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Meeting with KSG on 17th Jan'11 at his house! (Page 2)

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 10:10pm | IP Logged
ok m posting my Conversation with The  man "Karan Singh Grover" Dancing

its a LONG story so i m sorry for that Embarrassed and i asked pretty  stupid RANDOM stuff! LOL but c'mon try to understand my position na Blushing

the sentences in brackets represent my feelings and thoughts Embarrassed
oh and i dun remember his exact words cuz man i was so excited.. it was soo surreal and m still wondering k did i really talk to Karan SIngh Grover or not  ? Blushing hehe

On 16th of Jan , i received a PM from my Angel  [ Divya Jagga Hug ] k i m gonna meet him tomorrow so if u have any questions , give em to me ! and i was like Shocked i dun have any questions just lemme talk to KSG Day Dreaming [ i started shivering just by the thought of it Day Dreaming Blushing ]
and Divya agreed to it Dancing
on 17th of Januray , i kept waiting and waiting anxiously for 2:30 pm so that divya can reach his home and give me missed call so that i can call her back but she dint Tongue and i was like what ?! where is she ?! LOL
then i gathered AWL the strength i had in my body and called Divya .. the phone was ringing Dancing
and the i heard a sweet Excited-ly husky tone of Divya LOL and then she was like ok hold on and she introduces me to him  k ok this is Sehrish [ which u pronounced wrong btw Tongue ] from Pakistan Dancing Blushing
and then i heard a sweet voice Day Dreaming Blushing
and my heart skipped a beat Blushing

Ksg : Asalamoalaikum ! [ i was like Shocked i wasn't expecting him to greet me like this LOL Blushing ]
me:  Walaikumsalam [ i was giggling at that time and i was stunned Blushing ] How are you ?!
Ksg : i'm good how're you ?!
me : i m fine ! Dancing how's ur back and knee ?!
KSg: umm my knee is fine but back is still perfectly fine [ i think he sed this , pardon me for not remembering cuz i was trying to get back to my senses so i'd b able to proceed the conversation LOL ]
Me : oh ohkk ...
ksg: so how's Pakistan ?! ROFL
me : ummmmmm at my house its fine , baki pata nae ja rha hy kahin ROFL [ i was really confused at this one ROFL ]
ksg : hehe thats good ...
me ; hey i missed ur pearl wave award show on tv last nite !
Ksg : pardon me Day Dreaming
me : i missed ur pearl wave award show on tv yesterday !
ksg : oh i missed it too ROFL
me : hahah how can u missed it , you were there !
ksg : no i missed watching  it on tv ! [ how sweet ]
me : oh ohk!! so u still visit to Dammam?!
ksg : Do i still listen to what ?! LOL
me : i sed do u still visit to dammam ?
ksg : oh no no ! there are no visitor's visa so i cant go there now !
Me : ohoo actually i hav also spent my childhood in a city near dammam so i was wondering if we cud meet ! [ ROFL how stupid , i know ROFL ]
Ksg : ohh really?!where ?
me Hafuf !
Ksg : ohhhh ! Hafuf! i know hafuf ! i hav been to that place ! i had a frnd over there ! [ bless the land of Hafuf ! i m so gonna go to hafuf this year in vacations Dancing LOL ]
me : ohh really thats grt Big smile u know i was thinking that i'd b veryyy nervous and wud b hyperventilating but i'm pretty fine rite now !
ksg : aah why is that ?! who do u think i m Abdul Kalaam ROFL [ the way he sed it was soooo sweet ]
me: hahahah no no its not like that ! actually i talked to my fav RJ once and i kept breathing really fast so he called me an asthametic patient so i thot same wud b the case here too but i m fine ! ROFL
ksg : aww thats ok !
me : umm actually u know i had prepared a list of things i was gonna say to u but in a hurry i forgot it the other room so i'm really confused what to talk now !
ksg : hahahaha thats koool
me : umm oh yaaa! i really LOVED ur two new tattoos !
ksg: thanks yeah i got to new tattoos !
me : i really liked the one on ur elbow ! i wud to love to see the pictures of ur new tattoos
ksg : ok yeah sure i'll
me : ok cant wait to see it ! Big smile Dancing umm and yeah can i plz hav ur autograph ?!
ksg : yeah sure :D
me ok thanks ! umm say my name !
KSg : Sehrish [ pronounced it wrong Day Dreaming
me: no no its not like that ! i then told him the correct pronunciation !
ksg : how do i spell it ?! Day Dreaming
me : S-E-H
ksg : S-E-H
me R-I-S-H
ksg : R-I-S-H ok Big smile
me ok i cant wait to see it now ! ok now bye tc ! it was nice talking to you!
ksg : ok byeeee Big smile


