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Sanjog Se Bani Sangini

17th Jan Written update complete

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 1:49pm | IP Logged
Hey guys congrats Sangini as of this week is rate #11 on the caska meter so i guess everyones loving sangini n RaGa Saga at the moment, Roshini isnt able to update as she is busy so im updating on her behalf, i know its a 3 in 1 eppy today but i will only do a detailed written update for the Sangini storyline as i dont watch the other Drama's and am totally lost when it comes to them, i will only breifly describe their scenarious, Sangini is in gold and all other is in silver so if u want to skip the others story u can!

Maha Sangum Eppy 17th Jan

a doctor tells Satish that Varsha cant ever be a mother, Satish informs the Doc not to tell Varsha and he will tell her at the right time

R is at Gs house asking of Gs where abouts to the neighbour hood, Gs landlord wonders why G has gone without telling him and asks u both havent started to fight amonst each other again have u? R is R shouts he doesnt have time for such topics he needs to get to G ASAp otherwise he may never find her again, he then pleads that in anyone knows of Gs where abouts then please inform him so that he can reach her in time, some woman walks forward and mentions she heard Nani talking about  Mumbais laajcare (or something along those lines) hospital, she may have taken SUnehri there with her, Chumru's Mami mentions in mumbahi loads of hospitals have similar names how will he find G, then steps forward the mini hero Chumru, he says dont worry Mami i will go with Lanky n together we will find Gdidi, n his mami agree's as she feels she has caused G enough troubles, Then R declares no matter how huge mumbai may be i will hunt down G n bring her bak, the whole neighborhood give him their prayers and R looks of into the distance and says G wait for me, im coming to get u!

Varsha goes to Archana's hous and invites her to her party she says she doesnt forgive Archana for the pain she cuased their family and further starts didding the room Archana calls a house, Archana says ur happy wiv u money but one day will come when money wont be able to by u somethin and only then will u value ur own people that will support u then, Manav gets a call from Satish inviting him to the party also and he cant go as he is going to be working, Manav returns home and gifts Archana a sari, and tells her he cant attend the party and sends Archana anyway.

Mona and Ankulp arrive in mumbai and are not sure where their hotel is and ask a taxi drviver to take them to the adress on the card the driver looks at them weird and they say just take us here and dont wrry about the cost

Satish hides the hspital reports where Varsha wont be able to find them

Rudrs bag gets robbed by a man on a bike, manav gives them a lift and they follow the man to an abandoned house and they run after him leaving Chumroo outisde safe, once they get there they are surrounded, Manav says lets go from here and Rudr refuses, Manav asks him whats more important ur life ur the bag and R says his wifes photo is in the bag, manav says comeon then and they beat up the gunde, manav hands R bak the bag and R thnks him

Mona and Ankulp get to the hotel where couples are every where and there is alot of public displays of affection, they get worried and when they get to the reception and ask about their reservation that man says u dont need a reservation here, there is always a room available here and who many hours do u want it for? mona anu leave in a hurry

Rats gets a call from nani n tells her Rudr is comin for G and she musnt find out, that they need to hurry and leave, just then gauri opens the door and hears what nani says next which is basically that as soon as Sunher has been operated on she will take her family and leave and rudr will never meet gauri again, nani hangs up the phone and says she has her money and G will never kno tat R is in Mumbai looking for her, G is furious and thought u would go so low tha u wud use mums illness to seperate me and R, do u kno how this will affect mum? Nani says shut up i dont need to hear this and shoves G in a room locking it saying she will only open it when it is time to leave for dubai and how she needs to go n get Sunehri, G is devesated and pleads with Nani not to seperate RaGa as she will die.

Mon and Anu bump into Satish who tuns out to be anu's friend he recomends they stay at hotel where his party is and also attend the party they agree

Manav gets R a room at his hotel which turns out to be the same hotel where Gs family is staying, Nani is taking Sunheri n Umang to their rooms and they just miss R and chumroo who enter their room, it turns out that G is locked in the room next door, G runs n hugs Sunehri n Nani leaves guns to watch them while she gets the stuff ready the phone rings and G hands it to the goons who crowds the phone and G slips by them and escapes

anu n mona get a room at the same hotel (lagta hai this hotel is the place to be girls lets all g now!!!)

Manav is cleaning n gets told to take a couples order he see's them shocked and doesnt want them to see him, manav get sum1 else to serve them

Mona and Anu have paani puri n think about each other, then a couples comes near then Mona gets a call and shes says yep manali is reay good enjoyin it alot her and the womans looks around like this aint manali, anu gets a kal and he says he is in the ques for madir n will call bak the woman makes funny faces (god scene) thrn the woman says children lie to parents in love it wrong my manav is they same and mona is says to anu lets leave they pay and go, mona leaves her bag ther and the coupld plan on retruning it, some calls anu's mum n tells them that he has seen anu n he needs to come to there house to visit, anu mum is shocked and monas family is discussing how they are in manal n them anu's mum tells them they arent they r in mumbai

Nani in goons run around looking for G, G hides behind a door n enter R who like usual just misses her Chumroo asks why is her blaming himself, by the time we got their didis mum got discharged its not ur fault n R looks upset n walks off, G opens door and just misses him runing upstairs (SSBS musical version in BG) the goons see G and run after her as they pass R opens his room door while u see him updtairs u see G with goons behind her runing downstairs, R says did u see that girl runing maybe we should help her and Chumroo says why get urself cought in the web of others? why in the time u help others u may just miss finding Gdidi, R n chumroo walk of just as u see G dodging the goons n runnin..

