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3 Idiotz-Maaneet pe episode NISSAR!!(1/19-p59) (Page 59)

Infinitedreams IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 21 May 2005
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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 8:05am | IP Logged

Infinitedreams IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 21 May 2005
Posts: 31813

Posted: 19 January 2011 at 8:06am | IP Logged
Wow what a wedding, daikhi hai kissi ne itni pyaari shaadi bolo bolo bolo? Sabar ka phal hota hai meetha, pur jinke pass saber hi nahin unka kya karey?
MSK ne bana di rangeen hur ghadi. MaanEet rocks!!!!!

As i said yesterday that Dr would say that they could wait some more days and they would enjoy the wedding, same happenedEmbarrassed..I know that no one took it from here, but i predicted right na, haina haina hainaEmbarrassed....We all know that no SR, and also said no stress, make her happy WinkEmbarrassed......

How sweetly he said "nahin Geet yeh ghalti mut kurna, tumhare aansoo nahin behne chahiye kyonke yeh mera khazana hai, tum meri biwi banne waali ho, toh tum se jodi hur cheez abb meri hai, yeh moti bhi" hai hai hai Maan aap ne humari pehli raat yaad dila diBlushing....Very beautiful bed scene....Lovely Geet smile, and forehead kiss, uff so perfect without any complainEmbarrassed......Dil khushk kurdita Creatives.....

I loved the idea of bringing dulhan by Adi, Romeo, Pandeyji and Manisha...Bhaiyo ki kammi poori hogaiee, so sweet...Aur humare dulhe ka toh kya kehna, he was so niharofying dulhan, aankho hi aankho se SR mann rahi thi hmmm bolo bolo bolo TongueWink....Loved it how Pinky caught them and advised them to look here there as well except looking eachother....sweet moment...

Loved the Varmala exchanged Ceremony...Specially dulhan part omg, i have never thought that girls would fooled Maan as well, but our Munda is besht, he fooled them and put the vermala in Geet neck...I loved it how Maan bent his head front of Geet...Awww cho chweet...Very cute...Lovely lovely lovely...I love all their eye contacts momentsEmbarrassed....

Photographer was so funny, he cracked me up with his photoshootLOL...."hum hain mast raam masti mein, photo khinche hass hass ke"ROFL....Hum bhi hain Idiotz, Idiotz ki basti mein, kurte hain full dhammal kass kass ke"LOL...DDLJ ka poster daikha, ufff full funtosh tha...Anyways our hero took advantage of the moment, and took away bride from the mandap for their private cute na haina haina haina? Embarrassed

Hai hai hai neend nahin aaye chain uda jaaye, jub pati dev sautan ke saath Ishq ladayeCry...Wow what a moment na, ufff shaadi se pehle kuch waqt bitana chahta hoon, phir iss ke baad toh biwi se daant hi khani hai...(Aaye hai saara experience aaj raat hi bata dogey kya MSK...Kuch toh pehli biwi ki izzat ka dhiyan rakho, kya hum ne tumhe itna bura time diya hai, jo sub sautan ko bol rahey ho?Cry) ...MSK chala wadey poore kurne, loved it how Geet said "meri aisi koi khwaish nahin iss samay"EmbarrassedEmbarrassed....Hai hai hai loved it how he put his hand on her bare waist, me toh ghayal hogaieeDay DreamingDay Dreaming...Anyways lovely scene, let see if he will proceed ahead, aur hur baar ki tarah dandiAngry...Anyways I am sure someone will tapkofy in between....

Arjun rocked with his master plan, as usual Annie sucks...I am looking forward to see Annie ke barbadi means MSK ko jhatka....

Wah wah wah Annie ka kya kehna, she is the real sister, and she was out of all rituals, and Pinky was there with Tasha....I have never see sister like her, for whom her flirting was more important than bro wedding...Wakhi she is berry berry phast phast phast senseless, brainless sister, sorry..I was so shocked to see her so far from the family.....Abb iska jawab hai kissi ke pass?

Over all bindas episode, 10/10....I enjoyed every single moment, photographer was so funny, he cracked me up with his words....Whole cast rocked, MaanEet/GurTi ka kya kehna....I loved their private moment uffffff uffffff uffffffEmbarrassed... Shivi be ready my Tinku, me and u will make one jhakas post...

