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OS turned into story

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someone asked me to turn my OS into a Short story so i did i am posting the whole thing part 1 is the OS and Part two is a continuation of the story its a little long sorry i like to write so once i start its hard for me to stop. If you guys like it and dont mind the length please let me know i will try and come up with another story enjoy 

Part one

After the whole Kinjal and Umang drama Koki is very disturbed and worried. As the days go by her health seems to worsen finally they send Kinjal away to America where she can use the time to rebuild herself and her self confidence. Back at home Gopi along with Ahem is very upset to see Koki in this condition. To keep her mind off the recent events Koki keeps herself busy with household chores and such. One day while cutting the vegetables Koki slightly cuts her hand Gopi sees this and is so worried. She was crying her eyes out and felt more pain then Koki. Just as Gopi was dressing Koki's wound Ahem sees his mom is hurt but as he goes closer he sees Gopi and is stunned and just keeps looking at her. When she is done she instructs Koki to go and rest and she would finish up all the work. And before anyone can see him he leaves to his room. As usual Raashi was not home because she was at her house busy making evil plans with her mom. Gopi assures Hetal kaki she will complete all the work and not to worry just go and stay with Koki for a while. Hetal Kaki takes Baa with her.

Back in Ahem's guest room Ahem is lost in his thoughts about what he just saw. He still can't get over the fact that he is so rude to her yet she does not have the slightest bit of anger for him or his family members. He thinks out loud and says "what you are made of Gopi." Ahem tries to concentrate on his work but can't keep his thoughts straight. Everything he thinks about is Gopi. He decides to go and walk around the house for a while and happens to pass by the kitchen and sees Gopi busy with all the work. He doesn't realize it but he stands there for hours and just watches her and admires her will power. Finally his trance is broken when Gopi tells herself everything is done. Afraid to be caught he hides behind a pillar when Gopi leaves the kitchen to call everyone.

Gopi reaches Koki's room and lets the women know that dinner is ready. Hetal Kaki tells her to bring their dinner up here because today we will eat with Koki and also informs her that Jigar, Chirag, and Parag will not be home tonight as they are all stuck at a work cite. As instructed Gopi brings the three women's food to the room and serves them and feeds Koki with her own hands. Ahem is secretly watching this by the door. His heart melts when he sees the love that Gopi has for his mother. Ahem talks to himself and says that I may have never considered you as my own but you have considered my family as your own from day one. Once the women were done eating Gopi takes their dishes down and washes them. Since Mani was not feeling well she was not around so Gopi thought that she would go and call Ahem to come eat. At first she was scared but how could she leave her Ahemji hungry. As she was going to Ahem's room she bumped into Hetal Kaki who informed her that Koki has fallen asleep so she and Baa are going to sleep as well. She also instructs Gopi to serve Ahem and that she to eat dinner and not to hesitate to ask her for help if she needs it since she has done all the house work today. Ahem overhears the whole conversation. After wishing Hetal Kaki a good night Gopi proceeds to Ahem's bedroom.

She knocks on the door and Ahem calmly invites her in. Before she walks in she puts her palloo on her head. Gopi in a frightened voice asks Ahem to come down for dinner as the food is still warm. Ahem who had decided to accept Gopi in his life after witnessing all those events of the day replies in a very light and friendly manner that he will come down to dinner on one condition. She has to promise never to put that palloo on her head again. Gopi is shocked to hear this and just nods her head and looks down. Ahem gets up and walks towards her and takes the palloo off her head. They then head down stairs and Ahem gets seated at the table. While he is waiting for Gopi to come with his and her food he gets a call from Kaka who tells him to inform Hetal and Baa to pack their clothes and Koki's as well as they have decided to spend some time at their farm house as it will help Koki's health improve. He also told him that Jigar will go and get Raashi and not to worry about her. Ahem informed him that him and Gopi would not come and told him about his decision on accepting Gopi and this time alone will help him implement his decision. Kaka was very happy to hear this and congratulated him.