Manav see's G running and then his boss calls him and gives him the note that has Satish n Varsha's name for their cake and tells him to give it to the chef, which he is talking as Archana calls n she asks if he can attend the party for a little while n Manav says no n she has to go, manav give the letter to another waiter to take it to chef.

Both Monas family and Anu's family r wondering what has happened, Mona n anu realise Mona has lost her bag when Anu's mum calls and he lies that they have prayed and she gets that they arent where he said they were n his mum decides to go mumbai after them

Varcha is happy with the party preperations she greets the family when archana arrives and the all go inside, Mananv is told to take Mona ANu to their room Mona tells anu to get food while she freshens up, manav n anu r walking and Manav advices Anu that if u love her u need to share that wit her, i dont know what is in her heart how should i tell her my feelings, manav says u gotta risk this for a lifetime of happyness otherwise how ill u realise one anothers feelings?

Chumroo is consoling R saying im sure god will help u find Ddi n manav asks wahts wrong n R says he came to find his wife and he cant seem to find her he shows manav a pik and manav says she is in this hotel i saw her and some goons where chasing her she is definitly here R is ready to search the whole hotel rom by room to find gauri but manav says that the ochestra mike here is conected to every room so if maybe u spoke into it... R is happy and thanks Manav and walks aways

.Satish n family r happy n archana is missing manav, she see's Mona and Mona tells her she is worried if her hubby loves her or not, n Archana says bappa baught u together so leave it to bappa and all u need to do is tell ur hubby ur feelings n Mona agree's, manav enters the hall an realises that the function that is going on is Satish n Varsha's n gets concerned about bein recognised.

Rudr is walkin and finds Gs payal that sunheri gave her at her wedding, we see gauri being dragged off by goons, r gets the mike and apologises for the disturbance but then says if i dont do this then i will loose someone today, Gauri i cant see u but i know ur nearby! i jus want to say that i have been betrayed in love but all i can say is that if i am her today stood on my own 2 feet in confidence calling u infront of starngers that is all because of u, G struggles with the goons, R continues saying she is his sangini and if she is in his life then he can bare any pain, ANY pain, G breaks free of the goons n heads his way while R is looking around in hope, he says ths R can only be completed with G by his side, G is at the top of the steps and calls out his name, she runs down the stairs pauses then jumps into a

NICE LONG and TIGHT HUG with the title track in the BG

nani in sunheri echange a look everyone is watching and they continue to hug, a few rounds from the camera and rudr pulls back saying look at me and see ive come to mumbai jus fr u, promise me watever happens be it good or bad u will never leave my side and he wipes her tears G agrees saying they will never seperate now, now misunderstanding in the world could seperate them now, thats my promis to u...
 and the HUG AGAINShockedEmbarrassedClap nice n tight with G all wrapped up in Rs embrace then they step bak and are lost in each others eyes everyone is claping and the look around smilin even nani has refromed as she apparently now understands RG.

n suddenly every one is as happy as us for RaGa n start dancing...
first Satish n Varsha

then Anu-Mona even though they are actually in dream mode

n it seams to be a day from drams dances cos then archana and manav dance in there dreams ( i know i said i had been day dreaming ever since the ME but i wasnt talking about other jodies i was only dreaming and RaGa!)

then after this manav gets told to bring the cake to the party and everyone is shocked to see him and people say omg he is a waiter and he should be ashamed but our R says so what he is a good man and till date i have not seen a man like him n Anu joins in praisin manav

 thats the gist of it nothing else anging related.

sorry for the typos and delays guys

xXx Bee

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shalini01 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 1:58pm | IP Logged
thanks alot bee, will be waiting for the rest. btw what's ur name? awesome episode today.

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Athene Viewbie

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 2:00pm | IP Logged
Thanx for the update. I loved the episode so much today. Especially the hugs at the end. So cute. Clap Another scene I really loved was when Manav and Rudra were fighting the goons. Two hot dudes sharing screen space made my screen and, maybe my boyfriend, burn with envy. LOL

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 2:17pm | IP Logged
thank you soooo are doing a gr8 job  Clap

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 2:20pm | IP Logged
Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 2:35pm | IP Logged
We appreciate the update, but would it be possible to use actual names instead of letters or short hand?  It is a bit confusing especially since there are now characters from other shows not everyone watches.
thank you

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 2:58pm | IP Logged

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thanks alot Bee.

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