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-truly magical- MAANEET thread 9 (Page 101)

Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 4:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by muskanp


Day DreamingWAITING

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cute-aly IF-Rockerz

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for 100 update

Just realizing wat she needs to do to win her husbands heart.

She rushed to the store & picked up stuffs to decorate the room. She picked the cake that she had ordered earlier for him. She reached home around 3pm. She decorated the bedroom with red ballons heart shaped ones. Arranged candles all around. She quickly went to the kitchen & started cooking the dinner as well. She was very careful not to spoil the dinner. She took special care in preparing again his fav dishes. Simultaneously she did the bed as well. She filled the bed with rose petals. She kept smiling  as she added the petals she couldn't stop her thoughts going wild. It was 9pm. She had finished all her preparation. She knew he will be late.

Maan walked straight into the dinning area - jaan I have had my dinner.

She immediately stood up Maan she said in soft voice, he turned to actually notice her wearing something different. He tried hard to think wat she was up to. She looked devilishly hot. He took a deep long breath to control his emotions. He scratched back of his neck lifting his brows - umm

main to avain e avain e avain e lut gya

She softly inched closer & closer to him. He gasped some air. Murmuring Maan yeh phir se iska koi innocent sa idea hoga tu control main rah phir subha uttah ke pata nahi kya kya kah degi.

He didn't even want to think in those line - kya hain baba
Geet came closer - woh main woh main kahna chati thi...........................  Bebo main bebo, dil mera le lo,
Dil dene aayi, le lo ji le lo

I want to still go with ur dream

waiting for next

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waiting sweety

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muskanp IF-Sizzlerz

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-truly magical-
part 101

She was puerile in her act but she pleased him beyond his will & drove him to his peak. He carefully washed & changed into a new pair of shorts & laid cuddled up next to her.  They kissed each other & explored each other. His hands already seem to know all over her. His one hand teased her peaked buds while his fingers played between her legs while his lips nibbled her earlobe. She moaned his name driving him wild.

They could play around the whole night, but she seemed tired. He kissed nose - tumne dinner nahi kiya? She shook her head. He got up instantly & offered her his hand. She shied & hid herself in the spread. He lifted her **** body she turned pink in embarrassment & hid herself in him. She didn't let go the spread & he smiled seeing her still feeling so shy. He fed her the dinner while she passionately hugged him hiding their bare body under the spread. He occasionally kissed her curves feasting on them & kneading her back this his hand.

She finished the dinner & begin to sob hugging him in love & pain.
Maan - kya huwa jaan?
Geet - aap bahut gussa karte ho
he kissed her tears - sorry jaan. I don't like it ..tho bus don't like it..just need some time
Geet - aapke is thode se time main tho meri jaan hi nikal jaani hain.
Maan closes her mouth aise mat kaho jaan. U know I get angry.
Geet - uske liya koi itna gussa hota hain kya?
Maan - waise bhi mujhe kisi na kaha tha ki agar BF hoon tho haaq banta hain
she snorted her nose - lekin aap tho BF nahi ho
he knotted his eye brows loosening the grip on her & looked at her complaining eyes
she made a baby face moved closer - aap tho hubby ho na
he kissed her passionately hearing her accepting it so cutely.
she wrapped the spread around her & went to the kitchen to get the cake.
She lit the candles & got it finding it difficult to hold the cake & the spread. He didn't help her just watched the spread slide along, revealing her partly & then completely. He stood rooted drinking her beauty with his eyes. He could feel himself getting hard already just seeing her.  She looked like an angel under the candle light, she kept the cake on the table & hugged him feeling really shy. His hand spontaneously snaked all over her & showering wet kisses all over. He blew the candle & carried her to the room along with the cake.
Geet - cake nahi khana
Maan - I rather eat u.
she teasingly - who is stopping u
he groaned under his throat getting teased with her words. It took every ounce of his will to resist. But she had given him an invitation. How could he refuse? Sinking down further he traced a line of kisses from her shoulder to her curves & then his mouth found her *****, peaked already.