Just as he put the phone down he saw Hetal kaki going into the kitchen for some water and informed her about doing the packing and the car will be ready in the morning. Hetal kaki said ok got her water and went back to sleep. Gopi walks out with a plate full of food just as Ahem is sitting down again at the table. Seeing one plate Ahem is surprised and asks Gopi what about her food. She replies she is not hungry but Ahem didn't want to hear it. He has Gopi sit down next to him and eats only half the food. Then he turns to Gopi and tells her to finish the other half as she has worked all day and needs to eat. While she ate he walked into the kitchen and also got her a glass of milk which he told her to drink. Gopi hated milk and refused to drink it like a little child. Ahem emotionally blackmailed her by saying you won't respect your husband's wish. After hearing that Gopi grabbed the glass pinched her nose and gulped it down. She went into the kitchen and finished all the work in the kitchen in about 30mins and found Ahem still waiting for her at the dining table. He calls her over again and tells her he needs to talk to her.

Ahem looks straight at Gopi which makes her feel a little shy and she looks down. Ahem lifts her face up and makes her look at him. He says Gopi I am very very very sorry. I treated you very badly and said very mean things to you. Yet not once did you give me an answer back or build any hatred for me or my family. I feel as the more I hated you the more you loved me back. Today I accept your love if that is ok with you. Do you think we can still give our relationship a try and build a beautiful life together? Gopi was left speechless. All she could do is let out a wide smile and nod her head yes.

Ahem was equally as happy and decided to not tell her about having everyone leaving tom. He left that as a surprise for her. They both headed upstairs to sleep Ahem holding Gopi's hand. Ahem knew he had to build the closeness between him and Gopi at a slow pace so Gopi can experience every bit of his love. When they were in front of Gopi's room or "their room" Ahem turns toward Gopi and asks her if it is ok for him to sleep in the same room with her. He adds if you need some time I am ok with that too. I don't want you to feel pressured. Gopi replies it's ok for him to sleep in the same room. Gopi was about to lie down and Ahem questioned her about whether she was going to change or not. She said she can't change because he may not like what she wears to bed. Ahem asks what and she replies a salwar kameez. He said that was fine to wear and he didn't mind.

At that point Gopi got up and grabbed a pair and went to change. Till then Ahem fixed the bed and lied down. Once Gopi came out of the bathroom she slowly came and lied down on the bed. They were both facing each other and both fell asleep staring at each other and woke up the next morning in the same position staring at one another. Ahem got up first and didn't move cause he wanted to watch Gopi get up.

After they both got up and got ready Ahem informed Gopi that he would be working from home the next couple of days as everyone including Mani is going to their farmhouse in order to give Koki a change of scenery. After seeing everyone off the two turned and walked back into the house. The first order of business was to move all of Ahem's stuff. While Gopi did that Ahem hurried and finished three days worth of work. Now for lunch they just had the leftovers from last night and Ahem informed Gopi not to make dinner since he has planned something. They both cleaned up after lunch together and then talked for about 4 hours. In their conversation Ahem got to know all about Gopi's life and respected her even more for the having the courage to endure all the ill treatment she got from her mami. Ahem could see that she was still tired from yesterday and told her to go and take a nap. This also gave Ahem a chance to set up his plan which was a candle light dinner. He ordered all of Gopi's favorite food even her favorite dessert. Not only that but he fed her with his own hands. As the days went by they grew closer and closer and did all the work together. And on the last day for them to be alone Ahem knew it was time to become one. All day he was being very romantic and flirty with Gopi. He acted as if he couldn't keep his hands off her. And as night fell they had dinner and cleaned up and as soon as they were done Ahem picked Gopi up in his arms and took her upstairs. When they reached the room he put Gopi down so she could go and get changed and waited for her patiently. Gopi had realized what was about to happen and could not stop blushing. Today she wore a green salwar kameez since green was Ahem's favorite color. Ahem slowly walked up to her real close and admired her for a little bit and then gave Gopi her very first kiss. He then guided her to the bed and slowly lowered himself onto Gopi as the scene fades away. The next morning Gopi wakes up a new woman. She is very happy and she has finally received the love of her Ahemji. She gets up and gets ready since everyone was coming home today. The family comes home and sees both Gopi and Ahem so happy together that Koki forgets all her worries and smiles after the longest time and Ahem in his mind says that today Gopi you have returned my mother's smile I couldn't ask for anything else.

