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_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 8:06pm | IP Logged
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Hello Friends Hug,
hope you are all doing great Cool
 A new year Party... and a brand new start Star...
  Looks like its back to school/ work time for many Disapprove
But its in our hands to make everything a funfilled endeavorParty!
Dancing penguin emoticon (Dancing Emoticons) YES that's right! Dancing penguin emoticon (Dancing Emoticons)
I gotta feeling
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good, good night

I gotta feeling
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good, good night

Here by, we welcome you all to a funfilled thread right here on HugHug! is a growing platform, where many strangers from all over the globe mingle!  Today it has become a second home to many of us, where we have met some of our closest friends, who've touched our hearts in many ways StarClapClap!  From virtual to real, our friendship continues to bloom, though we are many miles apart... thanks to our loving home  Some of us have even been fortunate enough to meet our loving friends from IF in person as well StarStar.
  As we usher in the new year, let us take a walk down the memory lane to cherish the moments with our loved ones here, from the day we joined IF to all the funniest events that has happened here to each of us Big smile.
IF Rendezvous
From Virtual to Real
So friends, what are you waiting for Approve... please feel free to share your memory lane as well as any IF rendezvous you may have had with fellow IFians Star, right here on this thread!
P.S. here is a great opportunity for you to pubish any funny moments with your fellow IFians ROFL... which makes it alll the more fun eh Cool
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_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 December 2007
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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 8:06pm | IP Logged
IF Memory Lane
my journey on IF
Month of December is a joyous month wherein every living cell within us yearns to celebrate the holiday season.  Yet there belies another ecstatic reason for me to celebrate this month!  After all, on December 6th of 2007, I had finally broken the long occurred silence and came out of the shell to join!  A Vijay (Tamil) TV serial, namely Kadhalikka Neramillai (No Time to Love), had taken away all the fear in me to join a forum full of (then) strangers.  I had slowly begun to post away in Non Sun TV Serial Section and even began to update the show along with Kana Kaanum Kaalangal, another Vijay TV Show.  At the time, little did I know that this would become my second home!  I had buried myself into the show and appeared very reserved to the rest.  However, once the creative heads decided to break my heart with a shocking twist, I had slowly opened up to a few.  After a prolonged On-Off period, I met my first true friend from she is none other than mathi_azhagi.  The friendship that bloomed between us kept me glued to the forum, though I was not much active. 


Eventually, my love for Angad Khanna of KYPH (Mohammad Iqbal Khan) hooked me up to the Zee TV Show, Waaris.  There I saw a familiar person, namely Meli (Aahaana), who during my silent period came across as a strict principle. On November 17th 2008, I suddenly received a PM from the frightening Meli, and I had finally decided to break the ice.  Then only I came to realize what a sweet angel she was.  Days went by slowly, and a storm hit my life, which changed everything for good.  These events made me even closer to mathi_azhagi, and get attached to Meli.  Through them I met another angel, namely anjkhoney.  I rejoiced their company and we discussed our favorite Hindi shows, which at the time appealed to us more than our very own Tamil Serials.  With time, I began to take part in a few Tamil serial sections like Kolangal, Thirumathi Selvam, and Sivasakthi, purely as a means to support the updaters. 


Then spread the Kitne Mohhabat Hai fever, where we were pulled towards the forum!   I joined KMH forum, and eventually the KMH chat club (CC) along with Meli, and met some wonderful people, who hold a special place in my heart!  The CC was sheer fun with lots of laughter and teasing.  From an angel to a pundit I became, as I was forced to write horoscope after horoscope, involving various fictitious characters (scripted for IFians).  The most prominent characters from the horoscopes are Tarzan, sweetly called as Tarzu (Yulz), Angad/ Arjun Deewanis -Zunni- and Meli, and Tarzu's sweet hearts Moti Aunty and Gunjan.  From the jungle to the Milky Way, we travelled many places and became closer every passing moment... days of my IF journey that I will treasure forever. 


