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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

#Devils Den#MaankiChampa Ne purakiya Geet ka sapna (Page 2)

BgblZoolander69 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 8:50am | IP Logged
Awesome episode! Loved it to the core. Maan getting Geet on the horse was so filmy but i loved it. It has never been done in a hindi soap before. So a Thumbs Up for originality (for soap standards LOL). Maan and Geet's conversation was so cute. During the entire episode I had a smile on my face. Big smile Having talking on blue tooth until the wedding was hilarious. Who does that? ROFL But I liked it. Maan is smart, he knows every way to keep her close and safe, but alas he failed. Brij made it to her anyways. What I didn't get was there was not a single person with the bride? Or no one was in the house? Ouch Kind of illogical, but I guess Brij needed to get her.

Is Brij really going to burn her? Ouch I really hope not. I want it to be dramatic and bumpy path to the mandap, but eventually she will make it there. Also if the CV's plan on using the Vivah track, then it is too cliche. There is a movie and other shows have already done it before. I am hoping that they don't do that.

Here is a song dedicated to Geet's new savior...white white horsie. ROFL ROFL 

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sharmishtha01 Goldie

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 8:51am | IP Logged

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panchjun5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 9:36am | IP Logged

Today's episode was on full-on entertainment....It was like watching a David Dhawan Movie with a Dramatic Twist LOL!!!

A hero who gallops on a mare to get his heroine stuck in some random place back to the wedding venue...Never seen before....LOLLOLLOL...

A hero who gives stalking a new definition.....Bluetooth to communicate till the wedding happens....LOLLOLLOL...Innovative, I must say....

An open-minded matriarch who blows a kiss to her grandson when he rides in with his bride...That's Modern...LOLLOLLOL

A horse which is given more screen space than the parallel leads...Thank God for that!!!LOLLOLLOL

No talks of Apshagun and Dhan te Dhan Shocking moments when the Girl rides into the Wedding Venue sitting on the lap of the Man she's about to wed....Phew...LOLLOLLOL

Leave it to the CVs of GHSP to come up with something unique every time...LOLLOL

These are the things that make this show special and make us want to watch each episode multiple least I do...LOLLOLLOL

Coming to the precap....Brij trying to kill Geet by trying to burn her.....Scary OuchOuch....But the keyword here is TRY...So why worry when our Munda Maan aka Maan God is there...He will surely save the damsel in distress...Cause his sensors when it comes to Geet are sharper than a bat....LOL.....So what are we up for in the nexxt episode...some nice dishoom-dishoom and then the Truimph of Good Over Evil....Thumbs Up

So let's just sit back and relax....and enjoy the tamasha....LOLLOLLOL...

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starlite7 Goldie

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 9:41am | IP Logged

Helloo Nissar, CVs, Barry, friends et al .... What a fantastic, fairy tale, TRP gaining episode ... bhai mazaa aaya !


"Sur mon petit cheval blanc, pas, au pas, au trot, au trot, au gallop"


Learnt this song in French class'but Maan's not going to Paris, he headed towards his Geet.  All the roads to the parlor are blocked.  Geet is marooned. Never fear Cherie, ur Maan is here.  At least Pandeyji is able to get in touch with Geet.  Maan assures her that he will come get her.


As she is waiting for  him wondering how he can reach her, she hears hoof beats...Maan rides in through the mist on a white steer.  Geet cant believe her eyes at first but then breaks into a smile.  As Maan climbs down the horse, she rushes into  his arms.


Maan wants to admire his stunning, breath taking Mishti.  Ha ha, today with new technology Maan was very comfortable calling her Mishti,  chupa rustom kahin !  He wants to ride away with his bride to a secluded place among the mountains, valleys and clouds where he can look at this Mishti to his heart's content without fear of being interrupted.


Geet confides in him the dream she had of him coming to get her on horseback.  Maan at first laughs it off.  But as she tells him the other half of her dream where in they are separated, Maan decides to put the breaks and bring her to reality....Maan Singh Khurana will fulfill her dreams...that is his role to bring it to hakeekat....but his hakeekat does not include separating Maaneet...ever.  Maaneet will always be together, no one can separate them.  Seems like the CVs were trying to reassure us to remember these words before they jolted our ride.


But to make the separation until the wedding bearable, he hooks a Bluetooth in her ear.  Now they can always stay connected.  Then Maaneet get back on the horse and ride to the mansion.


Back at the mansion


Everyone is anxious for them.  Dadi asks Romeo to get in touch with Maan.  As he is about to dial the number, they see Maan riding in with Geet on his horse.  Everyone is awestruck....u could hear the collective 'awwwwwwww' go thru the crowd.  Dadi ke saath saath hamne bhi Maaneet ko flying kiss diya.  That was just a beautiful scene watching them ride in.


Maanisha's glee was palpable...Maan is looking so hot, my HHB .... And Adi clearing his !  Romeo adding salt to his wounds...kuch fayda nahin ai unki shaadi hone waali hai.


Geet is helped down from the horse.  Romeo n Maanisha thanking Champa...thank u my sweetheart!...was a sight for sore


Dadi compliments Geet and says lets go inside.  Maan follows and Dadi stops him saying where r u going, u hv room in the shamiana.  NE is supposed the tie the sehra on Maan but since she is not around, Dadi ties the sehra on Maan.  Jug jug jiyo Dadi.  Loved the BG score.  I was doing balle balle with Adi and gang too !!!  Man, what a happy, joyful scene.


Brij sneaks in as Maan's baraat makes way to Geet's maikay.