Geet moaned pressing her nails in his shoulder. He pulled her legs up around his waist while his lips gently exploring the exposed flesh. But as he continued, Maan knew they were reaching a point of no return. He drew back & waited until she opened her eyes & looked at him.

It was so easy to get caught up in his desire, Maan mused. Though he tried to ignore his need to possess her. There were moments when he let himself imagine wat they might share, wat it would feel like to move inside her. The impulse to strip off rest of his cloths was too intense to ignore.
Geet - why are u holding back.
he kissed her passionately losing himself completely.
She playfully pushed the cream from the cake on his nose tip, leaving chocolate dripping onto his chin. But before he could put the dip on her, she caught the dripping chocolate with her tongue. She slowly licked the rest of the mess off his face.
Maan - phir se karo na he requested in a husky voice.
She put her legs on either side & sat on him. She touched the cake piece to his nose, then licked it off. She made dots all around him, his shoulder, his chest his biceps & lusciously licked him. Every touch of her tongue was making him feel harder & harder. When she thought she was through with her cake eating, she took a big piece & handed it to him. It is really yummy she said with a wicked grin. He understood wat she meant. He took the whole cake & smashed it on her. Every were, her curves, her *****, her belly, her *****, her thighs, her legs...then spend the whole night licking, nibbling, picking, biting it & relishing his birthday cake.

Next day they turned into each others arms feeling sticky. They smiled at each other.
Maan - u don't want to wash ur self.
She naughtily - I would love to if ur tongue is willing to do me a favor.
He couldn't have refused to such an humble & sexy order. They spend the good part of the morning showering wet kisses to each other.

Maan carried her to the shower & turned on the shower. She turned to face him & explored every bit of him slipping even the final barrier. He shuddered with her touch around his parts. She hugged him closely with her pressing his back curves & pushing him closer feeling his manhood teasing her belly under the shower.

He bit around her neck, collar bone moving close to back of her ears - u r making it impossible for me to hold back. She in a jerk wrapped her legs around his hips & her hands around his neck - because I don't want u to any more. She spoke kissing his lips. He kissed her back carnally.

They dried themselves & changed. Maan was dressing up to go to office. She changed into her night dress & looked at him puzzled - aap kanha ja rahen ho?
Maan - sweet heart aaj Tuesday hain..working day
she removed his shirt - nahi aaj aapka birthday hain..matlab holiday
she slipped her hands under his vest & began to slide upward.
Maan smiled - jaan tumhare liya sab extreme kyun hota hain?
She throws the vest away & kisses his bare body while her hand don't seem to have enough of his touch - extreme & grin touches the corner of her lip pushing him on the bed & repeating the whole night again this time without the cake though.

Finally Maan tries to put himself back to get ready at around 2pm. She makes a baby face & holds him back - ek tho mujhe aise tempt karte ho, phir chodke jate ho
he kisses her forehead - nahi jaa raha baba, ghar se kaam kar raha hoon.
Geet - nahi & pulls him back into the spread.
She hugs him & lay while he worked sitting on the bed.
Maan - jaan tumhe college nahi jana
she shook her head kissing his belly.

EmbarrassedHOT dinnerEmbarrassed

-PREV   PART 100    NEXT   PART 102-
hope u all like the updates. Love all your comments.
Really love reading them
please do keep commenting.

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Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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YEEYYYYYYBig smileDancing
first one to comment....Dancing
loved their romance or rather BlushingBlushing
loved the way she said.....aap BF thodi ho...aap to hubby ho naa....Embarrassed...
to everyone's relief she accepted or rather said what was truly in her heart....
n their is no denying that maan loved his birthday....Wink
his birthday cake which he enjoyed to the fullest...Wink
maan must be internally wishing that his every day be like this..LOL
loved the update....

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shaaranya IF-Rockerz

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FANTABULOUS part Muskan!!
it was too hot 2 handle

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princess163 IF-Dazzler

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HOT HOT HOT UPDATE.......EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
wonder, how can the dinner be hotter!
An yeah, gud to see----I AM THE THIRD TO COMMENTBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
cont. soon....

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phew...................that was hot hot hot....................i'mBlushing

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