Part two

A smiling Koki went over to Gopi and gave her a very tight hug. She finally felt as if some of her prayers have finally been answered. Everyone had some idea of what was going on as Chirag had told everyone the reason Ahem and Gopi didn't come. Though this situation was shocking to one person. Raashi couldn't believe her eyes. She thought that they would e returning to a Gopi free home since Ahem couldn't stand Gopi even if he tried. The first thing that ran through her mind was she had to call her mom.

She turned towards Jigar and said she was going upstairs to freshen up because she is very tired from the long car ride. As everyone proceeded to sit in the living room Raashi headed upstairs. Gopi asked everyone to sit and rest and she would get tea and snacks for everyone. Koki stopped her saying no one wants anything and I just want you to sit here next to me. Gopi did as she was asked but was a little nervous because Koki was sitting at one end of the sofa and Ahem was sitting at the other end. She felt very shy sitting next to him so she sat closer to Koki.

Up in Raashi's room she was pacing around whining about how all of her and her mom's plans went down the drain. She was hoping for one thing and another thing happened. She quickly dials her mom's number and tells her there is a big problem in this house. Urmi hears this and gets very upset. She quickly asks her daughter what wrong. Raashi explains how for the past week they all were at their farmhouse. Everyone but Gopi and Ahem. She told her mom that Chirag had said that Ahem refused to come. I got all happy thinking that Ahem will finally kick Gopi out of the house but, no that is not the case at all. She yells they have come together. Urmi asks Raashi not to worry as she will think of something.

Back downstairs everyone is on cloud 9 seeing Gopi and Ahem together like this finally. Gopi was answering all of Koki's questions and talking to everyone inquiring how their mini vacation was. She then tells Koki I hope you are feeling much better because I hate seeing you so sad. This care and concern brought tears to everyone's eyes even Ahem's. Everyone could not help but notice that even though Ahem was quite this whole time he was constantly found staring at Gopi. Jigar saw this and decided to pull Ahem's leg a little after all he is younger he has a right to do this. He breaks Ahem's stare by calling his name and saying you are really quite what's wrong. Ahem says nothing and smiles and then Jigar goes to add that in all these years I have never seen Ahem bhai so speechless and runs away before Ahem could get his hands on him. Everyone getting the hint say they will go to their rooms for a while and rest and resume with the household work afterwards. Finally Gopi and Ahem were alone.

Gopi not being able to bear the silence and Ahem's stare gets up to head for the kitchen but Ahem grabs her hand and makes her sit back on the sofa and this time a lot closer to him. He makes his blushing Gopi look at him and says thank you. You have given me my mom back today. She once again has life in her. You have given her all the happiness in the world. Gopi quietly says not I but we have given her all the happiness in the world, I can't take all the credit. While listening to her he got lost in her beauty and after finishing her sentence Gopi couldn't help but to get lost in his stare. After about a minute Ahem slowly started to lean towards Gopi for a kiss.  Gopi quickly turned her face and started to blush. Gopi also started to say Ahemji let me go someone will come but that did not stop her naughty Ahemji, he was determined to get that kiss but just as Gopi was about to protest again they heard someone cough. Gopi the first on to look at the noise and saw Jigar standing there smiling. Gopi saw her chance and fled to the kitchen and Ahem started chasing Jigar around the house, what Gopi and Ahem didn't know was that Jigar was not the only one to witness their little moment. Koki and Hetal Kaki were watching from above and just smile at each other.