One fine day, I received a PM from our channel moderator Atina wondering if I would accept a promotion to Viewbie.  It came as a pleasant surprise as I hadn't anticipated it, but I readily accepted it.  In September 2009, I became a Viewbie. In the meantime,  I got a mother from, our sweetest Atina maa.  From there onwards, there was no looking back!  Concurrently, I had taken up many of the serial updating responsibilities as well.  Eventualy we ventured into many bigger projects right here in the Tamil Section.


In January, 2009, we organized our biggest Interview session with Lead Actor of Thirumathi Selvam, Sanjeev.  It was a pleasure to organize this event, which would not have been possible without Atina ma, for the many hours she spent to prepare and conduct the interview.  This led to our first ever Radio Show, whereby I got to act as an atrocious RJ, along with Anjkhoney. 

editing still ROFL

IF Rendezvous
East meets West
November 07. 2010
MP_Radha meets Tamilangel
It was a bright sunny day in Toronto, Canada.... I woke up with a big smile as this was going to be the day I was going to meet an IFian for the first time.  Though I was excited, I was fairly nervous!  I had made sure I had all the gifts wrapped and was ready on time to be picked up my real best friend, who was going to attend the gathering along with me.  Shortly after 11:00 AM, my best friend came to pick me up.... and we drove off to a Mall, namely, Square One Mall!  Within 40 minutes we were there, and I could hear my heart pounding LOLLOL.  The moment was here... for me to meet my friend, Tamilangel.   I held my friend's arm out of nervousness, and we walked inwards toward the Moxies.  
There she stood with the biggest smile on her face.  My fear had vanished the next second.  We ran towards each other and hugged.  It felt as if we had known each other from childhood, though it was through our common IF friend, GGG3, that we began to interact through Facebook and IF.  The three of us went over to Moxies and began to talk about our lives, though we knew most of it already LOL.  The poor waitress had to wait such a long time to get our orders LOLLOLLOL.  We then talked about IF, and the various stories Tamilangel has written for us here.  Although I'm a very talkative person, I had opted to give the stage to Tamilangel, since I loved hearing her talk Embarrassed.  Our food arrived, but as usual, we kept talking, neglecting the meal.  After an hour, we were done eating, but not our talking LOL.   It was an amazing feeling.... we wanted the time to stop then and there!  The waitress was kind enough to take pictures of us... after tipping her heavily, we decided to roam around the mall.  
During this rendezvous, I had a special reason to shop, because Tamilangel was due to visit India in about a month.  It was a great opportunity for me to find the perfect gift for my beloved IF friends, Anjkhoney and GGG3, to be sent through Tamilangel.  With the christmas spree around the corner, we felt the Bay to be a market with many people mobbing various beauty counters.  After finding various gifts, we decided to go drop off my best friend.  
Now it was the two of us, and for the FIRST TIME, I had the chance to talk to Tamilangel in Tamil.  Since both of us were originally from Sri Lanka, we had very similar Tamil accent, hence it felt extra special.   However, often times we would go back to English LOLLOL.  We checked out various stores to find gifts for Anjkjoney.... but more than shopping we did a lot more talking ROFL ROFL.  We didn't even realize that we had walked around the mall twice ROFL ROFL.  We decided to go into a Guess store to add onto my Guess collection of wallets and purses, but Tamilangel in her cute Tamil told me it was a ripoff there ROFL ROFL.  Then we realized how handy our language was, especially when sharing secrets ROFL.  A few hours later, our gathering was coming to an end, however, Tamilangel was so caring such that she dropped me off at the parkinglot where my parents were.  However, it wasn't an easy task ROFL ROFL.  We had to make many arounds before we spotted the right partking lot.  But it was forth it, as I got extra time with my friend.  My parents also got the chance to meet her.
This day is truely a memorable one for me, as this was my first meeting with an IFian.  Though it was our first meeting, it felt like we had known each other for such a long time.  From virtual to real, we have become... my heartiest thanks to GGG3 for the introduction.  I truely am gifted.... Thank you 

