youth show award...and he got so excited...he was like YAAAY!! We wonnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!
And then we congratulated him for making it to 50 most desirable men and he gave this cutee shyy smile and said Thankkk youuuu!!!Embarrassed Yes Karan congratz you so deserve it! Thumbs Up You are MY most adorable man in the whole universe EmbarrassedLOL
..And then we also told him that we have "3 male angels in our KPS" and howw they are sooo prrotectiveee over him...and he went like..Oh wow! I didn't know thatLOL and we told him how much we defend him when people bash him...so he goes like "Why man? Let them say whatever they want,it doesn't makes a difference"...so he told us...that do not bash...LOL! I love it that he doesn't take basher's words to heart....that's so wise of him Embarrassed He shouldn't anyways. But I will always stand up for you Karan! I won't bash but I also won't tolerate anything against you my jaan Embarrassed
And meanwhile talking sometimes,whenever he used to find anything veryyy funnyy or crazyyy..he used to look at that person and stick out his tonguee to herrROFL It was SUPPPERRRR CUUUTEEE the way he did it...Embarrassed I can already imagine him doing that......I remember he did it during Armaan times and he was looking so cute and naughty Embarrassed I love you Karan ROFL
And then Divya asked him if he got the New Year card which she had sent him through SBB...so he went like Nooo!! They haven't given me..so I told Divya it was a KaJen card...so maybe they are waiting for Jenny to come back so KSG goes like "Yaa...she is not here right now...she'll be coming tomorrow"...and then one of us asked "Can we get a KaJen interview then? He said Hope soo!"EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed OMG Yes KaJen talks going on Dancing I LOOOOOVEEEEE the fact that he knows so much info about her and about her whereabouts etc. Embarrassed That is so sweet......He loves Jenny so much and cares about her so much Embarrassed Bless their amazing friendship! And I hope they will give an interview soon Embarrassed
...And then we again stood up...and then he huggeddd everyonneee!!! OH EM GEE.
He hugged me TWICEEEEEEEEEEEStern Smile Kameeni you are the luckiest in the whole world for getting this hug Embarrassed I'm shhoooo happy for you Embarrassed And I was SPEECHLESS! LOL! His huggg is soooooooo ADORABLEEEEEEEEEEEEE <3 <3 <3 <3 And then we clicked picsss while he was hugging everyoneee!!! We were actually capturing everything he didROFL
So after he clicked the pics,I told him that Karan we want to see your tatttoo's..so he was like which one? Right or left? I said right one...the one on your elbow...so he sleeved up and showed us the tattoo and when we asked him what does it means...he said Its a SecretLOL
And then he showed us the other tattoo too on his left shoulder...and the stripess one!! and he explained us in DETAILS! Aww how sweet of him to explain everything about his tattoos Big smile
And then we told him that we remember how you used to wear full sleeve shirt to cover up your tattoo's...so he goes like "Yaa..Doctor's don't have a tattoo...but you know I have alot of doctor friends who have a tattoo"....
..And then he was like..I need to go now guys...so we told him that pleasee bring Nicole down atleast...we want to meet her...He goes like "You guys think you are shy?...She is all the more shy...But I will try my best" Baby is going to get Nicole OMG I'm so damn excited LOLEmbarrassed...and so he finally brought her down...and she looked REALLY prettty,shy and cuuuteeeEmbarrassed I never imagined she could be shy LOL aww bless her EmbarrassedShe shook hands with all of uss and gave us a BIIGGG smileee...and OMFG I just fell more in loveee with KaNic <3 They look all the more perfect for each other in real life <3 Even I am starting to like them as a real life couple.....Well anyone with Karan looks amajing Embarrassed
And we told him that pleaseeee add us all on Facebook and upload moree picss..and he first nodded and then again showed us the tonguee,which was supperr adorablee!!ROFL Yes Karan pleashhhh add me on FB it's been weeks!! And ROFL @ tongue incident ROFL
And then before leaving he shook hands with everyoneee...one by oneee....and he was like "aaram se aaram se...ek ek karke" LOL! And then we wished him all the best for his future shows and told him to come back on TV soooon and he wished us luck tooEmbarrassedand then he went saying BBBYYYEEEE...and we were screaming BYEEEE KARAANNNN!!!!!!Embarrassed OMG he is going!! BYEEEEEEEE KARANNNNNNNNNNNNNN Hug

Honestly,everything felt SO UNREALLLLStern Smile I still can't believe we ACTUALLY met him!!
He was SOOOOOOOOOOOO down to earth,humble and sweet with us!!! He had nooo starry airs or anything like that! I mean I haven't ever seen anyone who would call their fans at their homeplace to meet them,but that's Karan Singh Grover for you!!Embarrassed
Seriously,it was THEEE BESTTT day of our livesss!!!
And we just LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE him EVEENNN moreee nowwww <3 <3