Then i went to my room and chkd my list and i was like shit these were the important things i wanted him to do!
and then i tried calling Divya again and after 3 4 tries , she picked it up! i BEGGED her to giv it to him again ! and she gave it to him

Divya : ok its Sehrish again !
Ksg : YO!
Me : [ stunned , gone to heaven!  ] Hi ! umm well i chkd my list again and i forgot a lot of things ! well first of , i wanna wish u in advance for ur birthday !
ksg : ok thanks
me : yeah and umm can u do "Muhuahaha" For me !
ksg : what ?
me : ur muhuahaua walla laugh ! can u do that ?
ksg : Muhuhahahaha
me : awwww Thank u Dancing Day Dreaming
ksg : hahaha [ such an adorable chuckle Day Dreaming and then i asked the most stupic question ever !  ]
me : hahah can u plz Laugh Out Loud for me ?!
ksg : what ?! main kya hu ? koi button laga hua hy k main ye karun! ROFL
me hehehe ok sorry ! LOL oh yeah i'm from KPS !
ksg : wow thats gr8
me : and u even answered one of my questions recently!
ksg : oh yeah ? wich one ?
me : umm it was about why dun u do more public appearences  ? and u sed i dun hav time !
ksg : oh yeah see i like to spend my free time with my family so i dun go to much places !
me : hmm yeah i completely understand ! i told this to my frnds and they were like How Rude ! and i was like Shut Up , u dun know him
ksg : heheh yeah i prefer spending time with my family !
me : yeah i can understand ! umm are u getting bored ?! i'm so sorry !
ksg : no no its ok !
me : no its fine ! i shud hang up! but plz dun forget to give me the autograph!
ksg : yeah sure i wont !
me : ok thanks ! I love you ! ROFL
ksg : [ Giggled ] bye !

------- call ended --------------

And Then i stared at my cell phone to know the duration of my call and realized that my call summary was OFF Angry and i came out HOPPING ! my mum was sleeping and she was like Sehrish kya hua kyun itni zor zor se baaten kr rae ho ROFL
i was like nuthing nuthing !!!
and then i told me sister and she was like koi aur hoga pata nae kis se baat kr k aa gayi and i was like Angry koi nae meri frnd us se milne gayi and i called through her cell ..and she was like ok kya baat ki and i was like pata nae ROFL
Literally for abt an  hour ! i kept trying to realize and remember WHAT JUST HAPPENED ! i could feel Blood pounding at the back of my head , my ears were HOT and even my whole face was HOT! i didnt see myself in the mirror ! i think i was RED !! ROFL
Day Dreaming
aaaaah ! Indeed a dream come true ! Day Dreaming i can Die now ! Day Dreaming
SOrry for writing such a LONG Story! but just wanted to share Dancing i wish i had recorded it though Day Dreaming
no prob , may be next time , You never know Wink


ok the way he talked to me! it was like a Casual talk like i was talking to my best buddy or something ! and i thot i'd be running out of time but i was shocked k he is talking soo calmly and sweetly ! Day Dreaming Blushing
Luving him awl the more now Blushing
esp after watching the pics ! man did he look HOT or what Blushing
and I loved ur Live Experience with KSG Mehak Hug Dancing


My AutoGraph Dancing Day Dreaming Blushing
Kya S likha hy !!!!
glad he got the spelling right !! Dancing
cant be Happier !!!
Thank u soooo much to ppl who went there!!! Dancing Hug
GOSH!!!!! Dancing


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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 10:13pm | IP Logged
OH I forgot to mention how much I LOVE KANIC :| Damn man I knew they were cute already but ROFL from your accounts I am falling for them even MORE! I love how cute and shy she is tehe muaaah!