November 08. 2010
MP_Radha meets -Zunni- & KYPH_AK (Sehr)
A day later, in the same city, I got another opportunity to meet my virtual behens, Zunni and her sister, Sehr.  I had met Zunni in KMH forum, and there was no looking back.  Though we are many years apart, age wasn't a limit here.  I and my partner in crime, thoroughtly enjoyed being around my chotti behen and  the entire set of members (not to forget Yulz) LOL
Shortly after lunch, I got ready and was very nervous, as this was going to be the first time meeting my chotti behens.  Though I have spoken with both of them over the phone before, I was more nervous about how Zunni would react when she sees me ROFL ROFL.  After all during our first voice conversation, she was BLUSHING like a dulhan ROFL ROFL ROFL.  Around mid-afternoon, I got dropped off at Zunni's house.
There they were, welcoming me with a huge smile.  I ran to them and hugged both of them not knowing who was who ROFL ROFL ROFL.  But thankfully they did not play any prank on me.  After meeting their parents and siblings,  we locked ourselves in their room to chat about our favorties... of course Meli and Yulz were the most talked about members ROFL ROFL.  Then I got the biggest compliment ever from the sisters.. they told me that I look much younger for my age ShockedEmbarrassed ROFL.  This put me on cloud 9 LOLLOL
Due to my tight schedule, we were forced to rush, but we had the greated time.  Soon their mom called us for dinner, and the food was FANTASTIC.  From Chicken buryani to salad to wonderful desert, I ate as much as possible ROFL ROFL, though Sehr kept complaining I ate little ROFL ROFL.  As usually Zunni and I decided to pull Sehr's legs ROFL ROFL, though we had to do it carefully as their mom was around ROFL
Shortly after finishing our meals, we exchanged our gifts.  It was a very joyful moment.... we awed a lot ROFL, but the best part was when we tried on the gift I got for Zunni ROFLROFLROFLROFL:
The entire house ended up   ROFLROFLROFLROFL... we even took vidoes of it:

This has become our symbol LOLLOLLOL, so much that i went out to my a BETTER HALF for our rolfing dog ROFLROFLROFLROFL.  We have named the couple, Pisaab Loon Jodi ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL, for reasons well known to a few ROFLROFLROFL.  
Zunni, a girl who ROFLROFL on MSN and IF, has the most silent laughter ever ROFLROFLROFL.  She never laughs out loud, unlike Sehr and I.  She was the more shy one out of all of us.  Even while rofling, she had her mouth covered  ROFLROFLROFLROFL
Though our union was filled with non-stop laughter, we talked a lot about studies for a change, as we have a tutoring club going among ourselves.  Though we met on, our lives have revolved around studies Big smile, which we are proud about!  Finally it was time for me to go CryCryCry. However, thankfully my relative was so lost that we decided to step out as a group and hang around till my relative came.
That is when something  I discovered something BIG.  While the three of were talking about our lives.... suddenly we heard a MOTORBIKE roaming around.  It was dark, hence we couldn't see much, but what we saw was the best ever...
as soon as she heard the noise of the motorbike, ZUNNI'S MOUTH WAS WIDE OPEN, AND SHE WAS GRINNING ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL.  I was so surprised that at first I thought a 1000 watt bulb was lit ROFLROFLROFLROFL.  I never realized Zunni would go weak on her knees seeing a motorbike.  Well, no wonder why she loves Angad Khanna on a bike ROFLROFLROFLROFL.  The motorbike wala made three or four trips, and each time Zunni delivered the same response. ROFLROFL
It was indeed an unforgetable day... though it was short lived Ouch!  When i was leaving, Sehr and Zunni were sad, so was I.  But we made plans for year 2011 as well ROFLROFLROFL this time it will be with the
JOTS OF INDIA-FORUMS.COM (Mango, Ravjot, Gk_09, Jot) as well as Mimz, Shifali and Fanta Shocked...and many more Star

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Angelic_A IF-Sizzlerz

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natasha-remix IF-Dazzler

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anjkhoney IF-Dazzler

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Aishuma awesome post yaar.ClapSo let me share my journey tooEmbarrassed...

