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3 Idiotz-Maaneet pe episode NISSAR!!(1/19-p59) (Page 41)

rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 11:52am | IP Logged

Aaj Mein Sirf Itna Kahoongi Ki "I liked what I saw"'.For a Change aaj main koi Constructive criticism/Critical appreciation nahi karoongi, coz I don't want to and maybe because the CV's did not give me an opportunity for the same''

Every Interaction was quite tastefully done' the entire Swagat Ceremony at the Door, the Geet-Brij Seq, Dadi-Ani-Arjun trio etc

Today when Maan reached and saved Geet, the scene flashing in my mind was the one from the famous SRK starrer VEER-ZAARA'.The dialogue goes

Zaara- "Aap Kithni Baar meri Jaan Bachayenge"

Veera- "Jithni baar aap, apni Jaan gawayengi"

Maan has saved Geet's Life a zillion times, but today when I saw this scene it clicked for me'maybe because I was seeing VEER-ZAARA this afternoon, but I think even the seq and the execution done was amazing that, at once I associated it with VEER-ZAARA'.but did not end up comparing the two.

Maan Singh Khurana: The way this character has been sketched is mind bogglingly brilliant, the way GC has enacted his role, ya the way he has breathed life into this character is Stupendofantabulouslyfantastical''When such is the standard set, is it wrong to ask for THE MSK'..Is it wrong to say GC was not there 100% in his character today'.Is it wrong to say that Intensity was Missing??? I wish I could make understand that Intensity is not used in just one context, or two for that matter'..Today GC was brilliant, and no I am not talking about the Brij wala act,he was awesome in that and we all know this'. but I am talking about that one Look he gave Geet (When she was busy shutting up Brij's) to express (through his eyes alone) that "He was proud of her, ki he was proud that she is his JEEVAN SANGINI, that he was truly blessed ki god chose him to be the soul mate of this women warrior"

Nothing but Hatred was oozing out of Brij and for what????'.

Just coz his sister chose to live life, her way on her own terms

Just coz she chose not to bow down to the societal ways, just so that she could Progress in Life????

For quite some time I could not find the one Factor, jise dimaag mein rakh kar the CV's decided to make this show-WOMEN POWER'.One normal girl, decides not to submit herself to the atrocities done to her in the name of honor/pride of the Family''She becomes the voice giving others hope, strength and the will to raise their voice against the harsh cruelties of the society'.

This show was a telling story of an aspiring Indian woman who hunted for safety & justice....This is the story of GEET, and her journey and where she meets her friends ,philosophers, guide and soul bringing this sequence the CV's made believe that this was still her Journey'her story .

MAANEET sets the screen on fire'.agree but in the long Run that is not enough to sustain a SHOW'.?????

The Creative's had a Vision of showing a social Issue (the plight of a woman/her journey) interspersed with a passionate Love story....The story telling was amazing... Today, one has to touch the hearts of a young generation who have to intelligently focus on changing history and the CV's have brilliantly that done.The only thing is they find it hard to Sustain it, which they should concentrate onSmile

Love Viji




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LavZ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 11:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by savi-tan

@Lavz/Nags : Yaar no MU.  I hate rhona dhona serials.Unhappy  Abortion dikhana hein, dikhao (as I have read some post on how difficult it is to shoot with a baby in the set) but please no MU.  Maan promised Geet and to date i don't think he has ever intentionally broken a promise.
well yeh ho sakth hai...agar CVs chahe tho LOL...see Abortion nahi MC dhikhaye....tho Maan is nt to b was an accidnt...Geet wd relias it in da long run....she wd b in shock n Maan gets her bck to lyf.....story hai minus MU......dis wd b good tooWink

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--Nargis-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 11:53am | IP Logged
I have to shovel the snow, sleet and ice on the driveway before it gets dark outside....will be back in some time!!