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 10:18pm | IP Logged

hahah!! that was soo kewl...Karan is sucha sweetheart!! =)

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 10:20pm | IP Logged
aww this is soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!

i am so happy for you guys! and glad that all of u got to go to his house and meet him Embarrassed
the videos were making me so jealous! i was hearing all ur screams and talks and i just wanted to jump into my screen as if i'd reach there by doing that LOLLOL

ahhh KSG is such a sweetheart!!! he makes me fall in love with him more and more each time EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

aw KaNic are so adorable <3 i wish them a great life ahead Big smile

ahhh he knows JJ is cmg tomorrow Big smileBig smile that means they have been in touch ConfusedLOL
i want a KaJen interview really bad!!!!

and his statement "that woman Riddhima, I tell u" LOLLOL how cute is he!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

he looked so hot in that attire! and his hair Day Dreaming so gald it grew back!!!!

back to Karan's dreamland Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 10:28pm | IP Logged
man i missed being dere! shit ! kaash main aapaati but unfortunately i din want to meet him secretly. i wanted my parents to know but dis tym i couldn't manage dat! :(
just happy dat i talked though! : D

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 10:43pm | IP Logged
poor veena mallik! lol

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 10:48pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mehak_Luvs_Rani

Heyyyy guyyysss!!Hug
I am sure most of you by now must already be knowing that some of us met KARAN SINGH GROVER yesterday at his house in Delhi..!!!
We were around 6 girls(Me,Divya,Sanya,Aakriti,Srishti & Davneet) and we acted like TOTAL PHANGURLSSROFL

ROFLAs is expected cause all of us are total phangurls...I am gla u guys shwed him ur PhangalphiriROFL

So,KSG's dad invited us inside to wait for KSG,so the first thing you see while entering his house is the KITCHEN and the moment we saw that,we all went like "OMG! Yahaan pe usne 2 saal pehle bhindi banaayi thi SBS mein"ROFL and we click pictures of the kitchen!LOL

ROFLUske kitchen ka naam suntey hi the first thing tht comes to any of our minds is tht world famous bhindi of his jo wahan banai thi...tehe....I am so glad u clicked pics of the kitchen :D

And then we went towards his drawing room and we sat over there and started clicking pics of everything we saw while sitting thereLOLand his dad offered us chocolates which KSG had gottt and some of us carried it home and did not even eat itROFL

ROFLLmaoooooooo i am sure hw many of u are just gonna cherish tht chocolate as a showpiece nd never eat it ROFLROFL

So we were like WAITING for KSG to comeee....and we all were soo damn excited...especially Divya..she was literally shiveringggLOL
And then the "D" moment came...KSG entered into the room...wearing his specs...a black pullover...blue jeans...black socks...green chappals and a cute dimple on his face going like "Heylloooo Ladddiiiessss" and we all SCREAAAAMMMEEEDDDDDLOLAnd he went like "Welcome to my Parent's house"....

Ahhhhhhhhhhh who wouldnt screammmmmmm OMGGGG i knw while all of us were on confrence listening to ur convo there we could so clearly here his "hello ladies" nd ur screams ROFLROFLROFL
nd OMG all we could think of at tht moment was hw must he be lukin :|

We couldn't believe he was in FRONT of ussss....especially Divyaaa...she just wouldn't open her eyesss and Karan patted her on back and went like "WAKKKEE UPPP"!!!
The first thing I told him was "OH MY GOD.You are SO SKINNY! He goes like...Yaaa I knowww"LOL

tehe he knws he's so skinny.....pshhhhhhh he's like size zero in the pics we saw of u guys

And then he shook hands with all of us and finally sat down...and we told him that howw we went through so many difficulties to come there and it wasn;t easy at all...and he gives this cute smile and goes like "Very baad! Very baad!" LOL
And then I am like let us give him the gift's we've got..so firstly I gave him a BIGGG Thank you card on behalf of KPS and I told him that its on behalf of KPS,a Thank you card...He was like "Soo sweett!! I LOVE KPS"...I said "We love you too"Embarrassed 

I Looooooooooooovvvvveeeee tht he LOvvvvvessss KPS so much Embarrassed
And then some of us had got an advanced birthday cards and gifts for him,so we gave that to him too and pack of chocolates and he goes like "So you guys have planned to make me fat ahh?"LOL and then Divya started giving out her gifts to him one by one...she had got soooo many of them...and then KSG gave her a TIGHHHHTTT hugggStern Smile(We were all so jealous...LOL)