Mehak I can't thank you enough for this beautiful update Hug Thanks so much!! Hug I soooo loved it OMG I'm still so excited and thinking about your update the whole time!! I can't stop thinking about Karan now Day Dreaming And I agree I love him even more now <3 Karan you are simply the best I love you so much and always will! Heart Karan I want to thank you so much for letting your fans come to your house and giving us this beautiful update...seriously it feels like I have been there too after reading the update Embarrassed And Mehak thanks again! This is a BIG day for you to remember! Hug And Divz thanks to you too for your update! Hug Love you guyz so much for this Hug Okay I'm done with my talking now LOL I still can't get over it tehe <3 I will finish this here but won't stop thinking about it lmfaooooo. Thanks again and again Makku <3

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I am sooo glad that all of you met him <3 Ahh I'm soo soo soo happyy for you all BIGGGG HUGGGGHug
I loveed reading the experience omgosh it was soo magical! Every moment of it I was reading it with a hugee hugee smile on my face <3
He looked soo cuteeee ahhhhh he looked adorablee *Blush blush* Dekh kar hi kuch kuch hota hai!!

The video is soo cute thanks for making it as well :) I lovee how he was talking and drawing on the newspaper that was the most cutest thing everrrr

It feels good to know that KaJen are really close friends and that he knows when Jen's coming backk <3 <3

Karan is the most down to earth soo sweet and amazing person I've heard soo much about him, I'm soo going to India to meet him one day lol

Congratss on meeting him galsssHug

The pics were awesomeee I couldn't stop staring at them yesterday when they were being posted rofl couldn't keep my eyes off themWink

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hey mehkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiBig smile thanks 4 sharingWink
wow karan is just awesome nver heard of some actor who hv let their fans cmes 2 their houseEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
he is the best n uniqueWinkWink
lol congratssssssssssssssss 2 all phangurlsssLOLLOLLOL
Yahaan pe
usne 2 saal pehle bhindi banaayi thi SBS meinROFL u guys r soo crazyLOLLOL"Heylloooo LadddiiiessssDay Dreaming wish i was there tooEmbarrassed u gals r soooooooooo luckyBig smile
awww thatsssssss sooooooooo sweet of  karan ,he talkssss 2 soooo many people on phoneEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
he delay his meeting 4 his fans ,that shows how he loves the one who loves himEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
And we were giggling soooo much while he was talking,he was like "Shhhhhhhhhhhh" Embarrassedu bad girls u were making noise n disturbing babyLOLLOL
there was this newspaper lyingg on the table,so he starteddd ruining the picture of the actress in the paper,making her beard and stuffROFLpoor sonakshi sinhaROFL
mehkiiiiiiiiiii u n karan convo about yr heightROFL
all who got her autograph congrats Big smile

"This STOOPIDD woman,Riddhima I tell you" and were like OMG YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSROFLROFLcompletely agreed wiz karanLOLLOLLOL
awww soo sweet he doesnt take basher's talks at heartWink but am nt gonna tolerate them talking bakwas about uEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
whenever he used to find anything veryyy funnyy or crazyyy..he used to look at that person and stick out his tonguee to herrROFLawesomeROFL
awwww thank u divya for asking about kajen interviewEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed n am happy he is still in touch wiz JJ ,that wat we call true friendshipEmbarrassed
i didnt knw nicole could be so shy EmbarrassedLOL
aww want him 2 add me too on FBEmbarrassed N AGAIN tongueROFL
mehkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii thankssssssssssssssssssssssssssss for this wonderful update HugHugHug it was a pleasure to read EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Mehak and Divya so very Much for the Update and for the video link i am so very Happy for you all and also for myself Embarrassed Men KSG is an angel and such an awesome person and downto earth men, his simplicity and warmess towards us makes him more special for me.

Sahar's Message:D

I Love you too : men he said it so slowly and so cute Bukshing on his face

Anita's message :D

Anita when he said Oye Oye i was like Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww and then your name was like Superb Loved every bit of thie Interview.
Gia's Message :D

My Banna Girl Banna is wiered But we Love it Embarrassed

Thank you so very Much Mehak for the awesome post My Love for him is like 2 3 4 5 rasie to infinity.

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 8:16am | IP Logged

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 8:58am | IP Logged
Partycngrax to all u lucky girls.....Party
i luv ksg....HeartHearthe is such a gem.Embarrassed

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luky u......rly jealous.....bt rly happy 4 u.:)

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