Once Gopi reached the kitchen she drank a glass of water while she tried to digest what just happened. She again started to blush when she thought about how they were caught by Jigar. To keep her mind off of everything that happened she started to prepare dinner. She made everyone's favorites. By the time Koki, Hetal Kaki, and Raashi made it to the kitchen everything was done. Gopi had made everything for dinner, set the table, and cleaned the dishes and kitchen. Since all the work was done all the women sat in the living room with Baa until all the men showed up. First Chirag and Parag entered together and then came Ahem and Jigar laughing. Now that everyone was here they all sat down to dinner and Hetal Kaki instructed Gopi and Raashi that after they were done serving everyone they should sit down to eat as well. Raashi sat next to Jigar and Gopi next to Ahem. Just as Gopi was about to lift her hand to eat her food Ahem grabbed it and held it under the table with no intention to let it go. Gopi after a while started eating with her other hand. She hoped no one would notice but Chirag Kaka did notice and as he was about to say something he saw the smile on Ahem's face and realized what was going on so he decided to let it go. He slowly got everyone's attention to show what was going on. Gopi's face was beetroot red and Ahem couldn't help but to smile and steal glances of her face.

Finally dinner was done Ahem lets go of Gopi's hand and she thought thank god. As she headed towards the kitchen to start to clean up both Koki and Hetal Kaki stopped her. They told her to go to her room and rest as she has done enough work for today. Gopi tried to say something but couldn't argue with her elders. Gopi was so nervous because she knew Ahem was not done teasing her. She saw her chance than to avoid going to her room. She spotted Baa in the mandir and decided to spend time with her. Baa was elated to see Gopi and asked her to join her. Baa starts off by saying Gopi you really are Kahnaji's blessing to us. You have bought so much happiness to this house. Ahem wondering where Gopi is comes down stairs but sees her with Baa and decides to leave her be since Gopi is really attached to Baa. Ahem knew now what the feeling of fulfillment meant. He slowly went back up stairs. Koki and Hetal cleared the table and filled the leftovers in the right containers and left Raashi the responsibility to clean the dishes and clean the kitchen. In a dishearten voice she said ok and did all the work she was told.

Baa started to yawn so Gopi took her to her room and got her settled in and then left to go to her room. Sure enough Ahem was up and waiting for her. As Gopi walked into her room she saw him working on his laptop. She was happy to see him engrossed in his work. As soon as he looked up to see Gopi his phone started to ring and he gave her a little frown. But as he attended his call Gopi went to change into her salwar kameez. Ahem was off his phone and his laptop was shut off and put away by the time Gopi came out of the bathroom. As she quickly searched for him she found him waiting for her on the bed and Gopi just smiled.

The four elders of the house were gathered together in Chirag's and Hetal's room planning a trip for Ahem and Gopi. They were very happy to see the love blooming between the two and wanted to give it a boost. The only problem they had was they didn't know where to send them. They wanted to send them some place foreign so Gopi has a chance to see the world outside her home. At last they decided to send them to London. Chirag said he would give them the news tomorrow morning.

Back in Ahem's room Ahem and Gopi are both lying on the bed Ahem hugging Gopi from behind just talking. Ahem asks Gopi do you know what I love about you the most? Gopi says no so he continues and says I love your shyness the most. You look breathtakingly beautiful when your shy and you blush like you were doing at dinner. Gopi replies you are too much Ahemji. Then Ahem asks Gopi will you be with me forever and Gopi replies I can't even think to ever leave you even when you were mad at me and didn't want to have anything to do with me. Ahem to lighten up the mood says Gopi what are you made of that you are so nice to everyone regardless of how they treat you. At the end of that he starts poking her as if he is trying to find out and she feels ticklish and pleads to him to stop and both of them fall asleep in each other's arms with smiles on their faces. 

The next morning after breakfast Chirag Kaka asks Ahem and Gopi to stay seated as they need to talk with them. The two of them get a little worried because everyone has such a serious face on. Raashi walks into the kitchen after seeing Jigar off to work as if she was going to start cleaning. Really what she did was stand by the door and listen to the discussion going on outside. Chirag Kaka tells Ahem and Gopi to relax and smile.

