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-truly magical- MAANEET thread 9 (Page 22)

sanu3108 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 9:56pm | IP Logged
yipppeeeeee.....  DancingParty

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muskanp IF-Sizzlerz

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-truly magical-
part 96

It was way passed mid night maan had still not come. She waited for him & slept resting on the chair. He came in little later than 2am. He walked straight to the bedroom & changed. He didn't even bother to check where she was. He pulled the spread & tried to sleep. How could he. He was so used to her. He restlessly turned, she came to the room & slipped next to him. He moved away from her & piled the pillows between them. She silently cried seeing him being so angry. It was 3am he still could not sleep. He ate a sleeping pill & forced himself to sleep. She also took the pill & tried to sleep.

It as first time since their wedding she was not in his arms in the morning. She hated the feeling. He came back from the gym & walked straight into the shower. She took out his cloths & waited for him. He came out & wrapped in towel, she gasped in some breath. Her throat went dry to see him in towel & that fury in his eyes. She had seen him many times in towel but now all she could think about was that night with him.  She was torn out of her thought when she noticed he changed into something totally different & he had actually thrown away the cloths she had laid on the bed. He was definitely mad at her. She put all her wit together - Maan
Maan - just SHUT UP
tears flooded down her eyes, she forcefully hugged him - I am sorry please mujhe aise ignore mat karo
he pushed her away & went to the kitchen
she served the bread & omelet. He binned it & took an apple instead
she was shocked to see he actually did something so rude. She had never seen this side of his. She knew he had a bad temper but never knew it could last so long.
Geet - jaan I am really sorry
he just left without even giving her second look.
She didn't know how to make it up to him. Itna gussa kyun ho rahen hain. She called him. He didn't bother answering her call. She was not able to take this, she was getting insecured, scared depressed. She hated herself. She sat in the bath tub & wondered how to make it up to him. Back home in Delhi they did fight it did last for couple of weeks but she was able to run behind him plead to him. But here staying in the same house & not taking it was killing her. She was going insane. She couldn't think of a day , a min, a sec without him.
For her every thing was extreme. There she had every one to cry to. Last time she remembered crying to daadi when he didn't answer her calls & went off to camp. She recalled every moment with him. She realized her life seemed nothing without him, without talking to him, without being in his arms. It made no sense 2 days one night without him she felt something inside her was sinking. She was getting wireds of thoughts like ending her life very that moment. She was in the kitchen cooking the dinner expecting atleast he may join her today. But the knife only reminded her to kill her self..stabbing  herself to end this pain of not seeing him not talking to him, he knew she took him for granted but never knew it would hurt so much. 11 at night Maan had still not come, the house seemed to consume her. Why was she going to crazy. She felt like he had some spell cast on her like a black magic, she couldn't even breath normal. Her heart felt heavy & miserable. She shut her eyes & tried to sleep. She couldn't bear it.
She rushed to the kitchen & looked at the knife. She hit head her head with the knife ..geet tu pagal hogayee hain kya, hain hogayee hoon. Kyun nahi baat karte mujhe se. chota mota fight to sab ghar main hota hain, iske liya koi life thodi end karta hain. Fight hota hain, lekin koi aise baat bina kaise rah sakta hain ? Main ne sorry kaha na., main sachi main sorry hoon. She fights with herself & forces herself to throw the knife away & walks back to the bedroom. Mujhe nahi pata tha humne jo kiya woh consummate nahi tha. Ek tho aise sab karte hain, aur bata the bhi nahi ki kya hota hain. As if, he would have said & u would have understood. Mujhe nahi pata. Mujhe unse baat karni hain, aabhi. She tries his number with tears running down her eyes. I can't stay without seeing him, talking to him, I might as well die. She picks up the sleeping pills bottle. She keeps it away & tries to sleep.
She kept on trying his number continuously non stop going mad. He switched off his phone getting irritated. She has few pills & tries to sleep. She couldn't. Mujhe aap se baat karni hain. Please mujhe maaf kardo please she felt heart would explode any minute without speaking to him. It was 12 pass. Her heart was sinking in a pain she had never felt before unbearable tortures, she gave in to the pain &  ate the whole of the bottle & still wandered about trying to sleep. She could not. She threw the bottle & finally fell a sleep at 1am crying.

Maan walked in at 2am . He changed & looked for the pillows to pile up. She had hidden them. He got pissed off & went to the  living room & tried to sleep in the couch. It was 3am he was still really restless & uncomfortable,  he had spend the whole day concentrating hard on new projects & over tiring himself but still he was not able to fall asleep with out her, he hated the dependency she had induced in him. He came back & looked for the sleeping pills. He knew she probably hid that as well. He was really mad at her probably just fell like shaking her & asking her wear it was. But didn't want to talk to her, didn't even want to see her face. The thought of addressing him as rapist still lingered in his mind when they didn't even consummate.

He just went to the living room & tried to sleep without realizing every minute she was drifting into her endless sleep. It was 5.30 am he got ready to go the gym when he tripped on the empty bottle of the pills. He immediately rushed to her hoping he was wrong in thinking wat seemed quiet obvious. But he was not, she was cold, he checked her pulse it was sinking. She had blood stains from her nose & mouth. He rushed her to the hospital in minutes. He couldn't believe she could do something so silly. He tried to make her have sugar as a first aid. 

