Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

#Devils Den#MaankiChampa Ne purakiya Geet ka sapna

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 8:13am | IP Logged
The information here is Xclusive to de Den ONLY! Read n FORGET IT!  Infringe our CopyRite and Anj will make u watch the "India Paints" Videos till u c the Light! Everyone Is Welcome, so Post Post! We are like Appy Fizz and Grappo Fizz....Cool to de Core!   
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Do dish about the Actors, but don't diss em or their frogs!  Anj won't post ur IF bail!

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spshastr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 8:13am | IP Logged

Khud se zyaada she trusts him and he comes on horse to get her Loved that happy smile on her face..
MSK tho hero ban gaya and champa heroine.. hugEmbarrassed ..
he is admiring his misti... itni khusoorat ladki... very true Maan she looks so good...EmbarrassedBig smile
 and looks like he means every word..
MSK all romantic that he is hthere alone with her... he wants to elope..Yippeeee Please do maan elope...EmbarrassedBig smile
She also wants to elope.. Yipeee me also wants eloping... please maan ..EmbarrassedSmile

She tells Maan that she has seen this dream before ...loved his smile and misti is angry...MSKs vaada that
her dream is more imp than reality for him.
She is scared again.. hai ram is ladki ka kay.. she says she gets separated in the dream...
MSK says in her dream is his reality and in hus reality no one can separate he gives her a blue tooth..
Hmm smart ...Alag hoke bhi ek rahenge.. Wow Geet how can u have any doubts.. Geet Champa and Maan ka triangle...

MSK makes grand entry with his bride on the ghodi...all happy and anju gives flying kiss..
Manisha admires maanEmbarrassedSmile.. THat was the scene of the day...
Romeo admoiring Champa.. Exactly Champa u are the saviour...
Daadi asks MSk to sit in the shamiyana outside...Geet goes in and Brij is inside...
MSK wants to go fetch Annie...
OMG Manisha is going mad dancing...EmbarrassedLOL

Arjun NES - Arjun knows Geet has reached so he offers to drop her...and some senti crap ..
OMG brij pyscho trying to kill Geet
Continouus romance on Blue tooth.. I think Blue tooth will come to the rescue tomorrow.
MSK loves teasing her and she still gets irritated with him.. SHe herself will say she does not deserve him but he is always successful in irritating herLOL
Blue tooth is of no use when crackers are burst.. Tomorrow we will see MSK dancing and Brij trying to kill Geet.. and then Vivaah track marriage in hospital..Smile
Tomorrow is full on action... LOL I cant wait..
Is it the vivaah track being followed?? I hope they dont drag the marriage...