Chirag Kaka starts off by saying Ahem you work so hard day and night and never take a break, Gopi beta the same can be said for you so we have all decided to send you two to London for a vacation. You guys didn't come with us for a vacation when we all went to the farmhouse. Before Ahem could say something Chirag Kaka said the business will be fine and he has Parag and Jigar to help him. Hetal Kaki stopped Gopi from protesting by assuring her that they will also be fine since they have Raashi and Mani plus Mani's sister was coming so they will have all the help they need. After having all their excuses taken away Ahem and Gopi looked at one another and just agreed to what the adults were telling them to do. Now the next step of business for them was to pack because their flight was tonight. As Ahem and Gopi went up the stairs Gopi asked what part of India is London in and also asked if they were driving there or taking a bus or train. Ahem thought she was joking around with him and started laughing. Gopi gave him a very confused look and then she added seriously tell me. At that point Ahem stopped laughing and knew he had a lot of explaining to do.


When they got to their room Ahem sat Gopi down on the bed and said we are leaving the country. London is not within India. Gopi was a little shocked by this and just kept looking at Ahem with confusion in her eyes. And he continued, as to how we get there, we have to go by plane. Gopi got real scared hearing the word plane and told Ahem that she didn't want to go because she is afraid of heights and she is scared to ride on a plane. Ahem hugged her to calm her down and told her everything would be fine because he wouldn't let anything happen to her. She looked at him with scared eyes and did the packing as Ahem told her. Ahem was so amused by his wife's innocence and that made him love her even more. Jigar was the one to drive them to the airport and noticed Gopi's worried face. He asked what was wrong and Ahem explained about her fear and Jigar told her not to worry and if she gets scared just hold onto Ahem's hand all her fears would vanish. Hearing Jigar say that made her blush a little bit but it also helped her calm down. Ahem and Gopi got their luggage checked in and boarded the plane and the whole time Gopi was hugging Ahem's arm. Ahem really liked it and Gopi didn't even realize what she was doing. Once they were seated Ahem explained to her how to tie the seat belt and showed her other planes that were taking off and landing to show her what their plane was going to do. 

Gopi was a little excited along with a little afraid. As soon as the plane started Gopi was back to hugging Ahem's arm and all her excitement was gone he made Gopi rest her head on his shoulder and in just a while she was a sleep. Ahem woke Gopi up when they landed in London and Gopi was shocked she slept the whole way there. They went and claimed their luggage and got a taxi who took them to their hotel. It was a huge hotel and Gopi was left speechless in her wonder. Ahem took her out of her trance when he asked he if she wanted to go inside, she just nodded and followed Ahem. Even though she slept the whole flight she still felt tired and so did Ahem so they both took long naps which led them to the evening.

After getting up from her nap Gopi decided to freshen up. Ahem as well was up and talking to room service ordering dinner. Gopi was shocked when she opened the suitcase. All she found were salwar kameezes. She went to Ahem and told him she thinks that their luggage got mixed up with someone else's because all her saris are gone. Ahem just gave Gopi a naughty little smile. He said that is because I unpacked all your sari's and packed all your nice salwar kameezes. You are on vacation which means you can wear clothes you are comfortable in. Gopi saw no point in arguing because there wasn't much she could do at this point. That night they had their dinner and fell asleep on the sofa watching tv. The next morning both got up together and got ready and had their breakfast. Gopi then asks what do we do now? Ahem replies we go sightseeing. For the next couple of days they were walking around and taking picture and they had loads of fun. They had one more week left before they went back. Gopi was in the room talking to everyone at home while ahem had gone out for some important work. Just as Gopi hung up the phone Ahem walks in with a couple of bags. Gopi wondering what Ahem bought asks him and he replies clothes and jewelry for you.

He hands Gopi the bags. Gopi starts off with the smaller bag which has two boxes. One contains a chain with a diamond heart pendant. The other box contains long diamond earrings. The other bag had a red spaghetti strap dress that went down to her ankles and on the left side there was a long slit. One look at that dress and she told Ahem she can't wear this. Ahem just watched as she ramble on and at the end said I want to see my wife look sexy for me just once. That left Gopi speechless. He told her she would have to wear this dress to dinner tonight and if she didn't put in on herself then he would put it on her himself.