Lucky girl Divzieeeeee I've been hearing from all those who went about tht "SUPER TIGHT" Hugg he gave u:|
and then he was like "SITT..SITT" so we all saaaattt down...and made him speak to some of our friends on the phone...
We reached there like at 3.30 and he had to leave for some work at 4...and even though so many people came to call him to go,he still stayed with us till like 4.30 and chatted and talked and signed autographs for everyone!!Embarrassed
I am sure he spoke to atleast 20 people yesterdayLOLbuttt even though he was running ouuttaa time he was SUPPPERRR CUUUTTEEE to have spoken to EACH and EVERYONE of them for longgg minutesssss....Embarrassed 

Yesh Yesh Yesh even i spoke to himEmbarrassedI love u guys sooooooo much for makin me speak to him muaaaaaahhhhhh....He's so easy to talk to manROFL thts wat i told him to ROFLROFLROFL nd he said ya i am so easy to talk to haina ROFLROFLROFL

And we were giggling soooo much while he was talking,he was like "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"LOL and at one point of time,he was speaking to someone on phone...and there was this newspaper lyingg on the table,so he starteddd ruining the picture of the actress in the paper,making her beard and stuffROFL he did that TWICE! LOL

I saw the vids nd pics of thisROFL he's such a super kid ROFL
And then he was like "you wanna click some pictures? Ya come on"
And then we all clicked pics with him...and when I went to him to get a pic clicked,he literally stood on his toes to match my heightROFL He was like "You are sooo tall"...I said "I knew you would sayy that"LOL

U R so Tall dude :|
Soo..we finally went onto the autographs,I swear he has never written so much EVER BEFOREE!! LOL
One by one,we got him to sign everyone's autographss...and we were like..."we are sure you never wrote so much in your exams"..he says "Seriously! Never"...and then I said "But this is one thing we are going to cherish forever" and he goes like "Yes! Me too!"Embarrassed

U gt soooooo many autographssss <3 <3 Thanku for getting one for me tooo guys...ILY <3
When he came onto signing my autograph...I told him "Karannn..please also write all the best for your boards exams" so he goes like "Ohhh YAAAA,I hate exams man"..and we were like "we hate it too"
Then we had someee special requests from some friendss of our's...so while he was signing the autographs we told him to give us someee messagesss for them...and we recorded the messages and they were SUPPPERRR ADORABLEEEEEmbarrassed(I will post the videos too)...

Ahhhhhh I Love Love Love sahar's I Love U Too
Nd Anu's main bhi aapse beintehan mohabbat karta hun /thud /thud
Nd Giu's Banana Boy nd toota Ghar ROFL ROFL 
See u soon giaEmbarrassed
Then there was this girl,she came a bit late,so he was signing her autograph...and so he asks her "What's your name" and she goes like "Radhikaa" and KSG says "Radhika!! I like that name"..."Had I been a girl,my name would have been Radhika" and we all laugheddd sooo madlyyLOL He was like "No seriously! When I was going to be born,my parents had a bet over it" and we went like if we would have been a boy,our names would have been Karan and ArmaanLOL
And during one of the messages...We were giggling and chattinggg and whispering sooo much...I went like "OMG! We are having such a fangurl moment right now" and everyone including KSG laughed so much!LOL

ROFLROFL "Phangurl Moment" I love u for sayin thtROFLROFL
And then in one of our friend's message,he used the "Oye Hoye" line and we alll went MAAADD...and flooded him with our autographs again and went likeee "Pleasee write oyee hoyee on our autographs..Pleaseeeeee"...and then he wrote it on everyone's autographEmbarrassed

Yesh yesh even mine says Oyye HoyyeEmbarrassed
And then I also told him that how the past 10 months were like TORTURE for us...and he goes like "Ya man for me too!" and he holds his head and says "Such a headache" and then says "This STOOPIDD woman,Riddhima I tell you" and were like OMG

"Riddhima is a Stooooopid woman"ROFLROFL
 YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSROFLROFLROFL And then we told him that how we used to stayyy online for longgg hours and vote for him,so he went like "SLEEEEEEEEP"..."I don't but you guys should"...and then we told him that we voted like CRAZYYY people for DMG for Best youth show award...and he got so excited...he was like YAAAY!! We wonnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!
And then we congratulated him for making it to 50 most desirable men and he gave this cutee shyy smile and said Thankkk youuuu!!!Embarrassed

Tehe his shy smileEmbarrassed
..And then we also told him that we have "3 male angels in our KPS" and howw they are sooo prrotectiveee over him...and he went like..Oh wow! I didn't know thatLOL and we told him how much we defend him when people bash him...so he goes like "Why man? Let them say whatever they want,it doesn't makes a difference"...so he told us...that do not bash...LOL!

