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-truly magical- MAANEET thread 9

muskanp IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 12:05pm | IP Logged

-truly magical-
story so far


truly magical emanate from maan's heart when maan was struck by the cupid's arrow. When he experienced love at first sight, every breeze left a smile floating
on his face. Everything around seems to look changed.
The weather seems to be simply perfect and the world around him seems to
have got metamorphosed. This is a feeling of truly magical's love at first sight.
Love can touch any heart and make you feel great.
Truly magical so far express the sentiments of love that can keep the memories
fresh for lifetime in their heart.
When she barged into his car,he saw her face.
When she smiled at him, he Knew she was the one.
When she looked at him with her beautiful deep twinkling eyes
he said to himself, Maan Singh Khurana this was truly magical!

they are both convinced that a sudden bond joined them
such certainity is beautiful, but uncertanity is more beautifull stil
intrestingly they meet, they call, they know what the other person
does all the time, no commitment no obligation but still there is a commitment
they would be amazed to hear that chance has been toying with them now for days. Not quite ready yet to become their destiny
it pushed them close, drove them apart it crossed their paths,
there were signs & signals, even if they couldnot read them yet
perhaps last friday or just todays a certain thought fluttered
from one shoulder to another.

Geet Handa her life revolved around her buddies dr. armaan, prem and Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat and now her new found friend  Mr.Bachan (Maan) whom she finds different from her other friends she treats him  differently & is different when she is with him...

It is always believed that friendship is the beginning of new relation and it is indeed.  There cannot be anything so beautiful than a relation of friendship and when two friends  fall in love with each other, the whole world seems to be all rosy and bright.  It is then we feel to shower our deepest love not only on the person we love but also on the entire world. This in sooth turns the world into a land of heavenly bliss truly magical for those in this kind of love.
their friendship is getting closer & deeper without their knowledge. Both immensely cared for each others feeling & comfart. effortlessy their world started to revolve around each other. their first kiss umm!!! just soft peck on the cheeck magical & drawn them into a different flight of pleasure.
destiny at its best...geet not able to get off the flight...
beach date at night
missing the flight even after reaching the airport on time
armaan missing the farmhouse trip!!!!
or the night they spend bare cuddled up into eachother!!!
geet wondering if he can dance & then he just sweeps her of the floor
into a different world of passion & perfection!!
or maan accepting her infront of every one!!!
or geet getting possicive of her bachan now!!!
or geet rsiking her self for him
or unka rootna manana aur fir rotna..
yah unka jungle main saat rah kar bhi...pas aane se sharmanaEmbarrassed
aur geet ka Maan Singh Khurana se milna !!!
unki unkahe pyar!!!
geets dear to join army & maan beside her on her every move
their trip to bangalore or should I say geets SSB interview
geet not taking up her dream jon to be with maan
maaneet in london
OOPS their register marriage!!!
their unoffical married life in london
arjun stocking geet & maan unaware about it
Geets suprise birthday party in Venice with all her friends 
geet gets drunk & expresses her inner desires & maan understanding & not taking advatage
unknowingly maan protects her from arjun
OOPS maan geting drunk & geets having her first ever orgasm....& the big fight now!!!
VM credit  dmgksg
Thanks guys for all ur love & support..for the journey so far!!!
Please please do comment
Love muskan 
IMPT note..they didn't consummate their wedding yet please read the note of keyma on this link if ur confused about the previous update
-truly magical-
part 95
It was the ultimate feeling she ever felt. She felt so complete & contended. They cuddled up & slept together, she didn't move to her side of the bed she fell a sleep in his arms for the very first time like it was the most natural thing.
Next morning Maan turned around & feeling her bare lower back. He smiled thinking he was dreaming. He turned his head softly on her nude curves. He fluttered open his eyes feeling heavy, he couldn't believe what his gaze met with beautiful curves & pink buds, he smiled droopingly, the temptation was to caress them. He moved his fingers softly on them, she moaned in her sleep & she turned into him placing the curves close to his lips. He involuntarily licked them & sucked them. He knew he was definitely dreaming. As he explored more around her curves her moan became louder & louder. He got up at once & sat on his knees & kept staring at her. She was moaning & craving for his touch, she looked so innocent & vulnerable. He couldn't take his eyes off her bare beautifully carved marble like structure. He blinked couple of times still not able to distinguish the reality & dream. Reality hit hard with a piercing pain  in his head. He immediately pulled the spread over her & looked around the pillows & his shirt were thrown away & her torn top. He pushed his hair behind still starring at her. She woke up not feeling him around. Sudden chillness around her made her restless, she looked for him & got up exposing her bare upper body & she smiled looking at him with her hair all messed up. He smiled & his eyes automatically dropped to the curves. She stretched her arms up, his eyes widened in shock she followed his gaze & looked down she screamed in embarrassment, he immediately covered her mouth sach main main ne kuch nahi kiya avoiding to look at her tempting curves.
Realization stuck she pulled the spread to cover self without thinking  u raped me she cried feeling shy, embarrassment  & odd. He pulled his hand away & looked at himself still wearing his pants. He closed eyes & tried to recollect wat happened. He didn't remember consummating. She made a baby face with cheeks all pink - agar main pregnant ho gayei tho, babaji aab main mama-papa ko kya kah hoon gi, main to kisi ko mooh dihkane ke layak nahi rahi
he held her from her arms in anger - chup ek dum chup. Whats wrong with u?
She cries louder holding the spread closer - main kisi ko muh dihkane ke layak nahi rahi she touches her stomach & looks at her stomach
he really losses it - u know we didn't do anything last night then why are u behaving like this
geet - u tore my top & aapne mujhe yanha sab, phir woh sab kiya
maan - main ne kuch nahi kiya mujhe pata hain
geet - abhi tho aap aise hi kaho ge
maan - GEET stop it
geet - ek tho u raped me & then
he raises his hand to almost hit her, he stops close to her cheek hits the wall instead hurting himself. She immediately cups his bleeding hand leaving her spread - yeh kya kar rahen ho?
He snaps his hand giving a disgusting look to her - how could u say word like rape
he turned wild even if I was wat were u doing??? couldn't u just walk away
geet - main ne to aap ko roka tha phir aap ne
maan - main ne kya????
she spoke under her throat aapne woh kaha tha
maan shouted - main ne jo bhi kaha tha, kiya could even think of saying something like that to me. Itna hi samjh payee ho mujhe.  Mana ki I was tipsy but I know for sure we never did any thing. I can never do any thing to hurt u.
geet realized he was really hurt she immediately calmed herself - mera matlab woh nahi tha
he turns his back not able to stand her - mujhe tumhare koi baat samjh nahi aati hain. First u say u won't stay with me unless we get married, then when we eventually get married u don't accept that marriage. For god sake dammit don't make me feel like a rapist. I was just expressing myself to u. if u have a problem with that then I won't& walks away slamming the door of the bedroom.  He goes inside the bathroom & screams..AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
pushing his hair behind breaking the mirror.