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mysterygurl1427 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 11:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by LavZ

Originally posted by savi-tan

@Nags/Lavz : I took the line literally....didn't go indepth.....I think there will be no MU.  Maan will not allow to abort the baby without consulting Geet.  Not to worry.
@ Muniza :  good episode.  Liked everything except for NE/ErrjunConfused
savi...alwas da CVs throw sumthin like dis here n der......usually ven der is an emotional scene da dialogz hint towrds an upcumin track or da possibilitz....lyk da promises Geet aaskd frm Maan - frst to choose da baby, den to be happy.....if he chooses da baby den he wdnt b happy naa....its confusin yaar Confused......i agree wid Nags Abortion/MC track has mor scope in terms of actin n storyline......i dnt lyk it bt its better fr da story Ouch
this just shows Lavz shister u didn't read mine and kullu's promise takeBroken Heart
geet herself made a loophole for maan to get out of that promise to save the baby instead of her. Remember that promise on saturday?? That he should put his happiness first....
his happiness was and always will be he will fulfill that the baby promise that Saturday before that was made can now be avoided....or cancelled
cause it really cancels it outWink

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LavZ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mysterygurl1427

this just shows Lavz shister u didn't read mine and kullu's promise takeBroken Heart
geet herself made a loophole for maan to get out of that promise to save the baby instead of her. Remember that promise on saturday?? That he should put his happiness first....
his happiness was and always will be he will fulfill that the baby promise that Saturday before that was made can now be avoided....or cancelled
cause it really cancels it outWink
i read it darling...dats wat i hav written....dat she herself askd fr two promises - one to choose da baby n 2nd to opt fr HIS happinss....n as u n kullu said his happins is in he wd choose fr his happins as in Geet....coz it wdnt mean breakin his it its confusin wat da CVs r plannin to do....if v vil get a MC track or an Abortion trackConfused coz plan A wd mean lessr chances of MU n plan B wd mean DEFO  vada MUOuch i jst said dat da CVs alwas gv us a glimpse of da possible upcumin tracksWink

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lily_k25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
here's my cent on todays episode..

loved pinky calling maan jiju scene to the core yaar..literally revinded n watched that jiju part 10 times and adi smile n raising eyebrows when she says 50,000..n maan smile when she calls him jiju..mhuaa...luv them to the coreEmbarrassed Embarrassed

there is a reason why i fell for this guy..even though i have maan with me yaar...he is another gem of a character along with maan..mind u..he is Lily's AdiEmbarrassed Embarrassed

daaaddiiiiiiiiii...she reminds me of my two girlfrnds yaar..really she two gran moms Embarrassed

Right..this is my final answer and i am not going to say it keep this in mind for ever..
I DONT WANT A it...I WANT a happy n bubby baby to be born.
If i again hear the word of "Miscarriage"  or "abortion" or "either mother or child" type dialouges in the serials..thats it...u wouldnt know wats got bewareee....

the precap spoiled it totally for me..Cry silly doubts yet again on todays epi..

- i know everyone were concentrating on maan beating brij to pulp...but i noticed one more thing..whenn maan beats brij all people come n surround the fighting duo and watch in shock..they come from different that scene some girls come running from top through the stairs which was empty when brij  was pulling come these girls came from top or inside the house when all were outside and no one was there when brij was trying to trottle geet's neck LOL LOL

- anne.ab tumhara kya kehna...arjun tho baazi maar raha hai...aur khullam khulla bol bhi raha hai..who bhi kudh ladki se ki uss jaise ladke aise mauke ke talash mein hothe hai...D'oh

- though i enjoed maan beating brij to  pulp n geet standing up to herself ..on her legs...with maans support as always.....i missed my daasoo entry of my HHSBs (hot hot security Boys)...kya yaar...humesha cinema ke police ki tarah...aakhir mein aathe ho....chi...wat were they doing till maan called them ??  cant u come at first?? idiots..u guys got a chance to be in limelight and u missed the golden chance..too bad..ROFL