So its 7:00 and Ahem got ready in his black suit with a red shirt and red tie and waited for Gopi. After 40 minutes of waiting and numerous pleas Gopi came out in the lovely red dress. Ahem had one look at her and forgot his hunger for food and just wanted to eat her up. Ahem knew tonight was the special where he would go all the way with Gopi. Gopi on the other hand was blushing so much that she was giving competition to her dress. Ahem confidently walks over to Gopi and gives her a very long and passionate kiss. After Gopi caught her breath Ahem asks shall we go. Gopi still hesitant to go out in that dress but in the end Ahem convinces her.

They reach the restaurant and they walk in with Gopi holding onto Ahem's arm. After Ahem and Gopi are seated everyone keeps stealing glances at Gopi and marveling at how beautiful she is. One couple after they were done their dinner went up to Gopi and said she looked very beautiful, the man even told Ahem he is lucky to have such a lovely wife. Gopi had no idea what was being said so she just smiled. Once they left Gopi asks Ahem what they were saying and he said they were saying you look beautiful and I am so lucky to have such a lovely wife. All the staring was making Gopi nervous so they quickly finished up dinner and left. Ahem was determined to build Gopi's confidence one way or another.

After dinner they were just walking around town admiring the night life when Ahem noticed that Gopi was feeling a little chilly so he took off his jacket and wrapped it around Gopi and then he wrapped his arm around Gopi's waist. They walked like that for an hour and then headed back to the hotel room. When they got back Gopi was in a hurry to get out of the dress but Ahem in a naughty manner said everyone got to admire you in this dress but I didn't not fair. Gopi didn't know what to say so she just stood there like a statue.

Ahem slowly walked to where she was standing and bought her real close to him and watched her blush for a couple of seconds. After he was done staring he started to drop light kisses on her face and moved down onto her neck. When Gopi's knees gave out Ahem swiftly lifted her in his arms and placed her on the bed. He knew today Gopi was his in every way. He just kissed her for awhile before he started to slowly remove her clothes and then his. The scene fades away with both of them wrapped in a bed sheet.

The next morning Ahem woke up before Gopi. He felt at such ease seeing Gopi sleep so peacefully wrapped in just a bed sheet. He couldn't wait to see Gopi's expression when she wakes up. Gopi woke up about 20 minutes later. Her back was to Ahem. At first she was very confused as to what happened and why she felt so sore but then she remembered each and every memory from the night before. She turned around slowly as she felt Ahem's stare. She could not look at him for more than 3 seconds. She became very shy and just looked away. As she tried to get out of bed he snaked his arm around her and pulled her against his body.

Slowly he whispered do you know what happened last night. Gopi just nodded as she was too shy to say anything. He then asked her if she regrets what happened and she shook her head no, and lastly he asks if she is happy and all she could do was smile and bury her head in the pillow. Ahem was happy to get the answers he wished for. After a while Gopi said we have to get up as we need to get back home. Ahem said we still have a couple of days left but Gopi was really missing home and wanted to go back early. Ahem didn't really care because finally Gopi had accepted him in every way that night. They did all their packing as their flight was for tomorrow afternoon. They couldn't help but look at each other and just smile. Gopi and Ahem finally reached home and everyone was surprised and happy to see them.

Everyone greeted, hugged, and blessed Gopi and Ahem. Hetal Kaki asked once they were all settled in the living room why they came early. Ahem said Gopi really missed everyone and I didn't feel like saying no to her. Just to tease his shy bhabhi Jigar asked "Gopi bhabhi did you really miss everyone or was bhai troubling you too much." Everyone smiled and Gopi got shy and ran away. Ahem started chasing Jigar yelling at him as to why he always teases Gopi. Koki said to Hetal lets finish all the work for today or else Gopi will beat us to it. Gopi got all the unpacking done by the time Ahem got to the room. Before Ahem could do something naughty she gave him a towel and his clothes and pushed him in the bathroom. By the time they went downstairs dinner was ready to be served. They all ate and since they had Mani and her sister none of the women had to worry about any of the work. Gopi inquired about Raashi and Hetal Kaki told her she will be gone for a couple of weeks because a couple of her friends are getting married.