Tehe he's such a sweetheartEmbarrassed
And meanwhile talking sometimes,whenever he used to find anything veryyy funnyy or crazyyy..he used to look at that person and stick out his tonguee to herrROFL It was SUPPPERRRR CUUUTEEE the way he did it...Embarrassed
And then Divya asked him if he got the New Year card which she had sent him through SBB...so he went like Nooo!! They haven't given me..so I told Divya it was a KaJen card...so maybe they are waiting for Jenny to come back so KSG goes like "Yaa...she is not here right now...she'll be coming tomorrow"...and then one of us asked "Can we get a KaJen interview then? He said Hope soo!"EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

I Love love love the way he knws wen Jen's returninEmbarrassed
The Close friends tht they are its no surprising they are in touch post DMGEmbarrassed
...And then we again stood up...and then he huggeddd everyonneee!!! OH EM GEE.
He hugged me TWICEEEEEEEEEEEStern Smile And I was SPEECHLESS! LOL! His huggg is soooooooo ADORABLEEEEEEEEEEEEE <3 <3 <3 <3 And then we clicked picsss while he was hugging everyoneee!!! We were actually capturing everything he didROFL
So after he clicked the pics,I told him that Karan we want to see your tatttoo's..so he was like which one? Right or left? I said right one...the one on your elbow...so he sleeved up and showed us the tattoo and when we asked him what does it means...he said Its a SecretLOL
And then he showed us the other tattoo too on his left shoulder...and the stripess one!! and he explained us in DETAILS!

ROFLROFL awww he so lovessss his tatoosROFL
And then we told him that we remember how you used to wear full sleeve shirt to cover up your tattoo's...so he goes like "Yaa..Doctor's don't have a tattoo...but you know I have alot of doctor friends who have a tattoo"....
..And then he was like..I need to go now guys...so we told him that pleasee bring Nicole down atleast...we want to meet her...He goes like "You guys think you are shy?...She is all the more shy...But I will try my best"...

Embarrassedtehe nicole''s so shy
and so he finally brought her down...and she looked REALLY prettty,shy and cuuuteeeEmbarrassed She shook hands with all of uss and gave us a BIIGGG smileee...and OMFG I just fell more in loveee with KaNic <3 They look all the more perfect for each other in real life <3

I Love kanic...I simply love the pic u uploaded of them....
And we told him that pleaseeee add us all on Facebook and upload moree picss..and he first nodded and then again showed us the tonguee,which was supperr adorablee!!ROFL
And then before leaving he shook hands with everyoneee...one by oneee....and he was like "aaram se aaram se...ek ek karke" LOL! And then we wished him all the best for his future shows and told him to come back on TV soooon and he wished us luck tooEmbarrassedand then he went saying BBBYYYEEEE...and we were screaming BYEEEE KARAANNNN!!!!!!Embarrassed

Honestly,everything felt SO UNREALLLLStern Smile I still can't believe we ACTUALLY met him!!
He was SOOOOOOOOOOOO down to earth,humble and sweet with us!!! He had nooo starry airs or anything like that! I mean I haven't ever seen anyone who would call their fans at their homeplace to meet them,but that's Karan Singh Grover for you!!Embarrassed
Seriously,it was THEEE BESTTT day of our livesss!!!
And we just LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE him EVEENNN moreee nowwww <3 <3
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it so is the BEST Day of your life :| :| Thankuuuu sooo much for sharin Muaaah

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Originally posted by gia.khan

"I WORK ALONE ONLY" ohh yeaaaaaaaa babyyyy teheeeeeee! kahee chanda mera yaara tu tanhaaa ek taraaa KSG teheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3 

I can't believe you choried BBB song's line ROFL BUT I agree it suits him tehe I love him <3

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