Arjun repeats he doesn't know how to thank NE.  NE's phone rings and Pinki tells her baraat aa gayi where r u.  Arjun hearing that is disappointed that his plan failed. As NE turns around he encourages her to leave.  But NE is unwilling to leave him. He stops her asking how she will reach he offers to take her on his bike thru inner roads....delay tactic Arjun or are u sincere ?  I think it's the former.


@ the outhouse


Dadi is walking with her telling her how she still cant believe it.  Maan can hear every conversation clearly.  Maan's having a ball eavesdropping on Geet.  Good test for Maan...I'm pretty sure he will hear  Brij talking to Geet.


Love the natkhat Maan ragging Geet.  Munda chance le rahaa...he knows shaadi ke baad to uski bolti band hogi....phir to sirf Geet ka hi chalega.


Brij sneaks into the outhouse.  If there is one character who can single handedly infuse tension in any scene, it's Brij !


@Baraat at outhouse doorstep


Mishti tumhare maikay ke bahar pahunch gayaa hoon mein.  Poor Geet, luvd her dilemma when Pink n Tasha asks her how she knows.


Adi n gang are reveling bursting crackers....causing a lot of disturbance in the Bluetooth connection.  Just then, she hears a familiar voice...


'Geet' that blew me away.  Hats off Behzaad...ur one word is enuff to strike terror.


Geet turns around shocked to see Brij. Silly me, for a fleeting moment, I thought how happy Geet wud have been under different circumstances to have some one from her family at the wedding.


Precap - Brij chasing Geet down the outhouse steps, throws kerosene on Geet (?) and strike a match. OOOOOO !


Pls CVs no fire fiasco, no rehashing Vivaah, no burns of any kind on Geet.  Pls spare us this gory, morbid sight... coz viewers would be disgusted with such a scene, impacting ur TRPs tomorrow n beyond.  I'm sure u won't go that far... but aaywein wanted to chaukanna u.


Nissar - Very well executed.

Barry - Loved the dialogues, especially the Mishti ones

Raju Singh - Loved the baraat BG.  Usay sunke hum bhi bahut jazbaati ho gaye !


Gurmeet, Drashti - U too make a very handsome, onscreen couple Day Dreaming  Super- fabulous job !

All in all, a fairy tale episode with the right mixture of fairy dust, romance, joy, humor, drama  and suspense.  Can't wait for tomorrow.

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liv2laugh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 9:42am | IP Logged
Dear Geet CVs
We understand your need to raise the TRPs but I think you fail to understand something very fundamental about your audience. Before launching a product any company conducts a survey to understand its target audience, their likes, dislikes etc. so that they can better satisfy them.

You did not bother to do that so I am going to give you some pointers.

1) We like positivity over negativity. We understand that the story needs negative characters but we require you to understand that the reason that you had high TRPs was because the positives outweighed the negatives. Big smile .......but that has not been the case your quest for drama and TRPs you have shown so much negativity that it has become exhausting for the viewers to keep up.Would it kill you to let Geet be happy for once Angry

2) We do not like to be kept hanging too often to see if someone makes it. Once in a while it is fine but if you start doing it on a regular basis like you have in the last few weeks it starts to loose its charm. Dead ......instead of getting excited people get annoyed. Angry

3) We all love Geet and have seen her go through untold miseries. We wanted her to have a dream wedding because of the ray of hope she represents for women like her. Instead you are hellbent on destroying that too. You have done anything and everything you could in the name of drama to try and increase your TRPs. Dead They might go up marginally but people are already fed up. Stop looking at short term gains and start thinking long term.

4) Your earlier episodes were balanced - there was a nice mix of comedy, emotion, drama, negativity and lots of positivity. You are not able to bring that balance anymore and are tilting towards more drama. Try to find the balance.

5) You wanna burn Geet. Go right ahead but let me warn you that you may be burning your bridges because people will be convinced you lack creativity and ditch you. People are already annoyed about how long you have stretched out the wedding. They want it done and over with. So let Brij burn in the fire he set. Maan can rescue Geet. Geet will be too shaken up for a while to have a SR anyways and you can have her go into shock if you want . So you can save the SR for the TRPs later. Dead

Finally if you go the vivaah way you will prove
- you have no creativity
- you cannot think outside the box
- you have lost track of how to get TRPs
- you have stopped thinking long term

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-pixie- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 9:48am | IP Logged
Looks like no one here has read any fairytales...the heroine goes through all kinds of tortures (fed a poisonous apple, evil step mom putting her to deep sleep, tricked by a maid, trapped by a wicked witch in a gingerbread house)....things become alright only right at the end...

This is literally a fairytale wedding!

ps: A special surprise for whoever guesses all the fairy tales correctly!

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TSharan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 9:49am | IP Logged
Not in a mood to overanalyze....just going with the flow and enjoying every bit of it.
Totally loved the episode! It was an enjoyable ride all the way from Maan on a ghoda to the end! Maaneet convo was so cute and significant! The blue tooth part was so original and thoughtful. The horse part was truely filmy but who was total paisa wasool. DD looked so beautiful.
One thing I have enjoyed in the wedding is more screen time for the office staff. i hope it continues in the future too coz they are all a talented group. Romeo n Manisha's praise for the ghodi was hilarious. The dance and firwork worked for me!
Maan teasing Geet is always enjoyable. GC does a great job here n i loved it to the core.
Looking forward to hoping to see Maan save the day as Geet burning at all. That's one thing I don't wanna see. But then don't want to hear things like apshagun n all coz groom n bride met before the pheras. Maaneet have been through a roller coaster ride and so have been us...the audience. Now it is time for a happy ending.....the WEDDING! Maaneet deserve it and so does the audienceBig smile

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winona IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 9:49am | IP Logged
Sun Champa  sun tara
Gira GC bechara.....

Aaj ki sham Champa ke naam

Champa is the star of today's episode.


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