Ahem joined office again and Gopi got to her house work and regular talks with Baa and all. One night when all were talking Gopi all of a sudden felt uneasy and had to go and throw up. Everyone saw this and got worried. When Gopi came back Ahem was right next to her and as soon as he held her hand he says you have a fever. Before Gopi can protest he takes Gopi upstairs to rest. She threw up two more times before finally falling asleep. Ahem went to sleep an hour later. The next morning she felt fine until after breakfast. When she got up after finishing she got dizzy and fainted. At this point Koki, Hetal Kaki, and Baa all had smiles on their faces because they realized what it might be. They tell Ahem not to worry and call the doctor. Gopi is still unconscious when the doctor is doing the check up. The doctor goes to Koki and Hetal and says she suspects the same and she says I have taken a blood sample I will have results by tomorrow till then please take care of her as she is weak to begin with.

The next day everyone is waiting for the doctor to call. Ahem didn't even go to work. Gopi continues to protest she feels fine now and there is no need to worry. Ever since the doctor said Gopi is a little weak Ahem keeps feeding her all the fruit he can and makes her drink a glass of milk every morning. Finally around 4 they got the phone call. Hetal kaki picked up the phone. She thanked the doctor for the good news. She went first to Ahem and Gopi's room where the two were fighting because Gopi was full and Ahem insisted she eat an apple. Hetal kaki walks in and says from today Gopi will eat only what she craves and wants. Both looked at her confused.

Ahem started protesting and Hetal Kaki says let me finish. She continues saying now Gopi will eat your brain constantly asking you to bring her all different types of foods and fruits. Ahem says Kaki I don't understand what you are saying. Hetal Kaki finally announces that the doctor called and Gopi is pregnant and Ahem says that's great but what about and stops mid sentence when he realizes what he heard. He was so happy and had the widest smile on his face. Hetal Kaki blessed the blushing Gopi and left. Ahem took Gopi into a tight hug. Ahem says he is so happy and can't wait to tell Jigar.

He calls Jigar up and tells him that he better come home with a gift for the new family member that's coming. Jigar asks who is coming. Ahem said let me give you a clue they will call you kaka. Jigar was so happy to hear this and couldn't hide his excitement and raced towards Chirag and Parag and told them the good news. All three of them hurried home that day to be with Ahem and Gopi. Koki and Hetal both made sure that Gopi stayed away from the kitchen and Ahem now made her eat three full meals a day with two snacks in the middle of the day which consisted of fruits and whatever else Gopi craved and one glass of milk every night.

Raashi came back a couple of days later but was a changed person. While at one of the weddings she had to attend she met her best friend who informed her that she got kicked out of her house. When Raashi asked why and how she explained al the mean things she did and Raashi realized that if she ever got caught she would be in the same position. When she came home she heard the good news and was elated. Even Hetal and Koki saw a positive change in Raashi and were happy. So it had been seven months and it was time for Gopi's godh bharai. Everyone was in full swing putting all the arrangements together. Gopi since she was told not o do any work sat in the mandir and talked to her Kanhaji. She thanked him for giving her such a loving and caring family. Ahem had come into the mandir to get Gopi and over heard everything. He was so happy to hear that, Gopi had so much love for his family.

Gopi turns around when she feels someone's presence and just smiles at Ahem and walks up to him. Ahem said thank you to Gopi and she asks for what. He replies for bringing my family together and giving them so much happiness. He then remembers and says lets go everyone is calling you. There was a surprise for Gopi waiting in the living room. Kinjal had returned from America and she was a new person as well. She ran up to Gopi and gave her a hug and told her that she is getting engaged soon. She met a guy in America and he is very sweet. So the men get kicked out and the ceremony starts. Ahem and Jigar being the bad boys they are, are watching everything from a window. Ahem couldn't believe how beautiful Gopi looked and the best part was she was his only his. Everything went well and they all started preparing to bring the new member home and Kinjal's engagement and wedding.