She gets really scared & cuddles up in the spread. She had never seen him so angry & wild. She changes into t-shirt & pyjamas & waits for him to come out. He has his shower & gets ready. She watches him feeling scared to say anything. She follows him to kitchen trying to talk to him.
Geet - sorry
maan - just leave me alone
He grabs juice & picks his laptop bag & goes towards the door.
She whispers looking down - aapne kaha tha sunday is all urs
maan - that was before all this, now I can't even bare to stand under one roof as u.
those word hit like thousand needles in her heart. He had never been so mean to her. She blankly looked at him in pain
maan - I hate you for doing this to me.
he didn't even look at her. He was really infuriated, he couldn't talk sense. He couldn't believe she could think so low of him. The thought was getting on to his nerves. His ego was hurt. He walked out without giving her a second look.
Her heart just stopped. She cried sitting down next to the door. Mera matlab woh nahi tha, I was embarrassed..isse liya woh sab kah diya tha. She takes the phone & calls him. He cuts the call. Cut kar diya, woh mujhse baat bhi nahi karna chaten. Itna naraz kyun ho rahen hain mujhse. How will I stay without him. She sobs the whole day & then decides to make it up to him. She sms him couple of time but he didn't reply. She cooks a special dinner for him & lights up candles & arranges some flowers on the table & waits for him. It was way passed mid night maan had still not come. She waited for him & slept resting on the chair.  
geet going insane
-NEXT    PART 96 -
hope u all like the updates. Love all your comments.
Really love reading them
please do keep commenting'.

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PartyMe the 1st one...........Tongue FIRST TIME.........Dancing

I was gng 2 slp n just thn i saw the update.......Smile

OMGCry OMGCry.........ShockedShockedShocked

It started with something sooooo beautifulEmbarrassed..............

n ended sooooooooo BADLY...ShockedShocked

GeeeeeeeeetAngry......... y did u do this to Maan........Cry

Poor MaanOuch....... He is really really hurtOuchOuch........

How cud she????Angry.....How cud she use......THAT WORDShocked.Shocked..Shocked...that too 4 him........ Her MAAN...Cry

OMG.....Shocked..... me 2 was very scared when Maan shouted........ "AAAAAAAAAAAA"Broken HeartBroken HeartBroken HeartBroken Heart

Feeling 4 him.......Cry

Geet... u've really hurt himCry......... 

now it's UR TURN to make upWink....... 

this time u wud have to WORK HARDER........ Ermm

u've never hurt Maan sooooooo much before...Disapprove

Maan......Embarrassed Maan........Embarrassed Peej Peej don't be sooooo sad.Cry......

ur Geet will jaldi se manaao u....Day Dreaming

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Vintagepeach IF-Rockerz

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Hey muskaan cngrtz 4 new thread...
And gr8 update..
Continue soon.

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zaqxsw Goldie

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Oops.... ShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked
Everything went wrong...
Now what to do???
Please Muskan make the 100th part special like u always do... SmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile
I want to see them together...
Please give Geet a little brain yaar...
She should be more matured now... 
Maan had to feel bad ofcourse... 
But then the two have to learn to sort out problems... WinkWinkWinkWinkWinkWink
And now Maan Singh Khurana is late in cuming back home again...
God or Muskan save him nw... WinkWinkWinkWinkWinkWink
Please update soon

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princess163 IF-Dazzler

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Congratulations for the new thread muski di.......Party
Update was good par yeh dono ki fight!CryCryCryCry
Geet is mad, par woh bechari kitni innocent hai, Maan toh samajhdar hai na
i know he is VERY hurt, par phir bhi.
she cried for the whole day......hawwww......ShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked
And the precap, OMG!
Di, jaldi update de do na....PLEASEEEEE...........

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JanuableSanu IF-Achieverz

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firstly congo shongo for 9th thread diiPartyDancing i hopeee u get many many many thread lyk dis anyways awww dis was really sad update poor maan uff dis geet naa sometimes very jhalli y did she had to say maan rapped her uff now maan is all hurtOuch n said all hurt wordsOuch awwww he even hit his hand in wall n screamed in bathroom oh godd awww do continue soon now

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edited my post muskaan dii

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