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adoremevirgo IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
its confusing....y no new thread....
i opt for opening new thread everyday...
nywyz....i post my take here...
today's was an awesome epi in many ways....finally geet has stood up to her bro and spoke her mind....
she represents all those girls in the society who r butchered in the name of so called family honour...i was waiting for a day wen geet will hv her ultimate outburst...and today she made me proud....
the epi began with geet standing with dreams in her eyes...and waiting for her man to take her away in a land of love and happiness wen she heard a voice from her past calling her name....
instantly she froze as brij came near her....
instinctively she called out maan's name...the eternal saviour of her life....but the sound of crackers drowned her voice....
as brij tried to strangle her she hit him with the same jewellery box that maan once gave her....
it is strange how maan or something given by maan always comes to her rescue....
she ran down the stairs but brij caught her and tried to put her on fire....
in the meanwhile maan with his barati came to the doorstep of geet's maayka where the ladies were waiting to welcome him...
i loved the jiju-saali money game....this ritual is the most enjoyable part of a wedding...
it reminded me how me and my cousins managed to rob my jiju of 20,000 bucks...
wat i loved is that jiju maan let the others do the bargain...for him any amount is less which will let me go to his geet...
and how dadi teased him that he was actually eager to reach geet and maan blushed...
so much for his image in front of office staff who is more like family to him now....
geet managed to grab the bluetooth and scream out maan's name as the last resort...and this time maan heard her and instantly knew that geet is in trouble....anyways his sixth sense is always alert for any kind of danger signal...
and he runs towards geet with Adi & gang following him....
and maan caught brij just at the moment wen he was about to throw the match on geet...the fight that followed was an outburst of maan's anger....if not stopped i am sure maan wud hv murdered brij today....
and then geet's outburst of her pent up emotions...she stated that everyone from maan to his family and friends knew that she was married once and that she is pregnant...which made brij speechless...for he thot that revelation of such facts will make maan turn away from geet...
but how can a person like brij comprehend the fact that maan's love can embrace any past of geet for which she cannot be blamed....
she asked the rite type of questions....wat was her fault that her so called hubby left her...wat was her fault if she wants to live her life again....and she is proud that she will be giving birth to a new life....
this same brij once wanted to marry geet off to maan in exchange of that time his excuse was that he wanted to protect the family name...its sad how these ppl a family where a bro sells his sis, where a bro can kill his sis....such deeds will not dishonour the family name, but if a girl wants to give birth to her child...if she wants to live her dream...then family name will be dishonoured...
and geet tells brij that she is proud that the father of the child is with her who will give the child deepest love...she is proud to hv maan in her life....
and maan looked at geet with a glow that said he is proud of his mishti as she bravely and unabashedly spoke out against all injustice done to her...
the precap is confusing...because geet has not been hurt...then how come the baby has to be aborted to save geet....i hope they will show some logic in it tomorrow....
maan again in a position of dilemma....but this time he is in more difficult position...he knows now for geet the baby is most important....and he has already promised geet that in a situation like this he wud save the baby....but being a human after all he knows he will virtually die widout geet....
lets wait and watch....maan is about to face the most difficult challenge of his life....
i really hope once again both geet and the baby will be safe....
i cant imagine an MC track now....

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eminent IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
Umm..I'm confused about the pages...Confused

ANyway Just watched the episode now, and it was Phenomenal Indeed!

The whole cast did an awesome job! GC & DD -needless to say..Brij of-course! & Daadi good job on the scolding! 

Geet's initial scream was jolting. It most certainly caught my attention, and I almost felt the shivers.
& For a moment I thought Maan was going to go all in his explanation of the Bluetooth to Daadi, while Geet suffers, but of-course he didn't...(it's not k-drama duh!!)

I guess that's it for Brij...
Good bye Brij...Mr. Khan you always portrayed you character with the utmost
dedication.  We absolutely loved to hate you, which means you were doing your job! LOL

I wish they had shown some off-screen moments of Brij & Gurti on SBS/SBB..

Alright so abortion instead of MC?? & Vaada upon Vaada??? Waiting and watching to see what becomes of these vaadas!

Shivi &Munni...kitni der tak naachu??? Wedding still hasn't happened yet!!LOL

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