One night in their room Ahem and Gopi were talking about their child and Ahem says he wants a mini Gopi who he can treasure just as much as he treasures her. Gopi looks at him and tells him no way she wants a mini Ahem. I want him to be just like you so I can always be happy by all his naughtiness. Ahem told Gopi that she may have been right about everything till now but this time you will be wrong because we will have a girl. Gopi firmly says boy. And with that said they both go to bed. A couple days go by and the baby can come any day now. Everyone is on their toes with Gopi. It's about 2am and everyone is sleeping when Gopi feels a sharp pain.

She thought the baby probably just kicked and ignored it but she felt it again and this time it hurt a lot more. She quickly started crying and calling Ahem's name. On the second "Ahem" Ahem woke up and was holding Gopi. He realized she started feeling labor pains and quickly yelled for Jigar. Jigar was there in a heartbeat and Ahem told him to get the car. Ahem helped Gopi out of bed and down the stairs and into the car. The rest of the family followed in the other car including Baa. After being in labor for 6 hours they hear a baby crying. The nurse comes out with a baby boy. Ahem felt so happy holding his son. Ahem asks about Gopi and the nurse tells him that since she was weak she is unconscious right now but not to worry as she will wake up after a little rest. Can I at least see her? Of course Ahem sat there and held Gopi's hand until she got up. When she woke up she saw Ahem smiling at her but the cradle next to her empty. Tears welled up in her eyes and asked where is my baby and Ahem calmed her down and told her not to worry as the nurse has taken the baby for a regular check up and will bring the baby in a while. He then adds you were right again. Gopi asks about what. He says we had a baby boy. Gopi was so happy to hear that.

Just then the door opened and the nurse bought in the baby and gave him to Gopi. She saw him smiling at her and said Ahem he has your smile and Ahem adds and he has your nature of always being happy. Gopi, Ahem, and Rohan (that's the baby's name) finally came home and everyone spent the day playing with him. Kinjal's wedding was in a week and she was happy that Rohan will be a part of it. Kinjal's wedding happens and everyone sees her and her husband off at the airport as she will forever be in America. After a couple of days Gopi and Ahem watched Rohan sleep and they talked about how everything in the end turned out to be ok. Ahem then gets a smile on his face and says everything but one thing. I am still waiting for my mini Gopi. Gopi was caught off guard and turned red. There is my blushing wife says Ahem as he went to kiss her. Gopi just ran to the window. Ahem went to her and hugged her from behind and said we should start planning for my mini Gopi and practicing. Gopi didn't know what to say so she just looked down. Finally Gopi breaks the silence and says not now after a little bit as we have our hands full with Rohan. Ahem turns Gopi around and says I am willing to wait as long as you ask but don't make me wait too much, with that he takes her into another hug and the scene fades out there.  

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upasana.diya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 7:01pm | IP Logged
that was so beautiful... i was crying by the time i came to the end... simply awesome... please don't stop writing
estty Groupbie

Joined: 27 October 2010
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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 7:49pm | IP Logged
beautiful...just beautiful...loved evry bit of me u ROCKThumbs Up

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LoveMJ Senior Member

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 11:03pm | IP Logged
That was a really nice story. Loved the ending!:)
-tellyaddict- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 11:05pm | IP Logged
so sweet....keep writing
br2499 Goldie

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 9:44am | IP Logged
Very sweet ! Looking forward to more FF/OS from you
choti_rani Goldie

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 5:50pm | IP Logged
Very cute story! Really enjoyed reading it.
Aashna26 Senior Member

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 5:59pm | IP Logged
This was just tooooooo toooooo great! I read it all without a blink of my eye!!! just tooo toooo good!! We are also waiting for the mini Gopi's arrival and than they will have a complete family!!!

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