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 8:14am | IP Logged
A thought provoking episode from these following anglesSmileClapClap
  • In today's Episode Geet sees the dream of union as well as the nightmare of separation...Ermm
  • MSK tells Geet that he will make her dream come true but will make sure instead of her nightmare,its his reality which he sees comes true and that is Maan-Geet can never separateErmm
  • As per customs and rituals Dulha-Dulhan cannot meet before the varmala but now that Brij attacks Geet,its obvious MSK will come to her rescue and will end up meeting her before the that can b considered as apshagunOuch
  • So the end question is whether Geet's nightmare of Separation comes true or Maan's belief in reality that Maan-Geet can never separate comes trueErmm
Points to ponder
  • MSK finds a new way of stalking....BlutoothCool
  • MSK finds a new way of huggingCool...his hand enters inside Geet's dupatta and touches her bare skin behindEmbarrassed...his hands r rested on her waist after the hugEmbarrassed and his chin touches her forehead during the hugEmbarrassed...good goingThumbs Up
About the precap....
Vivaah track is played..but I m sure nothing will happen to Geet in the end and MSK's belief in reality will come trueEmbarrassed
R the CVs trying to create an illusion between dream,nightmare and reality ??Ermm..
  • First wedding promo released was a dream wedding...second wedding promo released was a nightmare wedding with Brij shooting in the end...Ermm
  • Today in the episode we saw dream in the form of horse rideEmbarrassed as well as the nightmare in the form of Brij attacking herOuch
  • So now it remains to b seen how MSK's belief in reality will make the marriage happenApprove
Itna tension mat lo over a daily soap ... think like a general viewer and see the logic behind few illogical things as follows LOL...
  • Logic and daily soap ka rishta is like step father and childLOL...see from this POV...if they had shown logic today..then security would hv stopped Brij from entering KM and then even before Brij-MSK encounter,we would hv seen Brij chakki pissing in jailLOL..right ?...toh we would hv said logic is 100% thereLOL...but would it b entertaining then ?Ermm....I guess no.. because all r waiting for Brij-MSK talwaar fight like we saw in HP..Right ?ROFLbut how can Bri-Maan fight happen, if security logically do all the in this case logic might go for a toss....but entertainment value fultoo milega in the form of Bri-MSK confrontationTongue...both logic+entertainment in a daily soap world especially after 150 episodes cannot go hand in handApprove
  • Ab raha sawaal episode execution ka....Now with 6 day can't expect that fine quality of episodes on a regular basisOuch...but we need to appreicate their efforts of trying to do something different like Dulha desperate to get his dulhan back to the mandap riding a horse and making her dulhan's dream come true in the most unique and pleasant many serials hv shown it earlier ??LOLEmbarrassed...then MSK finding out different ways of stalking her dulhan...first with cameras and now with bluetooth..again first of its kind..right ? many serials hv shown Dulha-Dulhan so despo that even few seconds before the marriage both r busy doing chatar patar via bluetoothLOLLOL..see these r very simple things which we fail to notice when we start analysing and criticising too muchEmbarrassed...but when we watch it with a simple mind and not like a critic ,we will enjoy these simple scenesEmbarrassed
  • Last but not the least GC-DD's acting...I will confess that in last few episodes both GC and DD were a bit out of character and not really MSK-GeetErmm..but here I m giving them benefit of doubt till the wedding gets over because normally in a wedding,people do go out of their basic nature even in real life and just like to enjoy the moment..hv like there is no tomorrow...and even MSK-Geet r doing the mayb thats why we r seeing more of GurTi because we hv not seen MSK-Geet doing all that....Ermm...mayb the CVs hv asked them to b themselves since its a celebration timeEmbarrassed.....but post-wedding I hope they come back to their original charactersApprove
  • And one advice to all...don't watch SBS/SBB segments before the episode everLOLLOL
Dialogues:My 50-50 Views on it...
  • Today in the first Maaneet scene when MSK talks about taking her to the mountains and then tells her about how Maan-Geet can never b separated when she talks about her worries,I found the dialogues a bit repitative,sugary and too poetic for my tasteErmm;But well Anj did convince me that the pahad-parvat dialogue was the completion of the dream promo which we saw last week and from that angle I m fine with itBig smile;I just hope post-marriage we don't see too many poetic dialogues but instead see some normal simple dialogues between a normal coupleEmbarrassed
  • Hving said that I liked the way MSK today was openly complimenting Geet about her beauty which  any bride in her place would love to hear from her man just before the weddingEmbarrassed..
  • Also I loved their bluetooth conversation,the way MSK was pulling her leg and she was enjoying it tooEmbarrassed
  • Overall Dialogues were good in parts today but could hv been slightly better I feelErmm
Episode Rating:8.5/10:I loved the overall flow of the episode,...precap makes u curious for next episodeApprove..Episode was dreammyyy with the horse riding sceneDay Dreaming and at the same time was entertaining tooThumbs Up...comic moments with Manisha-Romeo and Champa horse was funLOL..MSK on the horse with his Gith was dreamyyyyyDay Dreaming..Also loved the Sehra-tieing sceneEmbarrassed...A masala filled episode..StarStarStarStar

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mi7chimes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 8:18am | IP Logged

Dulhan toh hum lejayenge...
Ghodi mein baithke...
Godhi mein bithake...

PS : patni.. u r right behind me as always!!
dont u wrry let the pheras begin... i ill let u ahead!!

ok where did my patni go?Shocked its certainly not a sight to wake one morning n see ur patni is gone!

My first reactions as i saw the epi was Shaadi ka muhurath hai.. kuch color toh honi chahiye tha.. par yahaan toh sab bhika bhika sa hai.. i alwys hav problems with Shaadi episode being a little low in color.. wht t heck is the problm with me.. mayb the lighting .. i wish it was dark.. shaadi is supposed to b at night so it shud b dark! i hav gon mad or mayb is just t same luchi (wht was t wrd Jyo??) me.. or was it bcoz of the spoilers.. well khair.. i liked t pace of the latter half.. initial was a bit fast forward for me.. disjointed i wud say.. toh i dont care.. i just want t story to mov n the Shaadi to happn.. so i am fin!

Abt Baby n Geet i am not worried.. i hav enf trust on t CVs need to keep temselves alive and also as WW mentioned on their apparently not-so-solid bank balance to not wrry.

I personally wud hate a Vivaah track! Geet deserves som happiness for heavens sake and tis is Moi Haqeeqat!! HAAN!!