Hi Friends,Wishing you all a very happy new year..
IF was not just about FFs or daily updates.
It was my second home.I'm sure many of us here find IF the same way.
Everyday I got to learn something new in IF

My Journey

Oh God,that's a long story but hmmm let me try to tell it in short as I can.

Year 2008

I was a regular viewer of 'Kuch Iss Tarah'(KIT) serial on Sony Tv. One fine day I googled it and I came across the KIT updates and their fan fictions on IF. First I started reading them as a guest and later on I logged in to read the Members only Fan Fictions in Tamil Section (still as a silent member). Later, one of the members 'Matwamango' from KIT posted my KIT VMs on the forum and I was awarded for the best VM and that's how I came out as a active member and joined the forum to thank everyone.

In a Month I got introduced to a friend 'GGG3' as a tamil member in KIT forum and she encouraged me to join the tamil section too. I, who was already into Tamil Section for the lovely Fan fictions joined there and from that day I am a part of the Tamil section doing updates and joining discussions. I first started my updates for the serials on the Non Sun Tv Forums and I was appreciated by the DTs and our dear members for my work. This encouraged me to do more updates for the serials there.

I was so fascinated by the way our DTs make threads for different occasions and that interested me to make threads for festivals like Pongal and Onam and some threads based on Music in the Kollywood section and Sensational South Forum. I had gr8 fun doing them and I'm still looking forward to do more in the coming days.

Friends like GGG3,Meli(Aahana),aishamuka_1980(MP_Radha) helped me learn many new things inside and outside IF. I was happy to update the Serial 'Anbe Vaa' where I got a sweet sister in 'Shreenithi' who always made us laugh with her funny comments. Even though the serial turned to be boring we all were having gr8 fun in the discussion thread.

One day I was asked by our Channel Mod and my dear friend Meli aka Aahana to do Sun Tv update for the serial Thangam. Even though I was not following it, the trust they in me encouraged me to do the updates .First it was once in a week and then I gave updates twice a week for that serial then later on turned to be the Monday updater opening threads every week and now I am gifted to be one of the Coolbies of IF due to Thangam.

Thanks to Meli and all the members of Thangam Family for their love and support. Even though the serial isn't that interesting now,Thangam will always remain special to me, like a baby.
IF is like my home as it has helped me in having many sweet friends who have always been there for me helping with all my doubts be it related to IF or my personal life. I have found a family in IF and I was blessed to have a meeting with GGG3 and our friend (I don't rem her IF name) in August 2010 and I was lucky to have a meeting again with them to meet our friend tamilangel who had come to our place for her holidays. We met on Super Star's bday (12th Dec 2010) and the best part was that, I got to celebrate my 25th bday in advance with them.

I take this opportunity to thank IF for giving me such sweet friends and thank you to all the DTs for their care which makes every member feel so special (I have experienced that when I was a newbie here) Thank you so much for making us feel at home. IF and you all will always remain close to my heart.

Oops it really turned to be long but trust me, this is just a part of the whole story

December 12. 2010
Anjkhoney meets Tamilangel & GGG3

It was 12th Dec and I reached Chennai Central (with my dad and aunt) at 8am.. I got down from the train all excited about me meeting my dear friends (IFians)

Like the Female Lead in Serials, I was also in for a mind voice session and this time my mind was in a mood for a tamil song

Sandhipome,4 perum Sandhipome
Noon Time il 'Express Avenue' il
4 Perum Sandhipome

Hum Milenge, Hum Chaaron Aaj Milenge
Noon Time Mein, 'EA' Mein
Hum Chaaron Milne ko Hai

We checked in,got our room keys and got settled finally. I got ready first and was waiting for my dear ones to call me and tell me the time. The phone rang 'Yaar Indha Penthaan Endru Kettain'. It was tamilangel and she was on her way to the mall. Then came "Hasili Fisili Rasamani' and it was GGG3 to inform that she would be a bit late due to the traffic.