Thanks Creative for such a wonderful wedding...we even enjoyed the last week torturous episodes, and we are enjoying this as's a treat for us....Thanks sooooooooooo much 


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preetgurti IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 8:08am | IP Logged
Muni and Kul here is a Song pls Listen it plays when Bride enters in Wedding in Punjabi weddings and while Watching Geet Pics entering i want to use it
pls Do listen

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LavZ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 8:26am | IP Logged
Lagan beethne se pehle.....reeth karle poori....
Maang se sindoor ki rahe na koi doori..
Vaidi yahin.....mandap yahin...
Yahin..hai Gharangan..
Yahin....sindoor lagado.....mujhe haq hai....
Main dulhan thujhko banado....mujhe haq hai..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
laali chunar uske sar pe sajaake.....
laaunga main apni dulhan banaake..... EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Sapne bhi sach hothe haiDay Dreaming....sach mei....Varmala ceremony was ROCKIN!!!!....ClapClap
da masti n da fun dat was shwn were too was nice to see Tasha n Pinky talkin soo freely in frnt of Maan....da way Maan put the mala on Geet - tactics eh??niceeeEmbarrassed 
Kabhi teri baatein...Bin mange yeh jahan pa liya....
Tu hi dil ki hai raunak...Tu hi janmo ki daulat...
Aur kuch na janoo...Bas itna hi janoo...
Sajdhe sar jukhta hai...Yaara mein kya karu...
When da guys liftd Maan first Geet allowd it.....da secnd tym she got angry....dats ven Maan himself cums frwd n allows her to put da varmala....he bends his head dwn n allows i felt dat da frst tym Maan optd fr Geets lyf - Geet undrstud a second tym if dis happens den Geet maynt accept Maan wd cum fwrd n bend so as to make her happy.....he would get her back at da end...dis was sumthin dat cam across my mind ven i saw da episodEmbarrassed

ho gam ke badal mujhpe tham jaane de...
bechainiyo ko mujhse takrane de...
dukhti ho koi baat mujhpe aane de..
Happins alwas cums wid a pinch of unhappinz...God makes sure dat we understnd da importnz of dat here in btw all happinz about da shaadi v get a pinch of unhapinz - possibilty of an abortion or a MC.....its goin to happen i guess... Nags,Viju,Nihu - jst lyk v had discusd earlier.......MC/Abortion leadin to MU Ouch...
Maan is worrid bt to mak her happy he smiles n acts normal....makes her beliv dat everythin is perfect n der is no problm in der lyf.....he takes in all her pains into himself n makes her smile ven he is cryin inside..........
Rishta naya rabba,
Dil chu raha hai,
Kheeche mujhe koi dore, teri ore..
Teri ore, teri ore, teri ore, hai rabba
Arjun dore keechtha ja raha hai aur yeh ladki ussi raashthe pe jaa rahi hai......she is doin exactly wat he wnts her to do.....great!!!Confusedek aur love story in da makin...ek aur dhokha...ek aur heart break cumin our way.....Ouch
Kadmon se meelon ka vaada ho jaayega
Aadha ishq, aadha hai, adha ho jaayegaWink
Maaneet is da most romantc couple....phere or Varmalae ke beecho beech romance shuru...acha haiLOL v get our share of romanceTongue.....milan abhi aadha adoora hai...milan abhi aadha adhoora haiEmbarrassed
for now.....ithna hi...bakhi break ke baadLOLWink
cnt wait fr da whole dayOuchmommyyyyCry
Loads of luv,

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--Nargis-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 8:55am | IP Logged
It seems that most MEN (excluding Maan..of course) cannot accomplish anything in life but IMPREGNATING a woman.....First Dev, and now Arjun to follow in his footsteps.  Wow....very creative guys!!!

Aside from the AA scenes which were a BORE for me today....the wedding was a blast.  It seems that we will be fed up the wedding in courses....first the Sehra Bandi, and Barat, then Tilak and Entry Varmaala....and it looks like tomorrow we will get the PHERES in grand style both with new outfits.....(the ones form the promos), a nicer new sehra for Maan.....looking forward to it!!!

VIJUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU...............I hate to say we were right but we were!!!!  Looks like wedding first, then the Abortion.  WOW...isn't this  lot of BHOJ for is he possibly enjoying the wedding??   But it seems that he he sneaks in some alone time with Geet....tries to Kiss her.....go MAAN!!  His philosophy is let me get it while I can....cause as soon as the abortion happens...we all know there will be major PANGA!!

Great...looking forward to the Pheres tomorrow!!

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rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 9:06am | IP Logged
Delhi Kaa Rajaa Aayaa Warne Ko Hoshiarpur Ki Raani, 
Hone Ko Hai Aaj Poori Inki Adhuri Kahaani.. 
Phool Khushiyon Ke Khile Hai Badi Mushkil Se Mile Hai,
Haay Re Tarase Do Hath,
Tere Dwaare Pe Aai Baraat...

Vivaah, Shubh Vivaah,Vivaah, Shubh Vivaah..

Finally Geet seems to be getting her share of Happiness, 8 months of torture/insult/hardships finally leading to a beautiful life but is it really gonna be a HAPPILY EVER AFTER??? Lagtha toh nahi Wink

MC ya Abortion pe atke hai, Still deciding huh??? Koi baat nahi as far the show is concerned looks like Geet ki khushi mein baadha daalne ke liye MC ya Abortion track is coming for sure, but i just hope and wish the team that they deal this issue with the utmost perfection and execute it really well, kyuki unlike other shows the connection of the lead protagonist Geet with her Baby and thru them with the audience is HUGE, they really have to INTELLIGENTLY handle this upcoming trackSmile

Arjun....He wants to get back at MSK, so hurt Ani, ruin her life....Waah how very typical...Kameena salaAngry...This whole track is gonna leave Ani devastated, it will be really challenging to play such a state, but the question is will Nikunj be able to pull this act, convincingly??? Arjun in the hospital was finding it hard to use Ani as his Target....and today not even .001% of it was shown...Itni jaldi he is cool with using ANI??? Waah kya transition hai....Piyush did a very sleek Job today...kudos to himClap

The whole Varmala seq was beautiful to watch....the fun element and the Love very much there Clap Clap

Koi mujhe batao, is show ke leads abi bhi Maan aur Geet hi hai na??? I am confused, thanks to the Costume DepartmentConfused Not 1% did i like their costumes....But Ani's Lehenga and Arjun's sherwani ki baat hi kuch aur was Stylish yet Classy, something i would have wanted to see in the costumes of Maaneet, Lagtha hai CV's Bhool gayi ki Maan-Dulha hai aur Geet Dulhan, aur inki Shaadi ho rahi hai, naaki Ani-Arjun ki Ouch

Kuch bacha toh aake update kardoongi...

Love Viji

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ravenheart IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 9:22am | IP Logged

Do you ever feel like a peeping tom when you watch Maaneet romance moments??    I feel at times that I am invading their privacyLOL.

I absolutely loved Maaneet marriage moments.  Maan is a real sweetheart. The way he bend his head so that Geet is able to put the varmala......rocking!   He sure broke many hearts today. 
Testing times ahead for NE. Rjun all set to devastate the Khurana Khandaan for his Dhokebaaz sis.  Well so be it. 
Just remembered the abortion scene, Maan, whatever step you take, please do consult with Geet BEFORE making the decision.  No MU. No MU.  Please CV.

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-honeydew- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 9:35am | IP Logged
i loved the feel of todays episode ... it finally looks and feels like a shaadi... the rituals have begun and the mood has set in..
and it was just the other day i was thinking of this number, and i am glad they played it ...
mere dil ka, geet se rishta purana hai ... issi liye jo main sochti hoon, wahan ho jaata hai ...LOLLOLLOL

main ek jawan ladka
tu ek haseen ladki
yeh dil machal gaya toh
mera kasoor kya hai ..

rakhna tha dil pe kaboo
yeh husn toh hai jaadu
jaadu yeh chal gaya hai
mera kasoor kya hai ...

rasta humara takna
darwaaza khulla rakhna
lene tujhe oh gori
ayenge tere sajna

kuch aur ab na kehna
kuch aur ab na karna
yeh dil ki baat apni
dil main dabake rakhna ..

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