Doctor did the initial check up. Maan was getting wild & his temper was rising with his concern for her. Maan Singh Khurana was dead scared of losing her, his life to his temper.
dr. - wat happened
Maan - not sure, I think she ate them all
dr - when
Maan - I am not sure
dr looked at him suspiciously - u r her?
Maan - husband he said in full authority
dr smirked & u don't seem to know wat she is been up to
that was clearly rubbing Maan on the wrong side especially at that time.
Dr did the initial check up & came back panicking - I guess its been more than 6 hrs since she had them. It is a clear case of drug overdoses, and she already reached coma. We are just fearing any brain damage due to not getting enough oxygen. The airway to the lungs may have got blocked off by the her vomit, or by drug-induced slowdown in the part of the deep brain that controls the rate and depth of breathing. Or the heart may seize and fibrillate all the heart muscle fibers quiver, but none in rhythm with each other. The blood doesn't move, so it doesn't take oxygen to the brain or carry away waste. Did she vomit?
Maan was not sure he went blank. Nothing made sense.
dr. - as an  immediate remedy we have intubation, involving running an endotracheal tube through a her nose to her lungs to clear the airway. We have to flush her stomach with tube, it is really a painful process.
Nurses were concerned & spoke among themselves. OMG that will be tortures sticking a thumb size tube through your mouth down to her stomach to pump it out. She may feel she been choked to death.

Maan was shocked & pushed his hair behind. He was broken down completely. Nothing made sense. He rubbed his eyes trying to recall every incident. He knew her as a strong person not a weak girl who would resort to such measures. Prithvi reached the hospital little later. He saw Maan pacing restlessly in the corridor.
They could hear her vomiting & choking. He couldn't bare the sight she was in. pale, vomiting black, red yellow fluid. She struggled with that thick tube in her mouth. She couldn't even scream. He felt his heart shattering into million tiny pieces seeing her pain. He never intended to put her in pain not even in his wildest of his dreams. YES he was angry but he didn't mean to give her pain . He hated himself to have let her into all this. He was responsible for her, god dammit she was his wife his every thing. His life revolved around her. How could he let something like this happen to her. Guilt ate him, she was alone, she didn't have any one to share her feelings, how much pain she would have felt to resort to something like this. He punched the wall as hard as he could. Prithvi tried to control him, but was not sure about his limits.

Maan shouting at Geet

hope u all like the updates. Love all your comments.
Really love reading them
please do keep commenting'.

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yayyyyyyyyy me 1st woooohooo m so happy lolDancingPartyanyways awwwww dis was really really depressing update awwwwwwwww geeet all insecure, crying, thinking to kill herself n all awwwwww damn man i felt so sorrry for geet maan was so so rudeOuch n den oh nooooooooooo she ate all pills oh nooo now she serious oh man hopeeee she alright do continue soon now

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maneetian80 Newbie

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yeah...............wat an update..i just loved it. Muskan u rockBig smile
but feeling bad for maneet. Hope things will sort out soon.

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me very sad CryCry...poor geet how much pain she has gone was too rude of maan to have thrown the food she made for him or the clothes she picked up for him...Cry....poor geet....!!!It is a fact tht humans forget wht they r doing wen they r damn upset..same has happened wid geet...Disapprove...hope the two come back to their original self soon...!!!!Continue soon...n luved each n evrything u wrote to describe geet's feelings for maan's was really touching...Disapprove..!!
With Heart

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heermeher IF-Dazzler

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Cry i can feel geets pain she didnt have any one to talk to today.  hope prithiv tells maan about arjun too

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macho_muffin IF-Rockerz

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Heyyyy dii!!

okay, i am legit holding my ears rite now....i know your muffin hasn't been commenting can yell all you want *pouts* started naa di so it gets soo hectic....but i pomishh i have pressed like for the last couple of updates i missed!Embarrassed....if u still wanna yell, then i just got one you accept bribes?LOL
coming to the update, O-M-GShocked
geet did what?Shocked
she did what?Shocked
i repeat, geet ne yeh kya kiya?Shocked
i am not worried for the next update cuz if maan is yelling at Geet in the precap, then that means she is okay and he is yelling at her for taking the pills.....can someone say a HAWTT and passionate makeup is on the way?EmbarrassedWink
awwww this was such a sad update though....they didn't talk and maan completely ignored herCry.....agreed, Geet shouldn't have said such a thing but then again....bechari kitni sad thi....uff can't see my maaneet in pain like this....hopefully everything is better soonEmbarrassed
yeh maaneet bhi naa....shuru se sab kuch extreme hi karte aaye hainLOL....but my twist queen ji will make all izz well soonWink.....maan's pain was soooo moving di....i could literally imagine his agony....hope he doesn't hurt himself!
since u know i am greedy anyway, i guess it won't hurt to say to pweez continue soon!!....ab to wait karna aur bhi difficult hain.....jaise pehle koi kam thaLOL
lovee you di!!

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