I was not able to sit in my room,walking to and fro looking at my watch.. The conversation between Tamilangel and me(when i was in my native) was going on inside my head. . I was so restless that instead of tighting my watch strap I broke it.

Then after 5 mins we started our journey for the day (To Express Avenue). I was new to that
mall but had heard lots about it.. After crossing Spencers Plaza in 2mins I was there in EA.On the way I had another call from GGG3 that they were nearing the place too...

Walking towards to mall,my heart was beating faster and faster.. OMG I was actually there and in no time I will see my angels. I was trying tamilangel's number and there I saw her standing..

I just ran to her and hugged her.. (All these years I never knew why in the movies they showed Gals shouting while meeting each other but that day I knw the reason) I was not able to control my happiness,excitement and wht not. We both were not able to believe anything happening around us and both pinched ourselves to knw whter it was real or just a dream..

Then we went on talking and talking and at the same time looking towards the gate to find GGG3 and our other friend coming. Finally they were coming towards us. I went and hugged GGG3 and her friend (it was our second meeting..On 28th Aug 2010 we 3 met for the first time)..

My 3 roses were all in Red and I was the one in White SmileEmbarrassed
We slowly went inside the mall..

We were just walking (without any plan) too invloved in the chatting business.tamilangel was talking about meeting our sweet friend Aishuma (MP_Radha)on Nov 7th 2010 and how that meeting continued and brought her all the way from Canada to India and how she was in her Fav place (Chennai). We all had alot to share.We did that in turns. First thing we spoke was about how we met eachother thru IF and then about the excitement in finding such sweet friends from the virtual world..

Then finally we moved towards 'Food Court' and found 4 chairs and sat there. Haha it was as if we were glued to our seats,none of us moved from there. I went with GGG3 to find my dad and aunt, introduced them to my friends and once again we gals were back to our own world of chatting.

The meeting was very special for us as it was double treat. We were meeting our friend tamilangel who came to India all the way from Canada for her holidays and I was celebrating my 25th Bday in advance with them.

I was showered with gifts from Canada and Chennai..Opening them was the best part as each gift gave me Khushi ki Aasoo(Aananda Kanneer).. Each gift was a sweet surprise and it showed how well my angels read me.. GGG3 and Myself had a big photo session while opening each gift from tamilangel and MP_Radha. Then it was all about Aishu and they way they selected the surprises for us..

Then slowly we thought of having lunch together (actually we reserved the seats for lunch only but dint even think of eating till this time).. It was already 3pm and we couldnt believe that 3 hours went so quickly. Our next plan was to go to the beach (Marina) but still we all were so much enjoying our chat that we were still there in the mall at about 6pm LOL

(In my 25years of existence in this world,this was my first time ever where I went out with Gals only and trust me it was really fantastic.. I pray My Lord that I get more chances like this in the coming days too..)

IF was my home away from home. I got many sweet sisters and gr8 friends who were always there for me no matter what,who loved me for wht i am. Many of them gave my life a new meaning by giving me lessons oh how to handle situations..They changed me from an Emotional gal to the old Chatterbox fun loving,bubbly girl (who i was in my childhood) Now this year 2010 is very special to me as I got to meet my friends twice.. The most happiest days of this year.

I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart,who gave us IF... Without you all we would have not got this beautiful homeHug...

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Well I wish I could put my story here on this post but it is something saved for a book which I would write and my friends say it may become a good movie story.

BTW I dont know if many knows I met my wife first on India-Forums Wink and friends who are very dear to me.


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