Well i re-watched the epi online.. to realise tat this problem is coz the channel isnt as colorful as Star.. Ouch well aiwi.. I liked the Epi.. n i just want the Shaadi to Happen  and definitely No Vivaah Track for me!

il try detail if i feel lik it... really not in mood LOL

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BheegiBasanti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 8:19am | IP Logged
Kasam se kasam se, Hum aayenge
Shaadi ka joda, Hum laayenge
Dulhan hum le jayenge

Tere bina jeeya nahin jaaye mere raja
Dil bechein hai doli leke aaja
Tere bina jeeya nahin jaaye mere raja
Dil bechein hai doli leke aaja
Aaja mehndi leke aaja
Meri bindiya tu chamkaa ja
Mujhko kangan tu pehna ja

Ho kasam se kasam se, Hum aayenge
Shaadi ka joda, Hum laayenge
Dulhan hum le jayenge

Tere pyaara ka mere pyaar ka imtehaan hai o jaanam
Tere hi angna jayenge saajna ye ailaan hai o jaanam

Ho ailaan kar do, Hum aayenge
Chaandi churaake, Ghar laayenge
Dulhan hum le jayenge

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maansa IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 8:22am | IP Logged
after losing my analysis TWICE i HAAT IFAngryAngryAngry

 tonight's epi was greatttt Thumbs UpBig smileBig smile
 a TOTAL DREAMs DO COME TRUE wedding Day DreamingParty

i loved how the dream of Geet and the dream wedding merges together to become a reality for her....Embarrassed and its nothing less then she deserves Embarrassed

After the rather overdramatic start, the epi went smoothly, beautifully executed and wonderfully shotBig smile

Geet's Shehzada riding on ChampaTongue to take her away was absolutely dreamyBlushingDay Dreaming
i loved the dialogues Clap and the i loved how well GC and DD emoted Clap this scene was really sweet and touching Embarrassed and ofcourse DREAMY Day Dreaming

i got reminded of the DushtDanav MSK when he gave Geet the bluetooth device WinkEvil Smile sneaky and naughty Evil Smile just how i love him EmbarrassedLOL

The expressions on daadi, adi, pinky, tasha, romeo, pandey-ji and maaanisha when they see Geet riding wIth MSK on the horse was pretty near priceless.... i loved it LOLLOL for me though maanisha's sad and excited face takes the cake ROFL

it cracked me up that the great MSK was banned from entering his own house ROFLROFL
But the teasing on the phone was awesome too....EmbarrassedLOL it was damn cute how MSK was taking faida of Geet LOLWink being so teasing when she couldnt retaliate...Evil Smile

precap---- i cant wait to watch this.... one more hurdle for geet to overcome and emerge stronger Big smile

overall the epi was pretty awesome... i expected nothing less Big smileApprove
great job CVs and Barry--- beautiful dialogues ever ApproveClap
GC and DD and the rest of the cast--- stellar performances ApproveClap
MSK and Geet made the most beautiful Bride and the most handsome groom ever on indian TV Big smile might notice i have left out NES's scene... that is coz she i dont want to waste my precious time by writing about her.... Big smile but one thing though.... how the heck did, MSK's office corridor turn into the hospital? ConfusedROFLROFL

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Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 8:22am | IP Logged
MSK on Champaaa-
Manisha's Laktke JhatkeROFLROFLROFL
Dooriyon ke Liye Technology Zindabad:ApproveGeekbut there are connection failures too, that too in emergencyOuch
Bhai ka Pyaar Apni behna ke Liye:ShockedShe is Preggy u knwOuch..She ain't getting burnt..MSK will enter..Big smile

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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 8:45am | IP Logged
Dulhe ka sehra Suhaana lagta hai!

 I must say MSK and Geet looked awesome on the horse and the way Maan went to Gee!
A total dream come tru! 

Thank u creatives!!!

I loved the episode! I knew there would be some delay, it wasn't gonna be all happy happy happy!    What's a serial without high drama and tension and that too during weddings!  SBS hinted the whole thing last night!  SBB was right he was talking to Geet on blue tooth! LOL

One of the biggest mistake they made today is preggy woman riding a horse and then topping it was Geet sliding down from the horse!  She actually jumped off!  Hello she is pregnant, creatives seem to forget that at times...oh yah its hindi serial, logic, oh what is that!

Why are we so surprised at this happening, it always happens, if u watch the SBS clipped they hinted about a mishap happening!  Im not surprised at all!  Wedding will not happen as planned, but will happen at a later time, could be a few days delay!

The suspense element is there, but for sure nothing will happen to Geet!  MSK won't be able to CONnect thru blue tooth and Geet alone, he will run for his Geeth and save her in time!  Just remember he has always saved her no matter how and where, so this time again he will do the same!  I have no doubt on that one, unless the creatives want to break his record!

If she is burned, then he will lift Geet in his arms and do the pheras, just like they did in CB and I remember saying this in the den last week!!!Disapprove  Its quite sad if it goes this route!  Geeth has been thru so much, at least this time her wedding should have been filled with happiness and drama later!  Cry

Creatives, if Geet is burned in any way, u all can go to hell! Angry

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